Home-based food businesses are a great source of income for many Singaporeans. These local home bakeries are owned by experienced and avid bakers who serves high-quality baked goods at an affordable price. Even the Singaporean President herself is a big fan of these local home bakeries and regularly buys Hari Raya cookies from them.

So, if you are in a mood to satisfy your sweet tooth, then check out one of the bakeries listed below and make an order for some tasty cookies, blackout brownies, biscoff tarts, and many other sweet dessert items.

Thus, without further ado, let’s kick off our list of the best home-based bakeries in Singapore that are just too good not to try!

1. Eggsugarbutter 


  • Fresh cream cakes 
  • Tartlets
  • Shortcakes

The owner of Eggsugarbutter is a highly trained baker who has received proper culinary training at the Le Cordon Bleu in Tokyo. The culinary school is famous for producing some of the most prominent chefs and bakers all over the world. This time around, it’s no exception – the institute has produced a great Singaporean baker who runs one of the best home-based bakeries in the country.

Every customer who has tried one of their fresh cream cakes has nothing but rave reviews and love for Eggsugarbutter. They are known to combine French pastry-making techniques with Japanese techniques to create an amazing amalgam of fluffy cakes that are a true treat to the senses.

We also recommend their strawberry shortcake and their ‘Minimalist’ cake. If you are a fruit tart lover, then Eggsugarbutter should also be top on your list to check out.

TimingsYou can place orders online.
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Head over to their website to browse their amazing menu to order the products.

2. Lookiecookie


  • Valrhona Dark Chocolate Cookies
  • Tarts
  • Nutella and Peanut butter products 

If you are one of those conventional chocolate lover individuals, then don’t worry because we the best in Singapore have got a surprise for you. Well, it will not be a surprise for many because Singaporeans are already aware of many home bakeries and Lookie Cooking Sg is the tip of the line home bakery. Lookie has got an exciting variety of dark chocolate products whether it be cakes, pastries, cream puffs, or regular chocolate chip cookies. But the novelty in her products is the amalgam of different flavours mixed with dark chocolate.

You will find hand-studded chocolate chips, with flaky salt, peppermint, French dairy products, or pistachios mixed in your desired products. This amalgam gives a different texture and flavour to the products that are not offered by any other home bakery in Singapore. In addition to taste and texture, the aroma of the sweet dish will make you fall in love with the bakery. We also suggest Nutella and peanut butter lovers try their products. 

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3. Now Bakery


  • Roll cakes 
  • Pastries 
  • Surprise set 

Now Bakery is one of the trendiest home-based bakeries in Singapore. Foodies all across the island are especially fond of their roll cakes that are ridiculously soft and fluffy, and just divine to eat!

Thus bakery is also famous for its surprise sets that are perfect to gift your loved ones when they need a pick-me-up. If you are a fan of dark chocolate, then do try their classic cakes and cupcakes that are a delight to the palatte. They also do custom cakes if you’re looking for something specific and special!

AddressCapitol Piazza, B2-22, 13 Stamford Road, 178905 Singapore
Contact+65 8891 9843
TimingsYou can check their opening hours here.
Official PageWebsite

4. Gratus


  • Vegan bakes
  • Tartlets
  • Whole cakes

Gratus is a home-based bakery that offers high-quality and premium vegan baked goods that taste and look equally amazing.

Just because their cakes are vegan, doesn’t mean that it is shortchanged in flavour. Their cakes are so incredibly moist and jam-packed with flavour. Our personal favourite has to be Chocolate Hazelnut Cake with Espresso Buttercream. It is simply divine!

Don’t get us started on their tartlets… Whether you’re craving something rich or something more light and fresh, they’ve got the right fit for you! Their lemon, chocolate and hazelnut, and poached pear tarts are all pure perfection – perfect pastry shell, with a generous amount of filling that makes every bite so sensational.

We truly love how their goodies are both good for the environment and good for you. What more can you ask for? Try out Gratus today!

TimingsYou can check their opening hours here.
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5. Pastry Monster


  • Customised Cakes
  • Jelly Cakes
  • One bite meat floss

Cake and dessert lovers, behold, as Pastry Monster brings to you some of the best and the greatest desserts that you can find in Singapore. This home-based bakery runs this business with only two things in mind; love for baking and keeping the customers happy. Pastry Monster’s purely handmade cakes and desserts are truly the embodiment of perfection. In addition, their desserts are appropriate for people from all walks of life, as their fresh baking methods include zero preservatives and low sugar. So, their amazing desserts are not only delicious but are also a healthy choice.

They understand how every individual has their own aesthetic and palate desires. So, they also take custom orders to meet your requirements. To make things easy, their friendly bakers also help you to design your cake of choice. Their listing of cakes varies from occasion to occasion. To name a few, their shelves offer Birthday Cakes, Father’s Day and Mother’s Day Cakes, Gifting Cupcakes, Anniversary Cakes, etc. And surprisingly enough, they also offer Jelly Cakes that look and taste absolutely amazing, regardless of the low sugar content in them. Also, their pastries and snacks are really worth your time and palate.

Coupon Code: Use promo code BIS10 for 10% off site-wide. Valid till 31st Dec 2021.

AddressBlk 15 Marsiling Lane, 730015 (No walk-in)
Contact+65 8927 7802 
TimingsYou can place your orders anytime.
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6. Bearilicious


  • Levain Dark Chocolate Cookie
  • Matcha Biscoff
  • Butter Cookies

Bearilicious provides you with cookies that are not only delicious but also healthier. Here they provide you with delicious cookies that would elevate any party or gathering. All the cookies are freshly baked which adds to how flavoursome they are. They have an assortment of flavours that are sure to make anyone’s day.

The classic Butter Cookies and Cocoa Butter Cookies are perfectly balanced, buttery, and mouth-watering. They are so crumbly and light that they just melt in the mouth. On top of that, they use less sugar and more flavours so you can eat as many as you like without feeling guilty. Bearilicious have plenty of chocolate offerings like Levain Dark Chocolate Cookies and Hojicha Chocolate Chips.

The Levain is their signature cookie and has gained popularity due to its perfect crisp exterior with a soft and chewy texture on the inside. The Hojicha Chocolate chip on the other hand has a savoury flavour mixed with the sweetness; the hojicha flavour which is infused with the chocolate cookies only adds a different depth to it.

We have saved the best for last as their Matcha Biscoff is a best seller and for obvious reasons. The chocolate couverture along with a generous amount of biscoff adds to the crunchiness of the cookies. Did we mention that all of their tea-bakes are made using only premium matcha powder from @matchaya? Talk about quality and excellent taste!

Contact+65 8767 8518
TimingsYou can place your orders anytime through their social pages.
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7. Puffs & Peaks


  • Palm-sized donuts
  • Banana loaf cake 
  • Gluten-free brownies 

Puffs and Peaks is another amazing home bakery founded by a mother and daughter duo. The bakery offers both modern and traditional sweet dishes.

Customers highly rate their banana loaf cake made of fresh bananas and cream. Their gluten-free brownies are also a major hit. But, the highlight of their menu is definitely the palm-sized doughnuts that only costs 3.50SGD per piece. The doughnuts are filled with vanilla custard or taro, and are so incredibly addictive!

Address#03-03 Tampines Central Community Complex, 866A Tampines Street 83, Singapore 521866
Contact+65 8889 2466
TimingsThursday to Sunday from 10:30 am to 05:00 pm
Official PageWebsite |Instagram

8. Liberty Bakes


  • Custom cakes 
  • Custom boxes
  • Dessert tables 

If you are looking for a home bakery that can set up dessert tables at your next special event, and can also whip up custom orders, then Liberty Cakes is the #1 go-to place to hit up. With a variety of options, you will definitely enjoy their dessert table. They offer more than 10 sweet dishes ranging from modern ones to more conventional sweet dishes that will satisfy every guest at your event. 

Contact+65 9771 8316
TimingsYou can check their opening hours here.
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9. Nana Tang Bakes


  • Custom cakes
  • Candies 
  • Cookies 

Another home-based bakery that is famous for custom cakes is Nana Tang Bakes. You can browse their website to order any cake from their selection. And if you’re not completely satisfied with their collection, they’re open to customising a cake for you. In addition to this, Nana Tang Bakes also has an array of candies and cookies that are equally loved by both children and adults. 

Visit their website for further queries.

Address41 Kampong Bahru Rd
Contact+65 9199 8928
TimingsYou can check their opening hours here.
Official PageWebsite

10. Baker’s 13


  • Rainbow cake
  • Arizona Ice tea
  • CNY Mandarin Tarts

This is a small, cosy and welcoming joint that receives a lot of love from their customers and is known for serving stunning cakes and great food. This joint is known for making their customers feel at home, their services are very effective and their staff is friendly and patient. The prices here are very reasonable and affordable as well.

A few of the main attractions of their extensive menu are their highly sought after rainbow cake which is wildly popular, their pasta is highly praised as well. They also serve some great coffee and their bottled drinks are also extremely famous. Patrons of this joint however also praise their open sandwiches which are packed with flavours and fresh ingredients.

The most stunning offerings of this small establishment are their cakes and they also make special orders for celebratory events. You will have to place an order one day ahead if you want a whole cake but their services are highly praised so don’t hesitate.

Do visit their website to learn more about them and perhaps order some of their cakes!

Address116 Changi Road, WIS@Changi #01-07, Singapore 419718 (near Eunos MRT Station)
Contact(+65) 6440 6003
TimingsMonday to Friday from 11:00 am to 06:00 pm
Saturday/Public Holiday from 11:00 am to 05:00 pm
Sunday: Closed
Official PageWebsite | Facebook | Instagram

11. Monica Bakes


  • Surprise me Cake
  • Black and gold cake
  • Cupcakes and pastries

This bakery doesn’t have a walk-in location but they are very popular for delivering stunning order custom made cakes straight to your doorsteps. Highly praised for their prompt and efficient services this joint is known for its high standards and no-compromise attitude. They usually only do online orders but they do offer a 5% discount for every order placed two weeks before the delivery date.

With an extensive choice of flavours, their cakes are made with great love and care. They are known for their highly praised textures and tastes and they guarantee that only the best of ingredients are used to prepare your orders.

The cake decoration of this joint is at a whole new level and their work is simply awe-inspiring. From birthdays to anniversaries they got you covered. They also ensure that no artificial flavourings or any other harmful substances of that sort ever enter your cakes and they also use very little sugar to ensure that you can indulge in their cakes without guilt and your children can enjoy while you can be relaxed about their health.

AddressBedok Reservoir View Singapore, Singapore
Contact+65 9815 0022
TimingsOnline bakery
Official PageWebsite | Facebook | Instagram

12. LOCABA low-carb Bakery Singapore


  • Vegan Tiramisu
  • Coconut Pandan cheesecake
  • Raspberry chocolate mousse cake

If you are vegan or vegetarian or if you are following a low-carb or gluten-free diet then finding a cake can become a nightmare, this joint. However, is a blessing for every vegan in Singapore. You can simply un-guilt your pleasure and freely indulge in their extensive array of delicious and delectable dessert options. From cheesecakes to tiramisu if you want a sugar free and healthy treat choose this joint without any further thought.

They might be a healthy joint but their flavours are in no way compromised. The patrons of this establishment never get tired of praising them and with their high-quality services, bad reviews are very few and far between. The ingredients they use and the skill with which they bake their products is praiseworthy and one can almost taste their passion in each bite of their delicious cakes.

Their delivery services are very prompt and efficient as well and though they do request that you place your orders beforehand to give them some time, each cake is guaranteed to be freshly baked to order. Their prices are very reasonable and they only charge $10 for island-wide delivery with free delivery being offered for all orders over $80.

Address2 Kallang Ave #01-08/13 CT Hub Singapore, Singapore 339407
Contact+65 9793 6557
TimingsMonday to Friday from 09:00 am to 08:00 pm, Saturday to Sunday from 12:00 am to 08:00 pm
Official PageWebsite | Facebook | Instagram

13. Sing Hon Loong Bakery


  • Red bean bun
  • Cocoo bread
  • Sweet corn bread

A traditional, old school bakery specialising in a wide range of bread this small, casual and friendly neighbourhood joint will fill your tummy and your heart. Operating 24/7, this bakery is quite popular with a large number of loyal and happy patrons. You cannot miss this establishment as the heavenly smell of freshly baked bread will magically draw you to this bakery and you’ll soon end up eating more than you can handle, yes it’s that good!

Their red bean buns are particularly loved by their customers and sweet rolls are simply divine, the experience that you will find here will take you back to a bygone era when days started with every household going to the local bakery for fresh bread. If you do decide to give them a visit their Kaya butter on bread and their sweet cornbread are a must-have and don’t forget to taste their divine coconut bread.

With a very comfortable and inviting old school style of service and delicious freshly baked bread at cheap prices, this bakery definitely deserves a visit.

Address4 Whampoa Drive, Singapore, Singapore 327715
Contact6256 0878
Official PageFacebook

14. Balmoral Bakery


  • Cream puff
  • Samosa
  • Cream horn

This joint is an old-fashioned bakery that still has a colonial charm to it. With a comfortable ambience that’ll remind you of a long-gone era their traditional baking is just beyond comparison. Offering old school baking classics like cream horns and cream puffs, this establishment ensures that you can taste quality in all of their products.

Their prices are very reasonable and they also have an online ordering option, furthermore, the comfort and heartwarming experience that you get here is simply priceless. The patrons of this often recommend their curry puffs which are one of the bestsellers here and you must try their chic cake which often leaves everyone wanting for more, all in all, this joint is sure to satisfy you.

With little to no negative reviews and extremely loyal patrons, the colonial heritage that this establishment presents will definitely leave you charmed.

AddressSunset Way, 105 Clementi Street 12, #01-06, Singapore, 120105
Contact6779 2064
TimingsMonday to Sunday from 11:00 am to 07:00 pm for delivery
Official PageWebsite | Facebook

15. Riz Delights- Halal Cakes


  • Vanilla Nutella cake
  • Thai tea cupcake
  • Oreo cupcake

A cosy little joint with great ambience and delicious desserts, Riz Delights is one of the must-visit locations in the bakery world of Singapore. Serving traditional cakes and pastries with a modern twist, this joint has all your cake-related needs and desires covered. If you fancy a delectable cupcake in particular you must visit this establishment and taste one of their Oreo cupcakes for about of this world experience.

They also provide baking workshops, so if you want to learn some good baking yourself make sure to contact them. They also provide a range of custom made cake options, from birthdays to corporate occasions and from formal events to informal celebrations they can bake a perfect and beautiful cake for any kind of event.

Their vanilla Nutella cake is particularly popular amongst their customers and their cookies are highly praised as well. Needless to say, their services and staff are very efficient and highly praised for being very friendly and helpful. They do have a few specific requests if you want to order a custom cake so do make sure to contact them a bit ahead of your deadline.

AddressSingapore Halal Bakes, East Village Mall #01-78, 430 Upper Changi Road
TimingsWednesday to Saturday from 10:00 am to 06:00 pm
Official PageWebsite | Facebook | Instagram

16. Julie Bakes


  • Ondeh ondeh cake
  • Putu piring cake
  • Chocolate snickers cake

If you just have a few relaxing moments in a friendly neighbourhood bakery with a slice of delicious ondeh ondeh cake then head straight for this joint. This small cosy establishment serves some of the best desserts in town. And to compliment your food they maintain a very friendly and intimate ambience which will keep on drawing you back to this place again and again.

This bakery has many patrons who consider it one of the best bakeries in Singapore. And if you look at their extensive menu full of different varieties of mouth-watering cakes and pastries, you will want to try all of them. From the more traditional items to the very wild and experimental ones, this bakery has something for everybody.

The prices here are very reasonable and their friendly service has a touch of old school charm and nostalgia in it which turns many first time customers into patrons in the blink of an eye.  Do try their cempedak cake if you visit them, it’s a delicious bundle of joy and your very soul will thank you for it.

Address14 Baghdad Street (Between Arab Street & Bussoroh Street) Spore (199653)
Contact+65 9647 9027
TimingsTuesday to Sunday from 12:00 pm to 09:00 pm
Official PageFacebook | Instagram

17. Bud of Joy


  • Vegan pineapple tart
  • Orange cake
  • Rich chocolate fudge

Just like their name, this establishment is one that fills your heart with warmth and joy. With a promise of using only the best quality organic ingredients, they take care of your health while serving you great baked goodies. If you are vegetarian or vegan or if you are trying a gluten-free diet, don’t worry you can fulfil all your cake-related cravings here without guilt.

They guarantee that only the best of ingredients get used in their preparation and their patrons often swear by their bread which is wholesome and healthy. The ambience is here is very comforting as well, you will feel as though you have come to enjoy some afternoon tea at a friend’s place. The staff is very friendly and passionate about their job and that’s a big plus point according to the customers.

They also provide baking workshops and organic supplies if you are looking to learn a new skill yourself and they offer special free delivery services on Thursdays, what else can one ask for. So do check them out, they’re worth it!

Address71 Circuit Road, #01-31, Singapore 370071
Contact+65 6748 7687
TimingsTuesday to Saturday from 12:00 pm to 05:00 pm
Official PageWebsite | Facebook | Instagram

18. Butter Studio


  • Sea salt Nutella tart
  • Spéculoos Ondeh cake
  • Earl gray loaf cake
  • Gourmet cupcakes

An establishment with a great ambience and delicious cakes, this joint is perfect for a relaxing afternoon. Extremely popular for their gourmet cupcake options, there are plenty of great reviews everywhere when this joint is concerned. From cupcakes to custom on order celebratory cakes, this establishment is versatile in its offerings and no one returns unsatisfied from their doorsteps.

They ensure that you get the best of baked goods and their ingredients are always of the highest possible quality. The service here is equally praised for being very comforting and welcoming. This joint can see a lot of crowds sometimes and you might have to wait for some time but it’s nothing compared to the pleasure their earl grey loaf cake will give you.

Do give them a visit from a nice relaxing time and top quality pastries and cakes, if you do decide to take a loved one along you’ll not regret it and while you’re at it do their chocolate tart, it’s simply divine.

Address147 Jalan Besar, S208865
TimingsTuesday to Saturday from 12:00 pm to 05:00 pm
Official PageWebsite | Facebook

19. The Crane Grain


  • Sea salt Basque cheesecake
  • Matcha strudel
  • Black forest linzer tartlet

If you just want to indulge in some good old classical baked goodies, this is the place for you. Serving the most delectable desserts, this establishment takes pride in tradition and heritage. Their offerings are made with great skill and only the best of ingredients are used in their preparations. Their prices can get a bit on the higher side of the budget spectrum but it is indeed worth it.

If you want to enjoy some tea or coffee with a luxurious tart or if you want to taste a unique cheesecake like no other with starkly contrasting yet harmonious flavours then look no further. They are also praised by patrons for their service which is often described as being warm and welcoming and the unique charm that this establishment has is definitely hard to complete with.

TimingsOrders can be placed.
Official PageWebsite | Facebook | Instagram

20. Bee’s Cake


  • Gourmet Tarts
  • Log cakes
  • Gift boxes

This joint is highly recommended for their traditional and gourmet Tarts which are simply beyond all comparison. With a dedicated staff producing the best of baked goodies with great skill, their products are always highly praised and sought after.

They also specialise in gift boxes and tart boxes which are extremely charming and are perfect to impress your special someone. They do custom cakes and they also have a choice of assorted pastries so basically, they can satisfy all your cake needs and cravings.

This establishment receives a lot of love and there are several great reviews all around to establish the quality of their services and products.

Address520 Upper Serangoon Road Singapore, Singapore 534537
TimingsTuesday to Sunday from 09:00 pm to 05:00 pm
Official PageWebsite | Facebook | Instagram

21. KY Patisserie


  • French Tarts
  • Double Valrhona Brookies
  • Tiramisus

The French-inspired home bakery, KY Patisserie, offers one of the most beautiful tarts and cookies that will leave you craving for more. The handcrafted French pastries are made using carefully selected ingredients flavour pairings. Bringing to you multi-textural pastries with the occasional Asian flair that will keep your palate enticing and intriguing.

Both in aesthetics and flavour, taking on different mediums and directions, the cookies are tarts are out of this world. Do try out their bestseller, The Double Valrhona Brookies, which is made with French butter, Valrhona’s Arriaga Noire 59%, topped with Valrhona’s Caraïbe 66% and finished with Maldon’s salt flakes.

Their flavoured pastes are blended whole in-house, with no added artificial flavours to preserve the pure and original taste. Do not hesitate to order, they are one of Singapore’s best in the business.

TimingsYou can place orders anytime online through their website.
Official PageWebsite | Facebook | Instagram

22. A Bite of Joy


  • Matcha Box
  • Character-Themed Cakes
  • Simple Korean Inspired Cakes
  • Dark Chocolate Brookies

An elegant home bakery to lighten your mood and day. Bless your palate as you bite into the moist, flavourful and melt-in-your-mouth cakes and brookies that are baked with pure love and skill. If you’re a chocolate lover, look no further, the spectacular chocolate cakes and the famous dark chocolate Brookies will satisfy your chocolaty needs.

The special seasonal inspired recipes have got you backed up for every event, be Birthdays, Christmas, Weddings and so on. Besides, here is where you will find cakes with character themes, figurines, and even simple Korean inspired cakes. The handmade whipped cream on their cakes is the best combination you’ll ever taste.

Everything you order is beautifully handcrafted with love and passion. The ingredients are all fresh and are made wholly by hand.

Contact+65 9087 5845 | abiteofjoy.sg@gmail.com
TimingsYou can place your orders anytime through their Instagram
Official PageInstagram | Facebook

23. Amrita’s Artisan Bakeology


  • Burnt Cheesecakes
  • Vegan Cakes
  • Fruit Topping Cheesecakes

Satisfy your tastebuds and load yourself with happy vibes as you walk in or order online from Amrita’s Artisan Bakeology. Amrita’s is one of the finest Burnt Cheesecake bakers in Singapore, using the best quality ingredients there is. It’s the perfect density and creaminess, and it just melts in the mouth in the best way. You don’t have to be a fan of cheesecakes to enjoy this one, because it tastes so good.

Not only does it taste great, it looks fabulous! Most definitely ideal for any special occasion! Amrita’s Cheesecake is something that comes to mind when having any occasion or hosting at home. As you take in small bites of the cheesecake, it feels like little droplets of heaven just lingering around your tastebuds & you wouldn’t be able to stop yourself.

Amrita’s cakes are a labour of love. Do try out her burnt cheesecake and get delightfully surprised. Orders above $200 get a discount of $15.

Address18 Joo Seng Rd, Singapore 36001
Contact+65 90610064  | amritabakes@gmail.com
TimingsYou can check the opening hours here
Official PageWebsite | Facebook | Instagram

24. Made By Min


  • Black Sesame Cake
  • Tea Series Cakes
  • Wedding Series Cakes

‘Made by Min’ is a Korean inspired home bakery that provides you with one of the best-looking cakes in Singapore. The cakes are baked with pure love, using only freshly made ingredients and the skill with which the cake decorations are done is praiseworthy. You can clearly taste the passion imbued in the delicious cakes with every bite you take.

The Black Sesame cakes are particularly the all-time favourite, sometimes decorated with edible gold leaves. The tea leaves from Taiwan are used in a uniquely flavoured cake series called the Tea Series. ‘Made by Min’ offers a wide range of custom cakes that are specially made for you for your big event, such as, birthdays, weddings and so on. The craftsmanship put into the cakes will leave you in awe.

With little to no complaints about this beautiful home-based bakery, ‘Made by Min’ is considered one of the best in Singapore.

TimingsYou can place orders online through their website anytime.
Official PageWebsite | Facebook | Instagram

25. Pastry M.


  • Pandan Gula Cakes
  • Pandan Lava Cake
  • Casava Cheese Cookies.

Is your palate itching for some amazing homemade dessert? Then Pastry Monster is just the home bakery that you might want to check out. Pastry Monster was created with just one dream in mind; to satisfy the cravings of the sweet tooth with their love-imbued desserts. From Cakes and Cookies to delicious Kueh, this self-inspired bakery has so much to offer. From a line-up of amazing delights, the ones that stand out the most are the Pandan Gula Melaka Chiffon Cake, Pandan Lava cake, and Casava Cheese Cookies.

The Pandan Gula Melaka Chiffon is unbelievably soft and spongy, packing an aromatically intense flavour that is not too sweet. The balance of the texture and the flavour is something that you must absolutely try. Similarly, the Pandan Lava Cake also carries the strong and soothing flavour of the Pandan in a very proper manner. As you cut into the cake, the smooth pandan lava flows out, waiting to melt away your delightful cravings. On the other hand, the Casava Cheese Cookies offer a rather unique earthy flavour that surprisingly complements the cheesiness of the cookies. Treat yourself with some of the best, warm, fluffy or crunchy delicacies that you can order in Singapore, and complete your day wait for a satisfied smile.

Contact+65 9800 3142
TimingsYou can place an order anytime through their page.
Social PagesFacebook | Instagram

26. Daughter Bakery


  • Muffins 
  • Donuts 
  • Mochi Cakes 

Mochi cake lovers, look no further, as Daughter Bakery is your best bet! For those who are not familiar with this sweet treat, Mochi Cake is a small cake with a crunchy exterior that is lighter than a muffin but has a soft interior filled with chewy chocolate.

Daughter Bakery also offers muffins in a variety of flavours – chocolate, coconut, milo flavour, etc. Their dark chocolate cookies are also a must-try as they’re incredibly tasty yet super Instagram-able.

Above all, this bakery is also donating 10% of all profits to the Courage Fund. Definitely a home-based bakery we can get behind!

ContactYou can check out their Instagram for the ordering procedure.
TimingsYou can place an order with them anytime.
Official PageInstagram

27. Therese Pastry


  • Customized cakes
  • Dessert tables
  • Pastries

An avid baker, Therese started her baking journey years ago in her secondary school days. Since then, she has continuously improved and sharpened her baking skills, and even have received recognition worldwide. She has participated and won in cake design competitions in 2015 and 2016, and was even a finalist in the TV cooking competition “Chef Diaries Season 2” that was broadcasted globally in 2019.

With much experience under her belt, trust when we say that her cakes and desserts are out-of-this-world spectacular! She specialises in customised cakes, and offers an extensive range of pastries such as Portuguese egg tarts, fruit tarts, and chocolate chip cookies that are simply to-die-for!

Contact+65 98588183
TimingsYou can check their opening hours here.
Official PageWebsite | Youtube| Instagram

Home-based bakeries are widely getting popular in Singapore. They deliver fresh and unique products straight to your doorstep at reasonable prices that won’t break the bank. Do try out the home bakeries shortlisted above to enjoy the sweetest treats that will completely satisfy your sweet tooth and send you straight to dessert heaven!