From an island to a kampung village to HDB flats in Singapore, it is indeed a great achievement. Just like how our quality of life is increasing, our ideal aesthetic for our homes is evolving as well. And thus, the importance of good home appliances in Singapore.

Thanks to our advanced technology, we get to be exposed to many online visuals as our template of ideas. We have many Google images and Pinterest posts worldwide as inspirations. Having advanced technology also means we can get our new digitalisation of home appliances. Like housing, technology is also constantly evolving, which is also why trends are changing over time too.

With many people working from home, naturally, we will spend more time at home. This is probably why many of us are taking the aesthetics of our homes very seriously. Be it a renovation for your current or BTO flat, here we have the 10 best home appliances in Singapore.

1. Water Dispenser | Wells The One

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Aesthetics on another level, Wells The One is one of the minimalistic designs I have seen as of now. Wells The One is the first in Korea to have a 2.8-inch full-colour display. Other than looking pretty, this water dispenser has different features that are easy for everyone to use. You can adjust the water amount and temperature with one control. Additionally, you can enjoy convenience from the self-sterilization function as the system takes care of its own cleaning and maintenance once every 3 days.

Looking at the design, you can definitely tell that this is an award-winning design. It has won the world’s 4 major design awards. Apart from its design, Wells The One is packed with advanced water purification technology to supply your family with clean drinking water throughout the day.

With different temperatures available, you can save the time to boil or to ice your drinks. Every drink can be made almost instantly! With a state-of-the-art hygiene system, it definitely is a plus with having an aesthetic design that matches any modern kitchen in Singapore.

2. Aroma Diffuser | Kirona Scent

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Source: Kirona Scent

Having a good scent in your home makes the atmosphere feel better! Kirona Scent might be the one you are looking for. Its diffuser comes with a sophisticated design with a touch screen feature. It has a remote control which is convenient to use to control the lights, mist and timer. You can also use it to change settings at a distance when the diffuser is out of reach.

Additionally, you can choose the cloud diffusion mode to see scented clouds rolling from the diffuser. To get the scents, you can check out the diffuser with the different range of scents Kirona Scent provides. Aromatherapy certainly is a good way to wind down your day.

Even if you are not using the diffuser mode, there are more than 7 colours of LED Lights. You are able to set as changing lights mode or fix at one colour. At an affordable price, this diffuser is definitely a must get as your home appliances in Singapore.

3. Dishwasher | Toshiba 5L Portable

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Another home appliance we see taking over the kitchen is the dishwasher. As faithful Asians, even the mere idea of a dishwasher might come across as a cardinal sin. There’s a certain stigma attached to the appliance that connotes a sense of laziness over a simple house chore. However, we posit that there is no shame in choosing convenience. It’s great if you’re a big home cook and love entertaining your friends, or if you’re a busy parent and could use some additional hands around the house. It just makes life a tad simpler.

With newer models, dishwashers use less water than hand-washing and are energy efficient. Furthermore, there are a ton of options available to suit your washing needs in terms of space and load. Our recommended option is the Tobisha 5L Dishwasher. It’s a tabletop variety that measures 43.5x42x43.5cm, which saves you those valuable drawer spaces. It washes fruits and vegetables too!

4. Digital Lock | An Digital Lock

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Digital door locks are getting increasingly popular and common in Singapore. When you have these digital locks, you won’t have to worry about losing your physical key or forgetting to lock up your home.

An Digital Locks provides a wide range of digital locks to choose from. For just a simple lock, their igloohome series will do the job. Other than digital locks, there are also different door gates and safe boxes for the elegant aesthetics of your home. Definitely, this is one of the must-have home appliances in Singapore.

5. Bladeless Fans | Dyson Cool™ Fan AM07

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The next entry doesn’t need much of an introduction. It’s been steadily replacing traditional blade fans in many of our living and bedrooms. It’s safe for kids, much easier to clean, and adds a touch of sleek elegance as compared to their clunky predecessors.

6. Vacuum Cleaner | Xiaomi

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Want to transit out of your traditional broom and mop for cleaning? Robot and Handheld vacuum cleaners can do the job. Especially after a busy day at work, you might not have the energy to clean up your home. In this case, Xiaomi’s robot vacuum cleaner might be the one you are looking for.

The Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner is a highly intelligent home cleaning device with 12 different sensors. Three different processors track its movements in real-time. It also calculates the data using the Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM) algorithm. This allows the vacuum cleaner to map out the layout of your home and determine the best cleaning routes.

7. Automated Laundry Rack | Steigen

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Source: Steigen

An automated laundry rack is an effortless way of doing laundry. Imagine having to wake up early in the morning to do laundry just to catch the sunny weather. To make our life better and easier, it is worth investing in one. Steigen will be the one to look out for.

Steigen makes it easy for you with the best of technology. This helps to raise the standards in quality, efficiency and design for automated laundry systems. Furthermore, Steigen offers free and non-obligatory site measurements to recommend a suitable model and placement for your home.

8. Lights | Etch & Bolts

Source: Etch & Bolts

Lights are the main characters when it comes to setting the mood of your home. With more than 280 products, you will be spoilt with choices while shopping in Etch & Bolts. There are different styles available and the products come at affordable prices.

If you are looking for styles that are elegant, and yet uniquely Singaporean, this is the right place for you. Their love for the arts and local culture inspired them to create etch&bolts. This is why their store partner with local designers. These designers bring a uniquely Singaporean flavour to their furniture designs, home accessories and artworks.

9. Induction Hobs | Fujioh

Source: Fujioh

Planning to save up on gas? Here is when induction hobs come in. Fujioh provides you with kitchen appliances that are sleek and functional, letting you prepare quick meals anytime. With a wide selection available, you can choose the one with the most appealing design to you.

Fujioh has the induction hobs to complement your minimalist kitchen aesthetics. Start by bringing modern technology into your kitchen by setting up an induction hob. This is one of the definite must-have home appliances in Singapore.

10. TV Projector | LUMOS AURO Home Cinema

Rounding off our list are home projectors. This iconic product has humble origins. Found in cinemas and classrooms, it has made its way into our homes. It’s a great and affordable alternative if you’re looking for a wide display but don’t feel like spending up to the thousands. Additionally, it offers great flexibility in terms of use. Literally, any wall can become the focal point of your next movie night or gaming session.

Good Home Appliances are a Must

With that, here is the end of the 10 best home appliances in Singapore.

Our ideal aesthetics changes all the time. Aesthetics add the soul to your home and it defines the lifestyle of an individual. It is important to find your interior design while selecting products that fit your dream aesthetics. The end result will make you excited to spend more time admiring your home after a long day.

Among all the products I have listed above, I personally like the water dispenser Wells The One. I think even with aesthetics, we should always consider the importance of having a household product too. In this case, with Singapore’s hot weather, staying hydrated at home is definitely a must.

Have a good shopping!