In this time of the pandemic, the health workers are fighting at the frontline saving lives of many COVID affected patients. The health workers are seen as national heroes around the globe. Also, they are respected like never before. The same is the case in Singapore, where the health workers are at the frontline fighting against the deadly disease. While many Singaporeans are paying tribute to these health workers by saluting and respecting them. At the same time, many restaurant owners, pharmacy owners, and other service providers are offering freebies to the paramedic staff members. We have shortlisted the top 10 freebies provided to health workers in Singapore. 

What are freebies? 

Freebies as the name indicates are the services or products that can be availed free of cost. Many organizations offer freebies to increase the customer’s attention. These are generally free of cost and are a sort of gift from the retailers or restaurant owners for their loyal customers. It is generally a present that is different than the regular birthday presents. Also, it can be offered as a token of appreciation due to some services by employees. 

Top 10 Freebies for Health Workers in Singapore 

There are many freebies offered to the health workers in Singapore during this difficult time of COVID. We have shortlisted the top 10 freebies in Singapore, so the health workers can avail them easily. 

1. Taco or Burrito with Drink from The Mix Bar 

Salient Features 

  • Free taco 
  • Free burrito 
  • Complimentary drink 
  • Discount on other food items 

Freebie Restaurant Link: The Mix Bar 

Who isn’t a fan of a stuffed taco or burrito to satisfy his appetite? And if you are a frontline health worker helping the COVID patients in a speedy recovery, The Mix Bar has an exciting offer for you. A Mexican delight at the end of the day is always satisfying. And The Mix Bar is famous for Mexican food. The restaurant is open till late. So, you can always come and flash your medical card to the manager and claim a free taco or burrito with a drink at absolutely no cost. 

2. Milk Tea from Milksha Novena 

Salient Features 

  • Free milk tea 
  • Available for all health workers 
  • Morning shift 

Freebie Restaurant Link: Milksha Novena 

Milk tea at the beginning of a hectic day is so much desirable. And Singaporeans realize that milk tea or coffee from Milksha Novena can be a magical delight in any part of the day. This time, Milksha Novena has come up with an exciting offer for all the paramedic staff out there. The cafe is distributing free milk tea amongst the health workers every morning. Tan Tock Seng Hospital is nearby, so all the paramedic staff dealing with corona patients can avail of the free drink. Do avail of this offer as the milk tea from Milksha Novena is never supposed to be missed. 

3. Free Chiropractic Checkup at Full Potential Chiropractic

Salient Features

  • Free Checkup 
  • Free consultation

Freebie Chiropractic Link: Full Potential Chiropractic

Dealing with an emergency medical situation can be stressful and tiring. Full Potential Chiropractic realizes the severity of the pandemic. That is why they are offering an attractive freebie for all the health workers out there. You can always come and get a free chiropractic checkup and consultation with highly-qualified staff. Normally, Full Potential Chiropractic costs 58SGD but it is free for health workers. Do take care of yourself and your comfort level can be increased by getting chiropractic therapy. Thus, this offer is a must avail one for all the health workers ignoring their lives to save others. 

4. Free Chiropractic Treatment at Vitality Chiropractic Center 

Salient Features:

  • Free Checkup 
  • Free Treatment 
  • Complimentary flowers for health workers

Freebie Chiropractic Link: Vitality Chiropractic Center 

Another chiropractic freebie for all the health workers out there in Singapore. Vitality Chiropractic Center has been providing services in the country for many years. Realizing the importance of health workers in this pandemic affected time, the chiropractic center free services. Anyone in the health care department can book their appointment at the Vitality Chiropractic Center and enjoy the free treatment. So, what are you waiting for, take out some time for yourself and book an appointment for free chiropractic treatment at Vitality Center? 

 5. Curry Puff from Old Chang Kee 

Salient Features

  • Free curry puff
  • Free chicken mushroom’o
  • Complimentary sardine 

Freebie Restaurant Link: Old Chang Kee 

Curry puff is a mouth-watering snack and loved by the majority in Singapore. Old Chang Kee is famous for its curry puffs and many other dishes. In this pandemic impacted time, the restaurant has introduced a freebie for the health workers fighting at the frontline. If you are a health worker, then you can enjoy either curry puffs, chicken mushroom’o or sardine free of cost at the restaurant. All you have to do is to display your identity card or any identity proof. This offer is not limited to the doctors and can be enjoyed by nurses, pharmacists, attendants, etc. 

6. 3-course dinner at PappaRich Suntec 

Freebies for health workers

Salient Features

  • Free 3-course dinner 
  • Complimentary drinks 
  • For ambulance drivers and nurses 

Freebie Restaurant Link: PappaRich Suntec 

All the freebies above were more focused on doctors serving COVID patients. But we realize that nurses and ambulance drivers are equally important when it comes to tackling the pandemic. This time we have shortlisted a freebie that is exclusively available for nurses and ambulance drivers. PappaRich Suntec is a famous Chinese restaurant in Singapore. The restaurant is providing free 3-course dinner to the ambulance drivers and nurses along with complimentary drinks. This offer is valid for a limited time. So, if you are serving the patients by dropping them to hospitals, or taking care of them as a nurse, then do avail of this exciting offer. 

7. Durian mousse from 99 Old Trees

Freebies for health workers

Salient Features

  • Free mousse 
  • Complimentary bouquet 

Freebie Restaurant Link: 99 Old Trees 

Craving for a dessert lately? Recent research showed that the craving for something sweet increases by many folds in time of stress or high work rate. Keeping that in mind, 99 Old Trees realize that paramedic workers are in a state of stress and working hard in this post-COVID period. So, they have introduced a freebie for them consisting of rich creamy delight. Yes, a free mousse and not an ordinary one. This time it is the Durian Mousse containing thick cream and real fruit chunks making it tempting. And who even misses out on a freebie? So, all the paramedic staff out there, get done with your shift and visit 99 Old Trees to enjoy this deal. Do not miss out because the deal is valid for a limited period. 

8. Biriyani at Kitchen Kumars

Freebies for health workers

Salient Features

  • 1 Free Biryani 
  • Free salad
  • Complimentary drink 

Freebie Restaurant Link: Kitchen Kumars

A dish that you might have heard of from your Pakistani or Indian friends. Yes, it is biryani. In this time of the pandemic, Kitchen Kumars have got your back to fulfill your appetite and satisfy your cravings. They are offering free biryani along with salad and drink for all the health workers serving in Singapore. Just visit them and show your identity to enjoy any of chicken, beef or mutton biryani. Kitchen Kumars also offers other exotic dishes that can be enjoyed at subsidized rates by health workers. 

9. Free Haircuts at Pek Kio Market 

Freebies for health workers

Salient Features 

  • Free haircuts
  • Free massage therapies 
  • Discount on other services 

Freebie Link: Free haircuts in Pek Kio Market

Pek Kio is one of the biggest markets in Singapore. When it comes to personal grooming, Pek Kio provides you with many barbershops. This freebie is not exclusively provided by a particular barbershop, but many barbershops are realizing the difficulty faced by paramedic staff. And they are paying a sort of tribute to the health workers of Singapore by giving free haircuts. Some saloons are also providing discounted massage services. This is to take off the stress from the minds of doctors and other medical staff. So, go out in the Pek Kio market and enjoy the freebies by many saloons in the market. 

 10. Free coffee or tea at McDonald’s

Freebies for health workers

Salient Features

  • Free tea 
  • Free coffee 

Freebie Restaurant Link: McDonald’s Singapore 

McDonald’s is one of the most loved food chains around the world. The same is the case in Singapore, where people love the burgers and premium hot drinks of the international food chain. In this pandemic time, McDonald’s is not behind any other freebie-providing restaurant. It is providing free hot drinks to the paramedic staff around the globe including Singapore. Just go to the drive-thru and display your identity card to avail of the offer. That is not limited to regular hot drinks but premium drinks such as roasted coffee, cinnamon tea, cappuccinos, etc.  So, do give a try to this freebie by McDonald’s

Everyone in the country is acknowledging the services provided by the health workers in this time of the pandemic. Many service providers are presenting their tribute to the paramedic staff by giving them discounts and freebies on different services. Mainly restaurants are way ahead of any other service provider in Singapore. But there also are chiropractic clinics and salons that are providing freebies to health workers. So, if you are a health worker, do take out time for yourself and enjoy the freebie and warmth by these providers shortlisted above.