They say, health is your greatest wealth.

We can all agree that health is a priority. When was your last health screening? Due to the increasing number of illnesses and diseases, it is a must to check on our health. With the 7 Best Health Screening Packages that we have listed, we will help you stay healthy and virus-free. Here are the 7 Best Health Screening Packages in Singapore:

1. Fullerton Health Screening Packages

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Fullerton Health Screening Centres continue to be among the leading companies in Singapore. Not only do they ace here, but they are also known in the Asia Pacific region. Since 2010, they have been providing excellent health care service on the island. Singapore remains to be its headquarters.

Their health screening services ensure privacy and comfort. Because you are inside an exclusive pod, you’ll be guaranteed a smooth screening. As they say, health screenings should never be stressful.

Asure that you are healthy with Fullerton. Choose from their various screening packages available on their site. Also, read their guide for reminders that may be helpful on your first appointment.


  • Comfort and privacy
  • “Draw my blood” service
  • Prompt feedback
  • Luxurious screening pod

Contact Details: (65) 6333 3636 | [email protected]

Address: Multiple | Use their “Locate a Clinic” option here to look for the one nearest to you.

Customer Reviews:

“This is a comfortable, clean and private place to do your medical checkup with a view. The staff here are knowledgable, professional and friendly. Feel free to ask anything and you will get your answer. Snacks and drinks were served as well (we came in the morning).

2. LifeScan Medical Screening Packages


We only want the best for ourselves. With Lifescan Medical, you will be in the most excellent hands. Lifescan is a one-stop screening and imaging centre and it has two branches – Paragon and Novena Medical Center. 

They value serving their patients well. Do you want fast results and minimum waiting time? Lifescan will commit to that. For an in-depth description of what their screening packages are, click here.

Whatever healthcare assistance you need, Lifescan Medical is here to help you. Book an appointment now!


  • One-stop Screening and Imaging Centre
  • Two branches for ease of access
  • Personalised health screenings

Contact Details: PARAGON: +65 6235 3253 | NOVENA: +65 6221 1358

PARAGON: 290 Orchard Road, #07-18 to 20 Paragon Tower 2 via Lift Lobby C, Singapore 238859
NOVENA: 10 Sinaran Dr, #08-02 to 04, Singapore 307506

Customer Reviews:

Customers were satisfied by LifeScan’s service. They say that the experience was relaxing and comfortable. 

“All are well. It was the same doctor that check up on me. She was very professional, kind and gentle. Also kudos to the nurse who took my mammogram! She was so kind and gentle. Though the test was so painful, it made it easy having such gentle and understanding nurse. Thank you so much for doing a good job even during this time of Covid-19. Stay safe and healthy always ❤️”

3. Mediway Medical Screening Packages


Established in 2016, Mediway Mecial & X-ray Centre carries on with their outstanding service. They provide patients with the best healthcare solutions and treatments. 

Mediway’s mantra is “Where Your Health Matters.” And yes, it really does! Mediway focuses on health screening. You can freely approach their staffs and they will be more than happy to assist you. With Mediway, your safety and health are ensured. 

Get your screening done by their professionals now. Together, let’s stop any potential diseases from causing harm!


  • Best facilities for medical check-up services
  • Affordable and competitive rates

Contact Details: +65 6909 0190

Address: 1 Sophia Road, #04-21, Peace Centre Singapore 228149

Customer Reviews:

“Very pleasant experience and reasonable price! I have been here for EP process twice and highly recommend this clinic. The guy Steven at the front counter took care of me very well. The other staff was nice, she instructed me carefully during the X-ray check. The process won’t take so much time and you can expect to receive your result in 1 day, even by email or self-collection. You deserve 5-star rating.”

4. HealthWay Screening Packages


Make way for one of the best health screening centres – HealthWay! They offer a wide variety of healthcare services you may choose from. Looking for a place for ultrasounds? How about comprehensive blood and urine tests? HealthWay got your back.

They are a group of healthcare providers with a network of clinics in Singapore. Established in 1990, they maintain to serve with diligence and excellence. 

Get empowered with the help of their healthcare professionals. Find a HealthWay doctor now!


  • A wide array of screening services including:
  • Operating since 1990

Contact Details: +65 6323 4415

Address: 6A Shenton Way, #03-11/12/13 Downtown Gallery, S068815

Customer Reviews:

“Reliable clinic. Doctor and staff are very assuring.

5. Trucare Medical Screening Packages


Looking for a dependable and affordable screening package? Look into Trucare Medical. They provide care and comfort for you and your loved ones. It’s never too late to get starte tp have yourself managed by professionals.

Because health screening is essential, they bring you a lot of packages to choose from. They say that with early detection, diseases and complications will be prevented. So, what are you waiting for? Schedule your appointment with Trucare now!


  • Affordable costs
  • Trusted healthcare professionals

Contact Details: 
HOUGANG: +65 638 535 25 | +65 638 532 73 | [email protected] 
AMK: +65 625 588 49 | +65 625 528 11 | [email protected]

Contact Details: 
HOUGANG: +65 638 535 25 | +65 638 532 73 | [email protected] 
AMK: +65 625 588 49 | +65 625 528 11 | [email protected]

Customer Review:

Doctors were great and detailed in providing care for your health issues! Trusting this clinic for years now.

6. Precious Medical Centre Health Screening


Your health is precious, and so is this next clinic. Precious Medical Centre offers health screening and full body medical check-ups. When was the last time you got screened? You might need to have your next screening done. Do it with Precious Medical Centre!

They use advanced technology to make sure your results are accurate. With their professionals and great facilities, they will make your screening smooth. They have special screenings for male and female, and additional ones too.


  • Specialise in health screening
  • Updated facilities
  • Professional attentive staff

Contact Details: +65 66816656

Address: 290, #12-01 Orchard Rd, Paragon, Singapore 238859

Customer Reviews:

Most of the comments were about how friendly the staff are and how clean the place is:

“Staff are friendly and attentive. Clean and aesthetically appealing look of the centre. Would recommend to friends and family!”

7. WL&H Medical


WL&H Medical is a clinic founded by Singaporean specialists Dr Peter Yan and Dr Teo Cheng Peng. They offer multiphasic health screening programs with their top-notch facilities. These are used for empowering their clients. Plus, ensuring their health too!

At WL&H, they want to make a change. They aim to empower individuals to healthcare. Also, their team will encourage you to make better decisions when it comes to your lifestyle. They will assist you with the utmost support to prevent illnesses.

If you want to have your health goals met, talk with WL&H’s team!


  • Aims to provide a blueprint for change
  • Well-designed screening programs
  • Comfortable environment
  • Expert specialist care

For information, please visit this page.

Contact Details: +65 6662 9366 | +65 8548 6245

Address: 1 Scotts Rd, #20-11/13 Shaw Centre, Singapore 228208

Customer Reviews:

“Came to this clinic for our annual flu vaccine. Friendly staff and professional doctor. The nice interior was welcoming. It did not feel like a clinic. Overall a very good experience. Will definitely come back.”

We hope our list was helpful. Please be reminded to always check on yourselves! Take good care and don’t catch a cold.

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