Ordering food at home is one of the simple pleasures of life. You’re craving good food but either you don’t have the ingredients to make it at home or maybe it’s just a lazy day. Either way, you get the drift. But the issue comes when you need to order something specific like halal food.

It can be pretty annoying to figure out which restaurants provide halal food delivery and whether they’re good. Fret not, that’s where we come from. Whether you’re in the mood for Indonesian, Indian or something else, this list has you covered.

Here is a list of the top 10 halal food delivery restaurants that will help you satisfy your hunger pangs.

1) Indochili

IndoChili - Traditional Indonesian Recipes - Miss Tam Chiak
Photo credit: Miss Tam Chiak

We’re starting off the list with one of the best places to get Indonesian food. You’re getting the best of both worlds in this restaurant. Not only do they serve delicious halal food, but all of their dishes are free from MSG. The spices are freshly made and that’s what gives the food its authentic flavour, bringing the taste of Indonesia to your doorstep.

Their menu has a halal certification by Majlis Ugama Islam Singapura (MUIS), so you don’t need to worry about anything except enjoying the food. There’s something for everyone whether you’re a lover of the spice or have more of a sweet-tooth. Their chicken satay and beef rendang are their signature dishes. The beef rendang is soaked in a stew for four hours which gives it its unique tenderness.

If you want a little bit of everything, we recommend trying out their Bentos. Some of the popular bento sets include the vegetarian set rice, the seafood fried rice and the chicken satay set rice.

Contact Details: +65 89228185 (Whatsapp) or +65 64451766 (Call)
Must-Tries:Definitely, their beef rendang (Rendang Sapi) which costs $14.8 and chicken satay which costs $12.8
Offers:They currently run an offer where you can get 20% off on self-collect orders on Bentos and ala-carte menu items. Orders above $70 will get free delivery.

2) Long John’s Silver

Long John Silver's Singapore | Great Value All Day
Photo credit: Long John Silvers

If you’re in the mood for western-style seafood or even chicken, then Long John’s Silver is the place to order from. They use a signature batter, which gives their food a crunchy and crispy texture. That’s not all; all of their food is fried using only high-quality canola oil. After all, if we’re going to enjoy eating fried food, we need to find ways to soothe our guilty conscience.

Long John’s Silver has halal certification, making it one of the best halal food delivery in Singapore. The prices are extremely reasonable and won’t put a dent in your pocket. We highly recommend trying out their batter-fried fish, shrimp, and fish&chips.

They have over 20 stores in various locations which are open from 7:30 am to 10:30 pm, so it’s unlikely that you won’t find one near your location.

Contact Details:6254-1018 for their Central Tiong Bahru Plaza Store. For their other stores, you can refer to the link above.
Must-Tries:Their Fish & Spicy Fish is trendy and costs $7.40 while their 2pc Chicken & 2pc Spicy Shrimp also costs $7.40 and is a classic.
Offers:They often run a variety of promotions and offer coupons both online and online. It’s best to check their Instagram for current offers before placing an order.

3) 89.7 Supper Club Pte Ltd

89.7 Supper Club - Geylang East Ave 3 [Islandwide Delivery] - Food Delivery  Menu | GrabFood SG
Photo credit: Grabfood

The one place to satisfy all of your halal food cravings; 89.7 is perhaps the holy grail of halal food. Whether you want Indian, Chinese, Singaporean, Malaysian, you name it, and they’ve got it. With over 700 dishes and all of them being light on your pocket, it won’t be a surprise if you end up ordering from them every day.

They also offer a large variety of drinks (non-alcoholic, of course) so do mix-and-match things up. Not to forget that they always open, even at odd hours of the night, so if you get those pesky late-night hunger pangs, you can always ring them up.

We really recommend trying out their crab roe, chilli crab, and prawn platter. As for drinks, their root beer float, mango floats, and home-made lemon ice tea really make the perfect ending to your meal.

Contact Details:+65 6214 1897 but to place orders you can use FoodPanda, GrabFood, and Buy4U
Must-Tries:Root Beer Float for $3.20, Fresh Lemon Tea for $1.80, Fried prawn ball for $22.20, and Crab for $28.00
Offers:FoodPanda, GrabFood and Buy4U are the three delivery services that deliver from here so be sure to check them out for offers.

4) MacKenzie Rex Restaurant

Mackenzie Rex Restaurant - Prinsep [Islandwide Delivery] - Food Delivery  Menu | GrabFood SG
Photo credit: Grabfood

MacKenzie Rex is an Oriental restaurant that has been serving food since 1966. You’ll be spoilt for choices with their menu which features delicious dishes that are made using authentic Oriental recipes. They use only extremely fresh ingredients so if you’re looking for which not only tastes good but is also healthy, this is a safe bet.

Although all of their dishes are good, their signature chicken rice is the highlight of this restaurant. You can choose to opt for either the wings, the drumsticks or even the whole chicken. Apart from chicken rice, you must definitely try out their fried baby squid which many people say is so good that it’s addictive.

For halal food delivery from this restaurant, you can use either FoodPanda, GrabFood or Deliveroo.

Contact Details:(65) 6336 1702 but to place orders you can use the deliveries mentioned above.
Must-Tries:Chicken Rice which costs $5.90, and baby fried squid which costs $18.80
Offers:The mentioned food deliveries often run promotional offers so do check them out before placing an order.

5) Sakunthala’s Restaurant

Sakunthala's Food Palace - Indian cuisine with a contemporary touch
Photo credit: HungryGoWhere

It’s pretty hard to beat good old Indian food, especially if it’s home-style. That’s why where Sakunthala’s comes in. Providing delicious Indian food with the touch of home, you’ll find it difficult not to become a regular. You get both North and South Indian food, and the price is pretty reasonable too. Vegetarians, too, have plenty of options here.

If you’re in the mood to experiment and try new things, their fusion dishes are a good place to start. If, however, you wanna stick to the classics, then we highly recommend their fish head curry, dosas, and the chicken biryani. Finish your meal with the sweet and delightful payasam to end the meal on a high note.

They have an incredible and interactive delivery system on their website that directly allows you to order from them. But you can also find them on other delivery sites like FoodPanda.

Contact Details:6293 6649 but you can visit their website directly to place an online order.
Must-Tries:Their fish-head curry starts at $29, Payasam which costs $5, and their chicken biryani which costs $13. Vegetarians can try their vegetarian meal for $12.
Offers:Their additional delivery partners like FoodPanda often run promotional schemes. Do check online as there are many offers of around 15% off.

6) Lean Bento

Lean Bento Taps On Data Analytics To Design Healthy Bentos

Sometimes, it’s all about eating healthy. It’s challenging to associate health with eating out, but that’s exactly what the Lean Bento is all about. They serve Bentos, which have either rice or noodles as the main dish, along with sides. They have such a wide variety that even if you’re vegetarian, vegan, looking for low-calorie options, gluten-intolerant, you’re sure to find something for you.

Besides all these options, they also have seasonal specials with discounts. To end your meal, they offer fresh fruits, protein muffins, and protein waffles. If you think that’s all, you’d be dead wrong; they have this incredible credit system where you get discounts if you’re a repeat customer. And with so many delicious and healthy items, we get the feeling that once is not going to be enough.

You can check out their website to find their menu and their FAQ section, which has the delivery system’s details. No doubt, a great choice for halal food delivery.

Contact Details:+65 67504504. Do check out their website to place orders.
Must-Tries:Herb Chicken Bento costs $12.90 and Classic Miso Rice which costs $16.50 for the salmon and $12.90 for chicken.
Offers:On an order of minimum $20, you can get island-wide delivery. Ordering above $85 gets you free delivery.

7) Le Fuse Cafe

Le Fuse Café - New Muslim Owned Mala Café At Lim Tua Tow Road!
Photo credit: Miss Tam Chiak

The Le Fuse Cafe brings the flavours of Sichuan and Mala cuisine right to your doorstep. That means your taste-buds are in a world of heat because if there’s one thing we love about Sichuan and Mala, it’s the spice. And truly, Le Fuse Cafe uses pepper, prickly ash and even broad-bean paste to create an exciting array of flavours.

They use fresh vegetables and meat to create some really amazing fusion dishes which are definitely must-tries. One of these dishes is the Salted Egg Smoked Duck Laksa and we’re sure that the chances of you coming across this dish are few. They have pretty good portions and the prices are reasonable too.

You can place orders with their delivery partners and they’ll be soon coming up with their own delivery system.

Contact Details:87485040 but you can place orders at FoodPanda
Must-Tries:Salted Egg Smoked Duck Laksa which costs $10.80 and braised beef ribs noodles.
Offers:Free islandwide delivery for orders above $80. Signing up as a member also gives you several rewards.

8) Jinjja Chicken

Photo credit: Jinjja Chicken

The ‘Korean Wave’ is taking over the world and they’ve introduced us to a lot of amazing things. Especially their fried chicken. Enjoying fried chicken with a glass of cold beer is one of the best ways to end your day and that’s where Jinjja Chicken comes in.

Apart from their delicious fried chicken, they also serve a variety of other Korean dishes like kimbap, bibimbap and even tteokbokki rice cake. So what are you waiting for? Order your own plate of fried chicken and jjajangmyeon, grab a glass of cold beer and be prepared for a good time at home.

And a fun fact, their name Jinjja means “Really?” in Korean.

Contact Details:You can place your order directly from their website. They offer island-wide delivery.
Must-Tries:Definitely, their fried chicken that comes in different spice-levels, so there’s something for everyone.
Offers:Do check out their Facebook page regularly as they often have giveaways and promotions.

9) Tenderfresh Classic

Tenderfresh Classic | Crispy, Juicy & Always Fresh
Photo credit: Tenderfresh

Tenderfresh Classic offers the best of both worlds, bringing both Asian and Western foods to your doorstep. They have amazing chicken and a blend of herbs that is so good you’ll be licking it off your fingers. Not to forget that they don’t use frozen chicken; it’s all farmed chicken that is fresh and organic.

Apart from this, their Asian Fusion Pasta is also in a class of its own. To enjoy all this, with some additional sides, you can try out their Bentos, which come in a large amount of variety. To place orders, you can either visit their website or their halal food delivery partners.

Contact Details:+65 69045597 but orders can be placed from their website directly.
Must-Tries:Their roasted and fried chicken is a must-try.
Offers:They offer various discounts on their website, especially on their Bentos.

10) Cajun On Wheels

Cajun On Wheels C.O.W: Get Saucy And Hot With Buckets Full Of Seafood
Photo credit: Seth Lui

Cajun on Wheels is famous for its halal-certified, seafood which is both delicious and reasonable. You name it, and they’ll have it. They prepare their food super-fresh and all in a food-truck and you know that the food from food-trucks always seems to be extra tasty. They take their inspiration from the Louisiana style of cooking so you get food that is infused with soul.

Their buckets are a great deal if you love seafood and can’t decide which one sounds best. The portions are pretty good as well.

Contact Details:+65 6341 9665
Must-Tries:Their charcoal-grilled seafood bucket which is grilled over actual charcoal is delicious.
Offers:They run many offers on their website, which are regularly updated, so do check it out.

If you’re still in the mood to explore more options, you can check out our article on the best places to eat in China Town.