The hairstyle is an essential part of an individual’s personality but styling the hair perfectly requires much more than a comb. Many men style their hair using a comb, or a blow dryer at max but they are at mistake because hair products are the major game decider. Using different hair products can be detrimental for your hair, but hair wax is a product that doesn’t only style your hair but provides the necessary nutrients to your hair for proper growth and weight. To help you find the perfect hair wax, here is our list of the best 10 hair wax sold in Singapore.

What is Hair Wax and Do You Need It?

You need to know what Hair Wax actually is before getting to choose the best one for yourself, right?

Hair wax is a hairstyling or holding product that is in high demand due to natural ingredients. Hair wax contains bee wax, castor wax, Japan wax, Candelilla wax, Lanoline, etc. as the main ingredients. Unlike hair gel, wax can hold the hair for long and doesn’t dry out. Furthermore, it does not contain any harmful ingredients such as alcohol that can be detrimental for hair health and natural color.

Things to Consider While Buying a Hair Wax

Buying a hair wax can be tricky and we have shortlisted some key points to consider while buying one.

?️ Use: Different hair wax offers different usage. Some provide a glossy look or shine to your hair while some products are produced to style the hair. If you want to style your hair with shining wax, then it will not serve the purpose. Similarly, if you want to provide a shine to your hair with styling wax, it is not possible. However, some companies have introduced multipurpose hair wax providing both shine and style to your hair.

?️ Ingredients: Hair wax contains different ingredients some of which can be harmful to your hair. Alcohol is a major ingredient in hair products that are harmful to hair. However, wax does not contain alcohol since most are made up of non-synthetic ingredients. However, looking at the ingredients of the hair wax is always better before buying one. Similarly, sulfur is another product that can damage the scalp. So, try buying the wax that is alcohol and sulfur-free.

?️ Price: Price can be a major factor while choosing the right hair wax for you. Some manufacturers offer products in an affordable price range, while some products offer less as compared to their price. Always try buying a hair wax of some authentic brand that lies in an affordable price bracket.

Let’s get you to select the best Hair Wax to buy online. We have shortlisted 10 best hair wax in Singapore with top-notch features and an affordable price bracket.

1. Ubersuave Texturing Matte Wax

Ubersuave Matte Wax | Review & Styling - YouTube

Salient Features

  • Super holding power
  • Matte finish
  • Easy Washability
  • Attractive grape scent

If you want a hair wax that can provide you a stronghold throughout the day and can be easily washed off at the end of the day, the Ubersuave Texturing Matte Wax is the go-to product. It is already in high demand in Singapore due to its ingredients and affordable price. Another plus feature of this wax is its attractive grape scent that it gives an essence of freshness after applying. It is specially curated for a matte look and easy to apply hair product. Overall, hands down the best hair wax in Singapore!

2. Suavecito Firm Hold Strong Hold Pomade

Salient Features:

  • Easy styling
  • Firm grip and hold
  • Suited for all hair type
  • Easy washability

Suavecito Firm Hold Strong Hold Pomade is one of the best hair wax that is in high demand around the globe including Singapore. This USA based product is for the customers who like medium shine along with a strong grip or hold for any hairstyle. No harmful ingredients and easy to wash off makes it an excellent choice. Suavecito hair wax has a light odor that has the tendency to attract people.

3. Uppercut Deluxe Pomade

Salient Features:

  • Medium to stronghold
  • Provides medium shine
  • Coconut scent

Don’t change your mind just because of the price, because this product provides you much more as compared to its price. Uppercut Deluxe is a pomade type of hair wax especially for making flicks or high pompadour. In addition, it will also aid you in making other hairstyles as well. A single product provides grip and shine as well. Its easy rinse-off formula also makes it popular amongst the customers. Uppercut Deluxe Pomade is a perfect solution for hair-styling in hot and humid Singapore weather and provides grip throughout the day despite the weather conditions.

4. Quincy Pomade Original

Qoo10 - PREMIUM POMADE : Cosmetics

Salient Features:

  • Stronghold and easy styling
  • Non-greasy
  • Medium shine
  • Best for humid weather conditions

Quincy Pomade Original is a product, especially for Singapore weather. The product lasts throughout the day in the hot and humid weather that too leaving no residue behind in the hair. The product gives a medium shine to the hair and can be easily styled with a comb or hairbrush. You can also run hands through your hair and feel like no product is applied in the hair. Thus, Quincy Pomade will be one name on the tongue of all stylists in Singapore as it is truly one of the best hair wax in Singapore!

5. Imperial Barber Gel Pomade

Buy Imperial Barber Imperial Barber Classic Pomade and Gel Pomade Set  Online on ZALORA Singapore

Salient Features:

  • Shine and long-lasting grip
  • Exotic scent
  • Vitamin B5 for hair growth
  • Increases hair volume

Imperial Barber Gel Pomade is not only a styling product but also moisturizes the hair for the entire day. With Vitamin b5 in the ingredients, this product is suitable for styling and giving a shiny look as well as giving the required nutrients to your hair for a proper volume and length. Barbers suggest this hair wax style your hair daily because of the ingredients and long-lasting hold that is the utmost requirement of the customers.

6. Refined Superior Matte Clay


Salient Features:

  • Flexible hold allowing for new styles
  • Free-styling comb
  • Matte look for your hair

If you want a matte finish in your style, the Refined Superior Matte Clay is your go-to option. Its flexible hold allows you to change hairstyle. The healthy ingredients of this product are necessary for good hair growth and volume. The product is offered with freestyling combs that can be used to style the hair. With its water rinsing formula, the product is easy to wear off as it is easy to apply. Overall, indeed one of the best hair wax in Singapore!

7. American Crew Pomade

Salient Features:

  • Medium hold and high shine
  • Water solvable
  • No synthetic additives
  • Attractive scent

American Crew Pomade is the product for you if you are looking for medium shine and a stronghold. Its natural ingredients guarantee great hair health. This product is best for removing dandruff from your scalp as it keeps the scalp moisturized. With an attractive scent, people will love to be around you and want the name of the hair product. Already, American Crew Pomade is in high demand in Singapore, and our recommendation will add up to its sales.

8. Baxter of California Clay Pomade Baxter of California Clay Pomade, Matte Finish/Strong Hold,  Hair Pomade for Men, 2 fl. oz.: Premium Beauty

Salient Features:

  • Provides texture and volume
  • 24H long hold
  • Matte finish
  • Lime scent

A great matte finish product for your hair that provides texture and adds to the volume of the hair. Baxter of California Wax is one of the top-rated products around the globe and in Singapore as well due to its features and natural ingredients. You can easily apply the product and it leaves no residue allowing you to wash it with warm water. The product also provides that attractive lime scent most of you will crave for. Overall, a truly amazing product and one of the best hair wax in Singapore!

9. Undisputed Pomade

Undisputed V2 Water Based Pomade | Shopee Singapore

Salient Features & Services:

  • High shine and normal hold
  • Non-greasy
  • Easily washable

Undisputed Pomade is one of the best wax/pomade available in Singapore. Despite its high price, this product can provide you with all the required features you are demanding from high-quality hair wax. With its easy rinsing formula and high shine look, customers are ‘undisputedly’ buying this product in huge numbers.

10. Gatsby Dressing Pomade

Salient Features & Services:

  • Cheapest Pomade in Singapore
  • Great hold
  • Easy styling with removal

Regarded as the cheapest wax of Singapore, Gatsby Dressing Pomade is capable of great hold for day long without any issue. With great scent and easy styling, Gatsby is proud of introducing this handy product in the market. Customers not only like this product because of the attractive price but the features of this wax are equally attractive.

Hair wax is the go-to thing in modern-day styling, and males are always looking for hair wax in an affordable price bracket offering maximum features. We have shortlisted different styled hair wax for you that will never disappoint you and will help in the desired hair styling. Furthermore, these hair wax are easily available on a different e-commerce platform that makes it easy for you to buy them online.