Tired of eating the same food from your neighbourhood? With the news of our Phase 2 Heightened Period, food choices are becoming limited for us to choose. Last week, I decided to surf the web for more food options. Thus, I chanced upon Hai Xian Lao. Here I share my experience in this Hai Xian Lao review with those looking for good comfort food.

Wide Variety of Dishes Available

Since my brother and mother were home with me that day, I decided to order some variety of Chinese food for lunch. Looking through their menu, we had a hard time deciding what to order as they have a huge variety of food available. Finally, we decided on their Hxl Hungry Pot for 4-5 Pax at $48 (U.P. $68, save $20).

The package consists of a cooked soup broth pot, Scallion Pancakes, Golden Salted Egg Wings, Fermented Pork Chop and 4 servings of Rice Vermicelli. We had chosen one of their special Laksa broth at an additional cost of $5.

Top Favourite – Laksa Pot

We were quite shocked to find out that the servings were very generous, especially for the Laksa pot. The soup and rice vermicelli were packed separately, thus no need to worry about your dish turning soggy.

This dish consists of a variety of cooked ingredients, mainly those commonly seen in hotpot. There are a generous portion of black fungus, white cabbage, thick slabs of luncheon meat, pork Shabu Shabu, enoki mushroom, and more.

Though I am not a rice vermicelli fan, I must say that I did soak the rice vermicelli into the Laksa broth. The broth has a good combination of coconut milk and curry, which makes me going for more than a bowl of it!

Fermented Pork Chop

Our next favourite was the Fried Pork. Sounds very unappealing? In fact, it does not even taste fermented! It might look simple, but the Fried Pork was good enough to satisfy our meat cravings. The pork is crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. This makes it less greasy than it seems.

Besides, it has a good ratio of meat and fat in it, which suits our family. We like our meat with some fats in it.

The portion of this Fried Pork is big, so we managed to keep some as our evening snack while watching our drama shows. Yum!

Golden Salted-Egg Wings

Next up, we have the Golden Salted Egg Wings. Other than salted egg, the wings are coated with some hints of spiciness in it. The spicy element makes the dish less greasy, which keeps you going for more. Also, it is fried to perfection. Not too tough, not too dry, just right!

The wings might not be enough for 3 pax though, so you can consider ordering 1 more portion.

Scallion Pancakes

Personally, I am a fan of scallion pancakes. However, it is a little too thick and tough for our liking. Despite heating it, it did not soften the texture. It is slightly towards the salty side, but it is a decent combination with the curry dish.

NameHai Xian Lao
Contact6219 0777
Address350 Orchard Road House Level 4, Shaw, 238868
Operating Hours11 am – 11 pm


With that, here is the end of our Hai Xian Lao review. We were quite pleased with the portion of the meals. Besides, with different available broths for you to choose from, you will be spoilt for choices. Most importantly, it provides islandwide delivery, which is really good for those looking for other food choices other than your neighbourhood. I would definitely return to try once dine in reopens.

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Happy ordering!