Exercise is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle that every person desires. Whether it’s for sports, to be more active, for a better body structure, or for a healthier life, you must work out. You, therefore, need to identify gym memberships in Singapore that will be convenient and comfortable for your workout.

The best gym should be budget-friendly, offer you convenient workout hours, and have various personal training classes that meet your needs. With that in mind, check out our top picks of the best gym membership in Singapore.

1. Igym

Image credit: Igym

If you are looking for a to-go-to gym any time of the day without having to pay a membership fee, then Igym is the spot for you. The gym operates 24 hours a day, doesn’t have a joining fee, commitment, or prepaid membership fee; all that is charged is the hourly rate.

For you to use the gym, you will need to download iGym SG from Google Play Store or Apple Store from your phone, fill up your particulars, after verification, you are ready to use the gym by scanning the QR code at the entrance. The app will enable you to earn reward points, enable you to keep track of your spending, execute your payments among other activities.

Igym has a well-equipped gym that will enable you to achieve your goals and needs. Here, you can have access to a well-equipped gym that includes a cardio area, resistance training area, and functional workout area; you are also able to select your trainers. You’ll be required to pay as you train following these fixed rates – 1st Hour $6, 2nd hour – $0.50 for subsequent 30 mins, 3rd hour – $0.50 for subsequent 30 mins, 4th-hour return to 1st-hour rate.

Other service highlights include:

  • It offers 24-hour service
  • Offers hourly rates with no joining and membership fee.
  • You can select your trainer
Addressi. 756 Upper Serangoon Road, #02-02
ii. Upper Serangoon Shopping Centre, Singapore 534626
Contact Details+65 9050 5288
Working Hours24 hours

2. The Strength Yard

Best 10 Gym Memberships in Singapore
Photo credit: The Strength Yard

Established in 2014, the strength yard is a leading gym in Singapore. With no restrictions to your workouts, the gym aims to set you free as you work towards attaining a leaner and stronger body. Having a dedicated team of qualified instructors, working out at Strength Yard bears the expected results.

With a variety of training equipment, the body training journey is made easier. At strength yard, you join a community of weight lifters from beginners to seasoned lifters. Besides, they have various membership plans, from casual visits monthly to a yearly membership. You also get to enjoy personal training classes.

Other service highlights include:

  • The gym has a team of well trained and highly skilled trainers.
  • Personal training sessions are available
  • Open gym is available

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Address369 Joo Chiat Road, Singapore 427614
Contact Details+65 6909 7449
Working HoursMon-Sun, 6.00AM – 12.00AM

3. Owl Gym

Best 10 Gym Memberships in Singapore

Owl Gym is a leading brand in gym training. It has various equipment that helps make your workout easier and effective, you can rest assured of good results. With enough space for workouts, you’ll say good-bye to crowded gyms and enjoy their good ambience.

Owl gym has a team of highly skilled trainers who ensure that your workouts are effective. Besides, they have flexible and affordable plans, you’ll definitely get one that suits you. Their walk-in sessions cost $10, while a six-month plan with 24-hour access goes for $588.

Other service highlights include:

  • It offers a variety of membership plans.
  • It has a team of highly skilled professionals.
  • The gym offers customized personal training
  • They have a special package for the elderly and youth.

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AddressNo 2 Gambas Crescent #1-22 Nordcom II Singapore 757044
Contact Details+65 9071 1008
Working HoursWalk-In, Mon – Fri, 12.00 PM – 8.00 PM | Members, 24 hours

4. Gymm Boxx

Best 10 Gym Memberships in Singapore
Photo credit: Gymboxx

Gymm boxx is one of the established gym brands in Singapore. It started small as a single gym but grew steadily over the years. With several branches, the gym is easily accessible to gym enthusiasts.

At Gymm Boxx, you can choose short-term membership or long term plans according to your needs. With a membership plan, you can train at their 24-hour gyms. This plan comes in handy for those with busy schedules. The membership plans start from $65 for elderly citizens, $85 for adults, and $70 for youth, the plans are considered very affordable. You can also opt for a per session membership, which starts at $3.

Other service highlights include:

  • They offer personalized training.
  • Public gym facilities are available.
  • The gym offers special promos and campaigns from time to time.

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Address04/01-02 Bishan Community Centre 51 Bishan St 13 Singapore 579799
Contact Details+65 6258 4847
Working Hours24 hours

5. Ultimate Performance Singapore 

Ultimate Performance - 14 Photos - Gyms - 8 Cross St, Raffles Place,  Singapore, Singapore - Phone Number - Yelp
Photo credit: Yelp

Ultimate performance Singapore is among the best gyms in Singapore for your body transformation. The gym has a team of highly qualified coaches who take you through muscle building, fat loss, and any available training you may wish to undergo. 

The vetting process is difficult as it requires trainers to have 5,000 hours’ practical experience and a certification from a training organization. With such a team of world-class professional sportspeople, your body goals will be achieved within a short time. With a total of 731 reviews with a positive rating, it no doubt offers ultimate customer satisfaction

Other service highlights include:

  • They have a team of world-class- trainers, which makes your journey easier.
  • Their services and package pricing is very affordable in the gym training.

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Address#01-01ManulifeTower8CrossStreet, Singapore
Contact Details+65 6536 8649
Working HoursMon – Fri, 6.00AM – 10.00PM | Sat, 8.00AM – 5.00PM | Sun, 9.00AM – 3.00PM

6. EnergyOne at SAFRA

Best 10 Gym Memberships in Singapore
Photo credit: Safra

EnergyOne at SAFRA is a fully equipped gym with a variety of training materials. They boast of resistance training machines, cardio equipment, a swimming pool, a warm Jacuzzi, kettlebells, and treadmills. With various spacious gym outlets across the city, they are equipped to enhance recovery, wellness, and relaxation.

Besides, they have a team of highly trained experts which ensures your wellness journey is successful. If you are time-constrained, one time sessions are available. Off-peak rates are $21.85 and $ 21.40 for peak rates.

Other service highlights include:

  • Personal trainers are available at $120 for three sessions.
  • The gym is equipped with a variety of equipment.
  • Yearly plans are also available at $80 per month.
  • They run a variety of promotions.

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AddressCheck out your nearest location here.
Contact DetailsDifferent for each location. Check out here.
EmailCheck out here.
Working HoursDifferent for each location. Check out here.

7. Virgin Active

Virgin Active is one of the leading gyms in Singapore. With various classes such as Pilates workouts, grid training, and Zumba classes, you are assured of a class that will meet your wellness needs. For those who fancy workout without breaking a sweat, they have an Aqua class. It’s a low workout that burns 400 calories per hour. The Aqua classes do not need any skill level; it relieves tension and stress.

At Virgin Active, there are group classes and personal trainers who offer one–on–one sessions. Their rates start from $85 to $100 for one session.

Other service highlights include:

  • They have various gym outlets that are easily accessible.
  • They have different kinds of gym memberships, from one month to a one-year plan.
  • Online classes are also available, whereby you can work out at home or anywhere.

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AddressMultiple Locations. Check out your nearest club here.
Contact DetailsDifferent for each location. Check out here.
Working HoursMon – Fri, 6.30AM – 10.00PM | Sat, 8.00AM – 5.00PM | Sun, Closed

8. Ritual Gym

Ritual Gym | Robinson Road: Read Reviews and Book Classes on ClassPass
Photo credit: ClassPass

At Ritual Gym, they aim to build your overall cardio and strength. You can, therefore, build muscle and burn fat. With their small classes, you get personalized attention, ensuring that your gym sessions are more successful.

 At Ritual Gym, you enjoy a hassle-free session. You get gym clothes, toiletries, and towels, which saves you trouble carrying gym clothes and laundry. The gym also has a ritual Fit app, which can be downloaded on Google Play and IOS app. It helps you have an intensive workout at your convenient location.

Other service highlights include:

  • Two weeks’ trial sessions are available at $60.
  • Flexible gym memberships plan are also available from monthly to yearly.
  • The gym has a customized plan for time-constrained individuals. 

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AddressMultiple locations. Check out here.
Contact Details+65 6536 7291
Working HoursMon – Fri, 6.30AM – 9.00PM | Sat & Sun, 9.00AM – 3.00PM

9. Anytime Fitness

Best 10 Gym Memberships in Singapore
Photo credit: AsiaOne

Anytime Fitness is a 24-hour gym that offers you flexibility and convenience in your wellness journey. It has sixty-nine locations on the island, and it’s one of the largest gym chains in Singapore.

With an extensive list of gym equipment such as battle ropes, spin bikes, and medicine balls, you are assured of an ultimate gym experience. It also offers various services, such as coaching, personal training, wellness program, and coaching. With an average of 4.5 stars on Google, you can rest assured that their gym memberships offer customer satisfaction. Their starting rates are $80 per month 

Other service highlights include:

  • Has numerous outlets making it more accessible.
  • Offers a free one-day trial for you to have a go on their gym.
  • Provides twenty-four-hour service to its clients.

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AddressMultiple locations, check here.
Contact Details+65 8379 8092
Working Hours24 hours

10. Dennis Gym

Best 10 Gym Memberships in Singapore

Dennis Tew is the entrepreneur behind Dennis Gym. He offers high-quality gym training sessions to customers. To ensure everyone lives a vibrant, healthy, and fit lifestyle, Dennis Gym is a 24-hour gym. It, therefore, offers its services to all groups of people.

At Dennis Gym, you work with various instructors who ensure that your workout is customized according to your specific needs. If you are working out for a sports event, have an injury, or haven’t seen any results when you work out, Dennis Gym has trainers who will ensure you get your desired results.

Other service highlights include:

  • It offers 24-hour service, which makes it ideal for busy individuals.
  • It offers affordable monthly packages as well as yearly packages.

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AddressMultiple branches. Check out your nearest branch here.
Contact Details+65 85432903
Working HoursOpen 24 Hours

11. Gym Pod

Photo credit: Talkspace

The gym pod is a convenient and affordable 24-hour gym in Singapore. At the gym pod, you don’t need to queue for machines. With their online app, you can make an advanced booking of up to 14 days. You enjoy a spin pod, which is an online virtual spinning class that goes from $15 to $25.

With unbeatable prices of $5.50- $7.50 per session, you are assured of several affordable sessions. Their monthly sessions start at $9.90 per month. With excellent customer reviews on google, the gym pod offers you the ultimate customer experience.

Other service highlights include:

  • It offers affordable gym membership.
  • It has eight gym pods across the island.
  • The gym boasts of highly skilled trainers.

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AddressMultiple locations. Check out here.
Contact Details+65 9061 5935
Working Hours24 Hours

12. Centrum Gym Fit

JG Fit has 4 trainers, and their diversity and teamwork is what makes them unique. From a trainer focused on female empowerment to a bodybuilding coach, you have the option to choose the most suitable one for you according to your goals and needs.

They don’t have a physical location but you can ask them to travel to a location that you’re comfortable with. You can also join them in one of their partner gyms (Orchard and Bishan) — free from admission or membership fees.

What’s also worth mentioning is that they have flexible expiry dates on any of their packages, unlike most gyms. There’s no pressure to commit immediately if your circumstances don’t allow you to. Invest in your physical wellness now with JG FIT through building sustainable habits such as eating right, and exercising safely and efficiently.


  • No Admission / Membership Fees
  • Flexible package expiry dates
  • Cater exercise and nutrition programs according to your schedule
AddressBlock 26 Building, 18 Sin Ming Ln, #06-07 Midview City, Singapore 573960
100 Orchard Road, Singapore 238840 
Contact+65 97898963

With the above lists of the best gym memberships in Singapore, your fitness journey will be easier. You will save time on finding one that meets your specific needs. You can opt for a per session membership, a monthly session, or a yearly session. If you are preparing for a sporting event, you can check out gym memberships with the best trainers. For the busy kind with no time on their hands, gym memberships that offer 24- hour service are ideal. If you can’t make it to the gym, you can still download their apps or participate in virtual workouts.

While at the gym, always ensure you use the equipment as instructed. Misuse of gym pieces of equipment like treadmills can cause serious injuries. We hope a good time at your selected gym and get super fit.