Speaking of GoroGoro, does it sounds familiar? It reminds me of a sound Gu-lu Gu-lu, which means when you are super hungry and your stomach is making the gulu gulu sound. But guess what? We were right – GoroGoro Steamboat was actually inspired by the sound of a rumbling tummy when you are hungry and the hot bubbling sound of the steamboat soups when they are boiling. Wow, so interesting!

And what is more cool is that GoroGoro Steamboat is a sister restaurant of I’m Kim Korean Barbeque, what a pleasant fun fact.

Seeing a rise in groups looking for good buffet places to dine in, we decided to follow in the trend. And if you are looking for somewhere with good quality food, service and ambience, GoroGoro Steamboat is the right place for you.

Hidden at a small corner in The Centrepoint, it was quite surprising to see that there was a queue forming when we arrived. This proves the point that GoroGoro Steamboat is a hot favorite of many despite its secluded location.

And yay to another team dinner! This time we were dining in on a Wednesday night, what a mid-week mood! Though quiet outside the store, we were greeted by Christmas themed atmosphere inside and lively sounds of diners chatting away.

I believe that everyone knows by now that due to Covid, their bars are not open for self-service. Thus, instead of a typical buffet system, we were table served. So with your order list, do expect that you will have to wait to have your food served. With their fast and efficient staff, you don’t have to worry about waiting too long.

Wide Variety of Soup & Condiment Choices

Once we were seated and made our order, the friendly staff had served us our soup and condiments right away.

There are 7 soup choices available – Beauty Collagen, Fiery Mala, Pepper Bakuteh, Tangy Tomato, Thai Tomyam, Korean Ginseng and Miso Seaweed.

It felt like flavors of different cultures are gathered here when I looked at this menu. So you can settle with a flavor that you are familiar with even if you are here in Singapore for a holiday.

Every tables are all entitled to 2 soup choices, but you can top up $5 for an additional soup. Which we did, since we had to share between 5 of us.

We had chosen the Beauty Collagen (which is their signature), Thai Tomyam and Tangy Tomato. Feeling telepathic, we found out those were their top 3 popular choices, which all were really good!

Furthermore, they have a wide selection of 11 condiments available- ranging from Thai Chilli Sauce, Sesame Sauce, Sambal Chilli to Lao Gan Ma Chilli Oil.

Start off with Korean & Local Delicacies

Especially for those hungry diners out there, this is a paradise. While waiting for your soup to boil, you should start your meal with these side dishes.

There is a selection of 9 Korean & local delicacies and 11 types only on Fridays – Sundays & PH Dinners. Our favorites and highly recommended dishes are their Kimchi, Korean Pancake & Signature Korean Chicken Wings.

Their Korean pancake was a very pleasant surprise. They were really crispy and had a right amount of batter per slice. Their Signature Korean Chicken Wings is undoubtedly their popular item. Their wings are very crispy and covered with the right amount of sauce, which tasted sweet and slightly spicy.

No kidding – we had ordered almost 4 rounds of the Korean Pancake and 3 rounds for the Korean Chicken Wings. The perfect road to gaining weight, we know haha!

Hold on a minute, did I mentioned they have Mala Xiang Guo too? We recommend you to try that as well! I meant how often do you find a Korean buffet place offering Mala Xiang Guo, right?

Good Quality Meat & Seafood

With a majority of our team being huge meat-lovers, no doubt you see our meat-craze portion. They have a variety of meat – beef, pork and chicken. Personally, we fell in love with their pork belly and beef roll. You can definitely tell if I told you that we had ordered huge portions of those in 3 rounds.

Oh, another important character of the day: SEAFOOOOOD! You should definitely try out their Octopus Tentacles, Dory Fish and Prawns. They tasted really fresh even after cooking in the soup for quite a while.

Never Leave without Having Desserts

As a saying: ” There is always room for desserts.” Desserts after your meal is a must-must, especially in steamboat buffet restaurants. GoroGoro offers fruits such as Honeydew, Watermelon and desserts like Barley with Ginkgo Nuts, Yam Paste and Nourishing Peach Gum Dessert. We tried their signature Yam Paste and Nourishing Peach Gum Dessert – and we really love them!

Yam paste is not very often found in steamboat buffet, moreover in a Korean steamboat restaurant. The thick paste has a right amount of sweetness, with a hint of coconut milk in it. You should really try them! Those efforts the chef must have put in to come up with such yummy yam paste.

In addition, the name of Nourishing Peach Gum Dessert must have gotten you curious on the taste. When you see the dessert, it reminds us of Cheng Tng, a chinese “clear soup” dessert with many nutritious ingredient such as white fungus, gingko nuts and others.

This cooling dessert is real similar to Cheng Tng with its white fungus, wolfberries and chewy peach jelly inside. It is not very sweet so for those non-sweet lovers you should definitely try it.

To Conclude

Overall, it was a really good and fulfilling dining experience for us. With their wide variety of food available, our tummy almost burst out with happiness. I personally feel that the prices are very affordable. And what I think is really considerate of them is that they allocate time limits depending on how many pax are dining in, which are very reasonable as well.

Great news for those steamboat and KBBQ lovers, you can sign up as a Kingdom Food Member for free to receive dining vouchers and exclusive perks available for members!

All in all, I would say GoroGoro steamboat is definitely a must-visit place. So hurry grab your loved ones today and enjoy a meal together at GoroGoro today!

After eating, you can take a walk along Orchard Road and admire all the Christmas lights. With that, stay safe everyone, and remember to maintain a social distancing of 1-meter!

Address176 Orchard Rd, #03-43 The Centrepoint, Singapore 238843
Contact Details6385 7854
WebsiteMain | Facebook | Telegram | Instagram | Sign Up as Member
Operating HoursMondays – Fridays | 11:30am–3:30pm, 5:30–10:30pm
Saturdays & Sundays | 11:30am–3:30pm, 5–10:30pm

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