Staycations are among the perfect ways to spend your weekend getaway. Have you heard of glamping? It’s the words glamour and camping combined. Glamping Singapore is a fun avenue to relax outdoors while reconnecting with nature.

While you enjoy your own time at home slacking on your best mattress or frequently indulge in a relaxing home massage, nothing beats getting out of your home to grab some fresh air over the weekends.

A gentle reminder before glamping: Consider the location, affordability, amenities, and special packages. Do they best suit your preference? Do you think this glamping spot will provide you with an exceptional experience? To answer those questions, here comes our list of the best 10 glamping spots on the island:

1. Glamping Society 


Worrying about humid Singapore gets and it will affect your camping experience? Don’t let it stop you from having a bespoke luxe camping! Glamping Society is the first and only glamping service provider to provide fully air-conditioned tents in Singapore. Their air-conditioned tents are adjusted to the right temperature to beat Singapore’s hot weather. Their Punggol container park even has power outlets for you to charge your electronics conveniently!

Glamping Society is perfect for all occasions. If you are looking for a romantic date with your significant other, you can even expect flower petals strewn inside for the added romantic element!

Check out Glamping Society’s website to enjoy an Instagram-worthy experience in Singapore. You can also look into their Instagram page for more aesthetic photos.


  • Singapore’s first glamping provider
  • Featured in StraitsTimes, DiscoverSG, and more
  • 4 different kinds of tents
  • Various packages catered for all needs

Location: East Coast Park Area G | Punggol Container Park
What’s Nearby: Cyclist Park, Marine Cove Playground, Diggersite
Contact Details: +65 9789 7022

2. Go Glamping SG

(Source: Go Glamping SG)

Located at the East Coast of Singapore, this tented camp is a breezy glamping spot right next to the sea. Guests will be able to enjoy chilling inside their waterproof canvas bell tents. Complimentary drinks and snacks are provided.

You’ll also love their decorative lights that will make your glamping night extra fun and luxe. Guests love their excellent service, as well as the convenient and heartwarming spot – Everything just brings you closer to nature. Because it is right next to the sea, the sound of the waves crashing on the shore is very calming. 

Get impressed with their glamping setup and bond with your loved ones through Go Glamping SG


  • Beachside outdoor glamping
  • Close to the East Coast Park
  • Free parking onsite
  • Complimentary toiletries

Location: East Coast Beach

What’s Nearby: East Coast Park, Parkway Parade, Katong Shopping Centre, Enak Enak Hong Kong Tea, Jumbo Seafood East Coast
Contact Details: +65 91790416 |

3. Star Glamping


Star Glamping is also on the East Coast of Singapore. Like the rest of our picks, this spot is near the beachfront, so you’re assured of a soothing environment. Enjoy peaceful glamping in Star Glamping, one of the best glamping spots in Singapore known for its excellent amenities, services, and prime location.

If you have never experienced glamping, we suggest you try it now! It’s best done in a glamping spot where you’re comfortable and relaxed. At Star Glamping, you’ll be treated warmly through a glamorous way of camping. 

And oh, for guests who love the skies, you’ll be in awe of what surprises you at night: A sky with twinkling stars at Star Glamping! Indeed the perfect location for astro-junkies out there!


  • Glamping under the starts
  • Special events glamping
  • Beachfront spot

Location: East Coast Park & Pasir Ris Park

What’s Nearby: East Coast Park, Parkway Parade, Katong Shopping Centre, Enak Enak Restaurant
Contact Details: DM them on Instagram | Get updated through their Facebook page.

4. Exclusive Glamping Studio


We can’t get enough of the seas! This next glamping spot offers fascinating sea views. It’s the Exclusive Glamping Studio located in the East Coast. This spot has a wide garden and a private beach area.

Good news is, they allow your kids and fur buddies to enjoy glamping with you! Aside from relaxing inside your tent, you can also enjoy fishing and swimming at the private beach. According to reviews, guests love the comfort and quality of their tents. On top of that, the spot’s cleanliness is regarded too! 

Do you think this is the perfect spot for you? Check this spot out here.


  • Pets and children of all ages are welcome
  • Beachfront spot

Location: East Coast 
What’s Nearby: National Service Resort and Country Club, Changi City Point, Central Thai
Address: 1490 ECP, Singapore 468965

5. Glamping City

(Source: Glamping City)

Founded in 2017, the Glamping City continues to create glamping experiences that bring lasting memories. Glamping City offers one-of-a-kind luxe glamping experience that puts you right under the stars. 

To complete your glamorous camping, you can watch your favourite movies through an 80-inch screen on the beachfront! Thanks to Glamping City’s Premium Suite Package, you’ll have access to WiFi, and be provided with a movie screen and a speaker. 

If you love the outdoors and theatre, you’ll definitely like the glamping experience made possible by Glamping City. Visit their website now!


  • Perfect for parties, retreats, and large groups
  • Style and practicality
  • Hassle-free luxury glamping

Location: 1390 East Coast Parkway, Singapore 468961 Singapore

What’s Nearby: ScentOSA Perfume Workshop Singapore, The Intan, Fu Lin Men, Vatan Se, Hua Yu Wee Seafood

Contact Details: +(65) 9830 3090

6. Love4Picnic

(Source: Love4Picnic)

Do you love the outdoors? If yes, then we bet you enjoy various activities you can do while outside, like glamping! Love4Picnic is among the best glamping spots to have luxurious camping in Singapore. Located also in the East Coast, Love4Picnic secures an excellent place to have a glamping date.

With over 2 years of excellent service in the industry, they provide the finest glamping experience at a budget-friendly price! Whether you want a romantic setup, or a family-friendly one, Love4Picnic can arrange and customize your booking according to your vision.

Intimate dates, family gatherings, or bigger parties, they’re here to help fulfil your ideal glamorous camping. Visit Love4Picnic’s website or Facebook page for more info.


  • Candlelight dinner
  • Birthday parties
  • Picnic setups

Location: East Coast, Pasir Ris Beach, East Coast Park area C-F, Palawan Beach, Changi Beach, and your home!

Contact Details: 6593841244 |

7. Wondrous Glamping


Experience glamping like no other. Wondrous Glamping provides a boutique camping experience with an extraordinary twist of luxury and nature together. Enjoy a by-the-sea glamping experience with a spectacular view and stargaze at the most magical spot in Singapore. Expect full comfort with soft cushions and rugs – battery-operated fans are also provided to keep you cool at the night!

Fancy a romantic proposal amidst the pandemic?

*In line with COVID-19 Phase 2, Wonderous Glamping offers home private glamping! The tent can be set up in any private backyard, garden, or any private land with at least 5M of space.

Every glamping tent comes with board games as a regular amenity. They also do customizable packages for families, baby showers, anniversaries, and more.


  • Candlelight dinner
  • Birthday parties
  • Picnic setups

Book your stay today: 

8. Heavenly Glamping

(Source: Heavenly Glamping)

When glamping, you only want the best to take care of every detail of your experience. This ensures a hassle-free and convenient booking. With Heavenly Glamping, rest assured that everything in your luxurious camping will run smoothly.

Heavenly Glamping is the leading premium glamping provider in Singapore. Their goal is to provide every local with the break they need from the city. With that, they have the first and only lotus tent on the island!

Reconnect with nature and book Heavenly Glamping for your much-needed rest and relaxation. What are you waiting for? Visit their IG or Facebook page for more details!


  • Complete Deluxe Glamping Package for 2
  • Deluxe Glamping for 4
  • Premium Deluxe Lotus for 6

Location: East Coast Park Singapore camping site D
Contact Details: 86983149

9. Glamping Kaki

(Source: Glamping Kaki)

You’ll probably be in awe and wonder upon seeing Glamping Kaki’s bright decorations and fairy lights. You might never want to go home again once you experience this glamping spot!

Glamping Kaki is one of Singapore’s best glamping service providers with affordable rates. If you’re planning to have a romantic date or host a party with your friends, you can book their tents coming in a variety of sizes. For more information, click here


  • Ocean View
  • Smoke-free property
  • Bicycle rental with additional charge

Location: Water Venture (East Coast) 1390 East coast park, Singapore 468961
Contact Details: +65 8431 9137

10. Jumbo Bell Tent by the Sea


Experience first-class glamping through the Jumbo Bell Tent by the Sea located at East Coast Park Reserve. These tents are surely on the right glamping spot to provide you with an unforgettable luxurious experience.

The great atmosphere nestled under the stars with a spectacular view of the Singapore Straits is what makes this glamping spot perfect. If you’re looking for a spot to book for your glamping trip, whether you’re planning a romantic date or a simple getaway, consider the Jumbo Bell Tent by the Sea


  • Double bed with premium linens
  • Fully-stocked mini bar
  • Great atmosphere next to the beach

Location: East Coast park Area G, Singapore 468963 Singapore

For a fun-filled glamping experience, make sure to check every detail out! We hope our list helped you with checking out which glamping spot you should book. Have a soothing and relaxing experience!

To Conclude

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