As far as hardware preferences go, all gamers have peculiar likes and dislikes for every piece of gaming hardware. Particularly in choosing the quality of a Gaming Mouse, it is of utmost importance to every gamer. A good gaming mouse is absolutely essential for the user due to the features that the mouse has to offer. It provides a gamer the extra touch of precision and comfort for excellence in performance and skill boost.

But wait! There are a lot of gaming mice that claim to deliver quality performance, but in reality, only a selected few provide what they promise. Choosing the wrong one only leads to loss of money and compromises the gameplay performance. For this sole purpose, we have already sorted and listed out the best gaming mice in Singapore.

We’ve chosen our top three according to their best overall performance, how much they weight, and also their connectivity as the top parameters.

But what should you look for in a gaming mouse?

  • Regular Mouse vs Gaming Mouse

The difference between a regular and a gaming mouse is as vast as it could get. A regular mouse is equipped with very little or no enhancement features at all. It means that a regular mouse can only operate as stock equipment whereas a gaming mouse can have numerous performance enhancement features. These features include sensitivity adjustments, extra customizable buttons, weight adjustments, special lightings, and even special sensors for smooth movements.

  • What to look for in a gaming mouse?

A gaming mouse can have many different features according to the brand or the build of a particular mouse. Commonly, gamers look for optimum sensitivity, faster response time, less friction, increased comfort, and build quality of the mouse. Other features include scroll smoothness, extra macro buttons, and even RGB lighting for an aesthetical spectrum.

  • What is DPI and IPS in a gaming mouse?

DPI or Dots Per Inch implies the number of pixels that a cursor moves across the monitor. In simple terms, it refers to the sensitivity of the mouse. Whereas, IPS or Inches Per Second means that the mouse is good at tracking the movements of your hand during fast maneuvers. This results in precise movements without any betrayals or stutters.

1. Logitech G502 Hero High Performance – Best overall performance



  • Feature packed
  • 25,600 DPI, 400+ IPS
  • 11 Programmable buttons

Hailed as one of the greatest gaming mice around the globe, the Logitech G502 Hero High Performance also earned its love here in Singapore itself. And it’s not just the masses. This gaming mouse is much loved by us too. Packed with numerous features, The Logitech 502 is probably the most advanced gaming mouse which also feels extremely comfortable when in use. Equipped with the HERO 25K sensor, this gaming mouse is the pinnacle of precision. With the combined power of the 25,600 DPI sensitivity range and the 400+ IPS, we were shocked by how fast the frame-rate processing is.

Additionally, the Logitech 502 has a stunning number of 11 programmable buttons. This allows gamers to freely customize and adjust keys according to the user which makes gaming experiences much better. The adjustable weights and balance tuning were what got us really fascinated due to its working functionality. It’s because most of the adjustable weights on gaming mice don’t really do what they are meant to do. Moreover, the mechanical switch button tensioning makes every click clean and crisp with the highest response rates possible. To add to it, the subtle touch of RGB really enhances the feel of the gaming mouse.

2. Razer Viper Mini Chroma – Best lightweight


  • Value for money
  • Very little drag
  • 6 programmable buttons

Looking for an extra-light gaming mouse with a really enticing design element? Look no further! The Razer Viper Mini Chroma is everything you want and wish for. Not only does this mouse look stunning, it also packs amazing features that are rarely found in a budget-friendly gaming mouse. Our experience with the Viper Mini truly has to be one of the best. Neither heavy drags, nor stuttered movements, the Razer Viper Mini Chroma allows for the smoothest movements possible in a budget-friendly gaming mouse. Additionally, its industry-leading 0.2-millisecond response rate combined with its 100% PTFE Mouse Feet allows gamers to experience the full potential of their gaming systems.

The Razor Viper Mini Chroma comes with 6 programmable buttons which we found to be really handy in terms of functionality. Its DPI can be set and adjusted up to 8500. So, you don’t have to worry about having issues of less sensitivity during intense gameplay sessions. We were surprised by how flexible the Razer Speedflex Cable is. It may not seem a huge deal, but for avid esports gamers, the drag of the cable is also of utmost importance. Not only the features, but we were also truly impressed by the under-glow that added to the aesthetics of the already stunning mouse.

3. Asus ROG Pugio II – Best Connectivity


  • 3 ways connectivity mode
  • Long battery life
  • Magnetic side buttons

The Asus ROG Pugio II, though lies on the steeper side of the budget, is simply one of the best gaming mice in Singapore. The ergonomic and ambidextrous design of the mouse allowed us to easily handle the movements with ease and precision. Looking into the features of this mouse, we truly appreciated its 3-way connectivity modes; Bluetooth, Wired USB, and Wi-Fi. Once the mouse is fully charged, the battery life lasts for up to 69 hours. For pinpoint precision and rapid response, the Asus ROG Pugio II has a sensitivity of up to 16,000 DPI and 400 IPS tracking.

The newly improved magnetic side buttons allow players to customize the button layout with ease. Four-button layout or no button layout, all is possible with the ROG Pugio II. It’s not just the features with which we were utterly impressed, it’s also the aesthetics of the mouse. The built-in Asus Aura RGB provides stunning lighting effects. You can also customize and create effects of your own and sync them with your gaming setup using Asus’s AuraSync.

4. Steelseries Rival 3



  • Utmost comfort
  • Highly durable
  • 1 to 1 tracking

Steelseries has been loved and recognised by gamers all around the globe for delivering excellent gaming peripherals. The Steelseries Rival 3 is our pick of choice when it comes to a gaming mouse. The lightweight body allows for quick movements reducing stress on your wrists. We thoroughly enjoyed the effortless glides which made our experience truly amazing. And the ergonomic design fits just right in your palm. So, you won’t have to worry about discomfort even during long gaming sessions. But don’t let the lightweight fool you. This agile mouse is built to last for years.

The Steelseries Rival 3 can withstand up to 60 million clicks and the body is engineered with top-quality durable materials. The TrueMove Core Optical sensor with true 1 to 1 tracking allows for smoother gameplay and feel. For the RGB lovers, the Rival 3 is all good news. We were stunned by how beautiful the lighting looked. The newly innovative lighting provides 3 zones of crisp contrast of colours that you can customize and sync with other SteelSeries products. Although the mouse falls under the budget-friendly segment, it doesn’t feel that way.

5. Corsair Harpoon RGB Pro



  • Budget friendly
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • 6 programmable buttons

If you’re looking for an amazing gaming mouse that won’t dry out your wallet, then the Corsair Harpoon RGB Pro is the best choice. Corsair’s trust backs you up with their durable and responsive gaming mouse, ready for all kinds of players. The lightweight design was really effective during long gaming sessions because no stress in the palm was experienced whatsoever. The major upgrade from its predecessor is the sensitivity range. While the older model featured a 6000 DPI mode, whereas the current one features a 12,000 DPI mode. This allows for pinpoint precision during every gaming session.

Durability is kept of utmost importance. In our opinion, the Omron Switches used in the mouse feel quite crisp and smooth to the touch. Also, the switches are rated for up to 20 million clicks. The six programmable buttons make it really convenient for gamers to adjust the functions and the layout of the buttons. Furthermore, the subtle touch of RGB really brings out the aesthetic game in the simple yet beautiful gaming mouse. What’s best is that these professional features are packed into one budget-friendly gaming mouse.

6. Razer DeathAdder V2


  • 20,000 DPI, 650 IPS
  • Omron Mechanical Switches
  • 8 programmable buttons

When it comes to gaming mice, Razer is undoubtedly one of the leading brands around the globe. The Razer DeathAdder is one such product that is known for its high durability and top-notch optical sensors. The ergonomic shape provides maximum comfort and maneuverability, which we found to be really impressive. The other feature that caught our attention was its Razer Focus+ Optical Sensor. The sensor features point precise 650 IPS tracking speed and a stunning 20,000 DPI sensitivity. Problems related to precision-requiring games were basically non-existent when we used this amazing mouse.

Equipped with 8 programmable buttons, the DeathAdder V2 provides the gamers with the flexibility of button customization. Secondary functions and macro functions can be executed with ease. It has a perfectly tuned scroll with lower resistance for faster cycle responses. The durability factor is out of the question. The DeathAdder V2 is equipped with Omron Mechanical Switches that are built to withstand 70 million clicks. Also, we found these switches to be extremely crisp and smooth to the touch. Additionally, the 100% PTFE Mouse Feet allows your wrist to glide across the mousepad. And, to top it off, the DeathAdder V2 is powered by the Razer Chroma RGB. So RGB customization is as easy as it gets.

7. Redragon Vampire Elite M686



  • Highly responsive wireless connection
  • Long battery life
  • 8 customizable buttons

Making into our list is another wireless mouse, the Redragon Vampire Elite M686. The factor that got us truly fascinated was because, despite being a budget-friendly gaming mouse, the wireless connection rivals the best products in the market. The freedom of wireless is experienced at the most when using the Vampire Elite. The mouse is equipped with a 1000mAh rechargeable battery that lasts up to 45 hours. So, you need not worry about short gaming hours just to charge your mouse. The design aspect has a very aggressive look to it, but we found it to be unexpectedly comfortable to use.

The DPI can be set up to 16,000. This means the sensitivity can be controlled according to your preference for a smoother and faster gameplay every single time. The mouse has 8 customizable buttons that allow for a more sophisticated gameplay style. For a mouse with such a low price, the Redragon Vampire Elite 686 is a boon for gamers looking for a wallet-friendly gaming mouse. Well, who doesn’t love RGB right? The customizable RGB truly adds to the premium factor also enhancing the gaming experience to some extent.



  • Lightweight
  • Plug and play
  • Paracord design for less drag

The BenQ ZOWIE EC3-C truly deserves a top 10 spot on our list. The first shocking factor that had us awestruck was how light the product was. Despite being a wired mouse, the BenQ ZOWIE EC3-C weighs just 78g. This promotes faster response and smoother gameplay without having to worry about tiring out your wrist. We found out that the ZOWIE EC3-C has a different design element than its predecessor, the EC2. The EC3-C is a much shorter, asymmetric ergonomic design that allows the gamers for more flexible movements.

The mouse has an adjustable DPI of 400/800/1600/3200, perfect for any game out there. Also, the 24-step optical scroll wheel is really comfortable to use. Talking about comfort, we found out that the paracord design avoids any drag and strain on the cable, making your gaming experience really smooth when doing quick movements. It has a 5-button layout that can be adjusted to your preferences and requirements of the games that you frequently play. Worried about the budget? Fret not! Because all of these features and the trust of BenQ is packed in a very budget-friendly gaming mouse.

9. BenQ ZOWIE S1



  • Simple yet comfortable design
  • Precise sensor
  • Plug and play

Simple and powerful, the BenQ Zowie S1 deserves all the love and praise from every gamer, also from us. Compact and ergonomic, this mouse fits perfectly in your grip, from your fingertips to the base of your palm. Restriction in movement due to the size of the mouse is basically non-existent. Equipped with the highly precise 3360 sensors, FPS gaming feels especially smooth. In addition to that, we felt that the 400/800/1600/3200 DPI adjustment does just the right job.

The driverless PlugandPlay method makes this mouse portable and easy to access. So, taking the mouse of your comfort and plugging it into your friend’s gaming PC for a change of pace is also possible. The two macro buttons on the side can be easily programmed according to the user’s preference. But if you are into RGB, the Zowie S1 might be a turn down for you, as it doesn’t feature addressable RGB lighting.

10. Fantech X17 BLAKE



  • Budget friendly
  • Highly durable
  • 7 programmable buttons

Equipped with loads of features, is another ambidextrous gaming mouse that is considered to be one of the best in Singapore. The Fantech X17 Blake has a simplistic look that really caught our eyes. The premium finish on the mouse doesn’t make it feel like a budget-friendly product. Moreover, the durability is of top-notch quality, rivaling even the top brands worldwide. Talking about durability, the cable is nylon-braided, providing extra protection from external and internal factors. Also, the mouse comes with 20 million clicks lifetime switches adding to the already durable gaming mouse.

The DPI ranges from 200 to 10,000, making promoting a smoother and faster gaming experience for every gamer. What we found the most interesting in terms of functionality is that the Fantech X17 Blake has 7 programmable buttons. Right! An extra programmable button for more convenience. Coming to its design aspect, we found it to be extremely comfortable. Long hours of gaming don’t feel stressful to the wrist and the hand at all! Enhancing the aesthetics of the mouse, and for the RGB lovers, the Fantech X17 Blake comes with customizable RBG lighting with 7 modes.

With this, we have now concluded our list of the best gaming mouse that you can buy in Singapore. Hope our list was of help and led you to set your eyes on the product of your choice. Happy Gaming, and don’t forget to let us know your personal favourite!

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