If you are planning to buy a washer, take a look at the 10 best front load washing machines in Singapore. One of the most essential household appliances is a washing machine for any family.  No matter where you live, what the size of your family is, doing without a washing machine is almost impossible. With the advanced technology setting foot in our everyday devices, washing machines are no longer behind. From smart features to sensor technology- the latest washers have got all the features and functions that enhance the usability and functionality of your machine. So here’s the list you mustn’t miss.

1. Electrolux EWF1042BDWA Ultimatecare™

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  • Sensorwash Technology
  • Detergent Ultramix Feature
  • WiFi Connectivity
  • 10 kg capacity

This high-end washing machine is the best if you’ve been planning to upgrade your washer and the budget is no constraint. The washing machine with SensorWash Technology automatically senses dirt, stains, and residue be it food stains or grease or watercolours your kid was enjoying spilling on clothes! The Ultramix technology helps pre-mixing and completely dissolving the detergent before it enters the wash drum. This ensures like-new and vibrant colours and 40% less fading. VapourCare is it’s another feature that not only ensures hygienic wash ensuring 99.95% removal of germs and allergens and but also wrinkles as less than 23% than usual wash.

With a load capacity of 10kg, the washing machine is spacious enough for the entire family. WiFi connectivity enables pairing your phone with the washer for ease of access. What’s more, EcoInverter, 3XL Door, pause and add clothes feature together to make this washer an ultimate addition to a household.

Click here to buy for $1,379.00.

2. Samsung WW75J42G0KW 7.5kg White

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  • Digital Inverter Technology
  • Attractive Design
  • SmartCheck Through WiFi
  • 7.5 kg capacity

Samsung has always maintained its reputation with quality and functionality, whether it is mobile phones, tablets, wearable, television, or home appliances. When it comes to washing machines too, Samsung is no behind. It uses the latest technology and state-of-the-art features to ensure usability and ease of use for the consumer. Not only are Samsung products durable but also great of performance.

This 7.5kg white one of the best front load washing machines from Samsung is yet another example of excellence in product designing. Digital Inverter Technology ensures quiet and powerful performance at the same time saving on energy. Further, the washer comes with an exceptionally attractive design that comprises a crystal glass door and beautiful white or ocean blue finish that reflects the light. A 45 degree higher door handle adds to the convenience of the user. While the white panel display adds to aesthetics; functionality, delay start, child lock, digital inverter further enhances the usability of the washer.

Wi-Fi connectivity gives you remote access to your machine while Smart Check helps in remote troubleshooting. Pre-programmed for all fabrics, colours, delicates, wool, and baby care- Samsung WW75J42G0KW is a saviour.

Click here to buy for $679.00.

3. LG FV1408S4W 8KG AI Direct Drive

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  • AI Direct Drive
  • TwinWash Compatibility
  • Advanced anti-vibration technology
  • 8 kg capacity

If LG is your brand, you have to look at this amazing washing machine that comes all equipped with the latest technology. Ready with AI Direct Drive, the washing machine is able to detect the weight of clothes, fabric, and softness and choose among the pre-programmed features that are optimal for your clothes each time. With 6 motions and TwinWash Compatibility, this 8kg washer has a Steam wash feature too. Steam technology ensures hygienic wash with the removal of 99.9% dirt, allergens, and stains. The bigger drum in the same space ensures increased capacity.

LG Ai Direct Drive Front Load Washing Machine comes with a tempered glass door that is crystal clear and scratch-proof. This adds to the aesthetics of your washer too. Moreover, it comes with a stainless steel lifter, unlike the usual plastic to ensure hygiene and check bacterial contamination. Advanced anti-vibration technology, helps in quieter operation and zero space wastage between the drum and the outer body. Hence, this allows a bigger drum and more load capacity.

Click here to buy at $858.00.

4. Europace EFW 5700S 7KG

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  • 7-8kg Capacity
  • R30 German Design
  • German safety Top
  • Smart Dirt-free Design

When it comes to domestic brands, Singapore has its own Europace that overpowers all multinational brands by providing value for money. This Europe-inspired brand develops products keeping ease of consumers in mind. If you have ever tried Europace, you will agree that convenience, sustainability and quality together define the brand and why it has made its way to the 10 best front load washing machines list.

Europace EFW 5700S is a white front load washing machine with a 7-8kg load capacity. If the laundry is your most dreaded chore, this washer is your saviour. Just by pressing a few buttons, all you get is clean and fresh clothes. Sufficient for a family of 4, this washing machine is faster and more efficient in doing your laundry. Special features include R30 German Design that is aesthetically crafted with a unique round edge and modern, minimalistic look. German Safety Top is a high-strength top cover that is water-resistant and fire resistant. This sturdy top also ensures reduced vibration during operation.

The outer drum design comes with a Smart Dirt-Free Design with no dead angles and an extra-flat base that remove excess water. This also eliminates the built-up of lather and dirt in the external drum.

Its 1200RPM high speed, 12 different program wash for varied fabrics and wash settings add to the performance. Additionally, the innovative S-Wave shower lifter made in stainless steel creates waves with the water for gentle wash and optimum performance.

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5. Panasonic NA-127XB1WSG 7KG

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  • Blue Ag+ Technology
  • Eradicates 99.99% Germs
  • Up to 90ºC temperature
  • StainMaster+ and ActiveFoam Feature

If the latest features in a washing machine can ever be found within the budget, it is in Panasonic NA Front Load Washing Machine. With Blue Ag+ technology, the washer eradicates 99.99% of microbial germs. Further, UV light and Silver ions work its antibacterial effect on the clothes. This, in turn, ensures hygienic wash for your laundry, making it safe and healthy for your family. Be it stubborn stains, fungi or allergen, you can increase the water temperature up to 90ºC for ultimate cleaning.

PANASONIC NA-127XB1WSG comes with a StainMaster+ feature that helps safeguard you and your family from allergens. Another great feature is the ActiveFoam System that creates a fine lather that helps remove stains with ease. This feature also ensures your stains are removed without damaging the fabric. Functions like wash cycle programs and Auto Tub Care not only ensure easy laundry but also helps in machine maintenance.

This washing machine has a load capacity of 7kg and comes with a stainless steel spin speed of 1200rpm. The washer consumes 52L water and has a gross weight of 62kg.

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6. Electrolux 7.5/8/9KG Front Load

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  • Vapour Care Technology
  • Reduced wrinkles
  • Less Vibration and Quiet operation
  • Size Variants available

Another washer range from Electrolux, EWF7525EQWA, EWF8025DGWA, EWF8025CQWA and EWF9025BQWA are 7.5, 8 and 9 kg capacity washing machines. With all the desired salient features, it is one of the best washing machines range in Singapore for a family. You can choose the load capacity as per your family size and usage while all features in these models are uniquely picked to suit any household. Vapour Care Technology does laundry in a healthy and quicker way, reducing wrinkles by 22%. With the help of vapours and steam, your clothes get rid of allergens, dust and mites at only 40 degree C. Moreover, vapour helps in maintaining your clothes and their fabric and increases longevity. With quieter operation and reduced vibration, these washers are a breeze to have at home.

The presence of an inverter motor makes the performance steadfast and reduces energy consumption. Also, specially pre-defined program settings for wool and delicate clothes, cotton and daily wear, baby care, etc. reduce the hassle and confusion while setting your laundry load. You can pause and add clothes to the washer, use Child Lock to protect your child and the appliance. Backed by a 10-year warranty, the washing machines are definitely worth a buy.

The 4 present variant cost you between $549.00 – $948.00. Click here to buy.

7. Midea MFK868W Knight

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  • Spa Care Technology
  • Water Cube Drum
  • 14 pre-defines programs
  • 8 Kg Capacity

Midea group offers commercial as well as domestic household products such as Air conditioners, large and small kitchen appliances, refrigerators and freezers, vacuum cleaners, water appliances as well as laundry appliances such as washers, dryers, and dry cleaners. Knight Front Load Inverter Washing Machine has all the advanced features to make laundry a pleasant experience for you.

Spa care technology ensures the removal of odour, bacteria, and dirt with 70-degree heating to create a steam and vapour effect. If stubborn stains give you a tough time, Water Cube Drum helps to get rid of them without harming your fabric. While the Color Care feature protects your coloured fabrics, WoolMark ensures your woollen and delicate clothes are safeguarded. Choose among the options of soil level as per your requirements. There are 14 pre-defined programs for wash cycles and Auto Drum Clean feature. What’s more, BLDC Inverter Motor saves energy, reduces noise and vibration, and increases the durability of your washer.

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8. Frigeria FW7888 Front Load

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  • 7 kg Capacity
  • 16 pre-defined programs
  • 2 +10 year Warranty
  • Free delivery and installation

This is a 7kg front load washing machine from a domestic brand Frigeria. Frigeria has already marked its name in the world of water purification, home water filters, and water treatment and now has ventured into washers. This 3 tick water efficiency washing machine has a 1200 RPM speed and 16 pre-defined wash cycle programs. It comes along with a child lock feature for the safety of your child. The company also offers 2 years warranty on parts and 10 years warranty on the motor of this reasonably priced washing machine. The company also offers free delivery and free installation of the product.

Click here to buy at a price between $350.00 – $370.00.

9. Toshiba TW-BH95M4S 8.5kg

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  • CycloneMix
  • Greatwaves Technology
  • Temperature & Water Settings
  • 8.5 Kg Capacity

Toshiba surely knows great ways to make an impression. This real inverter front load washing machine from Toshiba is one such example. With a load capacity of 8.5kg, the highly technologically rich washer has an ultra-slim inverter that gives your washer an extra wash capacity. The GREATWAVES technology works on a Flush Wave and Cold Wash method. It does wonder in protecting your clothes, their colour, and saving on energy. Another feature named CycloneMix creates a cyclone for the detergent in the detergent drawer to ensure your detergent dissolves completely before the wash cycle begins. This improves the overall cleaning efficiency of the washing machine. Various water temperature settings, anti-bacterial gasket, child lock, quick wash option, and LED display together make this washer a great choice for every household.

Click here to buy at $699.00.

10. SHARP ES-FL78MS 7kg

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  • Eco-Logic System
  • Overflow Protection
  • Wash Cycle Indicator
  • 7 Kg Capacity

Energy conservation is one feature that most washers using advanced technology claim to provide. But when we review this one of the 10 best front load washing machines, it is surprising that energy conservation is done up to 50% in this washing machine. Key features of this washer include automatic detection of half-load that reduces energy utilization straightaway. And so is water conservation achieved and wash cycle time reduced automatically. With optimum spin efficiency, overflow protection is provided by design, and unbalance control system further helps in keeping the washer stabilized and even distribution of the laundry in the wash drum. There are 15 wash functions, a delayed start feature, and stainless steel wash drum for longevity.

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Once you shortlist the best front load washing machines in Singapore, you can choose the one for your household on the basis of various parameters. Capacity plays a crucial part and so do features like Wi-Fi. You need to choose based on your needs. If you think the clothes in your household are soiled and need extra attention, you should consider the efficiency features that are available in your washer.