Every once in a while, a good fried chicken is all you need to make your day or to satisfy your cravings. When there are thousands of restaurants selling fried chicken which could even end up being bad, could actually spoil the mood for your kind of fried chicken dish. So why take the risk of exploring the urban jungle for that one dish you wish to have.

But don’t worry as we have got you all covered, bringing to you the top list which includes all the fantastic and mouthwatering fried chicken dishes from all around Singapore.

Our tier list of the top three choices for the best-fried chicken is based on their affordability, healthy approach, and exquisite speciality dishes. Along with certain perks like their exotic dish combinations and side dishes that go perfectly with the main dish complementing and heightening the overall taste.

Top 1Chix Hot Chicken

✔️ Best Spicy Hot Chicken
✔️ First-ever Nashville Chicken
✔️ Competitive pricing
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Top 2 Yardbird Southern Table & Bar
✔️ Plenty of unique combinations
✔️ Best for chicken and waffles
✔️ Luxury experience
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Top 3Oven-Fried Chicken
✔️ Best place for healthy fried chicken
✔️ Online delivery options
✔️ Great seafood options too
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How do you know that it’s a great fried chicken dish?

Now, before we start with the list, here are a few things that you should know to help you elevate your experience to the next level!

1. What is the history of the dish?

We all have been dining on delicious fried chicken dishes but rarely do think of their origin. The story that it followed dates back long ago. The fried chicken was originally found to be a Scottish and West-African cuisine but came to be popular in the American cookbooks during the 1860s and 1870s. But unlike the modern-day recipe, the Scottish chicken was deep fried in fat without any seasoning. Whereas, the West-African version was seasoned and fried in palm oil.

2. What would go well with the dish?

Fried chicken is usually paired up with an alcoholic drink. Sipping down your favourite spirit with this delicacy is a match that has no comparison. Dipping the crispy fried chicken in various sauces or adding a bit of gravy can be a great choice to enhance the flavours too.

3. What to look for in a perfectly fried chicken dish?

When it comes to a perfect piece of fried chicken, we often look for a crucial element, the tenderness of the meat and the crispiness of the batter don’t we? So, a restaurant must know that these specifications properly.

So here is the list of the best fried chicken that you can enjoy in Singapore!

1. Chix Hot Chicken– Highly recommend their Spicy Chicken!


  • Best first Nashville hot chicken Singapore
  • Variety of delicious fried chicken to choose from
  • Value for money

If you wish to have something extraordinary and not just a normal fried chicken dish, then head over to Chix Hot Chicken a place serving the best and first Nashville Hot Chicken in Singapore. Located on the Jln Pisang, Chix Hot Chicken is the place only for those who dare. We have listed this restaurant on the top for their availability of Nashville chicken.

What is Nashville chicken? A speciality dish of the place Nashville, the Nashville chicken unlike other fried chicken dishes has a different way of making. It is heavily loaded with different kinds of spices which include the world’s hottest pepper and their secret recipe sauce along with dozens of other secret spices and herbs. Their menu is filled with the goodness of delicious fried chicken. That includes hot chicken, chicken wings, chicken sandwiches, etc. From all these dishes on their menu, you must try their famous Chix and waffles. It’s packed with the flavours of oomph. You can choose from either wings or tenders.

To accompany your dish of choice, you can also go with cheese fries and creamy tangy slaw, along with drinks like ice lemon tea or their custom Chix shakes. Their exotic and unique dish with great taste and affordable price range makes it the best choice when it comes to fried chicken.

Address1 Jalan Pisang, #01-01, Kampong Bugis, Singapore 199069
Contact+65 8893 7031
PricingPrices start from $9.90 for a chicken dish.
TimingsMonday to Sunday from 12:00 pm to 09:00 pm

2. Yardbird Southern Table & Bar – Most Luxurious And Unique Experience


  • One of the best American restaurants in Singapore
  • Great ambience
  • Best known for their Watermelon Chicken and Waffles

Yardbird Southern Table & Bar is a well-known American restaurant which is located at Bayfront Ave, Marina Bay Sands, in Singapore. The restaurant is best known for its luxurious dishes and great ambience. The use of fresh farm ingredients which is spiced up with the American accents in the dish elevates its level from the rest of the other restaurants. Yardbird Southern Table & Bar is also voted as the best American Restaurant by Time Out Miami.

Their best dish Watermelon Chicken and Waffles, which may sound like any other normal dish is actually hailed as the king by all the diners here at Yardbird Southern Table &Bar. They make the Chicken and Waffles with love and care. The recipe has been perfected and passed down over generations. The outer crusty layer and the complementing soft and tender meat goes very well with the waffles.

 Along with that, choose from their huge collection of American whiskey or wines to accompany your meal. With every huge bite take a sip of American wine to rinse and set your palate for another tasty bite.

Address2 Bayfront Avenue #1-07 Marina Bay Sands, L1-82 Bay Level & B1-07 Galleria Level, Singapore 018972
Contact+65 6688 9959
TimingsMonday to Sunday from 11:00 am to 10:00 pm

3. Oven Fried Chicken– House of Healthy Fried Chicken


  • Healthy choice
  • Amazing quality Korean fried chicken
  • Best with beer

Oven-Fried Chicken is an amazing Korean restaurant that is taking the fried chicken world by storm in Singapore. Two famous restaurants of Korea, OKKUDAK and SSALDAK, are united together to form the Oven-Fried Chicken family, so it is expected that this fried chicken restaurant is one of the best in Singapore. When it comes to Fried Chicken, we often think of the health issues that come with this delicacy, isn’t it? But worry not, Oven Fried Chicken serves you not only some of the most delicious, but also a healthier variant of the fried chicken.

When you take a bite, you first experience the crunch of the outer layer, and shortly after, your teeth start sinking into the tender meat, overall bursting with outstanding flavours. To top it off, the spicy sauce perfectly complements the amazing texture and flavours of the chicken. From their menu, the Crunch Yang Nyeom, Yang Nyeom Chicken, Fried Mixture are the best sellers. The seasonings on all of these amazing, healthy fried chicken are done to perfection. It is highly recommended that you try these delicacies with a pint of beer.

Address182 Telok Ayer Street, Singapore 068630
Contact+65 6222 5959
PricingPrices start from $9.90
TimingsMonday to Friday from 11:30 am to 02:30 pm, 05:00 pm to 12:00 am
Saturday to Sunday from 04:00 pm to 12:00 am

4. Texas Chicken


  • Best authentic fried chicken
  • Takeaway and delivery options available
  • Great ambience

Bringing the flavours of Texas Chicken to Singapore, the authentic and original blend of traditional fried chicken is here. The legacy goes back to their origin in San Antonio, which with love and support for their delicious food and service soon gained popularity. Located in several locations in Singapore, Texas Chicken is one of the top-notch places to go when it comes to fried chicken. They pride themselves in the work they do, their expression of bold flavours and authentic taste that pulls customers back to this place. This place is always filled with the sound of happy diners. Their great ambience is another plus side which attracts customer here at Texas Chicken.

The menu is dedicated to all kinds of customers, and their best dish here is the fried chicken. Their fried chicken has this original taste to it which is different compared to other restaurant servings. It has a rich spicy taste to it which creates that impact on the palate. The meat is tender and succulent to chew upon. All the dishes here are made using only the fresh and selected ingredients to reach that quality.

AddressYou can check out their outlets right here.
ContactYou can check out their outlets’ contact right here.
TimingsYou can check out their outlets’ timings right here.

5. Ah Tan Wings


  • Shrimp paste fried chicken
  • Affordable price range
  • Signature wing meal recommended

Ah Tan Wings is a place that is always open for those hungry for a good fried chicken. Located on the Yishun Park, Ah Tan Wings is always filled with loving customers who come here for a grab of tasty fried chicken. The owner of the restaurant is a 25 years old Wee Yang, who specializes in making Har Cheong Gai and serves his amazing chicken wings. As he prepares this delicacy, the sizzling sound of fresh chicken wings and its mouthwatering aroma is enough to pull in all the customers from all corners of Singapore.

Choose from their assorted selections of chicken wings with every option better than ever. Ah Tan Wings really brings out the best in their dishes. The fried chicken that they serve is very crunchy on the outside and soft, juicy on the inside. While you are there you can try their signature wing meal.  The dish overall is wholesome and it speaks vibrantly of shrimp paste-coated fried chicken. The plate is perfect with the balance of nutrients and amazing flavours. From fragrant rice topped with sunny egg to tangy chilli, all the exotic flavours making up a beautiful dish.

AddressYou can find their outlets here.
PricingPrices start from $5.20 per dish.
TimingsMonday to Sunday from 11:00 am to 08:00 pm
The Timbre+ branch is closed on Sunday

6. Eng Kee Chicken Wings


  • Old-school flavours
  • Online delivery service
  • Fried Chicken Wings with Fried Bee Hoon

Located at 17 Commonwealth Dr, Eng Kee Chicken Wings has been a stop for fried chicken lovers for many years now. This humble, old-school restaurant is one of the best restaurants in Singapore that serve amazing, crispy fried chicken wings. If words aren’t enough for convincing, their long afternoon queue tells you all about the quality and popularity of their chicken wings. And the best thing about their awesome chicken wings is that they are relatively very affordable, and the outstanding quality of this delicacy. In addition, they also offer home delivery services.

Served fresh out of the frier, their tender and perfectly fried wings are coated with a thin crunchy batter that doesn’t overpower the flavour of the chicken. The juices of the chicken that is encapsulated within, gives your palate an explosion of flavours. The sauce dip that is provided along with the chicken adds a bit of sweetness to the crispy chicken, which ultimately tastes amazing. The best combo suggested would be the Fried Bee Hoon along with their delicious fried chicken wings.

AddressYou can check out their outlets right here.
ContactYou can check out their outlets’ contact right here.
PricingPrices start from $1.50 each
TimingsYou can check out their outlets’ timings right here.

7. Arnold’s


  • Halal-Certified
  • Amazing add-ons for the chicken
  • Combo meal recommended

Starting out their fried chicken business about 30 years ago, Arnold’s consistent food quality and service was and is regarded as one of the best in all of Singapore. Since then, they have only grown more and more, keeping up with their consistency, and slowly becoming what they are now. People have been eating and loving the Halal-certified fried chicken that they serve and the customers only seem to grow in number with each passing year. And as the icing on the cake, you can ask for chicken gravy that you can pour atop the fried chicken to enhance the flavours.

Their crispy fried chicken is done to perfection, with the batter being not too thick and soggy. The meat on the other hand is juicy and succulent that is sure to make you crave for more. They serve their chicken sizzling and hot, fresh out of the kitchen. Arnold’s fried chicken is best matched when you order their combo meal according to the number of people you are with. The combo consists of obviously their famous chicken wings along with potato fries, coleslaw, mashed potatoes, buns, and soft drinks.

Address810 Geylang Rd, City Plaza #02-99 Singapore, Singapore 409286
PricingPrices start from $3.10 each
TimingsMonday to Sunday from 11:00 am to 09:45

8. Chicken Up


  • Various different flavours
  • Recommended with alcoholic beverages
  • Home delivery available


Among the hundreds of restaurants and stalls in Singapore that sell classic fried chicken, Chicken Up easily stands out as one of the best in the game. They have been leading the fried chicken market with their amazing flavour variants of classic fried chicken. Fried and served fresh to you, every piece of the chicken only makes you want for more of the guilty pleasure and satisfaction to your palate. The chicken is perfectly marinated using their original recipe and kept for 12 hours to lock the flavours. For over 10 years, this Korean restaurant has never failed to attract customers looking for some delicious fried chicken.

Among the various different flavour choices and fried chicken variants, the ones that are super popular among the customers are the Ganjang Chicken Wings, Spicy Yangnyum Chicken and the classic Crispy Chicken. Each one of these has its own distinguished flavour kicks. From sweet and savoury, to garlicky and spicy, brace yourselves for a diverse ride of flavours. When you pair alcoholic drinks with the chicken, like the Soju Cocktail, Makgeolli, etc. the flavours of the chicken intensify to a whole new level. In addition, they also do home deliveries.

AddressYou can check out their outlets right here.
ContactYou can check out their outlets’ contact right here.
TimingsYou can check out their outlets’ timings right here.

9. Birdfolks


  • Unique Western-Asian fusion
  • Amazing double-batter caramelized crust
  • Recommended with rice

Birdfolks, located in the West Coast Drive, undoubtedly serves some of the best-fried chicken you can find in Singapore. Inspired by the American flavours, they go a step ahead to fuse some Asian touch to the western ingredients. Your palate will thank you when you try their amazing chicken. The thick crunchy crust is such that it doesn’t overpower the amazing flavour of the chicken, instead the ingredients used in the batter perfectly blends together the juiciness and the flavour of the chicken to provide a wholesome delicacy.

Their Signature Fried chicken is probably something that you might have not tasted anywhere else. The chicken is marinated with their signature fusion recipes, that is, the western recipe imbued with the unique combo of Asian herbs like the Five Spices and cloves. And, before they fry the chicken, it is left to brine for 12 hours straight, giving the chicken its astonishing signature flavour. The batter is infused with sugar for caramelization of the crust when fried, giving the chicken a darker tone and a distinctive sweet and savoury crust. Combine the chicken with rice and experience a flavoursome bliss.

Address1 West Coast Drive, #01-75 NEWest, Singapore 128020
Contact+65 6924 0876
PricingPrices start from $9.90 for a dish
TimingsMonday to Thursday from 11:00 am to 09:00 pm
Friday to Sunday from 11:00 am to 09:30 pm

10. Ban Leong Wah Hoe Seafood


  • Delivery option available
  • Best Har Cheong Gai in Singapore
  • Also serves some of the best seafood dishes

Founded in the year 1986 by The Chor Joo, Ban Leong Wah Hoe Seafood is just the place for you when you wish to carry home some fine fried chicken, or order online to save yourself the hassle of walking. The aroma or the tang is enough to allure the customers to make them order dishes that are exclusive to Ban Leong Wah Hoe Seafood. Not only do they sell some fine fried chicken dishes but they also excel in making seafood. Of all those great seafood, the chilli crab and black pepper crab are quite famous giving this place a nickname, King of crabs.

You’ll always find their restaurant full of both regular and new customers every evening. Of all the dishes to try here at Ban Leong Wah Hoe Seafood, the best one would be prawn paste chicken, or by its other more famous name, Har Cheong Gai. Made with 85% pure prawn paste, the outer texture of the dish is crispy and adds a strong accent to it while the insides are juicy and tender. With every bite of the prawn paste soaked in the tender chicken, dive into the euphoria of flavours.

Address122/124 Casuarina Road Singapore, Singapore 579510
Contact+65 6452 2824
PricingPrices start from $8.00
TimingsMonday to Sunday from 12:00 pm to 01:30 pm, 05:00 pm to 10:00 pm

With this, we have come to the end of this crispy and delicious, mouthwatering list of best-fried chickens in Singapore. With all these best options and dishes that you have come across so far, it is sure to lead your quest of finding the best chicken to a satisfying success.

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