Many times, we find ourselves stuck with a full freezer. Our refrigerator simply has not enough storage space for all the things we need to freeze. As a result, storing food becomes an issue when we decide what we should keep and remove. In light of this issue, we have curated a list of the best freezers that you can buy in Singapore.

Factors For Considerations

If you are mainly purchasing a freezer that is not attached to your refrigerator, you will need to know the different types of stand-alone freezers and key factors for considerations.

Type of FreezersAdvantagesDisadvantages
1. Upright– Convenient to move around
– Takes up lesser space
– Comes with compartment dividers
– May be more expensive than the others
– Uses more energy
2. Chest (Deep)– Affordable
– Larger storage capacity
– Uses lesser energy
– Keeps food frozen longer even without power
– Harder to grab items out from freezer
– Usually requires manual defrosting
3. Portable– Affordable
– Allows you to freeze food while on the move
– Don’t need ice to keep food cold
– Ideal for outdoor activities such as picnic, camping and fishing
– Small storage capacity


Most of the time, people will buy freezers to top it off with their refrigerator. You should have an idea of how big do you need your storage to be.

For instance, you might consider getting an upright freezer because it will be easier to pass through doors and to move around. However, it will be better to get a chest freezer, known as a deep freezer if you are looking more at storage capacity which means you will need to forgo the convenience of moving your freezer around.


Knowing your budget is a start, but you will need to consider all the long-term costs as well. Such utility cost can usually be determined by your freezer model and how much energy it uses monthly.

In this case, an upright freezer uses more energy. It is not as cost-friendly as chest and portable freezers, so you might be paying a higher cost for convenience. If your freezer is highly energy-efficient, you won’t have to worry about having high long-term costs.

Furthermore, do you know that our freezer comes with many features such as automatic defrost? Since it is automatic, it is convenient. Also, more energy will be used as compared to manual defrosting.

Noise Level

Every freezer comes with a different noise level. The noise level can be a problem for some people. This applies if you plan to keep your freezer near you. For instance, in your study room.

In this case, freezers that use automatic defrosting will produce more sounds, unlike manual defrosting freezers.

With that, here we present the Best 10 Freezers in Singapore as a solution to solve your storage issues!

1. PowerPac 100L Chest Freezer

Best Freezers Singapore

First on our list is the highly-rated PowerPac 100L Chest Freezer. Designed with many different technical functions, the PowerPac 100L Chest Freezer is the go-to pick for chest freezers.

The freezer operates using a thick frozen foam design for high-efficiency freezing. Not only is the freezing process efficient, but it is also customizable as the PowerPac 100L Chest Freezer comes with adjustable temperature control.

Furthermore, this freezer is CFC-free and energy-saving. This is a great eco-friendly choice. The addition of a built-in drainage hole at the base of the freezer will also allow easy drainage.

On top of all these, the freezer’s temperature is manually adjustable and able to function as a chiller when needed. PowerPac 100L Chest Freezer is compact, efficient, and environmentally friendly. It truly deserves to be at the top of the best freezers in Singapore.

2. Farfalla 120L Upright Freezer

Best Freezers Singapore

Coming in the running up position is the Farfalla 120L Upright Freezer. This freezer is a great choice for those who prefer to save space lengthwise while still having abundant freezer space.

With 4 transparent drawers, the Farfalla 120L upright freezer offers you multiple options in storing your frozen products. This will definitely come in handy for you to separate your frozen items into different categories.

Installed with a mechanical temperature control function, the freezer will regular its temperature automatically.

Speaking of temperature, the Farfalla 120L Upright Freezer can drop temperatures to -18 degrees. With this in mind, you’ll be able to rest easy knowing that your frozen goods remain solidly frozen.

3. Butterfly BCF-110AS Chest Freezer

Best Freezers Singapore

Next up is the Butterfly BCF-110AS Chest Freezer. This freezer has a storage capacity of 110L, giving you ample space to store your frozen goods.

This chest freezer has mechanical temperature control as well as an analog adjustable thermostat. This feature will allow you to control the freezer’s temperature manually. The added benefit of this feature allows you to transform your freezer into a chiller as well. If you’re looking for a dual-function chest freezer, the Butterfly BCF-110AS chest freezer is a great option.

4. Tecno 100L Upright Chest Freezer TCF138R

Image Credit: Shopee

The Tecno 100L Upright Chest Freezer TCF138R is an excellent chest freezer for those who prioritize convenience. It incorporates multiple functions that are designed for convenient usage and storage. Maintaining your frozen goods will come easy with this freezer.

The Tecno features fast freezing for heavy-duty usage. It also possesses a front control dial for easy temperature regulation. To make draining the freezer easier on you, the drainage hole is strategically placed at the front of the freezer.

This means that you’ll be able the drain your freezer without having to remove everything to lift it. It also comes equipped with a lock and key should you have to place the freezer outside. Built with your convenience in mind, the Tecno TCF138R is a great choice for your future freezer, and indeed is a top contender in the competition of best freezers in Singapore.

5. Farfalla 80L Upright Freezer FUFGA80

Best Freezers Singapore

If you’re in the market for a more compact freezer, the Farfalla FUFGA 80 is the perfect freezer for you. Being small, this freezer can fit in your dormitory, room, kitchen, or wherever else you might want it.

Though it is compact, the Farfalla FUFGA80 offers you 3 shelving units for your frozen goods. This is perfect for separating your ice, ice cream, frozen food, and others that you might want to store. Not only is the product small, but it is also slim.

At 48.6cm in width, you’ll be able to fit this freezer among your other furniture with ease. Looking for a personal freezer? Look no further as the Farfalla FUFGA80 is an excellent choice.

6. Midea MCF129W Chest Freezer

Image Credits: Courts

Up next is another freezer built for user convenience. The Midea MCF129W Chest Freezer is easy to operate and will have you falling in love with its efficiency.

Traumatized by the disruptive loud noises of your freezer? Lay your worries to rest as the Midea MCF129W operates efficiently and quietly. With a 99L capacity, this freezer can store whatever frozen goods you require.

As an added convenience, this freezer comes equipped with rollers for easy moving. This means no more heavy lifting is needed. Temperature is mechanically controlled, which makes using this freezer a fuss-free experience. It also comes with an adjustable thermostat, allowing you to convert it into a chiller whenever you want.

The freezer also gives you the option of locking it if required. Incredibly convenient and non-disruptive, the Midea MCF129W is a great freezer option. It is definitely one of the best freezers in Singapore.

7. PowerPac 2-Door 280L Chest Freezer PPFZ280

Image Taken From Shopee

For those who are on the lookout for even more freezer space, we recommend the PowerPac PPFZ280. With a whopping 280L capacity, this freezer is the ultimate bang for your buck when it comes to storage space.

When having so much storage space, the last thing we want is to have all our goods damaged. This isn’t a problem with the PowerPac PPFZ280, which uses an inflammable refrigerant to ensure safety is maintained well.

The freezer also comes with an internal light installed which is a great convenience. Other convenient features include a locking function as well as built-in wheels for easy movement. All in all, the PowerPac PPFZ280 is a great option for those looking for large storage capacity.

8. Mistral MFC131A Chest Freezer

Best Freezers Singapore

The Minstral MFC131A Chest Freezer was built to last. Not only is this freezer durable, but it also is extremely user-friendly.

The Mistral MFC131A comes with Zintec coated anti-rust, acclimatizing it to our humid tropical climate. With this feature, there’s no longer any need to worry about rust contaminating your frozen goods.

With 131L of storage capacity, there is abundant space for your frozen products. Furthermore, this freezer has lift-out drawers that make storing and compartmentalizing your items so much easier.

Customizability is also a given with the inclusion of an adjustable thermostat that allows you to control the temperature with ease. With durability and user-friendly functions, the Mistral MFC131A could be the freezer you were looking for.

9. Butterfly 190L Upright Freezer

Best Freezers Singapore

The Butterfly 190L Upright Freezer offers you more vertical freezer space. Presenting you multiple storage components and features, this is a great option for those looking for a large vertical freezer.

With 1 flip board and 5 drawers, this freezer can accommodate all your compartment-related needs. This freezer from Butterfly also features frost-free technology, making it even more user-friendly by preventing frost build-up.

In addition, fast freezing ensures that your items freeze quickly and stay frozen. The freezer’s temperature is managed mechanically for your convenience as well. If you need a freezer with lots of vertical space, the Butterfly 190L Upright Freezer is here for you.  

10. PowerPac x Snowsea Chest Freezer BD158A

Best Freezers Singapore

The final freezer on our list is a collaboration between PowerPac and Snowsea. The PowerPac and Snowsea BD158 has a 158L capacity and comes equipped with many user-friendly functions.

You can rest assured that your goods will be frozen quickly and efficiently. Besides, this is an eco-friendly option that is energy-saving and CFC-free.

The presence of adjustable temperature control means you’ll easily be able to convert this freezer into a chiller. If you’re looking for a dual-functioning freezer with a larger capacity, the BD158 has got you covered. This model deserves to round off our list of best freezers in Singapore.

To Conclude

It’s definitely a frustrating experience when you open your freezer only to find that it has no more space for your new items. With our list of the top 10 freezers that you can purchase in Singapore, say hello to simpler times as you’ll never have to worry about freezer storage space ever again.

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