Sometimes, we’re torn between going out to meet our friends or staying indoors to take a break. With the rise of online gaming platforms, you’ll no longer have to be pressured into choosing between going out or staying in. With a wide variety of free online games, you and your friends can have a blast right in the comfort of your own homes! This list will give you a snapshot of the 7 best free online games out there and guide you to the perfect game to introduce to your friends.

1. Family Style

Family Style Release Trailer - YouTube

If you love chaotic games with tons of screaming, Family Style is definitely worth a try. This mobile game will have you shouting at your friends for ingredients as you send dishes flying out of the kitchen in an attempt to beat the clock.

Every player will receive a recipe that they must prepare. In order to succeed in Family Style, players will have to cooperate and pass the necessary ingredients to the correct player. By swiping the ingredient out of your screen, you’ll be passing to the person on your left or right depending on the direction you swipe. As the game progresses, the orders get more complex with more complicated ingredients. If you love games like Overcook, you’re bound to love the mayhem and frustration that Family Style brings.

2. word guesser. is gaining popularity as we… | by  Himanshu Bahuguna | Medium

Next on our list is Skribbl io. is a fun guessing game where players take turns drawing a specific keyword that the others have to guess. You’re in for a good time with Skribbl io whether you’re a natural artist or not.

When it’s your turn to draw, you’ll be given 3 different keywords to choose from. As you draw out the word, your friends will have to guess the word. It’s a competition of fastest fingers as the person who types out the correct answer first will receive the most points. For those who worry about drawing, rest easy as the goal isn’t to create the best drawing but to get your point across! With many different words and colours on your palette, let your creativity and laughter flow with Skribbl io.

3. Codenames

Board games to play online with friends - The Doubleclicks

Up next is a game that tests the synergy you have with your friends. As a game based on word association, you’ll find out minutes into this game whether you and your friends think in the same way.

For Codenames, two separate teams will compete against each other. The objective of the game is to collect all the words that belong to your team before the other team does. The team captains know which words belong to their team but have to use hints to guide their team members. For instance, if the blue team needs the word ‘lion’, the team leader can use an associated word like ‘roar’. Through playing codenames, you’ll have a blast while understanding the way that your friends think.

4. Spyfall

Critical Play of Spyfall. Spyfall is a 2014 card game for 3–8… | by Xiaohai  Liu | Medium

The pressure is on when playing Spyfall. In a group of detectives, there exists a spy that seeks to cause trouble. Battling against time, the detectives have to uncover who the spy is to save the day.

When playing Spyfall, every player except the spy will receive a location at the start of the game. The detectives win the game when the identity of the spy is revealed while the spy has to guess the location correctly to win. Each player will be given a chance to ask another player a question about the location. After that player has answered, its now their turn to ask someone else. As the rounds progress, a vote can be started if there is a suspect for the spy. Think you can outmanoeuvre your friends? Put it to the test in Spyfall.

5. Psych

Psych! Outwit Your Friends Game – Mobile and Tablet Apps Online Directory –  AppsDiary

Face off against your friends in a battle of wits with Psych. The whole objective of the game is to psych your friends into believing that your answer is the right one.

There are different categories available when playing Psych like ‘Word Up’ or ‘Is That a Fact?’. Each round, players will be given incomplete information and have to type out their best guess to fill in the missing information. Often times, no one will know the right answer and your job will be to give the most believable answer in order to psych your friends. If your friends love playing mind games on each other, Psych is the perfect way to test which who is the wittiest of all.

6. Exploding Kittens

Exploding Kittens | The Mobile App

Exploding Kittens has always been a popular card game. With a mobile version, you’ll be able to experience some chaotic moments wherever you are.

As its name suggests, this game is all about exploding kittens. The objective of the game is simple. Don’t let the kitten explode. If you were unlucky enough to draw an exploding kitten card from the deck, you’ll have to make use of the cards in your hand to defuse the bomb. In the event where you don’t have the right cards, the kitten will explode, and you’ll be out of the game. The last player standing wins the match. For those looking for an online game that is fast paced, intense and humorous, give exploding kitten a try.

7. Wavelength

Wavelength, A Social Guessing Game That Challenges Players to Read Each  Other's Minds

Wavelength is a bot that you can add to your telegram group chat. Through the bot, you’ll be able to test if your friends are on the same wavelength as you.

There will be a new topic provided each round along with a scale from 0% to 100%. After the topic has been released, one player will receive a certain percentage. That player has to provide a hint to the others that will allow them to guess the percentage. For instance, if 0% is cold, 100% is hot and the percentage given was 3%, the player would have to give a hint that would guide the others to guess a percentage as close to 3% as possible. If you’re looking for a chill game, Wavelength on telegram is a great choice.

In our digital age, many game developers are releasing games that can be played through online platforms. With this list of the 7 best free online games to play with friends, distance won’t be able to stop you and your friends from making a blast. Take to the world of online games today!

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Written by: Tan Yi Bryan