Reading is a habit that implies time well spent in the thoughts of an author. It can establish more creativity in the brain of the reader and help them with better intellect. With millions of books out there, you cannot possibly home each one of them. But you can read them in the form of pdf. and eBooks online and that too for free. We have enlisted the best websites to get free online books for you to binge read.

1. Overdrive

OverDrive has a huge range of local libraries enlisting the eBooks for you to download for personal use. You do need a library card to register and check classic and contemporary eBooks free of cost. 

Additionally, they have a catalog of over 2 million books, including audiobooks as well. You can easily transfer these files to your mobile phone to listen for free.

The website also has an updated section of free bestselling YA eBooks and historical eBooks and will connect your shelved books together.

2. LibriVox

Librivox is an unconventional way of consuming literature and other written material in audio form, and you will enjoy every minute of it. The digital array of audiobooks is absolutely free, which is read by volunteers around the globe. 

You will find classics like The Little Women and Wuthering Heights in the collection. They are not technically eBooks but serve the purpose, especially for someone who is visually impaired. The audio files have good quality and are enough to keep you entertained for hours

To use the website, you just have to download the sectioned titles in MP3 form and start listening. You will also find eBook versions on the title of each page. Librivox is one of the best websites to get free online books with a number of new and old books in all categories. 

3. Project Gutenberg

Project Gutenberg has a huge archive of over 57,000 free books that can be downloaded for free on your device. It is a volunteer website to provide the readers with free eBooks without charging any kind of registration fee or signing up. 

You will find all kinds of digital book formats like EPUB, MOBI Kindle, HTML, and simple text format for various books to choose from. The online library holds classics, periodicals, history, social, thriller, and many more genres. 

The website also has a function of cloud storage like Dropbox and Google Drive in case you run out of space in your device. You can easily find your new favorite book from the bookshelves and start reading.

4. Bookboon

You can download a wide range of books in different genres in Bookboon. The website has free books to read online in every imaginable category, including educational textbooks, business-related books, and novels.  

Just visit the free section of the website to browse through thousands of ebooks to download. The website has an easy, user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate between different categories. Besides English, you will also find books in different languages like German, French, Swedish, Norwegian, Dutch, Danish, Finnish, Spanish, and Czech.

5. Open Library

Open Library has dedicated webpages for all the books in its archive for the readers. It is one of the best digital libraries on the internet popular for an extensive collection of books in several categories. 

Best Websites for Free online Books

You can download books from different formats like EPub, DJVU, pdf, and Mobi. Search the books you are looking for in sections like Fantasy, Science, Biographies, History, Medicine, Art, etc. and download it on your device. 

6. World Public Library

World public library has a collection of books in more than three hundred languages for the readers. They have a free membership for the specially-abled people while charging an almost free amount of $10 for a year of membership for others.

Best Websites for Free online Books

You can find eBooks like academic collections, classics, kid’s books, sacred texts, graphic novels, and audiobooks.

7. Smashwords

You can find written works of Indie authors in genres like business, adventure, classics, religion, philosophy, fantasy, and horror on the website. Their online directory has books from independent authors around the globe with interesting reading subjects. 

Best Websites for Free online Books

Put on the free search filter while you type the name of the book you are looking for on the website. A number of search options will come in seconds from over 475,000 free books. 

You can enjoy reading hundreds of books on your devices anytime and anywhere. These websites have books in a different genre to feed the bibliophile in you. Just keep in mind that you read these books in the reading mode, so the blue light from the screen does not harm your eyes. We hope this list helped you in finding the best websites to get free online books.