In today’s world, everything is becoming tech-based. The quality of education has also increased since the advent of computers and internet technology. You might have heard a lot about online courses these days. These courses are offered by different e-learning platforms and the students can enjoy the flexibility of time and travel. The best part of these online courses is you don’t have to travel. You can learn new skills and enhance your knowledge while sitting at your home or office. There are various online courses, and we have shortlisted the best 10 websites in Singapore offering online courses for you. So, select the best online course according to your preference and get started. 

Benefits of Online Courses 

There are many benefits of online courses as compared to the conventional system of education. Some of these advantages are briefly discussed below: 

  1. The flexibility of Time: The basic advantage of online courses is the flexibility of time offered by them. You do not have to attend the lectures at specific times since you can attend the lecture according to your convenience. 
  2. No Travel:  Frequent travel to your educational institute can cause unwanted exhaustion and wastes a lot of time. Instead of traveling, e-courses can be attended at home or office that saves time as well as enhances the relaxation level. 
  3. Cost: Most of the e-courses are generally cheaper as compared to the regular courses. Some e-learning platforms have also introduced fee waivers for brilliant or needy students making education really easy for the students. 

Singapore is one of the most developed nations in the world and has a high demand for online courses. That is why we have shortlisted the best 10 websites offering online courses in Singapore for your convenience. 


Popular Courses Offered

  • Programming 
  • Data Mining 
  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning 
  • Professional English Spoken 

Fees: Most of the courses are free but it costs about 68SGD to print a certificate.  

Link to e-learning Platform: Coursera 

Coursera is the most popular platform when it comes to online courses. The platform is offering thousands of online courses that can be browsed on their website. Most of these courses are free and the lecture is delivered by highly-qualified instructors.

You can choose your preferred course that lasts about 8-10 weeks and requires minimal effort of 5-6 hours a week. Currently, the online platform is offering courses related to vast fields of education including science, languages, education, programming, etc.

The course content includes videos, quizzes, assignments, and projects to keep you engaged in learning. You can also engage with other learners to discuss your learning and queries related to the course. Coursera can also be browsed on mobile applications available for both iOS and Android. 

2. EDX 

Popular Courses Offered

  • Introduction to computer science  
  • Data visualization with Excel 
  • Leadership and team interaction  
  • Effective communication 

Fees: Some courses are free while some cost between the range of 66SGD-125SGD.  

Link to e-learning Platform: EDX

EDX is one of the largest e-learning platforms providing its services in more than 100 countries in the world. There are lectures from the world’s top institute available on EDX and are just a step away from your access.

You just need to sign up and browse the courses to select one according to your preference. Once you select the course, you can take the online lectures for free and the cost of the courses is for a certificate. So what are you waiting for? Go to the link provided above and start your e-learning experience now. 


Popular Courses Offered

  • Fiction Writing  
  • Teaching 
  • Introduction to Accounting   
  • Basics of Calculus 

Fees: Very few courses are paid and rest courses are free along with their badges and certificate of participation.   

Link to e-learning Platform: OpenLearn

OpenLearn is one of the most credible e-learning platforms that is providing its services in Singapore as well.

OpenLearn is currently offering over a hundred courses and the best point is that most of them are free. By signing up, not only are you enjoying the experience of e-learning but you can track your progress in the course. Furthermore, you can communicate with your course fellows and make new friends along with e-learning. 


Popular Courses Offered

  • Introduction to Justice   
  • Cooking  
  • Introduction to Social Sciences   
  • Business courses 

Fees: There are verified and unverified courses and the cost of these courses varies accordingly from 30SGD to 2200SGD.  


No need to describe the legacy of Harvard University. And now it is offering online courses in many countries including Singapore. Singaporeans already acknowledge the greatness of this university and its online courses are one of the best.

Courses from different fields not only enhance your knowledge but also increases your dedication and enthusiasm towards the subject. Course duration may vary from 6-weeks to multiple weeks depending upon the difficulty and course content. So, just select a course according to your preference and start today. 


Popular Courses Offered

  • Anthropology   
  • Applied Chemistry   
  • Basic Geometry and Calculus    
  • Diagnosing the situation of finance

Fees: There is no fee for online courses. In addition, a certificate is awarded in case of passing the course with 60% or above.  

Link to e-learning Platform:  Open2Study

If you want to study courses free of cost, Open2Study is the go-to platform. With an extensive range of courses ranging from biology to finance, you can easily get involved in the courses.

It also includes the assignment, quizzes, and online videos. You will also get a certificate if you pass the quizzes and exams with average marks of 60% or above. 


Popular Courses Offered

  • Big Data to Drive Big Insight   
  • Corporate Innovation 
  • Supply Chain Management     
  • Principles of Computing 

Fees: Most of the courses are free of cost, while custom courses cost depending upon the requirements. 

Link to e-learning Platform: Stanford University Online 

Education has become really easy with these big names providing the option of online courses. Who doesn’t like to get a course certificate from Stanford University?

Well, it is now possible as Stanford has offered its online course services. Along with free courses, you can design a custom course that will of course be paid. However, It can also be learned at self-pace according to your convenience. Other than this, the regular course lasts about 6-8 weeks with assessments and projects. 


Popular Courses Offered

  • Value in a Growing Business   
  • Basics of Reading and Writing  
  • Nutrition Science 
  • English Language  

Fees: All courses are free. 

Link to e-learning Platform: Academic Earth 

Academic Earth offers you a versatile system that allows you to find the courses according to your degree of interest. In addition, the compiled courses are from the top 25 institutes around the globe and are free of cost. But make sure that you have to follow the schedule and complete the course on time to earn a certificate of participation. 


Popular Courses Offered

  • Computer Science and Programming    
  • Data Science 
  • Linear Algebra  
  • Machine Learning   

Fees: All courses are free. 

Link to e-learning Platform: MIT OPENCOURSEWARE  

MIT is another state of art institute every student dreams to study in. But it’s OpenCourseWare programs are offering this opportunity to students around the globe.

With over 2200 free of cost courses on the digital platform, you can start learning today just by signing in. You just need to keep focused on the course content and follow the schedule. Moreover, the courses are in two parts for your convenience and easy learning. All in all, truly one of the best online websites offering online courses in Singapore.


Popular Courses Offered

  • Finance and Marketing  
  • Evolution theories 
  • Ecology 
  • Gaming Theory    

Fees: All courses are free. 

Link to e-learning Platform: Open Yale Coursework 

Open Yale Coursework is an online program with lectures from recognized faculty of the University of Yale. The courses are no less than actual classroom courses due to activities such as assignments, quizzes, and presentations.

Although the courses are free of cost, you have to pass the course with flying colors to obtain a certificate. Most of the courses have a duration of 12 weeks and you have to follow the schedule for successful completion of the course. 


Popular Courses Offered

  • Managing digital resources 
  • Operations Management  
  • Managing digital me 
  • JAVA     

Fees: All courses are free. 

Link to e-learning Platform: University of Derby Online

The University of Derby is also offering online courses in many countries including Singapore. Online resources are available on the official website. It directs you to MOOC for the selection of courses and registration. Also, you receive a Mozilla badge and a course completion certificate once you pass the course with flying colours. 

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