Here’s calling out to all the hikers and shopaholics heading to Bukit Timah frequently. Especially those who get hangry (angry due to hunger) after a tiring shopping or hiking spree. Your solution? Singapore’s Bukit Timah Food Centre is a stone’s throw away from the Beauty World MRT Station and in the same vicinity as the Nature Reserve for hiking.

In fact, it is popular among the locals for housing 80+ hawker stalls carrying some of Singapore’s most loved local dishes. For instance, Hokkien Mee, Carrot Cake, Satay, Char Kway Teow among many other classics. However, don’t be surprised to find long queues at some hawker stalls who even have media coverage hanging on their windows like feathers in their cap. While a wet market occupies the lower floor, your feast of interest takes place upstairs. This is why, this hotspot is rightly known as the ‘hot’ hawker center.

So, if you’re looking for local dishes or a quick bite after a hike, look no further. To help you feast, here are the Best Food Stalls in Bukit Timah Food Center that will satiate your cravings.

1. Laksa – Terry Katong

Carefully trickling down a treasured Laksa recipe for 3 generations, The owner of Terry Katong Laksa stall highlights authenticity. Consequently, she believes in being in complete control of her ingredients and assures the usage of fresh produce and no added preservatives to achieve the unique and signature Laksa flavors. Moreover, it’s a mild and comforting dish in itself.

Unlike many other Laksa stalls, this one serves a nutritious version of Laksa that contains no pork, no added sugar, no lard, MSG, or evaporated creamer. Sounds boring? Yet, the thick and authentic gravy will surprise your taste buds with well-retained flavors. This creamy and non-oily dish makes the stall inviting, delicious, and amusingly healthy all at once.   

What to expect: A bowl of Laksa costs $3.50, the additional cockles and prawns cost $1. Whereas Fish cakes cost $0.50 each. Also, try the Nasi Lemak ($1.60) and Nonya Otah ($0.60)

Stall No #02-194
Contact+65 9812 0630
Mon- Wed & Fri-Sat: 9 am – 7. 30pm
Sundays: 9 am – 2.30 pm
Closed on Thursdays

2. Nyonya Chendol – Chendol

Certainly, the best way to end your feast at Bukit Timah Food Center or even stop by between your shopping spree to cool off. Chendol is an ice-based delight which has multiple variations that have been trending on the island. With Nyonya’s outlets increasing rapidly, you can tell how this milky-ice dessert has gone viral in all its versions.

Additionally, they top the Chandol with prominent shavings of ice, glossy Gula Melaka, and silky coconut milk. Thus giving it a thick and luscious texture. Generous with their ingredients brought them enough fame to have a long queue in front of their stall at all times. Subsequently, they churn out Chandols by the minute. Hence, there’s no surprise why Nyona Chendol owns multiple outlets across Singapore.

What to expect: Traditional (Plain) Chendol costs $1.50, Red Beans Chendol costs $2, Sweet Corn Chendol comes for $2, and XO Durian Chendol sells at $3.

Stall No#02-147
Contact+65 9827 4818
TimingsMon-Sun 10 am – 10 pm
Closed on Thursdays

3. Satay Bee Hoon- Sin Chew

While Singapore’s food repertoire seems to have been borrowed from different pockets of the world, Sin Chew’s Satay Bee Hoon is originated in the deep roots of Singapore’s culture. Essentially, they slather rice vermicelli noodles with divine in-house peanut sauce prepared with Chinese-style stock. Hence, it’s mostly savory and not really sweet. Thereafter, they add seafood to make the dish wholesome and delicious.  

 Other than Malaysia, you might not find this dish anywhere else in the world. Subsequently, you will see all their media coverage proudly stuck on their stall followed by long queues justifying the fame. Apart from serving the finest Satay Bee Hoon in Singapore, even their Satay skewers in the signature peanut sauce are worth relishing.   

What to expect: Their signature Satay Bee Hoon costs $4 which can be served with pork, prawns, cuttlefish, and Tau Pok laid on a plate of plain Bee Hoon, and drowned in a ladle of silky satay sauce. Besides, try their Cuttlefish Kang Kong which is a mixture of vegetables, with slices of cuttlefish, all laid under a dark red Yong Tau Foo sauce.

Stall No#02-162
Contact+65 98260782
TimingsWed- Thurs: 5 pm – 10:30 pm
Sat-Sun: 11 am – 2:30 pm & 5 pm – 10 pm

4. BBQ Chicken Wings – Leng Kee BBQ

Being one of Singapore’s favorite street food dishes, BBQ Chicken Wings can never go out of tasteful fashion. Leng Kee BBQ is the perfect place to stop by with a group of friends and gorge on sharing plates of scrumptious and spicy BBQ Chicken Wings. In fact, the aroma of Leng Kee’s BBQ items will pull onwards the stall automatically once you enter the Bukit Timah food center.

Most importantly, their signature glazed Chicken wings are delectable, not so oily, and alluring for sure! Moreover, it’s served with glazed caramelized skin, making it even more tempting. Additionally, the honey on the skin surely has the power to tantalize your taste buds. Thus, giving it the best balance of sweet, juicy, and charred all in one bite.

What to expect: BBQ Chicken Wings costs $1.40 per piece. 

Stall No#02-127
TimingsMon-Sun: 12 noon – 11 pm
Closed on Wednesdays

5. Hokkien Mee – Xie Kee

Some things are too good to believe for their price and Xie Kee’s Hokkien Mee is one of them. Their signature dish has been enough to attract a large amount of crowd to date. While most stalls serve classic yellow noodles, Xie Kee doesn’t follow the herd and serves flat wide yellow noodles instead. Considering the super affordable price, their portions are generous.

For instance, they serve two prawns alongside chopped-up squids while the noodles are usually moist and delicious. Garnering a long queue at peak hours of lunch and dinner, we suggest cut yourself some slack and visit before or after busy hours. Overall, this is one of Bukit Timah food center’s most hydrated, flavorful, and in-demand dishes. Lastly, don’t forget to add some Chilli to enhance the flavors.

What to expect: Hokkien Mee costs $3

Stall No#02-174
TimingsTues – Sun: 11 am – 10 pm
Closed on Mondays

6. Chicken Rice – Song He Hainanese Boneless

Photo Credits: Burpple

Is there a local dish you love so much that you’d queue up for it beyond your tolerance levels? If not, send your patient friend to this stall to fetch your favorite meal. Your friend will find two handsome boys serving Hainanese-style Chicken Rice alongside soups such as Watercress, Bittergourd with Pork Ribs, and Black Chicken.

Certainly, their chicken is served tender to complement the flavorful rice grains. The aroma of the dish easily reaches afar due to the use of chicken stock in it. Run by a Chinese family, they dedicated serve people all day and keep recipe secrets treasured. Expect a substantial portion of meat and feel free to add boiled eggs for an extra punch. Overall, Song He’s Chicken meat is juicy, unique, and neatly presented.

What to expect: One portion of Hainanese Boneless Chicken Rice costs $3.50 including boiled eggs.

Stall No#02-177
Contact+65 96624263
TimingsMon-Sat: 11 am – 3:30 pm
Closed on Sundays

7. Carrot Cake – Hee Zhong

Proudly topping the popularity list, Hee Zhong’s Carrot Cake has the best white carrot cake edition in the locality. Certainly, class-apart from the usually flat or scrambled version, this one’s chunky blocks stacked upon each other make it extra special. So, imagine this: Big rectangular chunks of white carrot cake infused with an eggy aroma, served super fluffy. Truly tempting, isn’t it?

Moreover, Hee Zhong is prevalent since 1973 and perpetually makes their very own special recipe of Kueh daily. Most importantly, they are generous with their servings while the chunks are mildly salty, bouncy, and extremely flavorsome. Lastly, they pour on Chai poh to balance with the required sweetness. As a result, it’s very different from the easily available black carrot cakes all over Singapore.  Thus, making for the ideal, crunchy but soft weekend breakfast!

What to expect: White Carrot cake costs $2.50 onwards ($3, $4, $5 as well) per serving. Bonus: Go to 135 Yong Ji for some classic black carrot cake in-case you’re craving that too.

Stall No#02-185
Contact+65 8498 9211
TimingsDaily 7 am to 10 pm

8. Fish Soup – Leng Kee

Fish soup is one of the dishes topping ‘Soul Food’ lists in Singapore for a long time now. Soups are already comforting and Fish brings in added nutrition that makes your meal wholesome like no other. On that note, you need to know which is the best Fish Soup stall that serves a lean and nourishing version and not the readily available creamy version. So, the Leng Kee Fish Soup stall at Bukit Timah Food center is your answer! (Not the same stall a the BBQ Chicken Wings)

Moreover, apart from light and clean-tasting Fish Soup, their generous portions with thick fish slices might attract you immediately. Furthermore, their soup doesn’t contain the peculiar fish-smell that others do. Also, it is usually served with tofu and vegetables. Hence, this version is powered with fresh slices of fish and packed with flavors of nutrition. In other words, you will get health, warmth, and yumminess in a bowl!

What to expect: Fish Soup bowls priced at $5, $6, or $8. Fish Porridge ($4.50), Sliced Fish Mee Sua ($4.50), and Sliced Fish Bee Hoon ($4.50). Also, Pig’s Liver Mee Sua ($4), and Braised Pig’s Trotter ($4).

Stall No#02-192
Contact+65 9667 6104
TimingsThurs – Tues: 8 am – 8 pm
Closed on Wednesdays

9. Zhong Zhong Fine Spice

As usual, we saved the best for the end! So, If you’re in a group and you are all in the mood to binge, Zhong Zhong Fine Spice is the best sharing-pate option. So, dig into their lightly fried or all fried ingredients that make for a delicious meal. In fact, this one’s Bukit Timah Food Centre’s favorite among the crowds of all ages.

Certainly, you can expect a crispy and palm-sized Fried Shrimp Cracker, a Stuffed Sotong, and a roll of Ngoh Hiang that is intensely flavoured. Consequently, unlike many other stalls in Singapore, this combination is served with an add-on option of  Fried Bee Hoon to complete the meal. In other words, it’s a hot mess that satisfies your cravings in a unique way since it is served piping hot to lure your taste bud.

What to expect: Fried Shrimp Cracker costs $1.50), Fried Beancurd Skin is for $1.40, Stuffed Sotong for $10, and the Ngoh Hiang comes at $0.80. Also, you can add on Fried Bee Hoon or Fried Tofu for $1.

Stall No#02-149
TimingsWed-Sun 8:30 am to 8:30 pm

10. White Bee HoonHe Le Seafood

Photo Credit: WhyQ Singapore

Are you a hawker center fanatic? If yes, then you will definitely be familiar with Lala Sliced Fish White Bee Hoon. This dish from the He Le Seafood White Bee Hoon is a hot-seller, especially during peak lunch hours. Obviously, this means it is high on the taste-o-meter as well as the portion size. In fact, even the smallest portion will be enough for two people to be satisfied with a filling meal. Hence, you can only imagine how tender and big the fish slices might be.  

Showered with a good quantity of fried lard, we love the version where you make a concoction with noodles to increase the crunch and punch. Additionally, the broth has a tinge of Wok Gei taste and is light in nature. However, even though they serve only White Bee Hoon, you can add a lot of different seafood besides sliced fish. For instance, la la (clams), prawns, crayfish, squid, and red grouper. Tempted? Go grab a grub!

What to expect: Every dish comes in 3 sizes -$5 / $8 / $12

Stall No: #02-180

Timings: 10am to 930pm daily, 9am to 5pm on Mondays

Overall, Bukit Timah Market & Food Centre is a feast at all times and you will always find something for your mood out there. For more food-coma, get your hands on some of Singapore’s Best local Breakfasts, the best hawker centers, and certainly the best hawker-style food deliveries in Singapore