Foldable mattresses are a must-have for smaller spaces and houses with kids. However, they are also helpful for a power nap in the office or watching the TV in the living room. But the main reason that these mattresses are in demand is that they are foldable. It means that you may lay them on a surface only when needed. At other times you may fold it back and keep it aside to make room for other things.

But if you are wondering which are the best foldable mattresses or where to buy them from, no worries. We’ve already compiled a brief list of the best foldable mattresses in Singapore that will give loads of comfort. Check these out!

Our top three mentions were based on their affordability, product quality, easy delivery, and unique design. Their range of comfort and easy handling was also taken into account. The top three mentions were also chosen for their overflowing positive feedback and reviews.

MooZzz Joren Foldable Foam Mattress
Top 1✔️ Tri-foldable mattress
✔️ Many different mattress colours are available
✔️ Fast delivery services
✔️ Removable zip cover
✔️ From $119
✔️ Available in single and super single sizes
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Sweet Touch Folding Latex Foam Mattress 
Top 2 ✔️ Latex foam mattress
✔️ Medium firmness, best for all ages
✔️ Hypoallergenic and anti-dust mite
✔️ Easy handling
✔️From $134
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Viro Classic Foldable Orthopedic Mattress
Top 3✔️ Two different sizes are available
✔️ Free shipping
✔️ Washable cover
✔️ From $109
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What to check when buying a foldable mattress?

The kind of materials the mattress is made of impacts the level of comfort. For instance, latex foam mattresses are high in durability, while memory foam mattresses are good at keeping you sweat-free. The materials also have a say on the level of firmness of the mattresses. So choose wisely, and according to what you need.

  • Size

The size is another critical aspect that you must check. Especially if you have a limited space to lay the mattress, see that if its dimensions will fit the location. Though most mattresses come in standard sizes, they may still vary. So this point is not worth ignoring.

  • Certifications

When brands claim to offer certain features like being organic, hypoallergenic, or safe for some other condition, check their certifications. The one with certification will be easier to trust than the others, and you will also get quality assurance. 

  • Thickness

The thickness of foldable mattresses dictates the level of comfort. If you prefer thin mattresses or thick ones, choosing a different width may feel different. Besides, those with heavier weight may feel that thinner mattresses are touching the ground. And which ones may seem too plush for others. 

  • Cover

Since foldable mattresses are bought for the convenience of being folded into a smaller space, a cover is a must. Try not to choose products that come without covers, as your mattress may be worn out even when in storage.

Some things that you should know before purchasing a foldable mattress

  • What are the benefits of getting a foldable mattress?

Getting a regular mattress is no big deal but it is always convenient to save space in your apartment or your home. So switching to a foldable mattress is just the choice for you. Unlike a regular mattress, which takes up a huge part of the room to itself, you can always make room for more using the foldable mattress. Due to its unique design, the main impactful thing about foldable mattresses is their portability. During renovations or shifting apartments, having a foldable mattress rather than a regular mattress has many advantages. Unlike a normal mattress, it can be easily stored in a wardrobe or can be folded into a couch or even a pillow which makes it very versatile.

  • Is foldable mattress expensive?

Well in comparison to a regular mattress, a foldable mattress is quite a bit costly, which is what most would probably say but is actually the contrary. Foldable mattresses given the versatility are actually pretty decently priced. It also depends on the brand and the quality of the mattress which makes it affordable or expensive. All of which suggests that a price of a mattress does not depend on it being foldable or not. Given the price, the work and convenience it provides are much more than a regular mattress. Its portability that comes due to its unique design and lightweight makes it the best kind of expense.

Here are the best foldable mattresses in Singapore. Have a look!

1. MooZzz Joren Foldable Foam Mattress

  • Tri-folding Mattress
  • Several colors and sizes available
  • Comes with a zipper cover

The MooZzz Joren Foldable Mattresses are available in two different widths, 2 and 3 inches. Besides, these are also available in single and super single sizes. Furthermore, you will have plenty of color choices for these amazing foldable mattresses. 

These are great for guests, kids, or a quick nap in the garden or the living room. Besides, you may also carry them to your camping trips. These are made from formulated high-density foam that provides soft cushioning yet no stiffness, to your body. So you may rest assured to get ample support to your back during nap time. 

These mattresses by MooZzz Joren perfectly settle into a trifold. And thus, you can also use it as a backless couch to sit on, when unfolded. It conveniently comes with a handle for lifting it up and storing it under your bed or a cupboard. The easy to wash, removable zip cover helps increase its life and protects it from dirt, dust, and stains. Overall, this mattress is truly superb and is deserving to top our list of best foldable mattresses in Singapore.

2. Sweet Touch Folding Latex Foam Mattress 

  • Hypoallergenic, and anti-dust mite
  • Easy to store and carry
  • Medium Firmness

Hypoallergenic mattresses are an excellent solution for people with skin allergies and weak immunity. Therefore these foldable mattresses by Sweet Touch are especially ideal for kids, apart from young adults and elderly. Besides, whenever you have stayover guests, all you will have to do is pull out this foldable mattress. And you’ll be all set.

However, you may need additional sheets to lay over this mattress. But it surely saves a lot of space, making your home look spacious than smaller. The woven fabric cover of the mattresses can be removed for washing. 

Besides, the combination of latex and foam as the base makes it a good sleeping option. You may use it on bunk beds, kids’ beds, pull out beds, or even on the floor. You’ll also get a free bag with this foldable mattress that comes with handles and makes it easy to carry. 

The Sweet Touch Folding Latex Foam Mattress also deserves a 5/5 star rating for its optimal comfort and performance. 

3. Viro Classic Foldable Orthopedic Mattress

  • Anti-dust and antifungal
  • Provides Orthopedic support
  • Washable cover with zipping

The foldable mattresses by Viro are designed to provide additional comfort and support for people with body and joint pains. But nevertheless, they are equally good if you are just looking for sweet dreams kind of night’s rest. 

The Viro Classic mattresses are also one of the most durable mattresses. They come with a washable zipper cover for storage protection, apart from being dust and fungus resistant. Plus, it also comes with almost a decade of the manufacturer’s warranty period.

Plus, being resistant to dust and mites, you must expect fewer muscle sores, itching, and even less tossing during sleep. The medium firmness of the foldable mattress allows for a perfect level of support which is neither too plush nor firm. Overall, truly one of the best foldable mattresses in Singapore!

4. Sleepy Night Orthopaedic Foldable mattress

  • Extra-firm for back support
  • ISPA Approved
  • Moisture-wicking and temperature regulating

The Sleepy Night foldable mattress is useful for smaller spaces, including hostels and tiny apartments. It is available in different thickness levels so that you can choose your level of comfort. The washable knitted fabric cover will help you keep the mattress clean for long. 

To ensure that you get adequate rest after a day of hard work, it features orthopedic back and joint support. Besides, it wicks away all the excess sweat to keep your cool and dry all through the night. And thus, it regulates your body temperature to keep o=it within a comfortable range. 

If you are allergic to dust and mites, then this mattress is a must-have. It is also immune to fungal and bacterial growth. The travel case makes it easy to carry and keep it clean when in storage. With such amazing features, it is easy to rate Sleepy Night Orthopaedic Foldable mattress with 5/5 stars for Best in Singapore.

5. Lucky Baby I Breathe Foldable Mattress

  • Maximum comfort and support
  • Moisture-wicking
  • Ventilating fabric

Here’s another tri-folding mattress by Lucky Baby that offers complete convenience when it comes to storing or transporting it. The I Breathe mattress is perfect for indoor and outdoor uses, like in kid’s playroom or camping.

You may also choose to lay the I Breathe foldable mattress on top of your old mattress that might have stiffened with time. This way, you will not need to replace the older one, yet get the comfort of new. 

The best part about these mattresses is that they have 100% ventilation channels. These channels trap body heat and maximize the airflow to keep your body cool and sweat-free during sleep times, Lucky Baby I Breathe Foldable Mattress gets a rating of ⅘ stars from Best in Singap for its breathability and moisture-wicking features ore. All in all, hands down one of the best foldable mattresses in Singapore!

6. Princebed Parafoam Foldable Foam Mattress

  • Provides Orthopedic Support
  • Protects from Dust Mite, Bacteria, and Fungus 
  • Cotton Knitted Fabric

The cool foldable mattress comes in vibrant printed colors and with a five year warranty period. It provides excellent orthopedic support to the back and joints by aligning to the curvature of the body. 

The Cotton Knitted Fabric absorbs all the excess sweat and moisture from your body, in addition to the heat. And thus keeps you cool all through the night time. The thickness is of about 3″ Inch, which is ideal for enhancing its comfort and storage requirements. 

Additionally, you may feel free to use it on the floor or campsites. The reason? It comes with self-protection from dust, mites, fungus, and bacteria production. Its carry bag has a zip and handles to make it easy to store or carry without help. Therefore being both orthopedic friendly and allergen resistant, we at Best in Singapore rate this mattress at ⅘ stars.

7. FurnitureSG Dunlopillo’s Foldable Mattress

  • Pocketed spring interior
  • Antibacterial
  • Handy carrier bag

The Dunlopillo’s foldable mattress by FurnitureSG is all you need to catch some extra Zs during the night. The mattress features antibacterial materials with pocketed spring interior design. So it is safe to use for both kids and adults, day or night. 

The gentle firmness of these mattresses aligns with the contours of your body, providing a snug sleeping experience. You may also use it as a sofa when not in need, or buy two for a full bed.e

You can store it safely inside the free zipper bag that you will get with this foldable mattress. Once in the bag, you may either store it in your closet or pack it to your camping excursion. However, it deserves a ⅗ star rating for its convenience of use. Overall, the perfect mattress to round off our list of the best foldable mattresses in Singapore.

So we hope that you might have already selected one of these best mattresses that can be folded when needed. Please be sure to check the labels before buying for additional information about the products. And may you get the peaceful night’s rest that you dearly deserve. Good luck!