Foldable bikes offer great convenience to the user. You need to consider bicycle use when buying one. Your bicycle is ideal for the commuter, campsite rides, roadside riding, cycling competition, or recreation. With consideration, you can always get the best foldable bike in Singapore.

1. The birdy


Did you know – Birdy Bicycle is made in Taiwan. The bicycle has outstanding features like excellent performance, comfort, and quality.

It has a sturdy frame making it ideal for different types of terrains. The bike offers full suspension that makes bumpy rides bearable. Other notable features of the birdy include.

  • Light in weight about 10.8 to 11 kilograms.
  • It has different brands that are ideal for different lifestyles, like racing or speeds.
  • Available in different colors.

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2. Brompton M6L


The Brompton M6L is ideal for those who fancy commuting in the countryside. It comes with a handlebar that offers an upright cycling position and comfort. It has a compact design with six gears that covers all riding needs. With high speeds, you can ride on the hilly areas with ease.


  • Has mudguards that come in handy in the rainy season.
  • It comes with a chargeable battery that offers lighting in the night.
  • Ideal for mountainous rides.

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3. Reach GT


This bike brand offers the best riders on the road. The durable frame makes the bike ride on rough terrains easy and enjoyable.

The alloy rims give the bicycle wheels an excellent stiffness. Other features that will make you love the GT include:

  • The wheelset comes with an anti-loosening device.
  • The superb speed that makes road rides comfortable.

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4. Lexpa Folding Bike


Lexpa bicycle is designed in Korea. The bike has a speed of 21; the dual suspension helps reduce bumps and heavy knocks on bumpy roads. Other notable features of this bicycle include.

  • A 26-inch size bicycle with a steel frame.
  • An adjustable seat.
  • Good brakes at the front and rear.
  • The bike folds very easily.
  • Weight 14 kilograms.

Many users find the bicycle very reliable. It has a 5.00 review out of 5.5.

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5. IFMove


IfMove is a very slender foldable bike with very high performance. The bicycle is made by the in house Pacific Cycles. It is one of the quickest commuter bicycle available. The bike can be folded and rolled on a bus or train near you. When folded, the bike takes a very compact size making commuting very easy.


  • Removable wheels that are detachable hence easy to maintain.
  • Large tires make riding very smooth and easy.
  • Study rims make bumpy rides bearable.
  • It weighs 11.8 kilograms.
  • A dimension of 97cm 27cm and 50 cms when folded.
  • The bicycle has won many awards. It won the reddot design award in 2013 and the Golden pin award.

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6. Carryme Foldable Bikes


Carryme foldable bike is very light and compact, just like the IfMove. It can be rolled and weighs 8.4 kilograms when folded, making it the lightest foldable bike. Like other foldable bicycles, it can be rolled in the lift, shopping malls, workplaces with limited spaces, and into buses.


  • Available in many unique colors.
  • The bike comes with three wheels having a low step. It makes it possible for young and older people to get on and off the bicycle.
  • Stands upright when folded, making it economical with space.
  • The bicycle offers a sturdy and smooth ride.
  • Has small built wheels and telescopic seats that accommodates riders of all weight.

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7. CarryAll Bicycle


CarryAll folding bike is ideal for children, older people, and people who need special care. It’s fitted with a two-wheeled rear base that helps the bicycle self-balance. The rider will, therefore, not need any assistance in riding. The stability offered by CarryAll bicycle is perfect on footpath rides.

Notable features of this bike include:

  • Has three 8 inches wheels.
  • Like all foldable bicycles, it is compact and folds easily.
  • Safe and very stable to ride, making it ideal for a family weekend ride.
  • The bike leaves a small footprint.
  • The bike Weights 10.3 kilograms.

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8. Decathlon Tilt 500 ’20

2020 B'TWIN Tilt 500 Folding Bike – 99 Spokes

Decathlon is ideal for both family weekend rides and daily commutes. The bicycle is easy to fold and unfold. Another great feature is its lightweight and a good speed of 7.

The compact design and versatility make Decathlon the best foldable bike in Singapore.

Key Features

  • Lifetime warranty on the bike.
  • Study and well built.
  • Transmits power excellently while the center of gravity remains a minimum.

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9. Schwinn Adapt


Like the Decathlon, Schwinn is adaptable for many uses such as commuting and recreational purposes. It is lightweight, has a folding design, and a speed of 7. Decathlon is exceptionally portable. The bicycle also has reflective sidewalls and fenders, which makes it ideal for evening cycles.


  • Lightweight.
  • The bike comes with a lifetime warranty.
  • Wheels are 20 inches.

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10. The Eclipse D16


The Eclipse has a foldable quality, just like other bikes. Its wheels are size 26″, the height of the stem can, however, be adjusted. It has a hydraulic brake disc and handlebars that can be changed. These features make riding very easy and comfortable.

The Eclipse comes with fenders that are very useful during the rainy days. The lightweight is another plus that makes folding and unfolding quick.

Such unique specks make the bicycle the best foldable bikes in Singapore.

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11. EuroMini Zizzo 2019 Campo


The EuroMini zizzo is lightweight and has Shimano components. It has a seven grip style shifter speed, and like other foldable bicycles, it is foldable and easy to carry around.

The frame has magnetic material that makes it very easy to fold and store. Zizzo’s pedals are foldable with aluminum speed brakes that help navigate sharp corners on roads.

 Key Features

  • The bike comes when it is fully assembled and ready to ride.
  • Powerfully built and of good quality.
  • Lightweight.

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12. DF-812G Mountain Folding Bike


DF-812G Mountain bike is one of a kind among the foldable bikes. The bike is full-sized when folded. It is more portable, sturdier, and lighter to carry around.

The bike is very efficient in Mountain cycling. With its lightweight, it becomes an ideal companion in all your outdoor cycling adventures.

Key Features

  • Available in different designs.
  • Well-built and sturdy.
  • Made in Taiwan.
  • The Aluminum Aerospace 7005 is Double Butted.

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These best foldable bikes in Singapore come in handy for your commuting or recreational needs. Your choice of the foldable bike will depend on the size of the wheel, budget, durability, and warrants. Bicycles with warranties serve you better.

The design and components of your bicycle should also be of good quality. This will reduce your overall maintenance costs. Get your foldable bike today and let us know your experience!