Fitness and health are not just random acts of burning calories and starving yourself. Rather, it is a long-term journey that is full of ups and downs. Therefore, it is important for you to have people who can constantly guide and inspire you to push your limits as you transform yourself to be stronger.

Here are some of our best local Singapore fitness influencers that might be your next source of fitspiration!

1. Cheryl Tay

With nearly 40,000 followers on Instagram, Cheryl is undeniably a force to be reckoned with.

She is all about self-love:
As a matter of fact, Cheryl herself suffered from body image issues and eating disorders in her younger days. The founder of Rock the Naked Truth has always encouraged others to be comfortable in their own skin. More importantly, she believes that life goes beyond the numbers seen on the weighing scale. After all, there is so much more to life than looking good for others.

She is ahead of the fitness game:
Cheryl is very active in CrossFit training and triathlons. Additionally, she has always been vocal about her fitness journey and has inspired many others to do the same. Likewise, Cheryl is also one of the few female motoring journalists in Singapore; and is also the organizer of ELITE, a three-round fitness competition, in 2015. Overall, she is truly deserving of topping our list of the best fitness influencers in Singapore.

2. Sandra Riley

You might have heard of the next fitness influencer on our list.

Fearless in the face of adversities:
Sandra Riley Tang is one fearless fitness enthusiast. Firstly, she is well-known as a member of the Singaporean band – The Sam Willows. This confident lady has even survived an ovarian cyst surgery! Instead of using that as an excuse to stop, she took that as her strength to push her limits. This has definitely many Singaporean females to do the same. Likewise, she loves to mix it up in her free time by doing Muay Thai, MMMA and rock-climbing.

CrossFit and Yoga enthusiast:
More importantly, Sandra is very passionate about Yoga and has founded the Yoga Collective. If that’s not amazing enough, she was once seen flipping a 150kg tire!

Certainly, she is someone that is worth looking up to in this fitness game.

3. Georgina Poh

You cannot talk about fitness influencers and leave out Georgina Poh.

Credible and professional trainer:
This 23-year old fitness influencer is more than meets the eye. Georgina is a certified personal trainer by the American Council on Exercise and Nike NTC. Similarly, she is also the chosen ambassador for both Nutritionist and Nike. If that is not amazing enough, she was also the Health and Wellness Influencer representing Singapore in the Influencer Asia event in 2015.

Exciting and creative fitness content:
Simply head down to her Instagram and check out her workout routines. Georgina is super transparent about her workout from upper body work out till legs workout. She even shares her tips on healthy diets. You name it, she has it.

Georgina Poh is surely an inspiring figure that most of us can strive to emulate. Definitely one of the best fitness influencers in Singapore to follow.

4. Joel Tan

This former national swimmer is clearly one of the most reputable individuals in Singapore’s industry of fitness influencers.

Singapore’s pride:
Joel has represented Singapore in international games for over a decade. He even clinched 1st position in Singapore in 2008 for 100m the Breaststroke category. Joel has been featured countless times in several popular magazines for his amazing contribution in the fitness world. In fact, Joel was voted by Lifestyle Asia as one of Singapore’s top 10 best fitness Instagrammers to follow. What an awesome lad!

Passionate about serving others:
The founder of B Bounce Studio and Beat X Studio is certainly motivated to help others achieve their health goals. Joel has helped over 1,600 people reinvent workouts that are more effective and safer.  Be sure to check out his ‘Hybrid Reinventing’ program that will amaze you.

5. Denise Keller

Calling out Yoga enthusiasts out there! We got you covered too.

Multi-talented female public:
Modelling, Hosting. Acting. You name it, she does it.  Denise Keller is indeed a lady that excels in everything she does. In fact, she is also a very popular name in Singapore’s Entertainment world.

Bringing fun to yoga:
Yoga does not always have to be intense and monotonous. Leave it to the Yoga Alliance Certified Yoga Instructor. She knows how to make yoga much more fun by combining it with music, elements of humour and her personal charm. Also, her Instagram feed has a very fun and light-hearted vibe to it.

She can surely charm you into doing yoga! Hands down one of the best fitness influencers in Singapore to follow.

6. Jovin Koh

Equipped with the best knowledge and skills:
Jovin is certainly armed with various sports certifications in his belt. He has attained a bachelor’s degree in Sports Science and is also a certified trainer in the American Council on Exercise (ACE). Jovin has also won several awards including:

– Manhunt Singapore Winner 2010

– Mister Singapore 2008 Winner

– Manhunt International Best Physique 2010

Tailoring to your needs:
Jovin is empathetic of his clients. After all, everyone has their own distinct journey that should not be homogenized. Be part of his follower base and challenge yourself beyond your comfort zone.

7. Tyen Ying Fong

Calling out all Clicknetwork fans out there! You will surely know the next influencer on our list.

Inspiring fitness trainer:
Tyen was once an underweight kid (as low as 40kg) due to eating problems. She was also diagnosed with clinical depression when she was 17 years old. Nevertheless, her passion for weightlift and fitness goals allowed her to overcome these setbacks. She is now rocking the stages as an IFBB Bikini Girl and competing overseas. After all, this lady works out five times a week while following a high protein diet.

Credible fitness regime:
Besides being known as DJ Jade Rasif’s sister, Tyen is famous for being the host of No Sweat series in Clicknetwork. Simply head down to YouTube to check out her fitness and health content.  The episodes are super entertaining and empowering. Tyen is capable of mixing fitness and fun together so that audiences feel less intimidated about this topic. You will be exposed to various health tips. These include amazing healthy and convenient meal prep for the week!

8. Preston Sim

Preston Sim is a name that many fitness enthusiasts in Singapore would have heard of.

Against all odds:
With a massive follower base of 35,000 (and growing), Preston offers personal training, support and advice to men who want to transform their bodies. More importantly, he is the best in helping people to overcome their mental obstacles and embrace effective workouts. Why? Do not be deceived by his hunky looks and charming smile. He personally has overcome social rejections. Nevertheless, his dedication to health transformation is very inspiring, which makes him one of our favourites.

Inspiring public figure:
You can never be too positive in life. His Instagram radiates positivity with different types of motivational quotes. His content will surely lift your spirit up to get fit!

9. Tong Jia En

Tiong Jia En is a mini-celebrity in her own right.

Forging new paths:
The Miss Universe Singapore 2018’s runner-up and a rhythm cycling instructor are more than meets the eye. Similarly, she is also a barre and opens up her own fitness studio. Despite having financial constraints, she was able to create her own brand. Her Instagram and social media accounts are always beaming with a positive outlook on life. After all, it is all about perspective. She is never too shy about her routines and poses on social media. Although it is challenging, she makes it look simple! What can I say, her determination and attitude is contagious on us viewers. Anyone will fall in love with this strong lady.

10. Fay Hokulani

Are you someone who gets bored of the same workout routine everyday? Then Fay Hokulani is the perfect choice for you.

You’ll never get bored again:

Fay is a professional fitness coach who specializes in group training, high-intensity interval training (HIIT), yoga and other fitness training. She has worked with plenty of big brands such as Adidas, MyProtein, Nestle, Maxinutrition. In fact, she was also featured in Adidas’s first women campaign back in 2010 and 2011. Since then, she has also seen features in magazines like Men’s Health, Shape, Esquire and plenty of others.

Inspiring life story:

Fay is a Chinese Singaporean but is now based in Bangkok. She’s tried and excelled at plenty of jobs. She worked as a model, a host and now a fitness coach. To get a better idea of her personal journey, you can visit her blog She even regularly posts about her fitness secrets and workouts. You should definitely check it out.

11. Jasmine Danker

Everyone who has been following Jasmine can attest to the fact that she’s one person you’d want on your team.

Super hard-working and disciplined:

Jasmine is a certified personal trainer from the National Academy of Sports Medicine, the America Council of Exercise,  and even the Australia Strength and Conditioning Academy. Many would-be satisfied with just one, but Jasmine isn’t most people. But that’s not even half of what she can do. She’s a Level 1 Cross-fit trainer, and some of her other skills include,

  • Certified Kettle Bell teacher from the IKFF (International Kettle Bell and Fitness Federation)
  • Pre-post certification
  • Certified in resisted movement training
  • Certified in Basic Exercise Course by Singapore Sports Council

One of the very best:

Jasmine is considered to be one of the very best fitness trainers in Singapore, and her 21.9k followers on Instagram seem to agree. She has over 11 years of experience and is also great at competitive netball training with a focus on strength and conditioning power moves. Several brands like Reebok have also worked with her. You can follow her journey on her blog,

12. Jason Chee

Image Credit: Straitstime

Jason Chee is a living table tennis icon, and a great fitness influencer.

A table tennis icon

We’re sure that you’re already familiar with Jason’s story but for those who don’t, it is nothing short of something out of a movie. Jason loved playing table tennis since he was 5, and joined the Singapore Armed Forces as a adult to serve his country. But he suffered an accident due to which he lost both of his legs, his left arm (which was his dominant), one whole right finger and part of two right finger.

This would have been enough to put most of us to despair, but Jason didn’t let this stop him. Armed with prosthetic fingers for his right hand, he learned how to play table tennis with his right hand. He went on to win several gold medals at multiple editions of the ASEAN para-games. Definitely, someone to look up to.

13. Darren Stephen Lim

Journey to fitness modelling:

Darren is a fitness consultant and the founder of D’Fitness which was set up in early 2011. Darren has spent over 15 years as a personal fitness trainer and model. With over 31.2k followers on Instagram, and plenty of qualifications, is it really a surprise to see him on this list. In fact, he was a sickly child but pursuing the journey of fitness has changed his life for the better, and now he’s here to help you change yours.

Numerous achievements and certifications:

Some of his numerous certifications are EXOS performance specialist, Stretch therapy teacher Intensive A, movement analysis and performance system, basic exercise course (SSC), thump boxing instructor level 1,2,3, high school strength, conditioning specialist (IYCA) etc. And that’s not even 10% of it all.

Even his achievements are equally impressive. He was one of the top 5 fitness models for WBFF Miami and was even shortlisted for the Best Male Personal Trainer of the Year in 2014. He was the second runner-up for Nutriman in 2013 and Nourished 2014 Master Trainer for completely transforming 14 contestants in a period of only 3 months.

14. Vincent Toh

Taking your fitness beyond the physical:

A certified fitness coach, personal trainer and even a bodybuilder, Vincent has over 10 years of experience in the fitness industry. He also has a bachelor’s degree in Sport and Exercise Science, so you be assured that you’ve got the best of both worlds. He has been working with Co-Active for around 4 years now and is also the founder of Beyond Brawn Body, a personal fitness program.

15. Kirstie Gannaway

A female MMA fighter who seems straight out of a drama.

One of the best female MMA fighters:

Kirstie is a famous half-Singaporean, and half-Australian professional auto-weight fighter and martial arts instructor. She has a pro MMA record of 2-0-0, and made her amateur boxing debut in 2014 at the Singapore Women’s Championship. That’s not all, she was only the second female MMA fighter to receive an invite to join the Evolve Fight Team.

But that’s not all to her:

MMA isn’t the only thing that she’s interested in. She also practices boxing, kick-boxing, wrestling and mixed martial arts and much more. Apart from these, she’s also a lover of food, music and art. In fact, she’s also a self-taught graphic designer and has worked with brands like Adidas, Sony and many others. Definitely, a force to be reckoned with.

16. Natalie Yeo

Popularly known as nattylifts on Instagram, if you’re looking for someone to help you get that lean body, then Natalie is the one to follow.

Perfect workout for that summer body:

Natalie is a Singaporean fitness blogger whose primary training focus involves a mix of high-intensity interval training (HIIT), and weight training. She also recently gained her ACE certification and also practices yoga when she’s not practising her primary training. This blend of the workout will ensure that you have that perfect body when summers hit.

She is also working with several fitness brands like Nutrition Depot, and even posts her reviews on these brands to ensure that you get only the best of deals. You can even follow her fitness journey on Instagram to get that daily dose of motivation.

17. Regine Sum

Resisting those sweet baked treats, and maintaining your figure at the same time seems something that is almost impossible. But Regine is here to make the impossible possible.

Combining both fitness and nutrition:

Regine is an ACE personal trainer, fitness and also a nutrition coach. She’s also a fan of good food and believes that just to be healthy, you shouldn’t have to give up on food. After all, life is too short to give up on the good stuff. As a young girl, she lost her self-confidence due to some medical conditions and began to visit the gym to lift deadlifts. Now she’s a certified personal trainer, has a personal deadlift record of 145 kg, and even emerged as the first runner-up in Asia Grand Prix 2017.

A successful entrepreneur to boot:

Regine is also the founder of Nasty Cookies, which serve ‘ugly’ but pleasing cookies which are a treat to the eyes, and taste. A fitness influencer who actually runs a cookie business while maintaining that body sounds like something out of a dream and impossible. But’s Regine makes the impossible possible so what are you waiting for? There’s no need for you to resist that cake to get that fit body now.

18. Thomas Beattie

Football is one of the most popular sports in the world, so it’s only natural to have a fitness influencer related to it right? So here we go.

A professional football player, and much more:

We’re sure that anyone who’s familiar with football is aware of Thomas, and in case you aren’t a fan then we’ve got you covered. Thomas has been playing professional football for over 10 years, with clubs like London City FC, and SAF Warriors FC. However, he suffered from a serious head injury and had to quit. However, he then started many companies as a co-founder in Singapore and has seen considerable success.

Inspiration for LGBTQ fans:

In June 2020, Thomas came out as gay and this is a huge inspiration for those who are gay and are afraid to pursue their dreams because they’re afraid. There are very few professional sportspeople who have come out, and there is this irrational fear that their orientation will hamper group dynamics. While this is ridiculous, we cannot ignore that this is something that is actually believed even subconsciously. That’s why we need people like Thomas today to show young kids that their sexual orientation doesn’t affect what you’re capable of.

19. Dylan Werner

Breaking the mold through yoga:

Dylan is an international yoga teacher, and while it is really rare to see a man in what is considered to be a traditionally feminine practice, Dylan does break the mould. And he’s breaking stereotypes while having fun, and he’s also gathering achievements while at it. Dylan has been teaching yoga since 2011 and has travelled to over 60 countries to hold more than 400 workshops and events. He’s super passionate about what he does, and that’s what attracts brands like Alo Yoga to him.

He feels like a friend:

Although he now has over 766.4k followers on Instagram, Dylan did admit that he was wary of social media in the beginning. However, he also admitted that Instagram was one of the factors that propelled his career. He began to get teaching invitations after he got his first 10k followers. It’s rare to see someone who’s so in touch in reality and isn’t afraid to admit what helped him get to his position. That’s the sign of someone admirable.

20. Courtney Gleason

Bringing to you the world of scientific health:

Courtney is a well-known name when you’re talking about the best fitness influencers in Singapore, and has completed a 3-year program on orthopaedics residency from the University of Florida. She has also served as a Clinical Assistant Professor of Sports Medicine and Pediatrics at Brown University. That’s when you know that she’s got the knowledge and the qualifications to back it up.

Now, she treats athletes of all ages and is also an instructor at Barry’s Singapore thanks to her extensive professional background of anatomy and knowledge of rigorous workouts techniques. So if you’re looking for a fitness influencer who knows the limits of your body, then you’ve found the one.

21. Jeremy Lee

Pilates is one fitness method that has been taking over the world, and Jeremy is here to help you see why.

Healing the body through it:

Like Courtney, Jeremy is also a fitness instructor and is a certified personal trainer. He specialises in Pilates and first became involved in fitness back in 2009. He eventually began to study Pilates and began to use it to strengthen the bodies of injured clients. Jeremy has acquired plenty of qualifications and is also experienced. He’s got a certificate on Specialist Dip, is a Body Tree Academy (BTA) certified Pilates teacher, a rehab trainer, a FISAF personal trainer. That’s not all, he also has an app to his name which helps keep track of workouts, measuring results, meals, etc.

22. Tyen Rasif

Tyen Rasif is a personal trainer, bodybuilder, and a wellness and fitness coach who also sings. She completed her personal training certification in 2014, and then began training for her first bodybuilding competition two years later. You might recognise her as a finalist at Miss Universe Singapore 2018, and you can also check out her personal YouTube channel where she documents her nutrition and training journey.

She has also developed a NoSweat app which is a great way for her to reach a wider audience, and it’s also more affordable than a personal session with her. You can also find her as a host of ClickNetwork’s fitness shows or her Instagram for workout routines, motivations, health and fitness tips as well.

23. Tan Racheal (Guan Yun)

Image Credit: myactivesg

Dance and aerobics have always been one of the best ways to get fit, and if you’re someone who agrees then Racheal is someone who you must follow.

Immense experience:

Tan is a certified fitness instructor who specialises in aerobics and dance and has over 14 years of experience in the field. That means it doesn’t matter what your problem is, she most likely has the perfect solution to it. She has several teaching certifications as well, like the Commonwealth Society Teachers of Dancing. But that’s not all, she was also nominated and shortlisted in 2017, as one of the 12 finalists for Inaugural Fitness Best Asia Awards in the Group Exercise Leader Category.

24. Tiong Jian En

With a following of 115k on Instagram, it wouldn’t be an understatement to say that Tiong is one of the most loved fitness trainers in the city. She shares almost every detail of her life on the ‘gram so that you literally get the feeling as though you’re with her at all times. If that’s not enough to urge you into following a healthier lifestyle then we don’t know what is.

She is also a trainer at Absolute Cycle Singapore and WeBarre. If you’re one of those who have been dreaming of perfect abs and want some serious push, she is the one whom you have to follow right away for that extra crunch which will bring those amazing abs popped out and give you that sizzling beach body. Did we mention that she was a contestant on Miss Singapore 2018 as well?

25. Ritu Phogat

Ritu comes from a family of famous people, but is it really just in her blood.

Famous family:

Ritu comes from a family where sports is a part of life. Her father, Mahavir Singh is a former wrestler and her sisters, Geeta Phogat and Babita Kumari have won gold at the Common Wealth games. That’s not all, even her cousin, Vinesh Phogat has achieved the same feat. So is it really a wonder why Ritu is on this list.

Variety of talents:

Ritu started out as a female wrestler and won 3 Indian National Championships in wrestling before winning a gold medal at 2016 Common Wealth Wrestling Champion in Singapore. She is also the first Indian female under 23 to win a silver medal at Poland just a year later. She then shifted her focus to MMA, and moved to Singapore and joined Evolve MMA. Now serving as an assistant instructor at Evolve Mixed Martial Arts in Singapore, she has over 292.6k followers on Instagram Certainly a fitness legend in her own right.

26. Harry Rowley

Image Credit: Sonya Olomskaya

Harry Rowley is a certified personal trainer, and is also working as a model. He is a fitness enthusiast and often shares tips about fitness and his personal fitness routine with his 105.4k followers on Instagram. He also posts scenic posts about the various places that he visits which is a good way to gain some motivation. Gamers rejoice, he also frequently posts videos on Twitch so you have something to binge watch on while you’re taking a break.

Harry has also worked with several fitness brands, with the most recent one being the fitness back-pack brand, builtforathletes.

27. Marie Choo

Ever thought about exercising with your furry buddies? Marie Choo is here to help you out with that.

Fitness for a good cause:

Starting out as a marketing and public relation professional, Marie found her calling in life in 2013. She became a certified dog behaviorist and trainer, and managed to transform her health as well. In the beginning, she wasn’t someone who could even run two miles but is now a trail runner who can cover distances of 100 km in Singapore, as she rescues dogs. It’s also a great way to raise awareness swiftly.

She is also the co-founder of D.O.G.S, Dogs Owner Guidance Support, a dog welfare organization that rescues, supports and rehomes homeless dogs. Besides all this, she is also the brand athlete for Triple fit, Simply active, Under Armour among other brands.

28. Lorna Murphy

Lorna Murphy is a personal trainer and a group instructor who also has a professional background in dance.

Transforming your body:

If you’re looking to transform your body then you can pay a visit to her classes. These classes are held at Barry’s Singapore, where her speciality is helping you transform your body. She designs classes and meals for you that will help you in the long run, rather than quick-fix diets. Your workouts are broken down into simple ways, and even your nutrition is addressed in a way that you can easily adapt to. The health benefits are definitely more long-term with her.

29. Maxi Lim

Maxi Lim is an energetic person, and his energy will infect you even through the screen.

Motivating energy:

Maxi Lim has a massive 109k following on Instagram, and he’s an active user where he adds his day-to-day routine which is sure to motivate you into living more healthier. His #beastLim story stories have given his followers the push to get out of bed and workout with full energy! The more you go through his page, the more you’ll feel though he has energy beyond his years, which is sure to motivate you into doing things with more passion. Get out of bed now, your new life awaits.

30. Sara Wee

A musician, lead vocalist and a vocal coach, Sara completed a Diploma in music technology, a Bachelor of Arts (Honors) in music from LASALLE College of Arts. She’s a part of a band, 53A since 2003 where she’s the rhythm guitarist for the band. But outside this, Sara is also a certified yoga instructor with over 26k followers on Instagram, as well as a YouTube channel.

Check her out on Instagram for workout tips, yoga poses, and even a little of music knowledge. One of the best ways to relax your mind and train your body.

In short, we hope this list of the best fitness influencers in Singapore has been helpful for you to find your next source of fitspiration! What are some of your favourite fitness influencers? We would love to know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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