There are few things that scream comfort like good old fish and chips. British food usually gets a pretty bad rep across the globe but no one has ever complained about their fish and chips. The crispy battered fish with decadent fries create a simple yet perfectly paired combination of fried goodness, just add a bit of vinegar or tartar sauce and you are on your road to food bliss. The humble fish and chips are the symbol of the simplistic pleasures of good food, and nobody can deny the appeal of this ambassador of British food.

Let us look at the ten best fish and chips in Singapore, perhaps you might find your favourite amongst them or discover a new place to enjoy the fried fishy goodness with your friends and family.

1. MasterChippy

MasterChippy fish and chips | Image taken from Facebook
Image Credit: Facebook


  • Dory Fish and Chips ($7.80)
  • Large portions
  • Cheap prices

This cosy corner has a wonderful ambiance with one of the best fish and chips in town. Their Dory Fish and chips, in particular, are extremely popular and rightfully so. Patrons swear by the perfectly cooked piece of battered and fried white fish served alongside a large portion of beautiful French fries. The portions are said to be large and filling and the prices are affordable and student-friendly.

The fish here simply speaks for itself. The flavours are right on point and every bite will take you back to an image of the ocean on a lovely summer morning. The flaky freshness of the fish is simply extenuated by the crispy batter shell, and the fries with the crispy smoothness just create a carnival in every bite. The fish and chips from this joint will have you faithfully returning again and again and it’s best enjoyed with friends so give it a try.

AddressYou can check out the addresses of their outlets here.
Contact+65 89330636
TimingsMonday to Sunday from 11:00 am to 10:00 pm
Official PagesWebsite | Facebook

2. Fish and Co.

Fish and Co. fish and chips | Image taken from Facebook
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  • Extensive menu but the British Cod Fish and chips ($29.95) is a must-try
  • Perfect for casual time with friends or family
  • Fresh ingredients and spices

There are almost no negative reviews about the fish and chips from Fish and Co. The place specialises in fish after all!

Their fish and chips outshine their extensive menu which will have you spoiled for choice. The fish is fresh, flaky, perfectly battered and the fries are to die for, add a little lemon and you are set for a great time. The fresh fish is enriched by the intensity of its natural flavours as it is fried with the batter and every bite of it is guaranteed to express that. The fries add another dimension of texture to the whole fare and together a beautiful harmony is achieved which is simply unbeatable.

The ambiance of the place perfectly compliments the food and it’s perfect for a night out with the gang!

AddressParagon Shopping Center, 290 Orchard Road, #B1-35/36, Singapore 238859
Contact+65 67330938
TimingsMonday to Sunday from 11:00 am to 09:00 pm
Official PagesWebsite | Facebook

3. Molly Malone’s Irish Pub

Molly's Malone fish and chips | Image taken from Facebook
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  • Fresh fish and chips with lemon wedges ($14)
  • Great Irish Pub experience
  • Live music

This place is a quintessential Irish pub in the heart of Singapore and their fish and chips do take you back to the British isles.

The fish here is always fresh and you can taste the freshness as you bite into the perfectly battered goodness. Flaky and perfectly cooked the fish here is simply marvellous, it’s paired with their lovely chips and served with fresh lemon wedges. Add a bit of tartar sauce and voila! You have achieved perfection.

The amazing thing about the fish and chips here is that greasiness is never an issue, the batter and fish are extremely flavoursome and the lemon simply cuts through any heaviness that one might feel. The Fries are simply accompaniments to the fish which is always the start in every bite.

Pair it all with a pint of Guinness for a more authentic and frankly heart warming experience.

Address56 circular road, Singapore 049411
Contact+65 65362029
TimingsMonday to Saturday from 11:00 am to 10:00 pm
Sundays closed except for special or private occasions
Official PagesWebsite | Facebook

4. Fremantle Seafood

Freemantle Seafood fish and chips | Image taken from Facebook
Image Credit: Facebook


  • Must-try Barramundi Fish and Chips
  • Freshest catch of the day
  • Great promotional deals

Fresh, crispy, and golden goodness is all one can say about the fish here. Patrons of the joint swear by the freshness of the fish and some even go as far as to proclaim it to be the best in town. A hearty portion of fried fishy goodness atop an inviting heap of fresh crispy fries served with tartar sauce is what you should expect when you visit them. They also have a wide array of other mouth-watering choices but nothing can beat a cold one with perfect fish and chips.

Their Barramundi Fish and chips, in particular, receive a lot of love, and frankly who doesn’t love a nice piece of perfectly battered and fried white fish! The batter and the fish work perfectly in unparalleled harmony. They simply add to each other’s textures and that creates a flavoursome and satisfying bite with every morsel. When the fries get involved things just get better and that in itself is a testament to the care they put in their products.

AddressClarke Quay, Blk 3E River Valley Road, #01-06 Traders’ Market, Singapore 179024
Contact+65 63371838
TimingsSunday to Thursday from 12:00 am to 11:00 pm
Friday to Saturday from 12:00 pm – 02:00 am
Official PagesWebsite | Facebook

5. Big Fish Small Fish

Big Fish Small Fish fish and chips | Image taken from Facebook
Image Credit: Facebook


  • Must-try their Haddock fish and chips ($18)
  • Variety of sauces and dips where you can pair fish with
  • Huge variety of fishes from Haddock to Halibut
  • Halal-certified

This joint is known for their batter-fried fish and delicate chips that go perfectly with just a cup of soda!

They have a lot of choices and you can indulge in a variety of fish ranging from Dory to Salmon and Hoki, all battered and fried to perfection. The flaky white fish is paired with their fresh potato crisps or fries. One simply needs to add a bit of lemon juice or a bit of tartar sauce and you are set for a lovely time. The great thing about this fish and chips is that nothing overpowers the fish and you can always taste the freshness of it. The robust yet light batter gets golden and crisp in the fryer and that helps enclose and protect the fish which is so delicate that it simply melts away. Now, who can not like that!

The prices are affordable as well with Dory costing $10 and salmon going up to $17.70 so it is just perfect for a night out with friends.

AddressYou can check out the addresses of their outlets here.
ContactYou can check out their contact details here.
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Official PagesWebsite | Facebook

6. Smith’s Traditional Fish and Chip Shop


  • Traditional British Sea Cod Fish and chips
  • Generous portions
  • Gluten-free options available every Tuesday

Smith’s takes one back to the cosy shores of the British isles with a traditional British setting that relies on self-service and good food.

The fish and chips here give you a taste of England. The fish, in particular, is perfectly cooked with a crispy battered shell covering the delicate flesh with golden crispiness. Pair it up with the thick fries that are crispy on the outside and smooth on the inside. The whole fare is served with fresh salad and the meal comprises of hearty portions that’ll leave you and your soul feeling satisfied and warm.

They have an extensive menu and one is spoiled for choice between halibut, sea cod, haddock and many more. The prices are pocket-friendly as well with the Cod and Haddock costing $22 each for the small portion and $25 for the large.

Address271 Bukit Timah Road, #01-02 Balmoral Plaza, Singapore 259708
Contact+65 67379313
TimingsMonday to Friday from 11:30 am to 10:30 pm
Saturday from 09:00 am to 10:30 pm
Sunday from 12:00 pm to 08:00 pm
Official PagesWebsite | Facebook

7. Fish Tales


  • Signature fish and chips
  • Great prices
  • Other options like crab, chicken wings, etc.

With big portions, cheap prices, fresh fish, and good vibes this place has you covered for everything. Famous for the classic fish and chips set served with tartar sauce this joint is perfect for a night out with friends.

The fish is guaranteed to be top quality and fresh and the batter is a perfected formula in itself. The portion sizes in this joint are particularly hearty and let’s be honest who doesn’t love a big piece of delicate, crispy, and fresh batter-fried fish atop a considerable amount of fresh golden fries.  The flavours one will find here are rarely found elsewhere, the fish in its natural glory is uplifted by the crispy batter and a little acid from the lemon can make it simply divine. The fries too are very well made, seasoned just right they are crispy on the outside and silky smooth on the inside.

Their budget-friendly prices add to the appeal of the joint and the great food it is perfect for students who are looking for a good time with great food.

Address2 Orchard Link, SCAPE* #02-27/02-18B, Singapore 237978
Contact+65 66369960
TimingsMonday to Sunday from 12:00 pm to 10:00 pm
Official PagesWebsite | Facebook

8. Greenwood Fish Market


  • In house Fish and chips
  • Rare varieties also available
  • Fresh catch so only the freshest dishes

This joint is famous for their food particularly their fish and chips however you can also indulge in their extensive menu of shellfish to fulfil your cravings. However, everybody knows that nothing beats their fish and chips. Their in-house Fish and chips are the centre of attention here and patrons can line up for this delicacy in plain sight.

They have almost perfected battering in this joint and every piece of fish you will dig into is sure to be just perfectly battered and fried to golden crispiness. Their proportions are no joke either, the fish comes with a generous helping of fries which are to die for on their own. The fish is always fresh and the flesh turns almost silky and flaky once cooked. With just a bit of tartar sauce, the whole fare is nothing less than heavenly and it doesn’t even cost that much!

With cheap prices, hearty portions and fresh fish one is guaranteed satisfaction.

Address34 & 35, Greenwood Ave, Singapore 289236
Contact+65 64674950
TimingsMonday to Sunday from 12:00 pm to 10:00 pm
Official PagesWebsite | Facebook | Instagram

9. Angie’s Oyster Bar and Grill


  • Fresh fish and chips with lemon wedges
  • Great market prices
  • French-inspired cuisine

The joint might be an oyster bar but patrons swear by their fish and chips.

Made with the freshest of fish the taste of their product is unparalleled. The fish here is always battered perfectly creating a light and crisp golden blanket that gently wraps around the flaky-fresh delicate white flesh of the fish which is guaranteed to be perfectly cooked and seasoned. The flavours of the fish burst out of the battering and create a symphony of flavours in the mouth. This perfection is served with a generous helping of fresh golden fries that are cooked with care to perfection.

A lemon wedge tops the whole fare providing just what is needed to cut all the crispy goodness creating a flavoursome masterpiece in every bite.

Address313, Outram Road tan Boonliat Building, #02-01, Singapore 169073
Contact+65 62219555
TimingsMonday to Sunday from 12:00 pm to 10:00 pm
Official PagesWebsite | Facebook | Instagram

10. Fish and Chicks


  • Signature fish and chips for 2 ($15.90)
  • Asian-infused Western dishes
  • Generous portions with great prices

The Signature fish and chips of this joint are nothing less than famous. The dish outshines everything else on their extensive menu and patrons come back again and again for their fish and chips, they never seem to get enough of it!

The light crispy batter that embraces the fresh fish here is just perfect and the best thing is it’s never greasy. The fries are equally commendable; well seasoned, perfectly cooked, and crisp these fries are to die for and they make a perfect accompaniment to the perfect piece of fried fish.

A little bit of tartar sauce is all that’s needed to go with this marvel though a squeeze of lemon wouldn’t hurt, however, the fish speaks for itself here and everything else simply adds to the natural beauty of the fresh fish.

AddressCathay Cineleisure, 8Grange Road, B1-01, Koufu food court, Singapore 239695
Contact+65 98283490
TimingsMonday to Sunday from 11:00 pm to 09:30 pm
Official PagesWebsite | Facebook | Instagram

That ends our list of the best fish and chip places. If you’re still on the look-out for more good food, here’s a list of the best Korean cafes. Bon appetit!