2020 has been a tough year in all aspects. The rocky financial markets put a strain on the economic landscape, resulting in dramatic retrenchments and major shop closures. The events are a stark reminder for people to manage their finances more intelligently, but not everyone is equipped with the necessary knowledge to tackle this sizeable task on their own.

To begin, let us explain what exactly does a financial advisor do – and why they are absolutely vital in your financial planning.

A financial advisor allows you to develop plans for the long term to eliminate financial risk and construct wealth. They will give you a roadmap for the game that will place you on track to achieve your financial objectives.

A company must hold a financial adviser (FA)’s license to conduct financial advisory services regulated under the Financial Advisers. All financial planner come from different backgrounds and offers a wide variety of services from Life Protection, Critical Illness Protection to Employee Benefits.

Read on for our picks on the best financial advisors who excel in high quality, trustworthy, and independent financial advice.

1. JS Advisory

JS Advisory | Best in Singapore
Photo credit: JS Advisory

Established in 1997, JS Advisory is made up of a team of individuals with a diverse background and an entrepreneurial mindset. Combined with their rich personal experiences, these attributes give rise to a group of seasoned advisors with an unparalleled understanding of the varying financial conditions of clients. They are thus adept at providing highly relevant information and recommending appropriate services or products to help clients achieve their financial goals.

JS Advisory believes in forging relationships with their clients that are built upon trust and partnership. As such, they prioritize the needs of clients and act in their best interest to create a win-win situation in all transactions. Apparently, their efforts have not gone unnoticed: the firm has amassed a loyal customer base over the years that readily testifies for their pristine reputation.


  • More than two decades of expertise
  • Experienced financial advisors from diverse background
  • Long-term relationships built upon trust and partnership
Social PagesFacebook | Instagram
Address371 Alexandra Road #04-03 Singapore 159963
Contact +65 6373 5730 | jsadvisory@aia.com.sg
Business HoursOpen 24 hours daily

2. Global Financial Consultants

global financial consultants
Image credit: Global Financial Consultants

Global Financial Consultants was first formed in Australia by Bruce Barron and Ian McMahon, but has since relocated to Singapore in 2003. The group is backed by more than two decades of expertise, offering a complementary strategy comprising international wealth management and advisory products. Each strategy is primed to be the ultimate financial solution for individual clients, as it is tailored to their personal needs and preferences.

Global Financial Consultants works closely with their clients by constructing a comprehensive blueprint of financial security, for which they conduct regular reviews and updates. They strive to build confidence among clients – both towards their extensive range of services, as well as the steady growth of their own wealth.


  • More than two decades of expertise
  • Tailored financial strategies
  • Combination of international wealth management and advisory products
Address14 Robinson Road Far East Finance Building #10-01 Singapore 048545
Contact +65 6532 2711
Business Hours9 AM – 5 PM (Mon – Fri)
8.30 AM – 1.30 PM (Sat)
Closed on Sunday

3. IPP Financial Advisers Pte Ltd

IPP Financial Advisers Pte Ltd
Image credit: IPP Financial Advisers Pte Ltd

Founded in 1983, IPP Financial Advisers Pte Ltd is one of the only independently owned Licensed Financial Advisers in Singapore. Therefore, they possess a competitive edge in terms of access to an entire library of regulated financial products and platforms.

The group has multiple divisions for targeted services. In particular, the Expat Advisory Group focuses on helping international clients and expatriates capitalize on investment opportunities in Singapore. However, local and foreign investors alike can benefit from its multi-currency services, which include proactive wealth management solutions and mortgages for cross-border asset allocation. They are also exceptionally helpful in dealing with taxes on a global scale.


  • Reputed and widely acclaimed financial group
  • Multi-currency services
  • Efficient taxing solutions
Address78 Shenton Way, Singapore 079120
Contact +65 9320 9737
+65 6511 8805
Business Hours8.30 AM – 6.30 PM (Mon – Fri)

4. Synergy

Image credit: Synergy

True to its name, Synergy spotlights a streamlined wealth management process that aims to maximize the value of the clients’ investments. The services offered curate products from a collection of major life insurance companies, as well as investment funds from an approved list of professional fund managers.

The company operates on a combination of passionate advisors, technological adoption and up-to-date knowledge. They prevent stagnancy in their talent pool by organizing frequent trainings to continuously develop their competency. The success of this principle was aptly recognized in February 2020 by a Singapore Quality Class Star in Innovation and People.


  • Streamlined wealth management process
  • Curation of approved insurance products and investment funds
  • Awarded Singapore Quality Class Star in Innovation and People in February 2020
Address229 Mountbatten Road #03-30 Mountbatten Square Singapore 398007
Contact +65 6654 1888
Business Hours9 AM – 6 PM (Mon – Fri)

5. Providend

Image credit: Providend

With a strong emphasis places on ethical business conduct, Providend is Singapore’s first fee-only wealth management firm. Fuelled by a desire to eradicate the stigma surrounding foul practices in the financial advisory industry, Providend promises quality services at a flat fee. Commission earned through product engagements is subsequently rebated for the clients.

Clients start by identifying themselves with one of four categories that Providend caters to: accumulators, retirees and pre-retirees, beneficiaries of estate and expatriates in Singapore. Appropriate plans will then be crafted to address the distinct needs of each demography.


  • Fee-only management platform
  • Commission rebated for clients
  • Strong emphasis on ethical business conduct
AddressNo. 38 Duxton Hill Singapore 089616
Contact +65 6309 2488
Business Hours9 AM – 6 PM (Mon – Fri)

6. Singapore Financial Planners Pte Ltd

singapore financial planners pte ltd
Image credit: Singapore Financial Planners Pte Ltd

Singapore Financial Planners primarily deals with personal financial strategies. The company welcomes affluent investors and amateurs alike. They create a friendly and inviting atmosphere for complete beginners to commence their journey to financial freedom.

Certified financial advisors at the firm comb through hundreds of case studies to glean a better understanding of the needs and goals of clients. They regularly undergo training to cultivate advanced analytical skills, which are crucial for identifying gaps in financial portfolios.


  • Friendly for complete beginners
  • Ever-growing collection case studies for valuable insights
  • Regular employee training for up-to-date practices
Contact +65 9631 9431
Business HoursOpen 24 hours daily

7. Karen Tang Certified Financial Planner

Karen Tang Certified Financial Planner
Image credit: Karen Tang Certified Financial Planner

Founder Karen Tang of Karen Tang Certified Financial Planner is a graduate of University of Calgary in Alberta, Canada. Working as a business analyst and change management consultant at an international bank for nine years, Tang was fully geared before she leapt into Singapore’s wealth management industry in 2005.

As both a Certified Financial Planner and Associate Estate Planning Practitioner (AEPP), Tang utilizes her expertise and experience to help clients navigate financial growth and preservations. She employs a holistic approach towards financial planning and has won praise for her affable, patient personality as well as attention to detail.


  • Decades worth of education and expertise in relevant fields
  • Certified Financial Planner
  • Associate Estate Planning Practitioner (AEPP)
Address133 New Bridge Road #20-06/08, Chinatown Point, Singapore 059413
Contact +65 6252 8500
Business Hours9 AM – 6 PM (Mon – Fri)
10 AM – 1 PM (Sat)
Closed on Sunday

8. SingCapital Pte Ltd

Image credit: SingCapital Pte Ltd

SingCapital Pte Ltd is licensed by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) under the Financial Adviser Act. They are also an exempt direct insurance broker for General Insurance. The firm guarantees quality financial services to help clients attain their goals through well-crafted objectives and cost-effective methods.

The company provides free personal financial health check worth S$250 when clients complete an interest indication form on their website. Individuals looking to get started on wealth management could seize the opportunity to assess their financial standing.


  • Licensed by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) under the Financial Adviser Act
  • An exempt direct insurance broker for General Insurance
  • Free personal financial health check upon completion of online interest indication form
Address60 Paya Lebar Rd, #09-01 Paya Lebar Square, Singapore 409051
Contact +65 6801 4088
Business Hours9 AM – 6 PM (Mon – Fri)
Closed on Saturday and Sunday

9. Advisors’ Clique

advisors' clique
Image credit: Advisors’ Clique

Advisors’ Clique is a representative of the Great Eastern Financial Advisers Private Limited (GEFA). It began 15 years ago and has since evolved into a dynamic group of appraised financial advisors. The team now boasts 350 associates and 15 directors, all of whom united by a shared vision “to leave a legacy by paying it forward”.

As such, Advisors’ Clique projects into the future while aligning the goals and expectations of clients during their services. Through their association with Great Eastern, they are privy to a list of prestigious partners in both the finance and insurance scenes.


  • A team of 350 associates and 15 directors
  • Expert projection of financial future for clients
  • Representative of the Great Eastern Financial Advisers Private Limited (GEFA)
AddressGreat Eastern Center, 1 Pickering St, #07-03/04, Singapore 048659
Contact +65 6854 7575
Business HoursNA

10. PolicyPal

Image credit: PolicyPal

When her mother was denied insurance claim for her cancer treatment, Val was alerted to the fact that most people do not fully comprehend their insurance policies. The stressful ordeal – having to handle demanding financial complications on top of difficult emotions – prompted Val to set up a digital wealth management platform. PolicyPal is hence born out of the intention to disseminate financial proficiency to the general public.

PolicyPal is the first alumni of Singapore regulator MAS Fintech Sandbox. They are a licensed insurance broker with over 30 insurance partners, which allows for effective comparisons and informed decision-making.


  • Friendly to general public
  • First company to graduate from Singapore regulator MAS Fintech Sandbox
  • Licensed insurance broker with over 30 insurance partners
Address20 Collyer Quay, Singapore 049319
Contact +65 3163 9184
Business Hours9 AM – 7 PM (Mon – Fri)

While financial planning is an undeniably important aspect of adult life, individuals have extremely varied needs. There is also specific coverage that arises from circumstances, such as maternity insurance and car insurance for vehicle owners. Nonetheless, it always helps to get professional advice and sufficient education before making a long-term decision.