Everyone loves their finances and likes to manage wealth more effectively. But a simple man may find it difficult to understand the fancy terms related to finances and loans to manage his expenses. That’s where finance blogs come into play. Finance bloggers are written by financial experts usually based upon their experience about savings and wealth management. The best thing about a finance blog is that it is written in easy vocabulary making it understandable.

So, if you are finding it difficult to manage your wealth and assets, why not read some finance blogs according to your situation. Now you might think that there are thousands of finance blogs online. But don’t worry, as we have shortlisted the best finance blogs you should follow in 2021.

Importance of Finance Blogs

Finance blogs make your wealth management task quite easier. When you read the latest financial situations and things coming up in the near future, you can get things ready before time. Furthermore, you can also manage your resources effectively if facing any problem. Finance bloggers share their experience that can be used to shape up your wealth resources for effective use. 

Many blogs related to finance and monetary situations are available on the internet. However, to make your task easier, we have shortlisted the best 21 finance blogs in 2021.

1. The Motley Fool


  • Investment advice
  • Mutual Funds 
  • Finance management 

Posting Frequency: Daily updates 

The Motley Fool is the top finance blog on our list. The history of this blog site is as old as 1993 when two brothers started this finance company to provide financial insight to people. Now its reach is over many countries around the globe including Singapore.

You can compare different stocks, track their growth, and also decide to invest in the stocks. Similarly, the blog also advises you to manage your mutual/annual funds to increase them. Finance management is the basic purpose that attracts people to these blogs. The Motley Fool takes care of this problem too. Also, you can get a lot of advisors who help you to manage the resources through their writings.  

2. A Path to Forever Financial Freedom


  • Financial Security 
  • Personal Finances 
  • Investment-related matters

Posting Frequency: 1 post/week 

Brian Halim is a young financial blogger whose story can be an inspiration for many young individuals. He writes weekly finance blogs for young and aged people that includes the content to manage personal finances.

Finance blogs of Halim also emphasize on the importance of financial securities and motivate the individuals to invest the funds in something useful despite having a secure job. His blogs also constitute his personal stories related to success. Brain Halim started blogging back in 2011 and has written about 650 blogs till now helping individuals about their finances. If you are a young motivated individual, then do follow these blogs by Brian Halim. 

3. Fifth Person 


  • Investment in stock markets 
  • Current financial scenarios 
  • International markets  

Posting Frequency: Daily updates 

The Fifth Person was established by 5 finance experts who are not only known for their expertise in the market but also for their writing abilities. The finance blogs are focused on stock markets, financial scenarios, debt ratios, and also on international markets.

The main purpose of the founders is to instill the basic financial knowledge in the minds of the reader. Moreover, they want you to lead a happy life by increasing your finances. You can follow the guidelines provided in the daily blogs to invest your finances in suitable stocks or funds. Thus, do follow their finance blogs to increase your knowledge regarding a wider financial viewpoint. 

4. SG Budget Babe

SG Budget Babe


  • Reducing expenses
  • Increasing the savings  
  • Insurance information 
  • CPF Hacks  

Posting Frequency: 1 post/10 days 

Many Singaporeans involved in finances might have heard the name of SG Budget Babe. That is because she has won many awards due to her writings involving the ‘Top 60 Budget Blogs’ and ‘Top 75 Singapore Investment Blogs’. Her blog has since grown to over 10 million reads and Dawn continues to inspire many others through her personal journey.

Dawn is famously known for her ability to simplify complicated financial concepts into easily understood messages for the masses. In her blog, Budget Babe, she provides tips on how to reduce expenses, maximize savings, CPF hacks, invest for greater gains, and more. If you want to know about personal finance, insurance, and how to build a financially secure life, SG Budget Babe is a must-read.

5. Dollars and Sense  


  • Savings  
  • Investment scenarios  
  • Property future 
  • Monetary policies   

Posting Frequency: Posts every two days 

If you are new in finance, then you must read the digital blogs of Dollars and Sense. The digital publisher is focusing on improving the financial status of the country and aims Singapore to be a financially stable place for the investors. For this purpose, it is helping and motivating the local investors to come forward.

Dollars and Sense are also educating potential investors through fun to read content enhancing their knowledge. Thus if you are a newbie and unaware of technical jargon, then read the e-blogs of Dollars and Sense to enhance your knowledge. 

6. SG Money Matters

Access sgmoneymatters.com. SGMoneyMatters - Fee-Based Financial ...


  • Financial Freedom
  • Money-saving 
  • Early Retirement Strategies 
  • Investments Ideas

Posting Frequency: 1 post/10 days

Money matters and so does your dreams of living a wealthy and comfortable life. Who doesn’t want financial freedom especially after retirement? SG Money Matters is one of the leading finance blogs that will help you with managing your finances in a better way. You will get knowledgeable insights into the stock market and investment plans. In addition, investing money in the right places and early retirement strategies will surely help you gain financial freedom.

The finance blogs have one core task that is to enhance your finances. The finance blogs motivate you to save your existing money and to enhance the income sources to achieve your goals. 

7. Financial Mechanics


  • Career climbing   
  • Saving for independence  
  • Investment  
  • Not repeating her mistakes     

Posting Frequency: Weekly posts (Sometimes 2 posts/2 weeks) 

Finance mechanics as the name indicates is a blogging website developed by a mechanical engineer turned programmer. She shares her financial experience and motivates people to save money to achieve their life goals.

In addition to motivation, she also shares the way that helped her for a career transition. Furthermore, her blogs also discuss her mistakes that gave her financial setbacks. Thus, the finance mechanic suggests you save big to achieve big. Do follow her blogs to get an instant inspirational boost. 

8. T.U.B Investing


  • Investment Tips   
  • Financial Insights
  • Investing for Passive Income
  • Financial Trends and Growth   

Posting Frequency: 2/3 posts/Month

Who else can guide you better about growing your finances and investments other than an experienced player in the field? Yes, this finance blog is run by an experienced and successful investor. It gives knowledgable insights to its readers concerning the finance world, investment opportunities, and growth tips to generate passive income. Unlike other finance blogs discussing frugality, blogs from this individual are rather thorough and well-researched which gives an aim to the reader.

If you are looking for some good investment tips and to generate passive income, do give these blogs a read. In addition, it will help you invest in the right places at the right time to improve your financial status with multiple income streams. 

9. 10 Year Target  


  • Long term investment plans  
  • Money-saving 
  • Investment at the right time  
  • Virtual currency    

Posting Frequency: 4 post/month

As the name indicates, the blogs are more focused on long term investment rather than a quick increase in your finances. The author has clear cut plans that help you invest in the right places according to current world scenarios.

The blogs also focus on the importance of virtual currency, and other latest money earning options. If you want to invest your finances for long-term benefits, then go through the blogs of 10-year targets. 

10. Lady, You Can be Free


  • Investment in stocks  
  • Monthly Stock Reports 
  • Financial Freedom

Posting Frequency: 1-2 Posts/Month

We have shortlisted yet another amazing finance blog website for you to follow in 2020. This inspiring lady has gained financial freedom by generating passive income through various income streams. The hands-on experience of the financial world is depicted in the monthly stock reports posted on the blog. The investment tips, suggestions, and stock reports of Singapore and US give the readers a broader perspective of the financial world.

Furthermore, you can improve your credentials and knowledge of the stock markets to invest in the well-performing stocks. Give her blogs a good read and you will know it is worth your time.

11. Just Start Investing    


  • Investment    
  • Credit cards   
  • Other banking problems   
  • Savings  

Posting Frequency: 1 post/week 

If you have certain fears regarding the loss of your finances or facing difficulty in meeting financial needs, then Just start investing offers you many solutions.

Going through their blogs, you will find posts regarding best credit card investments, stock investment, and other banking solutions. Furthermore, Just start investing offers other blogs that involve ways other than stocks to enhance your finances such as mutual funds, retirement funds, educational funds, etc. If you are a new person in this complex finance market, then do go through their blogs before taking a final decision. 

12. Educator FI    


  • Educational funds   
  • Career building   
  • Independence   
  • Salary increase for teachers 

Posting Frequency: 1 post/week

We have shortlisted Educator FI for the ones who are connected with any educational institute. Either you are a student or a teacher, Educator FI has a lot to offer for you.

The author has written finance blogs for students to build their career and money saving techniques as a student. In addition to this, Educator FI has certain blogs to help students with educational funds and student loans. Even if you are a teacher or at any post in the educational institute, the blog site has certain ways to increase your salary and its effective usage. 

13. Financial Tortoise 


  • Student loans    
  • Effective insurance policies  
  • Book reviews  
  • Retirement policies  

Posting Frequency: 1 post/month 

We could not understand the name of the finance blogging site when first read. But when we saw the posting frequency, we got why they are calling themselves a tortoise.

If you are pressured due to enhanced financial expenditures and could not save for the future of your kids, then do give a read to these blogs. Low posting frequency but high-quality content is the reason for the success of this blogging site. The blogs will certainly help you with effective insurance policies, and book reviews that will increase your knowledge regarding this monetary world. 

14. Seedly   


  • Bank loans  
  • Side income   
  • International markets  
  • Mutual funds and lifestyle 

Posting Frequency: Daily posting 

Many Singaporeans are weak in financial terms and jargon but don’t worry as Seedly provides a solution. Seedly might be known for its finance tracking application in Singapore but have you ever given a read to its articles?

Seedly has blogs covering a wide range of topics from financial investments to side income. Even if Seedly blogs are able to provide you an insight if you are thinking of investing in international markets. You can also search about improved lifestyle and mutual funds by reading these blogs. Thus, Singapore has a lot to offer for investment. You just have to choose the right institute and time. 

15. A Singaporean Stocks Investor   


  • Posts for saving freaks
  • Investment in stocks  
  • Smart finance management  
  • Cheap and quality lifestyle  

Posting Frequency: 2 posts/week

The blogs on this page are not only about the stock exchange but cover a wide range of topics. The author is a cautious spender while his parents used to spend freely. End results were fewer savings and a decrease in the life-standard.

For instance, he shares his parental experience in the blogs to inspire the readers, preventing them from making the same mistakes. The readers can find about smart finance management, getting quality life in limited spending, and also the best-grossing stocks of the year in these posts. 

16. Investor Moats    


  • Managing and growing finances 
  • Investing in useful resources   
  • Long term market trends   
  • Technical analysis of stocks   

Posting Frequency: 2 posts/week

Investor Moats is another great finance blog you should follow in 2020. The downfall in the financial situation of 2020 has alerted everyone and they are looking for ways to increase the income. People are investing finances in useful resources to increase them but some of them fail due to lack of knowledge. Investor Moats and its articles can assist you in investing in the right places in this pandemic situation. 

17. Got Money, Got Honey   


  • Personal finance issues 
  • Investment in Singaporean resources   
  • Funds management   
  • Reliable business sources   

Posting Frequency: 1 posts/10 days

Got Money, Got Honey is a sort of personal finance blog system that consists of stories from the author’s life. In addition, if you are facing any personal finance issues, try reading out the blogs that guide you to invest in useful resources. Furthermore, they also facilitate you in fund management leading to a happy life. 

18. Jeraldine Phneah 


  • Savings 
  • Living a dream life   
  • Personal funds management  

Posting Frequency: 1 posts/week

If you want to live a dream life and save for your future, do read the blogs by Jeraldine Phneah. Not only are these blogs motivating for the students but they also instill a spirit of saving in the adults. These blogs help you to develop a plan that will lead to the accomplishment of your dream things. 

19. Financial Horse  


  • Income on stocks 
  • Mutual funds   
  • Shares 
  • Economic trends   

Posting Frequency: 2 posts/weekend

The financial horse was established with the goal of helping the investors to find the best for them. This purpose is accomplished by its blogs. You can find blogs on stocks, mutual funds, and shares. If you want to know about the latest economic trend try giving a look at their blogs again as they often discuss current world financial scenarios. 

20. Singapore IPOs


  • Company’s analysis 
  • Stock market situation   
  • When to invest?  
  • Investment quantity  

Posting Frequency: 2 posts/week

The next blog in our list is Singapore IPOs. A blog dedicated to the analysis of the financial situation of current companies listed on SGX. You can go through the blogs to determine the situation of different companies and when to invest in them. Similarly, the bloggers also suggest the investment quantity invest in particular stocks for maximum profit. 

21. Smart Wealth


  • Retirement plans
  • Investment strategies
  • Personal finance
  • Will writing
  • CPF guide

Posting Frequency: 4 posts/month

The next blog that we would like to introduce to this list is Smart Wealth. Smart Wealth is a blog that aims to provide value upfront by covering a multitude of personal finance topics so that you can remain educated and informed. The team at Smart Wealth goes further by ensuring all their content is properly referenced with data and research. Most importantly, you do not have to worry about the accuracy and validity of information on this blog. Smart Wealth forms their opinions based on objectivity so ultimately, you can make your own decisions!

22. PyInvesting


  • Investment strategies
  • Trading
  • Stocks
  • Money and finance

The final blog that we would like to introduce in this list is PyInvesting. Passionate about technology and finance, Ivan, the founder of PyInvesting, sought out to teach others the strategies and methods they could adopt to become financially independent. The blog will teach you how to achieve your financial goals by building passive income, as well as shed light on investment strategies and methods of trading that can help you to grow your wealth.

So, whether you are a beginner trader or a seasoned trader, PyInvesting will have many useful tools and resources for you on your journey to financial independence!

Posting Frequency: 2 posts/month

So, the world of finance can be a rough ride for an amateur. A wrong decision can result in the loss of all your savings and finances. Whereas a good decision could help you achieve your dream lifestyle. Finance blogs are specially dedicated to helping you make the correct decision according to your plans and finances. So go through our shortlisted finance blogs and analyze your current situation to shortlist one. Follow the guidelines and welcome to a well managed financial life. 

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