Living in the 21st Century, life without the internet is virtually impossible. With many of us working from home from here on, having steady and fast internet connectivity can either make or break our day. Thus, given the majority of our time is spent online now, without further ado, the following is the list of Best 5 Fibre Broadband Services in Singapore that everyone can consider for your next subscription. 

Factors For Considerations

Choosing fibre broadband can be overwhelming for beginners. However, you should consider some factors before you decide which is the right one for you.

What is Your Needs?

Are you looking for fibre broadband for School, Netflix, or gaming purposes? You might be wondering why the need to differentiate between these. In fact, this will determine the speed you should get and the broadband accessories to better support your needs.


Different subscription packages come with different prices. Since these are usually a portion of your monthly expenses, thus all the more you will have to choose your fibre subscription service more carefully.


Most offer broadband speeds at 300Mbp, 500Mbp, 1Gbps, and 2Gbps. If you are planning to surf your social media, you would not need to have high-speed broadband. Likewise for internet surfing.

Contract Length

Many places offering 12 months and 24 months contracts, which can be quite a hassle. Especially if you are only getting fibre broadband as a temporary solution before you move house or migrate to other places.

In this case, some places offer no-contract basis fibre subscriptions, so you don’t have to worry about having to pay a large sum of cancellation fees before your contract period ends.

Starhub is renowned for providing fibre broadband plans that establish rapid and secured internet connections at economical prices. For instance, at only $62.90 a month, users can access an Internet speed of 2 Gbps, which is compatible with streaming videos, playing online games, and browsing social media platforms without any technical buffers.

The connection is backed by a trustworthy, swift, and stable fibre-optic network. Thus, users will never experience a slow connection again when subscribed to Starhub.

In addition, if you sign up for their 24-month contract, there will be a bonus of free 2 months’ worth of subscription. To further add on to the perks, its service installation and activation come complimentary! All the above factors combined make Starhub deserving of topping our ‘Best Fibre Broadband Services in Singapore’ list.


  • Free Installation and activation
  • Free 2-month subscription
  • 24/7 Customer Service Hotline (1633
  • Free ROG gaming router
  • Best Suited: Long-Term Contract
Contract Period
500Mbps29.9024 months
1Gbps[Online Exclusive]
39.90 (24 months)
49.90 (12 months)
12/24 months
2Gbps0.00 (for the 1st month), subsequently 62.9024 months

2) M1

Catered to providing online gamers with a fibre broadband plan that meets their technical specifications, M1 offers GamePro, which professional and novice gamers reviewed that is the best.

Gamepro is more expensive at $52 per month. Nonetheless, this plan is ideal for you for your smooth and consistent gameplay.

Additionally, the GamePro plan also prioritizes the traffic of the network. This is to make available seamless gameplay, high-resolution graphics, and mainly a stable Internet connection. Thus, it’s time to bid farewell to faulty and unstable fibre broadband connections!


  • Prioritised traffic
  • Overseas servers
  • Customer Service Hotline (1627)
  • Best Suited: Online Gaming Sessions
    • Smoother game play
    • Free Gaming router
Contract Period
500Mbps29.90 (24 months)
39.90 (12 months)
12/24 months
1Gbps39.90 (24 months)
49.90 (12 months)
12/24 months
Gamepro 1Gbps52.0024 months

3) Singtel

Notable as one of the top Internet providers that offer optimum fibre broadband, Singtel customers who subscribed to their fibre broadband plan get to enjoy an Internet speed of 1Gbps at only $44.90 a month!

Besides that, Singtel is popular for providing stable internet connections, so users may cast their worries away when binge-watching an entertaining drama series on HBO without experiencing intermittent web connectivity.

Moreover, for existing subscribers of Singtel, customers will be awarded 10% off for their mobile subscription plan. Nevertheless, new subscribers of Singtel will receive registration for free, an AC router, and a 10% rebate to their mobile subscription. Overall, Singtel provides one of the best and most reliable fibre broadband services in Singapore.


  • Trustworthy customer service
  • Free Installation and activation
  • Free Registration
  • Customer Service Hotline (1688)
  • Most Suited: Proficient Customer Service
  • Online Exclusive Deals
Contract Period
1Gbps44.9024 months
1Gbps with Wifi Mesh49.9024 months
2Gbps with Mesh Extender62.9024 months
10Gbps with Mesh Extender169.0024 months

4) WhizComms

whizcomms fibre broadband singapore

Founded in 2016, WhizComms has been enhancing the lives of Singaporeans with swift and stable Internet connections.

WhizComms aims to offer quality services at affordable prices to enable more people to benefit from their services. Thus, their efforts in attaining the highest quality standard.

For as low as $34 a month, users get to tap on an Internet speed that accelerates up to 1Gbps. If customers are not prepared to commit to a 24-month contract, they can opt for the 12-month contract at a slightly higher price.

Moreover, both plans are also tagged with discounts and promotions such as free Viu subscriptions, service fee waivers, free audit services, and more. Overall, WhizComms is truly one of the best fibre broadband services in Singapore.


  • Free Installation and Activation
  • Customer Service Hotline (+65 3109 0088)
  • Shorter contract commitment
  • Most Suited: Short-Term Contracts at Economical Prices
  • Free Delivery
Contract Period
300Mbps28.00 (24 months)
32.00 (12 months)
12/24 months
1Gbps34.00 (24 months)
40.00 (12 months)
12/24 months
1Gbps with Wireless Router Plan39.00 (24 months)
47.00 (12 months)
12/24 months
1Gbps with Mesh Wifi Solution Plan49.0024 months
1Gbps with Mesh Wifi 6 Plan56.0024 months

5) MyRepublic

my republic fibre broadband singapore

Last but not the least, MyRepublic fibre broadband plans allow each family household to acquire rapid and secure internet connection daily.

In contrast to other fibre broadband plans, the plans offered by MyRepublic will typically be slightly costly as it comes with technologically advanced Wifi Routers that can cover the entire home with secured and fast Internet connectivity. The plans also include a free Google Assistant that can be utilized for additional help around the house. Amongst the highlights is a phone line for home usage and servicing fees for installation and activation.

All in All, MyRepublic offers an excellent plan and nicely rounds off our ‘Best Fibre Broadband Services in Singapore’ list!


  • Stable and Speedy internet connection
  • Customer Service Hotline (+65 6717 1680)
  • Safe established network
  • Most Suited: Family Internet Coverage
  • Availability of Google Assistant
Contract Period
200Mbps28.00 (24 months)
32.00 (12 months)
24 months
1Gbps50.9912 months
1Gbps59.99No Contract

To Conclude

Consider ourselves fortunate to be living on this little red dot, where even the slowest internet fibre broadband plan is moderately quick, so that users get to indulge in gaming, browsing of social media, school research, and video streaming at the comfort of their homes.

It will be advisable to conduct prior research to ensure one understands the terms and conditions completely before ultimately settling for one subscription plan.

We have come to the end of our list of the top 5 best fibre broadband services to consider for the next subscription in Singapore. Any of the five options mentioned will definitely establish fast and reliable internet services for households islandwide.

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Happy Surfing!