Do you have limited floor space and find yourself unable to accommodate visitors at home? Extendable dining tables offer the perfect solution.  These types of dining tables can be stored away when not in use. Your family will no longer have bulky and large tables crowding your small space. When choosing extendable tables, always go for those that are very easy to fix. A table that you can be set up without using complicated techniques or tools is ideal. There are a variety of styles available such as round, oval, or rectangular. Other important things to check are the dimensions, material used, and the brand.

Without further ado, here are the best ten extendable dining tables you can get in Singapore.

1. Spaceman

Wings ~ compact coffee/dining table | Spaceman Innovations Pte Ltd
Photo credit: Spaceman

Spaceman designs furniture that takes less space in homes without compromising on style and quality. Their tables comprise ceramics, glass, mortar, and wood. Spaceman tables can accommodate twelve people when fully extended.

This table’s unique feature is that it can be folded into a thin fold and hence easily stored away. The table is unfolded during the dinning time.

The unique features of spaceman include:

  • They offer other kinds of furniture, such as sofa beds.
  • The dining tables can serve different functions.
  • Spaceman tables occupy less space thus making them convenient and space-efficient.

Visit spaceman today and get yourself an elegant extendable table.

2. Hipvan’s Roden Dining Table

Photo credit: Hipvan

Hipvan stocks a Roden dining table, which has an elegant design and will therefore give a modern finish to your house. The table is constructed from solid wood and the perfect smooth finish gives it an appealing and luxurious look.

This large dining table has a good prolongation to maximize space and can accommodate quite a number of people. It is suitable for modern home décor that is minimalistic in its aesthetics.

The key features of this table include:

  • Available in two colours – natural and cocoa.
  • The table comes with a five-year warranty.
  • Price inclusive of assembling costs.
  • Mobile app service available
  • Availability of different finishes.

Get your Roden extendable dining table here.

3. Laholm’s Kiros Extendable Dining Table

Photo credit: Hipvan

Kiros extendable dining table is made from wood, has angled legs, bevelled edges, and a simple finish. The tint gives Kiros an elegance that lights your room. The smooth finishing also gives this table a classy, sleek look.

Every family makes tender memories from gathering and subsequently sharing a meal at a table. Kiros table can accommodate ten guests when fully extended. It can be retracted and folded to save more space.

Other key features of Kiros extendable dining table include:

  • Available in black and oak white.
  • Made from oak veneer and solid oak.
  • The table comes with a five-year warranty.
  • Free assembly is inclusive of the total price.

Get your Kiros extendable dining table here.

4. Nook and Cranny’s City Extendable Dining Table

Image credit: Danish design

Nook and cranny is a brand that features furniture pieces that are ideal for outdoor spaces, dining areas, living areas, and bedroom furniture. They have a stock of industrial extendable dining tables. The table can be pulled out, then put away. Nook and cranny give a sophisticated and hence classy style to your living space.

The city’s extendable dining table brings a stunning look to your home that definitely will complement your style. It can be easily moved due to the handy hidden wheels and can extend up to 2 meters long to accommodate many guests.

The key features of these tables include:

  • Made of solid wood, and the metal parts are then treated with anti-rust material.
  • The dining table comes with a one-year warranty against manufacture’s defects.
  • Free assembly available.

Get your city extendable dining table here.

5. Danish Design’s Double up Extendable Dining Table

Doubleup Extendable Dining Table - Danish Design Co
Photo credit: Danish Design

The double extendable dining table is precast elegantly and functionally. It has a single flip on the top to maximize space. The company ensures its products have undergone rigorous tests, thus, as a customer, you’re guaranteed to be receving a product of top-notch quality.

The double up dining table adds a comfortable yet luxurious feel to any room. The warm tone of the table is versatile, and can readily match the dining seats you already have.

All in all, the double up extended dining table is an edgy crafted table with a minimalistic touch. It will no doubt meet all your dining needs.

Key Features of Double up extendable table include:

  • The table comes with a five-year warranty on any manufacturing defects. The warranty, however, does not cover damages that occur from use.
  • Free assembly available on purchase.
  • It is made from manufactured wood with proper finishing.

Get your double expandable dining table here.

6. Slice Extendable Dining Table – Soul & Tables

Oak Slice extendable dining table 8 x 8 cm 140-220/90/77 | Soul & Tables
Photo credit: Soul &Tables

Soul and Tables Slice extendable dining table is definitely one of the best extendable dining table around. You can adjust the table’s length can be in order to accommodate more people. When not in use, you can simply slide the table hidden underneath. If you purchase the double type, just spread to get the table on top.

Slice extendable table is perfect for both indoor and outdoor spaces, therefore, worth every cent you spend. It’s a signature craft design that features unique cutting at the perimeter top. Its tabletop tends to rest nicely above.

The key features of the table include:

  • It can accommodate four people and up to ten people when fully extended.
  • Made in Indonesia.
  • The table is available in teak or oak, hence giving it a classic finish.

7. Wihardia’s Benton Teak Extendable Dining Table

Wihardia is a globally-acclaimed furniture manufacturer. They have experienced carpenters and artisans who have a great passion for making unique designs that are still functional enough to meet customer needs.

They utilise suar and teak wood in the manufacturing of their extendable dining tables. It is of premium quality and highly versatile. For this reason, you are sure of the extended shelf life of your extendable dining table.

The Benton teak extendable dining table has the following highlights:

  • Extends to a length of two meters hence can accommodate ten people.
  • Very trendy designs thus giving your house a modern finish.
  • High customer satisfaction and ratings.
  • The table comes with a six-month warranty on any structural damage.
  • Made from solid teak wood.
  • The table is 75cm in length.

Get your Benton teak extendable dining table from Wihardia today.

8. Ikea’s INGATORP Round Extendable Table

Image Credit:

Ikea is a leading brand that offers furniture that saves space and is also very stylish. The Ikea round table is lovely and matches the interior decors in your living area. Its round design offers a wholeness character to your home.

The Ikea round table is ideal for small spaces since it conceals the dining function at one location. With the round shape, every member can socialize since you are facing each other. The traditional look makes it elegant and stylish with craftsmanship detaild on the leg.

Other unique features of the Ikea Ingratorp round extendable table include:

  • Available in white and black colour.
  • Comes with a warranty.
  • It has a diameter of 110 to 155cms.

Get your Ikea Ingatorp round extendable table today.

9. Miss3 Smart Dining Table

Image Credit:

Miss3 elegant dining table is the best extendable dining table you can get in Singapore. The table has aluminium locks and joints, therefore, it can be expanded to your desired length. A great feature of this table is that you can extend it on both sides. When fully extended, it can fit six people

The table has a simple design that occupies less space in your home. Hence, it saves space, gives a final neat and minimalistic space.

Key features of this table include:

  • Fitted with a layer that is fire resistant.
  • It has an additional layer that is resistant to water and scratches.
  • The table has a one-year warranty.
  • Available in white colour.

You can get your Miss3 elegant dining table in Singapore here.

10. Hipvan Rikku Extendable Oval Dining Table

Image Credit:

The rikku dining table is made from metal and wood. You can, therefore, extend the table to fit six people. The table’s unique design makes it ideal in most homes. The metallic legs match many interior decors in modern homes. On the other hand, the oval shape unifies a family making socialization over meals possible.

The rikku extendable oval dining table is the best functional and stylish table in the market. You won’t regret it if you went for this prime table.

Other features of Rikku extendable oval dining table include:

  • Available in white colour.
  • Fitted with a white tabletop, thus giving it a classy finish.
  • It comes with a warranty like other dining tables.

Get your Rikku dining table in Singapore here.

11. Born In Colour

As the name suggests, the Guri Oak Scandinavian Extendable Round Dining Table enables the extension of the dining table to become a spacious round table for 6 pax. It can also be converted into a rectangular table comfortable for 4 persons to suit your dining preferences. Select from a huge array of designs and sizes from our table catalogue to suit your needs. They say that the best family time is mealtime, and Born In Colour concur on that with 2 hands up so rest assured that these signature dining tables will make it the most enjoyable time of your day

Key Features:

  • Convertible
  • Solid American White Oak Wood
  • Space-saving ideal for small homes
  • Functional, Practical, Built to last

The best extendable dining tables are ideal for saving space. They are also for multipurpose use; both indoor dining and outdoor dining. Extendable dining tables are available in many designs like rectangular, square, and round. You, therefore, have a wide range of styles to select one that suits your needs.

While the best extendable dining tables in Singapore transform your living space and offer a whole new dining experience, you should shop carefully. It is essential to always look for bargains, best offers, discounts available, and customer reviews on the product.

Always go for dining tables that have a warranty. Even with a warrant, remember to also handle your dining table with caution. Besides, avoid causing structural damage, scratches, and clean appropriately after use. Get yourself these elegant and sturdy extendable tables today!