Choosing the best cuisine in Singapore is not an easy endeavor. Luckily, the town is full of different cuisines from all over the globe. The abundance of chefs from different parts of the world, make the Singapore restaurant industry vibrant and diverse. They bring with them their know-how and authentic touch, to launch exotic restaurants that wow our taste buds. Therefore, if you’re yearning for a unique world-class dining experience, hit up one of the restaurants in our list of the 8 best exotic restaurants in Singapore today!

1. Odette

exotic restaurant odette

Only established shy of five years ago, Odette has grown to become one of the best restaurants in the world. The vast experience and dedication of the chef and owner of Odette, Julien, has made Odette a world-class establishment. Taking strong inspiration from her grandmother, head-chef Julien has a deep understanding of flavour profiles. Her natural culinary instincts has allowed her to transform simple and pure ingredients into the most remarkable dishes.

Her love and dedication for cooking is apparent in her dishes. Odette’s food is rooted in French cuisine but fuses familiar South-Asian flavors to bring every dish to a whole new level.

Lastly, the exquisite wines available at Odette compliment the ravishing dishes and the beautiful interior even more. Moreover, Odette truly has everything that a person could ever need to enjoy an exceptional time with friends and family. The Odette experience exemplifies divine art and out-of-this-world flavors.

Location: 1 St Andrew’s Rd, #01-04 National Gallery, Singapore 178957

2. Shabestan

Shabestan puts the best in ‘best exotic restaurants in Singapore’. Recently crowned as the Best Persian Restaurant in Singapore, they truly live up to the title. From their interior to the food, everything about Shabestan screams authentic.

Their hand-crafted Persian food features the finest of premium Halal produce and unique ingredients such as saffron and pomegranates. Eventually, Each dish is truly prepared with much love and attention. Enjoy the juiciest grilled kebabs, crunchy falafels, and Baghlava to end off your spectacular meal on a sweet note. Certainly, your dining experience will definitely be one for the books. Soak in the luxurious Arabian night ambience as you indulge on the most authentic and more-ish taste of Persia at Shabestan.

Location: The Pier @ Robertson, 80 Mohamed Sultan Road #01-13, Singapore 239013

3. Alma by Juan Amador

exotic restaurant Alma by Juan Amador
source: facebook

Located in the heart of the city, Alma by Juan Amador is one of the best restaurants in Singapore that offers an incredibly exotic menu. Since its establishment, it has been a must-visit for foodie travellers from all around the world. Its culinary excellence and amazing hospitality have led the restaurant to win the travellers choice award in 2018. Therefore, it is considered the best among eleven thousand restaurants in Singapore.

Alma features amazing European cuisines, but integrates tempting Asian flavours in its dishes to create a delicious dining experience for its customers. The blend of Asian ingredients with European flavours is what makes their dishes distinct and attractive. All in all, bringing people the real joy of food through experiencing unique culinary themes is Alma’s food philosophy.

Location: 22 Scotts Rd, Singapore 228221

4. Labyrinth

labyrinth exotic restaurant
source: facebook

Labyrinth by Chef LG Han is an exquisite expression of Singaporean cuisine. Eventually, a banker turned chef has brought local Singaporean flavours to a whole new level by exploring traditional recipes and transforming them into a modern work-of-art. His plating is simply exquisite, and makes the dining experience at Labyrinth even more special.

In short, his continuous pursuit to challenge the different myths and flavours of food is what has led to the successful establishment of Labyrinth. Therefore, to have a taste of genius innovation and creativity, head down to Labyrinth today!

Location:  8 Raffles Ave, 02-23, Singapore 039802

5. Waku Ghin

Waku Ghin exotic restaurant
source: facebook

This celebrity chef restaurant is one of the finest dining establishments in Singapore. Head Chef Tetsuya, found his passion for cooking at a very early age, and have started to discover new and exciting flavours since then. He is an expert at transforming humble local ingredients into exquisite dishes with complex flavour profiles.

Waku Ghin features a Japanese-European culinary theme, and showcases diversity in their food and drinks. Therefore, each of their dishes are carefully planned and perfectly executed. Eventually, your senses are in for a great treat if you choose to dine at Waku Ghin.

Location: Level 2 Dining, L2-01 The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands, 2 Bayfront Ave, Singapore 018956

6. Candlenut

source: facebook

Firstly, Candlenut is considered the world’s very first Michelin starred Peranakan Cuisine restaurant. This restaurant aims to enhance traditional Chinese flavours with creativity and innovation, and to shine a spotlight on Peranakan culture and dishes.

Hence, the modern twist on traditional Peranakan dishes attracts many people to Candlenut. Moreover, Candlenut delivers an amazing culinary experience to its customers through the incorporation of tasty seasonal produce in their recipes and menus. Candlenut is worthy of being in our list of the best exotic cuisines in Singapore!

Location: 17a Dempsey Rd, Singapore 249676

7. Esora

source: facebook

The owner of Esora is the head chef, Shigeru Koizumi. He has spent a significant portion of his life in different kitchens experiencing different flavors. Hence, Shigeru is an incredibly professional chef that tries to extract the best maximum flavors from the ingredients he uses.

Certainly, the establishment of Esora is made with the thought of replicating traditional Japanese cuisine with local Singaporean touch. He believes that even a degree of temperature can change the taste and joy of food. Besides his expertise, the Japanese cuisine culinary theme makes the Esora experience a worthy one.

The restaurant can even be booked for big parties. In short, Esora offers one great experience never to miss out.

Location: 15 Mohamed Sultan Rd, Singapore 238964

8. Nouri

The sole purpose of Nouri is to mix and match ingredients from all over the globe and create delicious connections between them. Indeed a restaurant that doesn’t only fulfil your food desires, but also nourishes the mind and soul through their excellent service.

Nouri’s head chef, Ivan Brehm, possess an incomprehensible level of imaginative creativity. Every single dish reflects his innovation and expertise. All in all, Nouri is an amazing restaurant to enjoy with your friends and family. Strongly recommend!

Location: 72 Amoy Street, Singapore 069891

On the whole, these exotic restaurants have received extreme recognition all over Singapore and are truly worthy of being in our list of the best exotic cuisines in Singapore.

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