Our life moves around electronic appliances, wires, and electricity and it’s hard to imagine a life without these now. But, there are always instances where due to some problems such as power cuts, short-circuits, grid failures, or even faults in the equipment themselves, they stop working.

It can be pretty annoying when this happens and we can’t always purchase new equipment, can we? But when equipment that was already repaired starts to break down again, and you spend a lot of money, that’s when it’s time to look for better electricians.

It’s really important to hire the best electricians who can offer the best electrical services and repair the equipment to the best of its condition. Most electricians tend to offer the same set of skills, but we prefer only the best so try looking for one with a license. To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of the best electricians with the best electrical services.

1. Daylight Electrician Singapore

Let’s start this list with one that is already pretty popular and already has a lot of loyal customers. Daylight Electrician is a life-saver when it comes to electrical services like the installation of light bulbs, hanging decorative lights, ceiling fans, etc. All of the services that they provide come with a 30-day warranty period.

They just don’t provide installation work though, they also perform prior inspections to check whether there are any electric issues before they start the installation process. This inspection does cost a little money, but if you hire them to do the electric work, they tend to wave it off. All of the electricians over at Daylight Electrician have their own licenses and years of experience when it comes to providing electrical services.

Address: You can check out their locations by clicking here

Contact: +65 6653 6261

2. CWC Electrical Engineering Service

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When it comes to providing electrical services for problems related to power failures, power tripping, short circuits, and many other potentially dangerous problems, CWC Electrical Engineering is one of the best in Singapore. They have been in this business for more than 20 years, and their speciality is dealing with situations that could be dangerous for a single individual to handle. They focus on providing only the best services to their customers.

CWC has a large portfolio of its electrical services, and all of its employees are EMA-certified electricians. Along with this, they also conduct site surveys and audits for big projects.

Address: 2 Bukit Batok Street 23 #01-06, Bukit Batok Conection Industrial Building, Singapore 659527

Contact: +65 9858 7555

3. LS Electricians Singapore

electrical services

When it comes to fast responses and providing a friendly approach that aims to provide 100% satisfaction to its customers, LS Electricians Singapore is no-step behind its peers. They emphasize not only on highly trained personal who provide the best electrical service possible but also try to surpass the expectations of the customers when it comes to their job.

That’s not all; they also provide services such as the inspection of new properties, which is quite useful for any landlord or any individual who is planning on purchasing a new property somewhere in Singapore.

Address: 28 New Upper Changi Rd, #04-724, Singapore 460028

Contact: +65 66318968

4. TK Electricians

electrical services

They are maybe new in comparison to their competitors but doesn’t mean that they have any less amount of passion and respect for their customers. TK Electricians focus on providing the best service to their customers while prioritizing their safety at the same time.

They specialize in providing commercial electrical services and residential electrical services. They also sell a plethora of electrical products like electrical fans, industry wall fans, track lights, LED lights, tube lights, and many more.

Address: 5068 Ang Mo Kio Ind Park 2, Singapore 569571

Contact: +65 9115 8246

5. Repairs.sg Electricians

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Repairs.sg electricians provide comprehensive service related to electrical repairs of lights, power boards, ceiling fans, appliances, etc. along with installation service. One of the things that people love about Repairs.sg is that they provide 30 days warranty on newly repaired products. If by any chance, the newly repaired product fails, they come and replace it within the warranty period. This warranty system make Repairs.sg different from its competitors.

They provide quality work for competitive prices and also take small work which gives good competition to others. That’s not all; they also provide corporate services in which they perform services like repair, maintenance, and installation services, which are needed by the businesses and the clients. All of these tasks are performed by well-trained and qualified technicians for both the residential and the corporate service.

Address: 73 Ubi Rd 1, #07-49 Oxley Bizhub, Singapore 408733

Contact: +65 9070 6060

6. Sengkang Electricians

Sengkang Electricians is a relatively-new electrical services provider that provides its service throughout the week. The team comprises licensed Electricians who have experiences related to installation, repairs, and maintenance work.

Sengkang Electricians have been praised for their good timing, fantastic services, and observation skills. They also patiently explain the root cause of the problem to their customers to understand the problem and take the necessary precautions in the future. They also provide a warranty for the products they repair, and they try their best to complete the given task on the same day so that their customer is satisfied and has no more problems.

Contact: +65 9680 7211

7. 24hrs Electricians Singapore

As the name suggests, 24hrs Electricians provide their service for 24 hours a day, which means you can contact them to deal with problems at late hours of the night. They are always ready to deal with problems related to installation, repair, and maintenance of electric wires, switchboards, fans, lights, etc. Through their experience of over 18 years, along with a team of professionals, they seek to provide you with the best service ever. 

Additionally, they also provide services at both residential as well as commercial levels. They provide services at the residential or home level, including solving issues like power-failures, superior power tripping, new wiring, short-circuit, etc. While at the more commercial level, they can perform tasks like installing electric-grids, electrical transmissions, and much more.

Address: 15 Yishun Industrial Street 1 Win 5 Singapore 768091

Contact: +65 9108 1626

8. AVV Electricians

electrical services

Like the rest of their competitors, AVV provides 24X7 service, which means that they are available for you whenever you face any electrical problem. They provide free on-site services and provide a 30-day cover on repaired parts and focus on customer’s welfare, happiness, and safety.

They have a long list of electrical services that they provide to both residential and commercial clients. The list includes wiring & rewiring, repairing electrical appliances like ceiling fan, electrical oven, etc, bulb replacement, lighting, telecom wiring, ethernet, and several other services. They have emergency electricians on call who are always ready to deal with electrical failures, power-trips, and the replacement circuit breakers.

Address: 48 Toh Guan Road East, Enterprise Hub, Singapore 608586

Contact: +65 9169 4893

9. Handyman Service

electrical services

Handyman service is a hardware-based service company that also provides electrical services to their customers. They are very good at the installations and maintenance of the ceiling fans, lights, wire, etc. They are good and provide a reliable service and provide electrical services along with house renovations as it can be pretty annoying to call another agency just for electrical work while your house is under renovation. That’s why Handyman Service helps in both the renovation and the electrical work.

Handyman Service is not specialized in electrical work but that doesn’t mean that they don’t provide quality electrical services.

Address: Block 9003 Tampines Street 93 #04 – 192, Singapore 528837

Contact: +65 83189200

10. 1st Electrical Service

1st Electrical Services provides 24-hour service for 365 days and is ready to face any emergency to provide the best service to their customers. They provide services for installation, repair, and maintenance to both residential as well as commercial clients.

Some of their services include rectifying power and tripping problems, full or part wiring, installing electrical appliances, replacing main-circuit boards, and many more.

Address: 8 Lakepoint Drive #01-45 Singapore 648926

Contact: +65 9848 0111

11) Everyworks

With quality services and a promise of the best, Everyworks has been gathering a lot of praises and loyal patrons for a very long time.

Often praised highly for their fair and transparent pricing and extremely customer-centric approach to work, they have received several five-star reviews in their years of service. From Air-con services to their electronic expertise, they serve what you need. Their certified professionals are known to do the best and most precise work and they are known to leave very little scope for errors.

If you want personalized and holistic services with fast responses and anticipation of all your needs, you simply must give them a try.

Address1090 Lower Delta Rd, #03-07, Singapore 169201
Contact+65 69090990
Official PageWebsite | Facebook | Instagram

12) Chuan Meng Electrical Contractors PTE LTD.

Serving happy customers in Singapore since the 1970s, Chuan Meng Electrical Contractors have a reputation that is rivalled by none. They are known for their expert and experienced services with great care given to customer satisfaction and safety concerns. They have a very military-style commitment towards their project schedules and will get the work done in time.

From tough installations to tricky challenges, their versatility and flexibility are highly valued and customers and patrons alike are known to regularly leave them with five-star reviews. From commercial office buildings to educational institutions and even medical facilities, they have worked everywhere, so no challenge is too much for them.

Address: 9003 Tampines Street 93, Singapore 528837

Contact: +65 67842548

13) REE Electrical Engineering PTE LTD.

Another old and well-known name in the industry, REE Electrical Engineering has been serving customers since 1985 and thus has developed quite a reputation over the years. With 24hrs services being provided by diligent professionals who work with absolute precision, the customers of REE Electrical Engineering usually have no complaints but plenty of praise.

From electrical fittings to professional plumbing, electrical installations and air-conditioning repairs, their services are versatile and their dedication towards their work is commendable. They ensure that their highly trained professional engineers get your work done in time and they get it done well. They have worked on all sorts of projects small and big over the years and have gathered quite a lot of patrons, so one can trust them with the work they do.

Address: 21 Toh Guan Rd E, Singapore 608609

Contact: +65 62783839

14. Ngee Cheng Electrical Co PTE LTD.

A name well recognised across Singapore for their excellent and efficient services, Ngee Cheng Electrical Co specialises in quality electronic installations. From educational institutions to recreational facilities and even hospitals they’ve worked on many projects across Singapore and their clients have been praising them highly for a very long time

Certified by several councils and associations, they are proud of what they do and they are proud of their work. Their engineers and workers are highly well-trained professionals who pay close attention to details and leave no room for errors. No work is big and no challenge too great for them so if you need a trusted name to get things done do give them a call.

Address: 130 Tagore Ln, Singapore 787555

Contact: +65 64599996

15. Highness Electrical Engineering PTE LTD.

With over fourth years of experience under their belt, Highness is an award-winning electrical services provider in Singapore. From the toughest of installations to the most technical of electronic malfunctions, they can solve anything with ease thanks to their experience and expertise.

Highness has only highly trained professional engineers who are known to be extremely careful and efficient with their work. They take great pride in their prestigious history of important projects done perfectly without a single mistake.  With five-star reviews being offered by almost every client their reputation does them justice and are very serious when it comes to maintaining that reputation.

Address: 96 Tagore Ln, Singapore 787538

Contact: +65 64833347

It is to be noted that all these agencies are the best in Singapore and no one is less than the other. If you’re planning to renovate your house, you should check out our list of the best kitchen renovation in Singapore.