It’s green, it’s tropical, and it’s covered in thorns, yes, it’s — durian. The season has come.

It’s that time of the year, when the casual foodies and distinguished savants alike, begin opening their eyes and widening their nostrils, in search of the ‘king of fruits’ in all its covetous forms. And it is here that The Durian Bakery deserves a shout, to claim the thorny mantle of best durian bakery in town.

The Durian Bakery is probably the only durian bakery in Singapore to use fresh Grade A Mao Shan Wang and Sultan King durians to curate their signature SilkyGold Durian Purée for all their premium handmade Cakes & Patisseries. The SilkyGold Durian Purée is blended through a special process yielding the creamiest, divinely luscious, mouth-watering durian filling.

Whatever your fancy, the Durian Bakery seamlessly integrates filling their varieties of Cakes & Patisseries. Their cake offerings: cheese cakes, crepe cakes, chocolate cakes, and even ice-cream cakes, exclusively uses the Mao Shan Wang variety, to provide an oozing core that will make even your mother-in-law blush.

So without further ado, we’ll cut through the cake and guide you through our “Editor’s Choice” of delectable durian delights that The Durian Bakery has to offer.

24k Black Gold Durian Crepe Cake ($108)
Dark Chocolate Fudge Drip Cake with Mao Shan Wang Core ($78)
Oreo Ice Cream Cheese Cake with Mao Shan Wang Core ($68)

Starting from $68 for a cheesecake, the prices are undoubtedly justified with the amount of Mao Shan Wang used. The returns outperform the investment here, ideal for celebrations and impressing those in-laws. 

The prices reflect The Durian Bakery’s commitment to quality. “Processed” and “Old” are words eschewed from The Durian Bakery and replaced with “Freshly Delivered”, sourcing their durians from Tiger Hill in Pahang, Malaysia, which (if you know), is about as good as it gets.

If you’re on a smaller budget or appetite, check out their patisseries offerings with their durian filled mochis, cream puffs, swiss rolls, and pudding.

Dark Choco Musang King Mousse ($16)
Snowy D24 Durian Cream Puff 12 pcs ($22)
Snowy D24 Durian Mochi 6 pcs ($15)


As all great culinary institutions do, The Durian Bakery elevates a raw product to create something new, and dare I say – better than the product itself. They’ve taken that green spike ball of a fruit, hacked away it’s menacing exterior, and after adding some flour and fitness, created a new durian experience.

From their bite-sized durian morsels, to their decadent cakes fit for in-laws, The Durian Bakery has something for all wallets and stomachs. 

If you find yourself sitting on the fence, yet to pick a side on the Team Durian or Team Anti-Durian court, The Durian Bakery is perfect for you as you’ll get to experience the best qualities of durian with your familiar dessert comforts.

With Free Island Wide Delivery for orders $50 and above, or 2 Hrs Express Delivery get your durian fix now with The Durian Bakery.

Price$15 – $128
Contact+65 8875 1069 (WhatsApp only) |
AddressThe Commerze @ Irving
#02-26, Singapore 369546 (Pickup only)
Operating HoursDelivery: Monday to Sunday | 10am to 10pm (last order 7pm)
Self-collection: Monday to Friday | 10am to 6pm (last order 2pm)

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