Calling doughnut lovers! You’ve probably tried a number of doughnut spots on the island. But, which of these are the best? Well, if you haven’t decided yet, here’s the good news: We have listed the best doughnut spots in Singapore!

Satisfy your sweet tooth and munch away your cravings with the best doughnut spots on the island:

1. Doughter Bakery

Best donut spots in Singapore
(Source: Instagram | Doughter Bakery)

The doughnut spot that tops our list is none other than the Doughter Bakery. Founded by a mother-daughter tandem, this online doughnut store offers freshly baked goodies for every occasion. What’s awesome is that they specialise in combining mochi, a famous Japanese snack, with an array of baked treats!

From chocolate glazed doughnuts available in Crispearls, Sea Salt, Mocha, Mochi, and Plain variants, your sweet tooth’s cravings will surely be satisfied. Enjoy a luscious and delicious taste, all thanks to the Doughter Bakery. You can easily have your orders delivered right at your doorstep for only $8 islandwide, or you may opt to pick up the goodies at the address provided below.

On top of all the goodness the Doughter Bakery has to offer, 5% of their profits go to the Lions Home for the Elders. If you’re curious about what this is all about, you may find out more on this link

What’s more rewarding than fulfilling your taste buds while giving back to those who need an extra hand? Props to the Doughter Bakery for this innovative and thoughtful step. They’re truly deserving to be one of the top doughnut spots in Singapore!


  • $8 delivery fee islandwide
  • 5% of profits go to the Lions Home for the Elders
  • All-mochi speciality home baker
Contact | Telegram
Address or Delivery Pick-up Location127 Lorong L Telok Kurau
Check Them OutFacebook | Instagram

2. Burnt Ends Bakery

Best donut spots in Singapore
(Source: Burnt Ends Bakery)

You’ve probably had a glimpse of the Burnt Ends restaurant’s smokey platters and flame-kissed meats, but have you ever tried their baked goodies? It’s not a secret that this Michellin-starred spot has a sister concept: Burt Ends Bakery. It is home to fancy baked creations for those who love doughnuts, cinnamon rolls, scones, cookies, tarts, and even loaves!

While others go for their sourdough loves and sanger buns, their doughnuts are a must-try. You should not miss out ordering a box or two of these fluffy treats. They have an array of flavours you may choose from, including dinosaur doughnuts, Nutella doughnuts, and passionfruit curd doughnuts. 

And oh, if you’re feeling extra fancy, you can even pair your passionfruit curd doughnuts with their Juniper Estate Cane Cut wine. Hesitate no further and add this set to your cart!


  • Fancy doughnuts and wine combo
  • Doughnuts exclusively for the Singapore Food Festival 2020
Address or Delivery Pick-up LocationLevel 3, 20 Teck Lim Road 088391
Opening Hours11.00 AM to 4.00 PM (Tuesday to Sunday)

3. Doughnut Shack

Best donut spots in Singapore
(Source: Instagram | Doughnut Shack)

Who here knows the difference between doughnuts and bombolinis? Well, for starters, bombolinis are stuffed doughnuts, which are the main highlight of the next doughnut spot on our list. Here’s Doughnut Shack, a takeaway-only doughnut spot that offers unique flavours for their pastries.

Doughnut Shack brings out the best in the famous goodie, offering different shapes, forms, and flavours of your long time favourite comfort food. In this doughnut spot, you may enjoy unique flavours such as Creme Brulee, Thai Milk Tea, and Sesame Cream. And, of course, they have the classic glazed doughnuts in store. To make these sweets special, they have different dips in store, such as brown butter and cinnamon sugar, you may choose from.


  • Doughnuts, beignets and bombolinis
  • Available on Deliveroo, Food Panda, and Grab food
  • No pork, lard, gelatine, nor alcohol in the process
Contact Details9109 6287
Address or Delivery Pick-up Location151 Kitchener Road, Singapore 208526
Opening Hours11.00 AM to 5.00 PM or until sold out (Wednesday to Sunday)
Check them outInstagram

4. Nassim Hill Bakery

Nassim hill bakery
(Source: Instagram | Nassim Hill Bakery) 

Attention, doughnut lovers! We all look after doughnuts stuffed with generous fillings. Get them at Nassim Hill Bakery, a doughnut spot located a short ride away from Orchard Road.

The Nassim Hill Bakery is a friendly br

unch cafe by day and a warm, dining place by night. Customers love the ambience this doughnut spot offers. On top of that, their flavourful bread and pastries made with quality ingredients make the dining experience more blithesome like no other.

Indulge in a cool and comfortable environment while munching your freshly baked goodie at the Nassim Hill Bakery. The good news is, you may order your doughnuts in advance online to avoid any hassle!


  • Cafe in the day, dining place at night
  • A ride away from Orchard Road
Contact Details6835 1128 |
Address or Delivery Pick-up Location56 Tanglin Road, #01-03, Singapore 247964 
Opening Hours8.00 AM to 10.00 PM (Tuesday to Sunday)
WebsiteFacebook | Instagram

5. City Donut

city donuts
(Source: Instagram | City Donut) 

You can never go wrong with the classics. Next up on our list of the best doughnut spots in Singapore is City Donut. Being a relatively new cafe, City Donut introduces fresh concepts of the pastry. They have a certain “local twist” that they incorporate to their doughnuts.

City Donut’s bestseller is the Pandan Ondeh-Ondeh, which you can get for less than 3 dollars. This flavour is a must-try since it combines the fragrant pandan dough with a sticky gula Melaka glaze and coconut filling. Curious? Head out to City Donut now!


  • New doughnut spot
  • Pandan-flavoured bestseller
Contact Details+65 6223 1425
Address or Delivery Pick-up Location2 McCallum Street, Singapore 069043
Opening Hours8.00 AM to 5.00 PM (Monday to Saturday)
Check them outInstagram

6. Plain Vanilla Bakery

pain vanilla bakery
(Source: Plain Vanilla Bakery)

You have probably dined in one of the branches of Plain Vanilla to grab a cupcake, but have you tried ordering their doughnuts? They’re known for being one of the cupcake bakeries around the island, so it is not surprising that they make great, delicious doughnuts too!

Some of the flavours they offer are Dark Chocolate Hazelnut, Vanilla Bean Malt, Raspberry Rose, Cinnamon Brown Sugar, Coconut Melaka, and more. You must note that the production of these doughnuts is in limited quantity thrice a week, available on Wednesdays, Saturdays, and Sundays. 

Do all the flavours mentioned make you wanna run to the nearest Plain Vanilla Bakery? We suggest you order them online and pick your doughnuts in store for a smooth transaction!


  • One of the most popular cupcake bakeries in Singapore
  • A bakery with a passion for quality, sustainability, and simplicity
Contact DetailsTiong Bahru: +65 8363 7614
Cluny Court: +65 8363 7615
Ion Orchard: +65 8299 9422
Telok Ayer: +65 8299 0674
Address or Delivery Pick-up LocationTiong Bahru: 1D Yong Siak Street Singapore 168641
Cluny Court: 01-03A501 Bukit Timah Road Singapore 259760
Ion Orchard: B1-06 within IN GOOD COMPANY Concept Store 2 Orchard Turn Singapore 238801
Telok Ayer: 134 Telok Ayer Street Singapore 068600
Opening HoursTiong Bahru: 8.00 AM to 9.00 PM
Cluny Court: 7.30 AM to 5.00 PM
Ion Orchard: 11.00 AM to 8.00 PM
Telok Ayer: 8.00 AM to 5.00 PM
Check them outFacebook | Instagram

7. Bakes by NY

bakes by NY
(Source: Bakes by NY)

Bakes by NY is a Muslim-owned bakery operating since 2016. They have their signature bombolinis that customers have been constantly patronizing. These sweets come in boxes of five, twelve, sixteen, and can even go up to trays of 50 doughnuts for special occasions! 

Oh, have you ever tried a durian doughnut? If you’re curious about how this would taste, then we suggest you add this to your cart now. They have lots of other pastries you may munch away. In fact, they also have supersized doughnuts which we absolutely love! All these and more can be viewed and ordered through their website.


  • Halal-certified eatery
  • One-stop destination for sweet temptations
  • Caters to events, like weddings, birthdays, and more
Contact Details+65 8123 3953
Address or Delivery Pick-up Location201E Tampines Street 23, #01-120, Singapore 527201
Opening HoursOpens 12.00 PM (Monday to Friday)Opens 11.00 AM (Saturday and Sunday)
Check them outFacebook | Instagram

8. Puffs and Peaks

puffs and peaks
(Source: Instagram | Puffs and Peaks)

One of the best doughnut spots in Singapore is Puffs and Peaks. They have been continuously producing freshly baked, luscious goodies online. Their physical store is to open in November 2020 in Tampines Central CC.

If you scroll through their Instagram page, you can see that this bakery and their baked goods are visually appealing. They put effort into providing content that will bring out the best in their pastries. And yup, I bet we can all agree that all their goodies are mouthwatering, aren’t they?

Satisfy your craving by ordering your favourite doughnuts online at Puffs and Peaks!


  • New physical store at Tampines
  • “Shop All” feature on the website
Contact | WhatsApp:  +65 8889 2466
Address or Delivery Pick-up Location#03-03 Tampines Central Community Complex, 866A Tampines Street 83, Singapore 521866
Check them out Instagram

9. The Fat Kid Bakery

the fat kid bakery
(Source: Instagram | The Fat Kid Bakery)

Meet the new bombo-squad through The Fat Kid Bakery’s doughnuts! This doughnut spot in Singapore is among the best, as they have lots of flavours that became crowd favourites. Among these are the Brown Butter Apple Cinnamon, Blueberry Cheesecake, Calamansi, and Summer Berries.

Their baked goodies come in boxes of 4, 8, 10, 12, or even more. Don’t hesitate to send them a direct message on Instagram for your orders and enquiries. They’ll be happy to bake these goodies for you!


  • Unique flavours to choose from
  • Sourdough doughnuts
Contact DetailsSend them a direct message on Instagram.
Address or Delivery Pick-up Location648 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 5#10-3353 Ang Mo Kio 61Singapore #560648
Check them outInstagram

10. Haritts Donuts and Coffee

haritts donuts and coffee
(Source: Facebook | Haritts Singapore)

Established in 2004, Haritts Donuts and Coffee continues to provide quality handmade doughnuts and coffee around Singapore. By the way, if you aren’t aware, this store is famous in Japan and Taiwan, too! Here’s a mini fun fact: Because their bakes get easily sold out abroad, they had to limit the purchase of customers for up to three pastries only. In Singapore, Haritts’ bakes are pretty limited daily.

Enjoy fluffy, bun-like doughnuts with Haritts. Flavours span from Matcha, Kaya, and Earl Gray to Cinnamon Currants. Head down to Havelock Road and grab your munchies!


  • A Doughnut spot famous abroad
  • Fluffy, bun-like doughnuts
Contact DetailsSend them a direct message on Facebook or Instagram, or open Haritts’ webpage.
Address or Delivery Pick-up Location2 Havelock Road, #01-08, Havelock II, Singapore 059763
Opening Hours11.30 AM to 6.00 PM (Wednesday to Friday, Sunday)
WebsiteFacebook | Instagram

11. Delish Donut Shop

If you’re looking for a doughnut spot that sells the best pillow doughnut packs, then Delish is the doughnut spot to go! Their doughnuts are so soft and dense, making you want to take every luscious bite a second.

Flavours are Classic Sugar Ring, Passionfruit Mango Curd, Strawberry Cream, Chocolate Ganache, and Matcha. Their doughnuts come in boxes of 18, 15, 10, and 8. These sweet treats are relatively affordable, being just around $1.50 each! Take note that they do not cater to self-pickups. Instead, Delish offers delivery islandwide for $6 except Sentosa. 

Mouthwatering, are their doughnuts not? Visit their Facebook and Instagram to order now!


  • Soft, delicate pillow doughnuts
  • Affordable, $1.5 per doughnut
  • A wide selection of flavours and box sizes

Contact Details: 90298520 (WhatsApp) | +65 9029 8520 |

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