Been losing you keys often? Or absent-minded like me, who always forget to grab your keys after unlocking? With our hectic day to day schedule, there is no doubt that we have days of forgetting where we left our keys and if our homes are locked properly. Thus, the need for digital lock.

Fun fact, take my household as an example. We are a family of forgetfulness and clumsiness. There are days when you will see keys left overnight outside on the door lock. No doubt, my mom had went on a long lecture on how dangerous it was and that we are going to invest in a digital lock. I believe that this also happens to many of us!

Ever heard of My Digital Lock?

With outlets across Islandwide, My Digital Lock offers a wide range of products such as Gates, Doors, Digital Locks and many more.

With there are so many products available, they specialise in Gateman, KEYWE Smart Home EPIC and Samsung Digital Lock installation for EC Condo and BTO HDB Fire Rated Main Door in Singapore.

In short, we would like to introduce you My Digital Lock’s KEYWE Damian Lock.

What is KEYWE Damian Lock?

Taken from My Digital Lock

The KEYWE Damian lock is the best digital lock with all the features you can find in the market.

Do you know that KEYWE took 3 years just to develop all the features and design of the digital lock? In addition, this small and compact KEYWE Damian Lock focuses in features, mobile application, smart home enable. So cool!

My Digital Lock allows us to unlock our door and gates lock using smartphone via bluetooth, Wi-fi or 5G network. With this, you won’t have to worry about your keys any longer. Most importantly, you are able to monitor your loved ones.

A Must Have For Everyone

KEYWE Damian Lock comes with many unique features that will appeal to those who are technology savvy. One of the most wanted features is to receive instant push notifications when unlocking via Fingerprint, Card or Password. This is a must-have especially for those who are afraid of leaving their children or elderly at home alone.

Talking about convenience, this is a hassle-free item to have in our modern homes today. The best feature has got to be unlocking both door and gate digital lock in one touch. Wow, you can be prepared to discard those heavy jingling keys away!

Furthermore, do you know that all new HDB BTO is going to become a smart nation? That’s right! With new BTO flats installed with neutral wires, you will be able to control your house light, curtain, aircon and sound system once you unlock via Damian lock. Hooray to Home Automation Enable Function!

Taken from My Digital Lock

Available in Black and Space Gold, you can get them at a special price of $599.00 and $649.00 respectively. (U.P: $799.00, $849.00) It comes with a 1 + 2 Years Warranty. First Year with Full Warranty for parts and labour while subjected to $80 labour charge on second and third year. There is a life time mobile app support as well.

With rapid rise in modern technology, I will not be shocked to find out that in a few years down, we can control our home using smartwatches.

Hurry, don’t wait till it is too late!