Having a sweet tooth? Craving for the most mouthwatering desserts? Want to end your night well after a delicious dinner? Or celebrate something very special? Well, worry, not. We bring you some fantastic dessert deals in Singapore to satisfy your sweet tooth and dessert cravings. These dessert deals in Singapore are worth trying as those who don’t like an extra slice of cake on their plate.

Therefore enjoy the delicious dessert experience at the yummiest dessert places in Singapore and satisfy your sweet tooth with these amazing chope deals.

1. Ice cream waffles or cake set for 4

Enjoy a 50% off on the ice cream waffles or cake set for four at twenty grammes by utilizing the chope vouchers. Twenty Grammes is an aesthetically pleasing café to enjoy different sweet treats with your family and friends.

Waffles topped up with ice cream are their signature sweet dish. However, it also offers a vast range of cakes and cupcakes.

2. Buy two get one free premium sliced cake at the dark gallery

The dark gallery is a dream café for all the chocolate lovers. It’s a sort of chocolate boutique offering multiple ranges and varieties of chocolates and desserts exclusively made of chocolates.

With your chope voucher, you can get one premium slice of the cake of your choice free on the purchase of two slices. Well, everyone loves an extra slice on their plate. Therefore, don’t miss to utilize this deal.

3. Plain vanilla @ ION orchard

Enjoy 35% off on plain villa @ ion orchard. The plain villa has a fantastic dessert menu. Their signature cupcake of milk chocolate banana and dark chocolate ganache is worth trying. Apart from this, they offer mouthwatering tarts, brownies, and some bakery items as well. The restaurant also offers a breakfast menu.

Therefore don’t miss out on this fantastic deal and avail it with your friends and family.

4. Windowsill pies

Windowsill offers fourteen different flavors of pie to satisfy your sweet tooth. The pie flavors range from refreshing ones to s’mores and are yummy enough to satisfy your dessert cravings. The café also offers delicious tarts with exciting textures and robust flavors.

Enjoy the freshly made pie topped with buttery crust with a 40% discount on using chope vouchers.

5. Two courses set by Ice Creamlicious

Ice creamlicious does not only offer delicious ice cream but also has a wide range of coffee, desserts, and even have a menu other than sweets. But the name suggests that what this café is exclusively made for. 

After having a classic dinner, just spare your stomach to enjoy the guilty pleasure of ice creams at ice creamlicious with 35% off on utilizing chope deals. A mouthwatering discounted ice cream is all that we crave in our sweet tooth moments.

6. Handmade swiss roll by treasure gold

Handmade Swiss Roll by Treasure Gold | Get Up To 50% Off With ...

People, if you love swiss rolls, then this handmade swiss roll by treasure gold is not something to miss out in Singapore. A perfect blend of cream and chocolate is a delight to tongue and heart. And enjoy a 25% off on availing the chope deal for this swiss roll.

7. Double scoop ice cream by Everton creamery

best dessert deals

There is nothing more exciting to hear than the new amazing flavors of ice cream in your city within your range. The ice cream parlor develops its flavors from scratch and serves people with a daily delicious ice dose. An excellent place to get your sweet tooth satisfied.

Double your ice cream scoop with 38% off on availing the chope voucher.

8. One for one froyo by froyolo

best dessert deals

Located in one of the busiest streets, it is the best spot for frozen yoghurts. It offers some fantastic desserts to enjoy with friends and family on special and not so special occasions with amazing flavours and diverse menu.

Enjoy the best desserts in the city while maintaining your calorie intake at froyolo and enjoy 50% off with chope deals.

9. Boba Waffles or Toast + Tea Set by The Bakery chef

best dessert deals

The bakery chef is a perfect place to enjoy midday breaks for tea and some munching. The range of boba bubble tea and boba waffles is the signature dish that they offer and sets up a new great taste record.

You can avail yourself of chope deals and enjoy 26% off on boba waffles + tea at the bakery chef.

10. Snow ice dessert at Kaca coffee house

best dessert deals

Kaca coffee houses are famous for their hand made Taiwanese desserts and other sweet items. The snow ice dessert at kaca coffee house is a must-try as it tastes the best and enough for satisfying the sweet tooth and cravings.

A 25% off can be availed on the dessert by using a chope deal voucher.

11. One for one small tin cookies by ben’s cookies

best dessert deals

Ben’s cookies are the perfect spot to enjoy crunchy chunky dessert while satisfying your sweet tooth. The freshly bakes cookies are a delight to smell and eat. With a range of fourteen flavors, ben’s cookies aim to provide the most delicious cookies in the city.

Enjoy a free extra small tin on purchase of one small tin cookies with chope deal vouchers, to have chunky experience for a longer time.

12. Double scoop ice cream and waffle set by Denzy Gelato

best dessert deals

Denzy gelato is the new spot for ice cream lovers, and everyone must try it. The flavors and the range of dessert toppings its provide is quite tempting and worth the try. The unique flavors like Persian prince and blondie beach sound interesting to taste.

Enjoying an ice cream by availing a 32% off is a complete delight to the sweet tooth and dessert cravings. Avail this chope deal offer to satisfy your watery mouth.

13. Ben and jerry ice cream by treasure gold

best dessert deals

Ben and Jerry ice cream is perfect ice cream jars to satisfy your cravings at home at any minute. The chocolate fudge brownie and vanilla flavors are mouthwatering and perfect for a stay in desires.

With chope deal vouchers, you can have a 45% off on its purchase. A complete deal to enjoy a movie night or celebration with family at home.

From cakes and ice creams to pies and tarts, Singapore is full of fantastic dessert stops to satisfy your sweet tooth. The chop deals vouchers give you amazing dessert deals on multiple dessert spots to enjoy and celebrate with friends and family.

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Written By: Javeria