Inculcating habits like brushing twice and visiting a good dentist will help in maintaining your teeth. Taking care of your oral hygiene and teeth is crucial for your health and appearance. We have listed the best dental clinic in Singapore to schedule your next dentist appointment. 

Brighten up your smile with white and fresh-looking teeth. Check out our top picks dental clinic in Singapore.

1. Ashford Dental


  • Wide range of dental services
  • In House Installment plans available
  • A compassionate and friendly team
  • Multiple locations

The dental clinic that tops this list has to be Ashford Dental. With more than a decade of clinical experience, the clinic offers a full range of dental services. They specialize in Wisdom teeth surgeries, Dental Implants, Smile makeovers, as well as Teeth Replacement.

The team at Ashford Dental understands that each patient will have a different personal dental experience, and a different objective when visiting a dental clinic. In addition to understanding the differing needs and wants of their patients, Ashford Dental is also known to be compassionate and friendly. The team of experienced dentists and trained staff members will assess and address all your concerns in a comfortable and peaceful setting.

The treatment rooms are also fitted with state-of-the-art equipment which allows them to carry out procedures skillfully, accurately, and to the optimal standard. Ashford Dental’s chairs are furnished with comfortable upholstery and TV screens to keep you relaxed and even entertained while your treatment is being carried out!

Best of all, Ashford Dental can be found at multiple locations across Singapore at Thomson, Serangoon, and Bedok. This means that wherever you are, one of their clinics will be near to you! All three of their clinics are registered day surgery centres. This means that they are allowed to perform sedation or sleep dentistry. You can therefore look forward to painless procedures!

All in all, with a great team, contemporary equipment, and a full range of services, Ashford Dental is without a doubt deserving of the top spot among the best dental clinics in Singapore.

AddressMultiple locations: Check here
Contact InformationCheck here
Business HoursCheck here

2. Parkway Dental Practice


  • Centrally located
  • High-quality care
  • Professional team of specialists

Parkway Dental is a group dental practice located at Pacific Plaza, within walking distance from Orchard MRT Station. Their team of dental specialists, including orthodontists and dentists, is dedicated to providing you with value and quality care.

The clinic is equipped with modern digital x-ray solutions that increase patient safety and precision. Using CEREC® CADCAM technology, their dentists are able to restore teeth with durable and aesthetic ceramic crowns and restorations on the same day, saving you time and visits.

In addition, their ability to practice at the forefront of modern dentistry frees their staff from traditional chores, giving them time to focus on you and your family’s wellbeing and comfort.

The Parkway Dental Practice clinic has affordable and client-centric services, including orthodontics, endodontics, oral and maxillofacial surgery. You can get your teeth fixed under one roof no matter the condition and requirement. They offer services like Invisalign, braces, wiring, fixing teeth gaps, and self-ligating braces. 

The team is also highly qualified to do jaw and wisdom teeth surgery for cosmetic enhancement as well as toothaches. They also do reconstructive surgeries in case of orofacial injuries and cancer. 

Address9 Scotts Road #12-02 Pacific Plaza Singapore 228210
Contact Information+65 6836 9808 | [email protected]
Business HoursMonday to Friday: 9 AM to 6 PM 
Saturday: 9 AM to 4 PM 

3. Mt Elizabeth Dental Surgery


  • Trained and experienced team
  • Wide range of services
  • Centrally located

The Mount Elizabeth Dental Surgery Clinic has accreditation from the Singapore Dental Council in a number of specialities. Their trained and experienced staff can assist you with dental implants, reconstruction, denture placements, and crowns in different materials. 

Besides, they can help you achieve a perfectly balanced smile with cosmetic dentistry. This includes restoring the teeth, whitening, veneers, and straightening. Along with bracing teeth, they can also correct malocclusion. 

With the collective experience and expertise of the trained and experienced team at Mount Elizabeth Dental Surgery Clinic and the use of the latest dental technologies, they are able to provide the best specialised dental care available. So, head down to experience their total dental care experience at Mount Elizabeth Medical Centre.

Address3 Mount Elizabeth Block A #07-03 Singapore 228510
Contact Information+65 6732 2644 | [email protected]
Business HoursMonday to Friday: 8.30 AM to 5 PM 
Saturday: 8.30 AM to 1 PM 

4. Smile Makers Dental Clinic


  • Open 6 days a week
  • Convenient location
  • Wide range of dental services

Directly above the Novena MRT station on the North-South Line, this clinic at Novena Medical Center is close to the city yet away from the crowds. Smile Makers’ main goal is to provide a range of dental services for you and your loved ones. They believe in educating people about oral hygiene and how to keep that smile bright and clean. You can get various services like corrective, preventative, and constructive surgeries for the teeth.

If you don’t like metallic crowns, they have options like ceramics that blend with your teeth. Moreover, they can assist you to prevent tooth decay with regular scaling and cleaning. 

In addition, unlike many other dental clinics, Smile Makers is open 6 days a week. While most clinics are closed on Saturday, Smile Makers understands that many working adults are busy on weekdays. So, they choose to open on Saturdays for the convenience of their clients. Furthermore, appointments can be booked online!

Address09-26 Novena Medical Center 10 Sinaran Drive
Contact Information+65 6397 2739| [email protected]
Business HoursMonday to Thursday: 9 AM to 6 PM
Friday: 11 AM to 7 PM 
Saturday: 9 AM to 6 PM 

5. Casa Dental 


  • Wide range of dental services
  • Able to deal with patients from all age groups
  • State-of-the-art solutions

Casa Dental provides a wide range of dental services with the aim to give you optimal dental health and the smile of your dreams. The clinic is known for its services emphasizing the whole family’s dental health.

A friendly and dynamic practice, Casa Dental comprises a team of dedicated and experienced dental professionals with the same aim of providing our patients with optimal dental health and a beautiful smile. They are proficient in dealing with patients of all age groups. Therefore, it makes it an ideal stop for all dental issues. The clinic has a dedicated staff with dentists and orthodontists. They are experienced in services like teeth alignment, clean-up, whitening, and RCT. 

Besides, they provide a digital scan for your teeth to assess better solutions with accuracy. This makes the procedure to be long-lasting and efficient. Moreover, their general dentistry practices will guide you and your family towards better hygiene. 

Address420A Clementi Ave 1, #01-02 Singapore 121420
Contact Information+65 6458 0667| [email protected]
Business HoursMonday to Friday: 10 AM to 8.30 PM 
Saturday to Sunday: 10 AM to 5.30 PM 

6. Dental Designs Clinic

Best Dental Clinic Singapore


  • Long-term care and treatment
  • High-quality treatment
  • Professional team of doctors

Dental design clinic is the best dental clinic in Singapore if you are looking for a long term service. They have the most skilled doctors and technicians who will fix your smile and pearly whites. 

Moreover, before proceeding with invasive surgery, you will get the explanation and details for it. The illustration of the technique makes it easier for the patient to feel comfortable. They also assist in tooth decays and wisdom tooth removal surgeries without making you feel anxious. 

In addition, Dental Designs aims to provide the highest quality treatment to all of their clients. For example, their dentists aim for greater precision, improved aesthetics and increased success rates for root canal treatments. With an enhanced vision, their doctors are able to diagnose effectively while ensuring treatment can be done as conservatively as possible

Address120 Telok Ayer St, Singapore 068589
Contact Information+65 6221 8284|[email protected]
Business HoursMonday to Friday: 9 AM to 6 PM 
Saturday: 9 AM to 1 PM 

7. Pure NZ Dental


  • Wide range of dental services
  • Preventive treatment
  • Friendly team

Pure NZ Dental was created back in 2014 when Dr Justin and his wife migrated to Singapore from New Zealand and with them came the idea to bring Kiwi hospitality to the sunny island of Singapore.

Known for their beautiful landscapes and amazing people, the ‘Land of the Long White Cloud’ has nurtured an amazing culture that strongly values friendship, community, and helping each other out.

At Pure NZ Dental, you can get solutions for various dental issues like toothaches, cavities, bleeding gums, and misalignment from the Pure NZ Dental clinic. They have a friendly staff to deal with patience and explain the procedures and techniques. Besides, they understand the challenges of dental visits and make patient’s comfort a priority.

Moreover, you can visit them for preventive measures to keep your teeth healthy and long-lasting. If you have a decaying root, they will treat and preserve it with RCT. 

Address62 Jalan Jurong Kechil, JK Building, Singapore 598584
Contact Information+65 6463 0257|[email protected]
Business HoursMonday and Thursday: 9 AM to 8 PM 
Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday: 9 AM to 6 PM
Saturday: 9 AM to 5 PM 

8. Specialist Dental Group


  • Internationally qualified dental specialists and dentists
  • Wide range of dental services
  • Friendly staff

The internationally qualified dental specialists and dentists at Specialist Dental Group® work together as a team at their clinics in Singapore to deliver a range of comprehensive solutions under one roof.

Providing quality service to our patients is their first priority. At their dental clinics, the team will work with you to create a plan that suits your lifestyle and circumstances while addressing any dental concerns you may have. Compassionate and knowledgeable, their dental specialists and dentists will ensure that you are comfortable with and aware of every step involved in your care.

Whether you are looking for dental implants or considering Invisalign, the clinic is equipped with special technological means and internationally qualified doctors to help. You can feel at ease even with the most basic or advanced procedures in the clinic. Moreover, doctors have been trained and experienced in their fields to assist in complex cases. 

You can find the best dental clinic in Singapore to help with crooked teeth, missing or stained teeth issues. Besides, they can assist you with gum problems, tongue tie, and misaligned jaws.

Address3 Mount Elizabeth, #08-03/04/10 Singapore 228510
Contact Information+65 6734 9393|[email protected]
Business HoursMonday to Friday: 9 AM to 5.30 PM
Saturday: 9 AM to 1 PM 

9. Canaan Dental Surgery Pte. Ltd


  • Wide range of dental packages
  • Warm and friendly environment
  • Peaceful surroundings

Situated in the cosy, laid back greenery of Siglap in the eastern part of Singapore, Canaan Dental Surgery provides excellent cosmetic dental services in a warm and friendly environment.

The Canaan dental surgery clinic is the best clinic in Singapore to focus on dental health. They have a creative approach to create that perfect smile to correspond with your features. Besides, their main focus is to enhance teeth with a combination of art and science. 

You can choose from basic dental packages to advanced ones as per your needs. They have a skilled team to assist with the best available options and prompt dealing solutions.

Address29 Upper East Coast Road Crescendo Building Singapore 455291
Contact Information+65 6442 0293|[email protected]
Business HoursMonday to Friday: 8.30 AM to 6 PM
Saturday: 9 AM to 4 PM 

10. Smilefocus Dental Clinic


  • Advanced technology and equipment
  • More than two decades of experience
  • Child-friendly clinic

Providing dental care to the international and local community in Singapore for over 21 years. Smilefocus dental clinic is open Monday to Friday and Saturday morning for your convenience.

The dental clinic has been one of the best dental clinic services for over two decades. They believe in a prompt and qualitative approach while dealing with patients. Along with dental services, they guide patients on the lifelong importance of dental care. 

Besides new technological types of equipment, their team is experienced to deal with all teeth and oral needs. Moreover, the clinic is child-friendly making it ideal for your kid’s first dental visit till adolescence. This will help in inculcating good habits and care for the developing teeth.

AddressCamden Medical Centre, #08-02/03 and #08-07/08, 1 Orchard Boulevard, Singapore, 248649
Contact Information+65 6733 9882|[email protected] 
Business HoursMonday to Wednesday: 8.30 AM to 6.30 PM
Thursday and Friday: 9 AM to 5.30 PM 

11. B & F Dental Clinic

B & F Dental Clinic - Good Dentist Bukit Timah, Singapore


  • Friendly and experienced staff
  • Competitive prices
  • Modern technology

B & F Dental is a popular dental clinic in the prestigious District 10 area of Sixth Avenue, Bukit Timah. The clinic is fully equipped with modern technology. They are therefore more than qualified for all general dental services. They heavily invested in German sterilization technology, minimal radiation digital x-rays, and Leica dental operating microscopes for high precision.

Perhaps most importantly, for those who are afraid of dental visits, you will be glad to know that the dentists at B & F clinic are always approachable and regularly receive rave reviews from clients.

In addition, the treatment prices at this clinic are known to be competitively-priced and of great value. Multiple claimable insurance packages and additional subsidies are also associated with this clinic! It is also worth noting that B & F Dental Clinic was featured on Singapore’s Finest Hall of Fame Website! You can rest assured that you will be in great hands.

Address11 Anamalai Avenue, Singapore 279982
Contact Information+65 6909 7664 / 9383 6121
Business HoursMonday to Thursday: 10 AM to 8 PM
Friday to Sunday: 10 AM to 5 PM 

12. G Plus Dental Center

Meet Our Team | G Plus Dental Center


  • Advanced technology and equipment
  • Friendly staff
  • Professional team of doctors

Since 2001, G Dental Center has been the preferred dental clinic for referrals for both local and international communities, improving the quality of life for their patients. They are committed to achieving both functional and aesthetic outcomes, and this has brought about great satisfaction and delightful results for patients.

The clinic harnesses technology and employs professional equipment for the diagnosis and treatment of dental diseases, and our experienced surgeons are using effective techniques and high-quality materials for all dental work. Their friendly and dedicated doctors and staff are always here to make sure that our clients feel comfortable and at ease while having their treatment here.

In addition, G Dental Center’s dental surgeons are experienced in a wide range of dental treatments and procedures!

AddressCamden Medical Centre, 1 Orchard Boulevard, #02-01, S248649
Contact Information+65 8339 0092 | [email protected]
Business HoursMonday to Friday: 9 AM to 5 PM 
Saturday: 9 AM to 1 PM

13. Twinkle Family Dentalcare



  • Experienced team of dental surgeons
  • Medisave-accredited
  • Quality treatment
  • Affordable fees

Twinkle Family Dental care is an established yet recently renovated clinic that provides comprehensive, high quality, and affordable dental treatments in a comfortable as well as clean environment. The clinic is also equipped with modern equipment and is fully computerized.

In addition, the team of dentists are experienced in wisdom tooth extraction and wisdom tooth surgery and will strive to make the procedure as painless and stress-free as possible. Their dental surgeons are also well-versed in managing other causes of dental pain, such as toothache, cracked teeth, gum swelling, etc.

You can be assured that when you visit them, their caring yet thorough manner in investigating the source of the pain you are experiencing will ensure that the correct diagnosis and correct treatment is rendered to alleviate your discomfort.

AddressBlk 201B Tampines Street 21 #01-1069 Singapore 522201
Contact Information+65 6789 2837
Business HoursMonday to Friday: 9 AM to 9 PM
Saturday: 9 AM to 5 PM
Sunday: 9 AM to 1.30 PM

14. Atria City Dental Group



  • Multidisciplinary clinic
  • Some dentists are lecturers at the National University of Singapore
  • Corporate oral health provider

Established in 1994, Atria-City Dental Group is one of the leading multi-disciplinary dental groups in Singapore. The clinic has been providing both general and specialist dental care to many families in Singapore. The base of their patients has grown over the years mainly through the recommendation of their satisfied patients both locally and from overseas.

Conveniently located on the medical floor of Ngee Ann City Tower B, Orchard Road, the clinic specializes in endodontics. The treatments are performed by endodontists who ensure that the procedure runs smoothly and successfully.

When looking for a specialist to perform oral treatments, of course we want a professional whose dexterity and skills are topnotch. With Atria-City, you are given the best care that you deserve while achieving a healthy, esthetically pleasing smile.

Address391B Orchard Road 08-08 Ngee Ann City Tower B Singapore 238874
Contact Information+65 6737 2777 | [email protected] 
Business HoursMonday to Friday: 9 AM to 6 PM
Saturday: 8.30 AM to 1 PM

15.  Mt. Alvernia Dental Centre

Mount Alvernia Hospital SingaporeMount Alvernia Hospital Singapore |  Specialties


  • Wide variety of dental procedures
  • Experienced and skilled doctors
  • Keen interest in the needs of the patients

Mt Alvernia specializes in various dental treatments, including prosthodontics, kid’s dentistry, orthodontics, and endodontics. At the clinic, the patient’s interests and well catered to. Patients who are afraid of dental visits are always made to feel at ease.

The team of doctors offers experience and expertise in their dental services. They also create a healthy doctor-patient relationship with a keen interest in their needs and concerns. You will be amazed by the excellent patient report that doctors provide about the patient’s information. The doctors will recommend the best procedure according to the patient’s history and dental concerns from the patient’s information. 

Address820 Thomson Road, #08-51 Medical Centre D, Mount Alvernia Hospital, Singapore 574623
Contact Information+65 6251 1189 | [email protected]
Business HoursMonday to Friday: 9 AM to 4 PM
Saturday: 9 AM to 12 PM

16. AJ Warren Dental Clinic


  • Experienced doctors
  • Cosy ambience
  • 24-hour emergency service

With a mission to make a positive difference in the lives of children, youth and adults by offering the highest quality dental care in the same warm, caring, and professional manner, AJ Warren Dental Clinic seeks to provide each and every patient with satisfaction treatment that they request, establishing for each valued patient a family atmosphere conducive for an outstanding dental experience.

The fusion dental clinic provides a cosy ambience with a touch of elegance, located privately in Pasir Panjang. Experience the sense of luxury and spaciousness as you ascend to our dental office on the upper floor loft, and are serviced by industry-leading dentists

Be it a regular check-up or a dental enhance, AJ Warren is the best dental clinic in Singapore. They offer dental services to all age groups professionally and ethically. You can get your teeth cleaned and whitened by experienced doctors at the clinic. 

Moreover, they have a 24 hours emergency service running for any sudden dental needs. You can get your teeth polished, scaled, and filled with utmost precision. Besides, they are experienced in implants and veneers to make your teeth look graceful. 

Address218 Pasir Panjang Road #02-11 S(118579)
Contact Information+65 9827 5557 | [email protected]
Business HoursMonday to Friday: 10 AM to 8 PM  

Being regular to a professional dentist will help in keeping your teeth healthy. Moreover, your smile will brighten up with white and fresh-looking teeth. We hope this list of the best dental clinic in Singapore will come in handy while scheduling a visit. If you have specific needs such as getting your wisdom tooth removed or treated, check out our guide to the best wisdom tooth removal clinics in Singapore here.