Cybersecurity is an important aspect of any business. With the recent transition by many businesses to the web, there has been a surge of hackers who target businesses which have led to the emergence of cybersecurity agencies in Singapore. When a business does not invest in excellent cybersecurity, it can easily lose sensitive data, customers as well as reputation. This may be hard to recover and some businesses may be forced to close down altogether.

It can be very difficult to find a cybersecurity agency and also be acquainted with their reputation since this is a very critical area of the business that should be taken seriously. Below are the best cybersecurity agencies in Singapore that have lived to their great reputation in terms of delivery.

1. WebOrion

Since the start of the company almost two decades ago, WebOrion has been nothing but successful in tackling cybersecurity. Some of the business functionality offered by the agency include Roll-Based Access Control (RBAC), Unified dashboards, SIEM integration, and On-premise characteristics. With patent-pending elements such as material, secure replica development engines, integrity, and image analytics engine, not only is this generation good to go but future-oriented too.  

WebOrion caters to both small and medium-sized enterprises. The security experts (with over thirty years of experience) and developers of WebOrion have designed the product in such a way that it cuts across to serve various consumer sectors.


  • Solution overview.
  • Web security/ DDoS Protection.
  • Content delivery network.
  • Web content monitoring.
  • Secure replica restoration.
AddressThe Curie, 83 Science Park Drive, #02-01C, Singapore 118258
Contact +65 9626 4242 |
Opening HoursMon – Fri, 9.15 AM – 6.15 PM | Sat & Sun, Closed

2. CyberQuote

CyberQuote is one of the best cybersecurity agencies in Singapore with over twenty years of experience in the sector. You can never go wrong when you choose this agency. They have a great standing record for their performance offering the service across the globe. This makes them perfect for companies operating beyond Singapore borders as well.

Another plus of this agency is the long-term relationship they are known for building with their clients. CyberQuote is a better place to have a business engagement where you can be sure to feel cherished and valued.


  • Financial training.
  • Information technology solutions such as security trading and processing systems.
  • Vulnerability assessment.
  • Cyber safeguard awareness program.
  •  Penetration testing and innovative solutions.
AddressGrand Building, 17 Phillip Street, #02-00, Singapore 048695
Contact +65 6505 0199 |
Opening HoursMon – Fri, 9AM – 6PM | Sat & Sun, Closed

3. MK Cybersecurity

Image credit: MK Cyber Security

MK Cybersecurity has been in operation for over 10 years now. It has grown to be among the best cybersecurity companies in Singapore and Vietnam. The company’s core values are customer focus, integrity, teamwork, personal excellence, and challenger spirit. All these have greatly attributed to the fast growth of the company and enabled it to rise among the best in offering these services.

The company’s foremost principle is “always put yourselves in the clients’ shoes”. This has enabled them to strive to cater to the unique viewpoints and needs of every customer as they believe that every customer’s needs are unique. They also endeavor to create added-value and long-term partnerships with their clients. MK Cybersecurity works hard to ensure your business is safe from any cybersecurity threat in this technological world enabling you to sit back and focus on your business. They also create a long-term partnership with their clients and you will always feel like part of a family to them. They have the best technology and team of experienced staff who know what to do when it comes to cyber securing your business.


  • Vulnerability assessment
  • Penetration testing
  • Security code revie
Address18 Sin Ming Lane, #08-21 Midview City, Singapore 573960
Contact +65 6707 3597 |
Opening HoursMon – Fri, 9AM – 6PM | Sat & Sun, Closed

4. Blackpanda

Image credit: Blackpanda

Blackpanda is a renowned to go agency when it comes to cybersecurity. This is thanks to the elite special risk and security experts who have backgrounds in law enforcement, forensics, intelligence, and international special forces. Those with businesses across the borders can also enjoy their services. This is because the agency operates across the region making them suitable for all your cybersecurity businesses.

The high technology used by the agency enables them to remove malware as well as the internal human threat posed to your business. You can sit back and relax with the certainty that your cybersecurity issue is well taken care of.


  • Cyber incident response.
  • Incident response preparation.
  • Digital forensic services.
  • Compromise assessments.
Address6 Raffles Quay, #11-07, Singapore 048580
Contact +65 6692 9110 |
Opening HoursMon – Fri 9 AM – 5 PM | Sat & Sun, Closed

5. Tech Security

What a better way to safeguard your company in Singapore than going for a pioneering IT cybersecurity agency like Tech Security. The agency has a team of dedicated, qualified, and highly skilled cybersecurity experts. work tirelessly to ensure your business is secure from any cyber threat.

The agency has utilized its innovative A2F platforms and cutting-edge IT security services portfolio in many organizations such as world-renowned multinational companies, financial institutions, and government entities to achieve cybersecurity.


  • IT security audit.
  • Web application penetration test.
  • Vulnerability assessment.
  • Network penetration test.
  • Mobile penetration application test.
AddressWintech Centre, 6 Ubi Road 1, #04-08, Singapore 408726
Contact +65 9438 5437 |
Opening HoursMon – Fri 9.30 AM – 6.30 PM | Sat & Sun, Closed

6. ITSEC Asia

ITSEC Asia has been in operation since 2004 providing information security in Singapore. With the firm offering all-round services in matters of information and cybersecurity solutions, you should look no further for other service providers when it comes to cybersecurity matters for your business.

The agency provides a database security assessment customized to your organization. They also offer a wide range of information security controls that safeguard database systems and applications such as data, database servers, and accompanying network links. Such moves by the company ensure your web data is safeguarded.


  • Information security analysis.
  • Penetration testing.
  • Risk assurance and compliance.
  • Application security.
  • Architecture and process development.
Address71 Robinson Road, #14-01, Singapore 068895
Contact+65 3159 1145 |
Opening HoursMon – Fri 9 AM – 5.30 PM | Sat & Sun, Closed

7. Soverus

Soverus was founded in 2008 as a risk and consultancy service provider. It had a new executive take over in 2010 who extended their services to other security solutions. Their innovative business products and customized solutions ensure your individual or business’s cybersecurity is well taken care of.

Soverus offers clients a whole range of security solutions and services. Their team of professionals and highly qualified staff will work closely with you; assess your security concerns and propose the most viable solutions that will meet clients’ unique security needs with the latest technologies.


  • Cyber-security consultancy.
  • Private investigations and IT forensics.
  • Big data analytics
  • Cybersecurity systems
Address8 Alexandra Terrace, Singapore 119932
Contact+65 6813 9500 |
Opening HoursMon – Fri, 8.30AM – 6PM | Sat & Sun, Closed

8. Assure IT

Assure IT is a renowned firm in Singapore that specializes in cybersecurity solutions such as software development, risk management, and regulations. The firm deals with many sectors of the economy such as ICT, security, banking and finance, research and development, and manufacturing.

What makes the firm among the best cybersecurity agencies in Singapore to go to for matters of cybersecurity is that they look at the entire perspective which includes procedures, clients, and technologies when it comes to tackling cyber threats. They work hard to secure, track, and react to their customers’ cybersecurity issues. This will enable you to sit back and concentrate on the business area while they tackle web threat issues. You will never go wrong when you pick Assure IT as your cybersecurity agency.


  • Security design and review.
  • Enterprise risk management.
  • Cybersecurity solution advisory.
  • Business impact analysis.
  • Security by design.
Address28 Genting Land, #08-07, Singapore 349585
Contact +65 6638 9038 |
Opening HoursMon – Fri, 9 AM – 5.30 PM | Sat & Sun, Closed

9. Apvera

To provide organizations with robust risk management tools for cybersecurity, Apvera leverages deep threat environment analytics. It offers analytical resources to clients that help to predict and circumvent threats and data risks. Apvera Insight360 enhances cyber warfare capabilities by first analysing the most extensive collection of data sources obtained across a variety of network and endpoint detectors.

This helps to identify end-users, applications and designates information when determining the data protection framework for security measures. This is also based on companies’ meaning, consistency, and degree of criticality. Apvera applies context-aware systems and algorithms for artificial intelligence in all aspects of the user, device, and application operation, generating accurate irregular incidents and trends.

Finally, it provides the creation of regulatory structure and industry-standard enforcement insights that distil existing cyber data into relevant information.


  • Threat and risk management.
  • Security as a service.
  • Cybersecurity and compliance services.
Address20 Maxwell Road, #09-17, Singapore 069113
Contact +65 3158 8697 |
Opening HoursMon – Fri 9 AM – 6 PM | Sat & Sun, Closed

10. ST Engineering

ST Engineering is dedicated to the provision of reliable information systems and networks. It depends on highly-trained specialists in cybersecurity and threat anticipation. These experts enable organizations, whether basic or complex, to manage threats. With almost two decades of experience in cybersecurity, ST Engineering is one of the best cybersecurity agencies to go for your cybersecurity problems.

ST Engineering plans develops, prepares, and operates cybersecurity operations centres for their customers. This is by use of their network of trained cybersecurity professionals. With their vast skills and experience, they have comprehensive cyber-secure services and products in encryption, information technology, auditing, and compliance.

The agency has also invested heavily in research and development, actively engaging top research organizations, educational associates, and industry analysts. This aids in building capabilities to develop long-run strategies to cyber threats and stay ahead of cyber attackers. With ST Engineering, your business web operation will be secured and your mind will be put at ease.


  • Cybersecurity management.
  • Business security software.
  • Endpoint protection.
  • Remote cloud management.
  • Threat intelligence.
AddressElectronics Park Road, 1 Ang Mo Kio, #07-01, Singapore 567710
Contact Details+65 6722 1818 |
Opening HoursMon – Fri, 8 AM – 5.30 PM | Closed from Sat & Sun, Closed

11. INStream

INStream helps enterprises solve cybersecurity-related concerns and challenges. They coordinate together to have a secure and reliable security ecosystem counteracting and mitigating business-threatening cyber-attacks in all industries around the world. The agency also offers innovative edge cybersecurity solutions and services locally and globally, including database protection along with urgent malware detection.

INStream provides its workforce of committed developers with the technological competence to effectively determine the cybersecurity needs of companies. They also develop creative solutions to meet even the most challenging company objectives. As a one-stop spot for IT software solutions in Singapore, this agency stays vigilant, attentive, and creative. This is to ensure a complete spectrum of services aimed at resolving critical cyberspace issues.


  • Network security.
  • Endpoint security.
  • Database protection.
  • Application security
AddressYu Li Industrial Building, 37 Lorong 23 Geylang, #05-05, Singapore 388371
Contact Details+65 6744 0794 |
Opening HoursMon – Fri, 9 AM – 6 PM | Sat & Sun, Closed

With the above list of the best cybersecurity agencies in Singapore, am sure you will be able to make the right decision. Technology has become an important part of businesses and their workforce. From the simple use of services such as email to networking and sharing of information through cloud computing, there is an urgent need for cybersecurity in organizations no matter how small they are.

With the rate of cybersecurity threats across the globe, businesses are encouraged to approach reliable cybersecurity agencies in Singapore that will safeguard their information. For those operating beyond the borders of Singapore, you might want to look for an agency that supports your country of residence as well. All the best.