When making plans for delivery of any packages; big or small, islandwide or overseas, a good rule of thumb would be to engage the best couriers available in Singapore.

Unless you would like to experience a late or poor delivery of a significant package first-hand. In fact, none of the customers would want the worst to happen to them and witnessing their money went down the drain on a courier that is unreliable for the delivery job. Fortunately for you that is reading this article right now, we have taken the initiative to review through the delivery choices available in the market by assessing a list of courier services in Singapore.

All in all, we would like to reveal and strongly recommend the final results to you; presenting the Best 11 couriers in Singapore for swift and punctual deliveries all year round!

1. UParcel

Best Couriers Singapore

UParcel is capable of providing clients with rapid, accessible, and customer-orientated services. Regardless of the dimensions and weight of the parcel, clients can be assured that the item will be delivered to them in a safe and secure manner, whether it is personal or business-related.

The company also performs door-to-door parcel pickup services to minimise the inconvenience of having to go to centralised package pickup centres. In the event of the package getting lost during the transaction process, rest assured that it can be insured.

In addition, if customers have documents or parcels that have to be scheduled to be delivered urgently, they can depend on the 24/7 shipment services by Uparcel. All the above factors combined make UParcel deserving of the number one spot on our ‘Best Couriers in Singapore’ list.

Courier Highlights

  • Affordable and fixed rates
  • Special bulk discounts
  • Mobile app services
Recommended ForVarious Delivery Options
PricingRates issued by the Company
Delivery Booking24/7
Address of Company10 Kaki Bukit Ave 4, #05-70, Premier @ Kaki Bukit Building, Singapore 415874
Contact Details +65 6589 8763
Operating Hours9 am-10 pm (Monday – Sunday). Courier staff do pick-ups and deliveries from Monday to Sundays
Customer Service Hours9.30am-7.00pm (Monday – Friday), 10am-2pm (Saturday)

2. Fast Fast Delivery

Best Couriers Singapore

Fast Fast Delivery upholds its name due to its on-demand and swift courier services. What resonates the most about the courier service offered by the Company is that they are being widely-recognised by enterprises. Fast Fast Delivery offers trustworthy and hassle-free assistance for daily business operations.

Once consumers utilised their system, users will be amazed by how effortlessly one is able to send or receive parcels in no time. Delivery can also be set up via their dedicated mobile app with ease.

Courier Highlights

  • 90 minutes least duration time of delivery process
  • Weekend promotions and rates
  • Insured coverage of Packages
Recommended ForInstant Package Delivery (Within the day)
PricingRates issued by the Company
Delivery Booking24/7
Address of Company26 Sin Ming Lane #07-115, Midview City Singapore 573971
Contact Details +65 6659 6510
Operating Hours24 hours
Customer Service HoursMonday – Friday, 9 am to 6 pm

3. Go Go Van

Best Couriers Singapore

Being the first courier service that commenced the usage of an app-based platform. Since the establishment of the company, Gogo van has been serving customers under their care with practicality and productivity continuously.

Gogo van also adopts same-day delivery services, similar to that of Fast Fast Delivery. The main difference is that the company has an in-store kiosk that allows customers to register self-bookings.

The company can also provide assistance to move furniture and all the belongings of the relevant customer and move them to the new residence that the customer will be moving in to.

It is strongly recommended that new users sign up for an account to get an accurate quote for deliveries that they would like to arrange.

On the whole, Gogo van is one of the best couriers available in Singapore.

Courier Highlights

  • Door to door pick-up and delivery services
  • Moving services for relocation of homes or offices spaces
  • Van rental service for business purposes
Recommended ForIn-store Kiosk Services
PricingRates issued by the Company
Delivery BookingDaily, 09:00am – 6:00pm
Address of Company18 New Industrial Rd, #05-17, Singapore 536205
Contact Details (+65) 6836 1110
Operating HoursDaily, 09:00 am – 6:00 pm
Customer Service HoursDaily, 09:00 am – 6:00 pm

4. Pickupp

Best Couriers Singapore

Pickupp is a technology-based logistics platform that is presently serving over 21,000 clients across Southeast Asia region. They are well-known for their 4-hour same-day, next-day, and 1-to-3-day door-to-door delivery services.

Pickupp itself has a user-friendly portal, parcel tracking, and a rating system that can help users deliver the goods to their customers conveniently.

Pickupp has also launched an eCommerce feature on its mobile application to make it hassle-free for customers to get what they require just by using the application itself. For more information on the relevant platform, details can be found in this weblink: https://sg.pickupp.io/shop-on-pickupp/

Courier Highlights

  • On-demand, speedy door-to-door delivery, anytime, anywhere
  • Lowest cost deliveries starting from $3.20
  • Cash on delivery
  • GPS real-time tracking
  • Customer Support Center
  • Matching guarantee
Recommended For Up and deliver in 4 hours
Pricingsame day 4-hour delivery is from $7.50 but next day delivery is from $3.20
Delivery BookingAll deliveries created outside the time slots stated under operating hours will be automatically adjusted to the next available time slot.
Address of Company5 Shenton Way, UIC Building #10-01, Suite 1182, Singapore 068808
Contact Details [email protected]
Operating HoursRefer to their website for more info
Customer Service HoursIdentical to Operating hours

5. Lalamove

Best Couriers Singapore

Unlike other notable courier companies, Lalamove began off as a moving services company that provide their services to customers who will be re-locating residency or office. After their business boomed in the market, LaLamove included alternatives for courier services of smaller and lighter items.

The establishment is also accomplished to say that they offer one of the shortest delivery durations for several tasks (55 minutes). A variety of corporate businesses from different industries also partnered with them as a result. Overall, Lalamove is one of the best and most reliable couriers in Singapore.

Courier Highlights

  • On-demand delivery services
  • Short delivery time
  • Estimated prices
  • Bonus rebates
Recommended ForCustomisable Delivery Experience
PricingRates issued by the Company
Delivery Booking8 am to 10 pm daily, including public holidays.
Address of Company10 Ubi Crescent, Ubi Techpark (Lobby C), #04-35, Singapore 408564
Contact Details +65 6631 8383
Operating Hours8 am to 10 pm daily, including public holidays.
Customer Service Hours8 am to 10 pm daily, including public holidays.

6. SendYojee

Best Couriers Singapore

For businesses that require a proficient courier company that can manage an organised system regardless of the numerous transactions, then business owners should employ the courier services offered by Yojee.

Yojee is competent in overseeing multiple day-to-day deliveries. The company utilises its own software to control, monitor, and keep watch of daily operations so business enterprises can definitely depend on their services.

Courier Highlights

  • API integration that connects your eCommerce website to their platform
  • Higher-insured cover charges over packages to be delivered
  • Various modes of transport offered
Recommended ForFlexible and Dynamic Delivery Options
PricingRates issued by the Company
Delivery BookingDaily, 10 am to 10 pm
Address of Company144 Robinson Road #15-01 Singapore 068908
Contact Details [email protected]
Operating HoursDaily, 10 am to 10 pm
Customer Service HoursDaily, 10 am to 10 pm

7. Grab Delivery

Grab Delivery is among the most popular out of all the selection to be accredited as one of the best couriers in Singapore. This is primarily due to Grab Delivery making multiple delivery options available for potential customers to choose from.

Set aside the usual deliveries of parcels and packages, customers can also have their food and even personal rides transported to them via Grab. Hence, for generally all of the delivery needs, Grab will always be at the service of customers.

Their newly-launched feature (called GrabExpress) also acts as an instantaneous delivery option. Nevertheless, Grab staff can only process a number of parcel sizes (not more than 5kg) through their motorbikes.

Nonetheless, it is still a considerable alternative for documents and other lightweight items that have to be delivered promptly.

Courier Highlights

  • Payment options for in-store purchases
  • Fund transfers for bill payments
  • Conventional prices for main delivery services
Recommended ForMulti-purpose Services
PricingRates issued by the Company
Delivery Booking24/7
Address of CompanySin Ming Lane, #01-143, Midview City Singapore 573972
Contact Details (65) 69021030
Operating Hours8 am–11 pm, 7 days in a week
Customer Service Hours8 am–11 pm, 7 days in a week

8. XDel Singapore

XDel Singapore provides a comprehensive range of services. It stretches from same-day deliveries in Singapore, express courier services, eCommerce fulfillment, international cross border distribution, to establishing a custom-made solution for the individual logistics needs of customers.

Courier Highlights

  • Mailroom & logistics solutions
  • Express courier & delivery services
  • International & cross-border
  • E-commerce & last mile fulfillment solutions
Recommended ForMulti-purpose, technology-backed services
PricingContact for more information
Delivery BookingContact for more information
Address of Company207 Henderson Road #01-03 Henderson Industrial Park
Singapore 159550
Contact Details [email protected]
Operating HoursCheck their website for more info
Customer Service HoursCheck their website for more info

9. Ixpress647

Ixpress647 is a local courier service that operates 24/7. The company made its services available to a variety of customers from individuals to companies, with a rate that begins from $6. 

Every transaction closed with Ixpress647 is purely digital, even receipts and similar proof of transaction. Not only will customers be able to have a hassle-free and smooth transaction process, but individuals also get to play a part in ensuring a clean and green environment by reducing wastage of paper.

Alternatively, Ixpress647 functions as a non-commissioned-based courier service company. They get to maintain the business and their website by having delivery collaborators pay a small sum daily of less than $2. By doing so, the company gets to keep 100% of the acquired payment.

Overall, Iexpress647 nicely rounds off our list of the best couriers in Singapore.

Courier Highlights

  • 24 hour courier service
  • Online tracking of delivery
  • Friendly & Fast Dashboard
Recommended ForEasy to track deliveries 
Address7 Temasek Boulevard,#12-07 Suntec Tower 1Singapore 03898
Contact Details[email protected] 

10. GetVan Singapore

Getvan provides a wide array of services, ranging from just-in-time and pre-booked goods and passenger vehicles. With a 24/7 team of partners, their services are fast and affordable.

Their system is backed by a tech-powered cloud and web-based platform which ensures that you can monitor every job anytime and anywhere. WIth the web-based platform that they designed to be optimized for use on a smartphone, clients could engage their services without having to download an extra phone application.

You would also appreciate that they have a transparent pricing strategy where you can know how much you would be paying before proceeding with any booking.

With Getvan, you can rest assured that your courier needs are well taken care of immediately and with care.

Courier Highlights:

  • On-demand van for hire
  • 100% price transparency
  • Customizable services
  • Can transport any item, big or small
Recommended ForMulti-purpose and flexible services that are tech-enabled
PricingRates issued by company
Delivery BookingOn-demand van for hire 24/7
Address of Company71 Ayer Rajah Crescent, #01-08, Singapore 139951
Contact Details 9693 9923
Operating Hours24/7
Customer Service HoursCheck their website for more info

11. Ant Couriers


Ant Couriers aims to make deliveries cost-effective and to also make the process seamless in your everyday life. The courier provides two main services, ‘CHIONG’ (Instant delivery) and ‘TUMPANG’ (Crowdsourced delivery). The ‘CHIONG’ service in the ANT app will connect you directly to an ANT ‘CHIONG’ Agent for instant deliveries. While the ‘TUMPANG’ service will put your request on the ANT job list where ANT ‘TUMPANG’ Agents can choose to accept delivery requests depending on their availability and convenience.

Ant Couriers has an efficient application that connects the user to the customer directly. It is seamless and easy to navigate, unlike many complicated applications that are out there on the market! With the Ant app, you can easily make a delivery request within a minute and check back on the necessary information within seconds.

Aside from illegal items such as drugs, Ant Couriers can deliver anything. On top of that, they cover the whole of Singapore. The courier also has a 24/7 support team that is always ready to assist you!

Courier Highlights:

  • Competitive pricing
  • Real-time tracking
  • Speedy deliveries
  • Multiple security layers
Recommended ForSpeedy deliveries of any items
PricingRates issued by company, but generally $8 to $15
Delivery BookingBook through the app
Contact Details6402 0446
Operating Hours24/7
Customer Service HoursCheck their website for more info

In a nutshell, these are our 11 best couriers in Singapore which handle personal and business-related deliveries to their utmost perfection. Have you tried any of these delivery services personally? We hope your delivery is well-fulfilled and on other occasions, well-received as well.