Have you ever thought of how a massage chair could be an essential part of life? Well, many believe that it is an amazing experience to possess one, both as a luxury-comfort item as well as a health care item. And in that matter, no other massage chair can ever compete with the extraordinary Cosmo Zero Massage Chair. Cosmo Zero is a work of art that will not only improve many of your health conditions but also elevates the definition of comfort and luxury.

Made with the best German technology, Cosmo Zero focuses majorly to provide the best comfort that one can ever imagine. The moment you try it in their showroom, you are guaranteed to love it. The futuristic design is made such that you’ll feel as if you are ascended into a new era. Compared to other first-class massage chairs, Cosmo Zero is on a whole new level.

Superior Technology

The technology used to build Cosmo Zero is truly unmatched. Starting from the basic comfort feature, the leather used is Horwitz Leather. As one would know, Horwitz Leather is the most expensive leather in the entire world and is only used in the making of world-class luxury cars and shoes. The reason for its steep price being the unique touch to it that is extremely comfortable.

The highest quality of V-rollers, known as iTouch Rollers, are fitted in Cosmo Zero for a superior quality of massage. These rollers are designed to mimic a human touch so that you feel absolutely comfortable and relaxed. In fact, it provides you with the kind of massage that you would expect from a high-end spa. Cosmo Zero houses long Spine-Trace Rails, running along your neck to your thighs and legs.

The iTouch Rollers glides along these rails, ensuring that you get the optimum body massage through and through. The Hybrid Carbon-Fibre Body protects it from scratches and impacts, so you can rest assured of its protection.

Plenty of Health Benefits

The Cosmo Zero, during the massage procedure, forms into a Zero Gravity position that helps improve your blood circulation. Moreover, it also allows the release of oxytocin that essentially helps to regulate the feeling of calmness. Its Comfy-Pedic Memory Pillow moulds and adapts to your body type to promote maximum comfort and rest to the sensitive neck and head regions.

Cosmo Zero also offers excellent Heat Therapy. This not provides extra comfort but also helps in the proper circulation to your back, neck and limbs. Heat Therapy relaxes and eases up your muscles and helps in reducing your neck and back pain.

That’s not all; the Compression Therapy that this massage chair provides is also an essential feature that it can offer. This therapy allows the blood to flow towards the far-away sites of your body like your limbs, by using a compression technique that strengthens the muscles around your veins.

We’re Just Getting Started

Cosmo Zero offers over 20 different massage programs for one’s individual needs. Additionally, you can even customize it to your personal preference. The Smart AI body scan is designed to offer optimum massage quality to individuals of all shapes and sizes. It also has a touch-screen LED and surround speakers for your entertainment during the massage session. It comes in sleek Black.

Don’t Believe Us? Try out their Chair!

Worried that you won’t be satisfied with the product before you purchase it? They have a free Cosmo Experience showroom for you to enjoy before making your purchase decision. If you are still unsure about it and are not completely satisfied with your purchase, Cosmo Zero ensures a 100% money refund. It is because they believe and are fully confident that there are none that are not satisfied after they purchase Cosmo Zero Massage Chair. They additionally offer a long 15-years of warranty on their product after your purchase.

Just book a free 30-minutes of full Cosmo Zero experience at their showroom. And if you are happy with what you see, feel and experience, they provide free shipping across Singapore on their product within 24 hours.

Rating – 9.5/10 Stars

According to our experience with Cosmo Zero Massage Chair, this masterpiece of technology is surely the best choice when it comes to high-end massage chairs. Analyzing and experiencing all the comfortable features and the top-tier therapy sessions first-hand, we would happily rate it a solid 9.5/10. There is hardly any massage chair that can even come close to what Cosmo Zero has to offer.

Get your very own Cosmos chair right here.

AddressMactechBuilding, 2 Kallang Pudding Road, #02-04, S349307
TimingsMonday to Sunday from 11:00 am to 05:00 pm
Closed on Public Holidays
PricingPrices start from $5999.00