It’s really easy for someone to get a confinement nanny confused with the usual type of nanny. While a confinement nanny is certainly a nanny, they’re actually more specialized and care for the new-born and mother during the confinement period.

This period is one of the most stressful periods of any woman’s life and especially if you’re a first-time mother. That’s why, having a good confinement nanny can do wonders. That’s why here’s a list of confinement nanny agencies to help you out.

1. Star Confinement Nanny

Star Confinement Nanny |Star Confinement Nanny Facebook
Image Credit: Star Confinement Nanny

Started in the year 2013, and winning an award for their services in 2018, Star Confinement Nanny knows that new-born children can be pretty tricky. They don’t come with a manual, and for first-time parents, this is a tricky period.

Star Confinement provide confinement nannies who have a lot of experience, we’re talking about at least 5 to 10 years (that’s a lot of experience). Well-versed in confinement practices, both traditional and modern, all of these nannies are selected based on a number of criteria. From supporting you through breast-feeding to even preparing nutritious meals, they’re the fairy god-mother you need.

If you want someone of a specific age or who speaks a specific language, they’ve got you covered. From nannies who are as young as 35 to even 62, and are fluent in languages like Mandarin, English, Hokkien, Hakka, Cantonese, Teochew, Malay, and even Japanese. For a detailed overview of their services, you can check out their website.

Address5 Harper Road #04-01, Singapore 369673
Contact+65 9889 7985
TimingsMonday – Friday 9 am to 6 pm. On weekends and public holidays, you need an appointment.

2. Gladys Care 1997

Gladys Care Confinement nanny | Gladys Care website
Image Credit: Gladys Care

Personalized Support from Confinement Nanny and Pre Post Pregnancy.

The first 30 to 40 days after you give birth is the important period where you can recuperate better and able to supply good quality breast milk for your new baby.

This restoring period has three stages: the first one week, where mothers can start to walk around, intermediate puerperium, four to six weeks after delivery, the time it takes for the sore genitalia to recover, and remote puerperium, between six and 12 months, where your body returns to its original best condition. 

A confinement nanny will be hired during this recuperating period to provide proper care and rest for mummy diet and baby care during the confinement period. This would be a solid foundation for your future health. 

Personalised  TCM Lacation Treatment , Pre and Postnatal Home Care Maternity Support Services 

  • Confinement Nanny (Live In / Live Out 09:00 to 17:00)
  • At Home Babysitter
  • Customized Traditional Pre or Postnatal Confinement Diet (Rest in Bed Mums)
  • Prenatal Relaxing Massage for water retention mums
  • Traditional Javanese Pre/Postnatal Massage and Jamu Bengkung wrap
  • TCM Lactation Breast Milk Stimulating / Engorgement Massage Treatment
  • TCM Baby & Toddler Relaxing Anti Colic Massage
  • Lactation Confinement Herbs Package
  • Breast Lifting and Firming Massage Treatment for Nursing Mothers 
  • Colostrum harvesting breast massage
Contact+65 83181949
TimingsMonday – Friday 9 am to 6 pm. On weekends and public holidays, you need an appointment.

3. Find A Nanny

 Find A Nanny Confinement nanny |  Find A Nanny website
Image Credit: Find A Nanny

Sometimes you need a confinement nanny with a very special set of skills (Liam Neeson, we’re not looking at you), and agencies may not be able to offer them. Not to mention that the agency fees can pretty expensive, for you and even the nanny gets a lower profit.

Find A Nanny totally removes the middle-man out of the equation, allowing you to post an ad with your requirements for a confinement nanny on their website. This allows nannies with those skills to directly contact you. Or if you need someone immediately, you can even pay a really small amount (almost $7) and get access to all the contact details of the nannies on their website.

Don’t get restricted by the small selection of confinement nanny presented by an agency. You can simply post your ad, set up a call with the nanny you like and hire them if you find them good enough.

Contact Details: You can either fill out their form or contact +61 468342438.

4. Confinement Angels

Confinement Nanny Angels | Confinement Angels Facebook
Image Credit: Confinement Angels

New-borns are extremely difficult to care for, and you would want only the best level of care for them. While the mind of a mother is always worried about the safety of their child, getting too worried would only hamper the recovery process. Confinement Angels will remove all the worries and provide parents with peace of mind.

They do this by making sure that all of their confinement nannies are extremely well-trained in baby care, baby hygiene and baby safety SOPs. That way, you can rest-assured that your baby is in the hands of someone who has passed several tests and knows exactly what to do. Besides all this, your confinement nanny will also help out in domestic chores, preparing herbal tonics for the mother and child, and be available around the clock.

They have seen features in several magazines and have clients ranging from celebrities to everyday people. If you’re still not convinced, you can check out the testimonials of the several happy clients that they have served.

Address: 29 Tai Seng Avenue, #07-16, Singapore 534119

Contact Details: +65 8828 8415 / +65 8822 9131 / +65 8611 2145

5. Nanny SOS

Nanny SOS | Nanny SOS Facebook
Image Credit: Nanny SOS

Nanny SOS started in 2011, and provides excellent confinement services to help mothers recover their body after giving birth and making sure that the baby is healthy and well. They offer all sorts of services so you can choose the best one for you depending on your need.

If you’re looking for a nanny who is there to help throughout the day, you can opt for their stay-in nanny and if you lack the space, choose their day-time confinement nanny. Their nannies are based in Singapore and Malaysia and all have at least 3 years of experience in taking care of children. Apart from confinement nannies, you can also avail their food catering and herbal packages to get you back in shape.

After you’re done with the confinement period, Nanny SOS can even help you out for baby-sitting jobs. Their rates are pretty reasonable so if you want a good nanny, do check them out. A more detailed break-down of rates is available on their site.

Address2 Venture Drive, #07-27, Singapore 608526
Contact+65 6817 2479
TimingsMonday to Sunday from 9:00 am to 7:00 pm

6. PEM Confinement Nanny Agency

Image Credit: PEM Confinement Nanny agency

One of the oldest confinement nanny agencies in Singapore, PEM is also the largest one with over 400 nannies. They have served over 15,000 families and ensured that the confinement period was a pleasant one for each family.

To ensure that their nannies only provide the best services, they are given trainings on on breastfeeding, proper hygiene practices and confinement diet. It is only after they pass a challenging test, that they are permitted to work at our homes. Apart from all these services, these confinement nannies will also aid in domestic chores twice a week, provide 24-hour care for the baby including diaper change etc.

In case you are unsure of the date of delivery, you can still contact them because they make sure that every mother has a confinement nanny regardless of the date.

Address167 Woodlands Street 11, #02-23, Singapore 730167
Contact+65 6293 9249
TimingsMonday to Sunday from 10:00 am to 7:00 pm

7. HOMEY Confinement

Image Credit: HOMEY Confinement

It can be really difficult to get a good confinement nanny, especially when good ones are in short supply. But over at HOMEY, they strive to live up to their name and make your confinement period feel very homey.

They provide nannies for 28 days of the confinement period where the nannies come over and ensure that this period is actually one of the most relaxing ones of your life. In their package, the work-permit fee is included as well. These nannies will make sure that you and your baby have the most nutritious food ever, will prepare TCM health tonics and red date drinks, and help in the house-care duties as well.

It just takes a look at the raving reviews left by their customers on their Facebook page to figure out that they’re simply marvelous at what they do. And if this is your first time hiring a confinement nanny, then they even have guides on what you’ll need to prepare before-hand.

Address: #09-02 Tampines Junction, 300 Tampines Avenue 5, Singapore, 529653

Contact Details: +65 9392 3100

8. JIA Confinement

JIA Confinement | JIA Confinement Facebook
Image Credit: JIA Confinement

Are you someone who would prefer to have a veteran agency then perhaps JIA Confinement is the perfect match for you. They have been providing confinement nanny services for over 25 years now and seem to show no sign of slowing down any time soon.

JIA Confinement Agency has here to help provide you with the extra help that you’ll need for the newest member of your family. Their process is really simple too. You first meet up with them so that you can properly discuss your requirements, and then there is an application for work-permit. Your nanny arrives on the date of commencement and if you’re not satisfied then they even offer replacements.

But seeing that they have only the most experienced nannies aged between 45-55 who have taken care of plenty of kids, I’m sure that you’ll surely be satisfied. Their nannies are experts in baby care, cooking food skills and what should be eaten during confinement food knowledge and have proper hygiene habits. All these services are provided at an extremely reasonable price.

Contact Details: +65 9459 9830

9. Baby’s Whisperer

Baby's whisperer | Baby's whisperer Facebook
Image Credit: Baby’s whisperer

The confinement nannies over at Baby’s whisperer are so good with babies that you’ll actually end up wondering if they are baby whisperers. Well, it’s the result of their years of experience with kids and the strict training that they all undergo.

They’re not just good with the kids though. They’ve been trained in even helping the mother with breast-feeding techniques which include ways to latch on and several positions that will be more comfortable. Taking into consideration that each clients’ requirements vary a lot, they also make sure that you get the nanny who’s the ideal match to you.

Additionally, these confinement nannies also provide the usual services of a confinement nanny like the preparation of good food, herbal tonics and maintaining a good hygiene level by taking care of the laundry and the cleanliness of the house. After all, a clean environment is so important for a healthy child.

Address:  Thomson Medical Centre, opposite Information Counter

Contact Details:

10. New Life Confinement Nanny

New Life Confinement Nanny | New Life Confinement Nanny Facebook
Image Credit: New Life Confinement Nanny

One of the newer agencies on the block, New Life Confinement Nanny is just as great as the rest mentioned on this list. They provide several packages like the Stay-In Confinement Apartment Package and the Home Confinement Nanny Services so you can decide which package suits you and your needs best.

One of the features that we love is that they have a detailed overview of each nanny on their website which tells you about their skills and the dishes that they can prepare. This lets you go through each nanny and actually decide which one is the best for you. This is not all that they do though. Apart from these special skills, they also pay extreme attention to your health and the child.

If you go through their review, you’ll see countless happy customers who are totally satisfied with their nannies, delicious food, and services. They’re also really good at confinement herbs, postnatal massages, and lactation consulting, and massages.

Address3 Ang Mo Kio Street 62 #03-16, Link@AMK, Singapore 569139
Contact+65 9173 8162
Official PagesWebsite | Facebook

11. Confinement Nanny

Confinement Nanny has been offering their services since 2008, and work hard to gain the love and trust of their customers. Being mothers themselves, they are well-aware of how to take care of a baby. They also make sure that your baby receives only the best care and nourishment during this confinement period. Confinement Nanny makes sure that each of their nannies have at least 4 years of experience, along with excellent knowledge of the preparation of confinement food and pro-breastfeeding.

They take pride in being able to deliver quality services to every customer while diligently making every child feel loved and nourished and every mother relaxed. The nannies are matched closest to your household that minimises the need for a replacement nanny due to a mismatch. The agency is licensed by M.O.M. Their nannies are issued with a TWP ensuring that all the parents availing their services are of a peaceful mind.

Most of their customers are referrals from their previous satisfied parents. is one of the best choices for your confinement needs. You can rely on them for taking the best care of you and your baby during the confinement time. They ensure a peaceful mind with the satisfaction that only the best nourishment and care is provided to your baby. So you can focus on bonding with the baby and taking care of your health after the childbirth.

Address147A Selegie Road, Singapore 188313
Contact+65 9746 1883
Official PagesWebsite | Facebook

12. Just Us

Formerly known as Maranatha, Just Us is Singapore’s longest established and thriving nanny agency providing customers with their services since 2000. It is a licensed agency with outsourced services and placement staff provided by the Ministry of Manpower Singapore. Being in the business for so long, Just Us believes in old values and ethics while constantly working towards adapting to the new generation of families, nannies and eldercare.

They personally interview each and every candidate to ensure that only the best candidates are offered. They also check to see if the candidates have the skills that fit your specifications. The selected candidates are then set to your place for you to take a personal interview for a complete match. There are also trial sessions to check if the match is successful. Just Us takes care of all the documentation and formalities from beginning to the end.

Most of their customers are the result of their popular word of mouth publicity due to their tremendously satisfying nanny and eldercare services. They make sure that all the care providers are just a call or even a message away from their customers at every time without any fuss or burden.

AddressNo 1 Yishun Industrial Street 1, A’posh Bizhub, #03-05, Singapore 768160
Contact+65 62994993, +65 96998324
Official PagesWebsite | Facebook

13. Amy Nanny

Amy Nanny Confinement Nanny Services thrive to provide the best care to the mother and baby after birth but they also create a friendship for a lifetime. The nannies stay in touch with parents even after the confinement period to help in any childcare matter they need service in. Being started in 2004 by a mother herself who learned the importance of taking good care of mother’s health along with baby’s nourishment after the birth through hard ways has spent years to understand the proper ways and methods to do so.

AmyNanny takes care of all the hassle that follows from the first stage of contact till nanny’s arrival at your doorstep. From administrative to logistic arrangements and even medical insurance for the nannies, there is completely no need for you to worry about anything, AmyNanny will take care of everything. All you need to do while availing of their services is just to focus on your relaxation after childbirth. They have worked hard and with love and care to achieve all the reputation through personalised touch, immaculate matching and over the top customer satisfaction.

AmyNanny operates on the simple philosophy of providing quality based experience, superior customer service and a friendly approach. They believe in building services around customers to ensure a long-lasting relationship instead of concentrating on selling them their services at discounted prices. All-time availability with a quick response from the nannies is what makes the organisation loved and valued by every new parent throughout Singapore.

Address761 Jurong West Street 74, Singapore 640761
Contact+65 97825015
Official PagesWebsite | Facebook | Instagram

14. Mommycare

Mommycare is a legally registered confinement nanny agency operating in Singapore that has been offering services for 15 years. All the nannies have a valid work permit from M.O.M and are committed to their goal of providing only the best services. The chief trainer Madam Au is a certified hospital-trained person. She also has several experiences in confinement care and has the knowledge of necessary herbs in preparing nutritious confinement food and tonics for the baby.

All the nannies are trained with the same knowledge ensuring only the best reaches your baby’s care and have to compulsorily go through their intensive in-house confinement care training programme. The nannies are carefully interviewed and screened on the bases of knowledge, experience and skills including baby care, post-natal care, confinement food cooking, hygiene practices, Chinese herbal and lactation know-how.

Mommycare takes a step forward in guaranteeing peace of mind to the clients through their free replacement policy which enables the customer to replace the nanny without any hassle for unforeseen circumstances and refund policy that returns up to 50% of the deposit paid based on the amount of advance notice given giving the parents the flexibility they might want to select the best confinement nanny for their child.

Address: 20 Maxwell Road, #09-17 Maxwell House, Singapore 069113

Contact: +65 97395078

15. Super Nanny

At Super Nanny, the mission is to go above and beyond in providing care and satisfaction and care to the customers. Along with the best possible nourishment to the baby as well. The confinement nannies are from Singapore and Malaysia. They have nannies from different cultures, speaking different languages including Mandarin, Chinese, Japanese, Malay Muslim. This ensures people from all segments of society feel welcomed and comfortable while availing their services.

The placement of nanny is done with due consideration of the parents, as well as each unique need. This also includes the placement of only the dedicated, experienced and knowledgeable nannies to every home. Super Nanny is a completely licensed agency registered with the Ministry of Manpower of Singapore. Free replacement of nannies and 24/7 availability of nannies ensure that the clients have the best confinement experience without having to deal with any stressful tasks.

Super Nanny confinement nannies are honest, have training in hygiene and post-natal care working in devotion to providing the best care. With Super Nanny Services you can have peace of mind and worry no more!

Address583 Orchard Road, #02-34 Forum Shopping Mall, Singapore 238884
Contact+65 9751 1415
Official PagesWebsite | Facebook

Now that’s the end of our list. Having a child is a new journey in your life and we wish you the best. However, children are expensive and to ensure that you have enough money, perhaps you can consider investing. Here are some investing tips to help you out.