The coffee table is the centre of your house and what people would usually see as they enter the house. Not only is it essential for its fashion, but it also has to match up to its functionality and usually it does. It’s an elevated surface to put food, magazines, for the cats to climb up on, to rest your leg, for the kids to play board games and tons more. Fact is, a coffee table is the apple of the house. Check out the best coffee tables to buy in Singapore. 

1. IKEA LACK – functionality and affordability

Image Credit: IKEA (here)

DimensionsLength: 118 cmWidth: 78 cmHeight: 45 cm
Colours AvailableWhite stained oak effect (left), White (right), Black-brown

There’s something about IKEA that appeals to the old and young in Singapore. Okay, maybe it’s their meatballs. BUT THEIR FURNITURES ARE AMAZING TOO! IKEA’s LACK Coffee Table lacks almost nothing. It serves its function as a table, comes in three colours, has some storage space, is light, easy to assemble and there’s not much more to it. 

Get IKEA’s LACK here today.

The great thing is that IKEA offers more designs at decent prices. If you’re looking for something more substantial, you can look out for IKEA’s ARKELSTORP Coffee Table.

2. Be smart with your table space with Comfort Furniture SG’s Stretch Coffee Table

Un-stretched size comparison
coffee tables singapore
Fully Stretched

Image Credit: Comfort Furniture SG (here)

DimensionsLength: 70 cm → 120cmWidth: 50cm Height: 34cm
Colours AvailableWhite stained oak effect (left), White (right), Black-brown

Most home-owners in Singapore live in rather small apartments so choosing furniture might be a hassle. With the ottoman, the side tables, the bean bags and the couches, space sometimes is a luxury. So, if you’re looking to save space in the living room and at the same time planning to entertain your guests, this table is for you. Use it as a basic side table but extend it out into a coffee table if you have more items to put on the table than usual.

For additional details and purchase, check it out here

3. Keep it traditional with Furniture Mart’s NESSA Coffee Table

Image Credit: Furniture Mart (here) / (here)

DimensionsLength: 90cmWidth: 55cm Height: 45cm
Colours Available4 different designs and colour permutations (check the full list here)

If you’re adopting a more Asian theme for your household, FurnitureMart has it for you. From oriental designs, to basic, conceptual, Korean and Victorian, this store would definitely have something for you and budget. This particular design is rather small for a coffee table and a rather big side table but the design is definitely eye-catching. These designs used to be popular a few decades ago but it’s still a classic one.

Here is for Furniture Mart’s full stocklist of coffee tables. 

4. Lose your marbles with Danish Design Cos Round [BOLIA] Marble Coffee Table

coffee tables singapore
Image Credit: Danish Design Co (here)
DimensionsLength: 94cmWidth: 65cm Height: 46cm
Colours Available4 different designs and colour permutations (check the full list here)

A house is not just a home, it’s your masterpiece. Some of us are willing to invest in beautiful furniture that looks like masterpieces. With Danish Design Co, they offer all sorts of designer coffee tables and a benefit is that the designers are credited. So, if you have a particular favourite, chances are you can see most of what they have to offer there. 

This table is an amalgamation of old and new, with natural wood graining and dark marble specks yet maintaining a modern minimalistic lightness. 

Shop here to get this table and here for the full stocklist at Danish Design Co.

For more living room design inspiration, check out their Instagram here:

5. Why not make your own coffee table? Check out Room to Imagine’s Resin Coffee Table Workshop 

A coffee table can be a sentimental piece of furniture as it can be the centerpiece of the living room. Why not make it a sentimental one? In Singapore, not many of us have a hand at creating our own furniture, all we can do is choose and pick from stores and it’s so easy and convenient. If you’re willing to go through the trouble to create your own piece, you should. Start out with Room to Imagine’s Resin Coffee Table Workshop as you get to decide how your coffee table will brighten up your house with your favorite colors. Minimalist is in but bright colors will never go old. 

Why not invite your loved one for a couple workshop to spruce up your shared household? If you’re too busy to attend the workshop, feel free to contact the wonderful staff at for customised pieces as you scroll through their many other pieces. Check them out here

coffee tables singapore
DimensionsHeight: 52.5 cmDiameter: 44.5cm
Colours AvailableAnything under the rainbow
Price$150 (solo) /$190 (couple) PER table and session

6. Megafurniture’s Emmie Coffee Table

Image Credit: Megafurniture

Megafurniture is an online furniture store that provides affordable furniture for your home. The team at Megafurniture understands that buying furniture can be a chore. They do away with the pressure selling from salesmen as well as unfair pricing of products. They believe that through transparent pricing and low overheads, they are able to provide affordable and modern furniture.

With a wide range of coffee tables available for your choosing, you will definitely be able to find one that fits the interior of your home. Our favourite has got to be the Emmie Coffee Table that comes in three different colours: Marble Top with Gold Iron Legs, Wooden Top with Iron Legs, as well as Sintered Stone Top with Iron Legs.

All three designs and colours are unique and aesthetically pleasing. You are going to have a hard time choosing just one for your home! With prices starting from just $399, this coffee table is definitely a steal. In addition, you may even choose to pay off your table through monthly installments with no interests incurred or additional fees!

DimensionsHeight: 80 cm
Diameter: 45cm
Colours AvailableMarble Top with Gold Iron Legs
Wooden Top with Iron Legs
Sintered Stone Top with Iron Legs
Price$399 to $499

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Written by: Sarah Suprat