Everyone loves a good piece of chocolate. That’s exactly why they are the most popular sweet treat in the world and you can enjoy them anywhere. They are the perfect gift for the perfect people around you. Whether you’re looking for white, dark, milk or even ruby chocolate, this is one gift that is sure to be loved. Chocolates make the moment even more delicious and what’s a greater pleasure than to enjoy a good time with your loved ones.

That’s why to help you pick up the best delectable chocolate gifts, we have come up with this on the best chocolate gifts you could ever find in Singapore. We really suggest trying every one of them though. You can never have too much chocolate.

1. Rainbowly

Rainbowly Chocolate Gifts | Rainbowly Facebook
Image Credit: Rainbowly

Let your sweet tooth dance with rejoice and excitement with a big, customized, exclusive chocolate-covered fresh-fruit bouquet made by Singapore’s first and best fresh-fruit arrangement, Rainbowly You heard us right, fresh-fruit and chocolate. The perfect medium to eating something healthy with chocolate.

Rainbowly has been around since 2013, excelling in making quality edible bouquets for the sweet lovers all around. They specialize in making attractive fresh-fruit bouquets and chocolate-dipped strawberry arrangements. Their sweet treats are Instagram-worthy and made, especially for you and your loved ones for every occasion. From edible gift boxes, fruit hampers, and even strawberry towers, every treat is waiting for you to pick them up and take them home. They deliver it to you!

They also have a customised section where you get to decide what does in your bouquet. The answer to all your chocolate needs, we’d say. They also offer plenty of coupons so be sure to check them out. Their edible gift boxes, and strawberry gifts, especially the strawberry towers are to die for.

Address: 11 Sin Ming Road, Thomson V Two, 575629 (By Appointment Only)

Contact Details: +65 93278201/+65 92305911

2. Fossa Chocolates

Fossa Chocolates | Fossa Chocolates Facebook
Image Credit: Fossa Chocolates

Fossa is Singapore’s first and award-winning bean-to-bar chocolate company. This means that all of the chocolates sold here are made from scratch. They source premium grade cocoa beans from the best growers and fermenters which add a complex depth to the flavour of the chocolate.

These cocoa beans are then processed by them, and although the process is a lengthy one the end result is worth it. All of their bars are packed individually to give out the rustic feeling. There is no additive in their chocolate, and since it is all prepared in small batches, only the best of flavour is brought out.

They offer plenty of variants and you’re sure to enjoy each one of them. They also hold workshops where you are taught how to differentiate good chocolate and even prepare your own chocolate truffles.

Address: You can check out their locations here.

Prices: Their best-selling Honey Orchid Dancong Oolong Tea costs $12.00

3. Laderach

Läderach Chocolate Gifts | Läderach Facebook
Image Credit: Läderach

If you love chocolates, then there’s no way for you to not know that Swiss chocolates are one of the best around. Läderach has been crafting luxury chocolate since 1962 and continue to take their passion further while using only the finest premium Swiss chocolate. Their ingredients are top-notch and flown in from all over the world. That’s why you’ll get the explosions of flavour in every bite.

That’s not all, though. Every piece of chocolate is crafted with love and skill, so what you get is a masterpiece, a treat for both your eyes and your taste-buds. If you’re looking for more traditional chocolate gifts, we suggest checking out their chocolate gift boxes, including praline, truffle, and come in all sorts of boxes, wooden, Swiss tin, or the usual box. Those who would like a more modern-take can try out their chocolate popcorn, which comes in chocolate, caramel, and strawberry variant.

You can either visit their store or place an order online.

Address and Contact Details: You can check out the location and contact details of their store here.

Pricing: Prices start at $16.50

4. Choco Express

Choco Express | Choco Express Instagram
Image Credit: Choco Express

At Choco Express, the feelings of every chocolate-lover are heard and their wishes are brought to life. Whether you want chocolates, candies, or gummy bears for anyone, Choco Express is the answer. Choco Express aims to become a one-stop for every lover of chocolate by presenting the most premium and chocolates, candies, and snacks available at a single destination.

It’s basically Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory brought to life. And the best part, they’ve got a selection of healthier chocolates so you can indulge in them even if you are eating healthy. This range includes Post Choco balls and flakes, Granolas, Apple Vinegar, and much more.

For gifting purposes, you can try out their Guinness and Bailey’s range of chocolates. The Guinness range is crafted using white chocolate ganache, which is so creamy and has hints of the Guinness beer. The Bailey’s range brings Ireland’s flavours right to your mouth with its combination of creamy Bailey’s Irish cream. You’ll keep coming back for more. They’ve got several promotion offers and coupons as well. You can get $5 off on their online store by using the code ‘5OFFV’ without any minimum requirement. What are you waiting for?

Address and Contact Details: You can check out their physical outlets by clicking here.

Pricing: Their Guinness range starts at $5.00 and their Bailey range starts at $6.50

5. See’s Candies

Mary See Chocolate Gifts | Mary See website
Image Credit: Mary See

Mary See has one very simple principle, get you the best quality without any compromise. Following this principle, See’s Candies have been satisfying their customers through their wide range of chocolates and candies which are made from only the finest and freshest ingredients since 1921.

You can choose from hundreds of different types of candies and chocolates from the comfort of your home. But, visiting their iconic black and white checkered shops is a whole other experience. Their chocolates are manufactured in San Francisco and Los Angeles and travel the world to reach your taste buds without compromising the quality, all while abiding by their motto.

Due to their increasing fan base, they have set up more than 200 stores in Singapore. See’s great reputation results from their delicious candies and chocolates, free chocolate and candy samples, and friendly customer service. We suggest the Gift of Elegance set for gifting purposes, which contains over 4 pounds of assorted chocolate. You can also build your own box.

Address: You can check out the location of the nearest store here.

Pricing: The Gift of Elegance costs $114.95, but their range starts from as low as $10.

6. Awfully Chocolate

Awfully Chocolate Chocolate gifts | Awfully Chocolate Facebook
Image Credit: Awfully Chocolate

Providing hand-made chocolates since 1998, Awfully Chocolate started as a single indie store but has now expanded immensely. They now have a group of stores, cafes, and restaurants across various locations, satiating their valued customers’ chocolate cravings. Their stores have the widest range of cakes, truffles, ice creams, and chocolate souvenir gifts. Awfully Chocolate prides itself on serving authentic chocolate desserts made with a local touch, right down to the type of bananas used.

They have recently launched six new signature chocolate cake flavours — Chocolate Praline, Chocolate Tiramisu, Chocolate Espresso, Chocolate Peanut Butter Cake, Caramel Brittle & Sea Salt Chocolate Cake, and Dark Chocolate Ganache Black Rice Cake. These cakes are an excellent idea for chocolate gifts but if you wish, you can also check out their chocolate bars, truffles, hampers and even ice-cream.

If you’re really confused, why not gift your loved ones a gift card from Awfully Chocolate? That way, they can choose from their favourite from the amazing selection. Do also keep an eye out for their regular offers on their Facebook page.

Address and Contact Details: You can check out their outlets and contact details right here.

Pricing: Their best-selling chocolate and banana cake starts from $38.00

7. Chocoelf

As much as we really love chocolate, maybe too much of it can be bad for your health. But what if we tell you that there’s a way to enjoy chocolate as it is without any guilt. Presenting, Chocoelf who is here to rescue us with their homemade, healthy, and freshly crafted sweet guilt-free treats. Chocolate boxes, bars, coated sweets, and confections are only a few of the items that Chocoelf offers to savor your taste buds and fill your palate with chocolate.

The brainchild of a doctor and a chocolatier, Chocoelf aspires to deliver healthy, hand-crafted chocolates made from only fresh and highest quality ingredients achieving the penny’s worth. Their fine treats showcase a fusion of unique local flair made with ingredients from around the world. The recipes have no sugar in them, and if you think that chocolate needs sugar to taste good, they will blow your minds away with their chocolate bars.

They even provide an online option for customers to pick and mix their customised box of chocolates!

Address: You can check out their outlets by clicking here.

Pricing: Box of 9 fresh chocolate, click here

8. Angelina

Angelina Chocolate gifts | Angelina Facebook
Image Credit: Angelina

For the ultimate gourmet experience, Angelina chocolate shops are a must-visit. Offering gift boxes and dessert catering at public and private events, Angelina provides a soulful and relaxing experience to their customers, indulging them in their well-crafted chocolates.

Their famous ‘L’Africain Hot Chocolate uses the blend of three different kinds of cocoa from Nigeria, Ghana and Côte d’Ivoire give the deeply relaxing experience one needs after a hectic day. Founded in 1903 by an Austrian confectioner Antoine Rumpelmayer, Angelina also serves breakfast items, pasta, and high tea-sets.

So if you’re looking to gift some gourmet chocolates as chocolate gifts, Angelina is the place that you should check out. Their selections of chocolate truffles, pralines, and nougats are always a winner.

Address: MBS The Shoppes, Canal Level B2-89A Singapore, Singapore 018972

Contact Details: +65 6688 7236

9. Laurent Bernard Chocolatier

Laurent Bernard Chocolate gifts | Laurent Bernard Facebook
Image Credit: Laurent Bernard

Laurent Bernard prepare chocolates which to cater to a variety of taste buds. They work hard to deliver the best in this craft using only authentic ingredients, and ultimately be the go-to chocolate shop in Singapore for all your yearnings.

They provide a mesmerizing experience to the customers through their Pure Chocolate cake made from authentic and rich cocoa beans. The combination of moist sponge chocolate and creamy dark chocolate mousse is sure to melt beautifully in the mouth. The Truffle Cake comes with three moist layers of the sponge cake infused with raspberry and dark chocolate mousse.

Everyone’s favourite Assorted Chocolate Box is sure to make anyone’s heart flutter on receiving them. They offer plenty of selections from those which include champagne to those which don’t. One thing is sure, their sensual chocolates won’t miss a beat.

Address and Contact Details: You can contact them by checking out their details here.

Pricing: Their chocolate boxes start from $39.00

10. The Cocoa Trees

The Cocoa Tree Chocolate Gift | Cocoa Tree Facebook

The chain of chocolate stores from Singapore is known for its wide variety of chocolates from around the globe. Their well organised stores house the best chocolates arranged by brand so that any Choco lover won’t have to struggle to find the chocolate they crave for. Started in 2000, the brand represents vibrancy, reliability, and trust while being approachable and of assuring quality.

They provide a wide range of products from dark chocolate to jellies and candies, from white choco to liqueur choco under a single roof, there is something for everyone. Their gift hampers offer a wide variety of chocolates from different brands so it’s a great deal if you’re looking for chocolate gifts with variety in them. They also regularly offer different promotions.

Address and Contact Details: You can check out the details of their outlets right here.

11. Wimbly Lu

Wimbly is the chocolate dream and is heaven for chocolate lovers. From their brownies to their Nutella pie, this is the place to be. One of the best gifts that you can gift someone is treating them to brunch here. A nice main, paired with a glass of their baileys and ending it with one of their chocolate desserts. This is sure to be a memorable treat for anyone.

But if you’re unable to do that, you can take them a selection of their treats. We highly recommend trying out their hand-made chocolate truffles with flavours like Salted Caramel, Dark, Milk, Milo etc. And you absolutely need to try out their double chocolate cheesecake as well. You’re sure to make someone’s day much happier.

Address and Contact: You can check out the addresses and contact details of their outlets here.

Pricing: Their truffles cost $2.5, and their desserts usually cost around $7.5.

12. Grin Affair

When you gift someone a jar of happiness from Grin Affair, it’s sure to leave more than a grin on their faces. Their mousse cakes in a jar are not only delicious, but they’re super aesthetic as well! From the classic variants like the banana and dark chocolate to breathtaking fusions like honey lavender and durian D24, there is something for everyone.

But we absolutely need to recommend their dark chocolate and its spicy variant, the spicy dark chocolate for your chocolate-loving companion. Their banana dark chocolate is so very good too. They use only the best and freshest of ingredients, and less sugar and oil so you can indulge in a good dessert without worrying about your health. And you can always find uses for a good and cute jar.

Happiness in a jar indeed!

Coupon Code: Use promo code Bis10 to get 10% off. Expires 22 August 2021.

Address: Block 505d bishan st 11 #01-408 Singapore 570505

Contact: +65 8222 2678

That ends our list of the best chocolate gifts that you can gift to anyone. If you’re looking to gift along with the chocolate, you can check out our list of the best florists so that you can gift some lovely flowers as well.