Ever notice how each holiday has cookies dedicated to it? For instance, we have Chinese New Year cookies, Christmas cookies, Hari Raya cookies and many more. You can’t deny it, CNY cookies are mouth-watering and even more delicious when you share it with your close friends and family during the holiday. In this list, we will recommend only the 27 Best Chinese New Year Goodies in Singapore to impress your guests and yourselves!

PS: Keep an eye out for the outstanding CNY morsels we’ve awarded as our “Editor’s Choice”

1. Royal Bakery – Free Testers Available


  • Handmade perfection
  • Free testers
  • Wide range

Kicking off our list of the best Chinese New Year goodies is Royal Bakery. Previously known as Poon’s Confectionary, Royal Bakery offers goodies and hampers crafted for the celebration of Chinese New Year. royal Bakery, a family of Malaysian bakers, started their confectionary legacy in Pahang in 1971 and recently expanded in Singapore in 2018. Royal Bakery promises to keep it homemade by hand-making each cookie and many large bakeries can’t always make that promise. 

The best part is that if you’re not sure about what to choose, they offer free testers too! Let’s be honest, everyone loves free testers. Additionally, since they are homemade goodies, Royal Bakery offers top-notch, high quality goodies. You would not like to be missed on their wide range of CNY goodies. Check out their delivery menu here.

2. Bob The Baker Boy – Lesser in Sugar


  • Unique flavours
  • Healthier choice
  • Low in sugar

Best known for their wide variety of cake designs, do you know that Bob The Baker Boy also sell Chinese New Year goodies? They have their golden pineapple which is very light yet not very sweet; this is a good choice for those looking for lower-sugar options. They have CNY bundle sets as well, do check Bob The Baker Boy‘s website for ordering! 

What’s more, they have earl grey cranberry cookies as well. Though it is not a common CNY flavour, it will surprise you with their nicely crusted cookies with a combination of a small hint of earl grey and the sweetness of the dried cranberry. If you are wanting to try out various different flavours, Bob The Baker Boy might be an ideal choice for you!

3. PineappleTarts – Vegan-friendly

Image Credit: Pineapple Tarts


  • Vegan options available
  • Savoury and spicy pineapple tarts
  • Wide range of munchies, cookies and other baked goodies

What you see in the title is what you get with this store. Their varieties of pineapple tarts are sure to blow your taste buds away (literally!) since they offer options like Cheese Tarts, Mala Tarts and they once offered a Spicy Tart Challenge. Furthermore, they don’t only offer their namesake, they have a variety of tantalising munchies such as crab sticks. 

Most interestingly, they offer a vegan option (suitable for vegetarians too) for our friends with special diets. With the flavours shown, I bet us average tart-lovers won’t know the difference! Therefore, if you are looking for more healthy and environmentally-friendly goodies. PineappleTarts may be a good choice for you!

For their vegan cookies, check out their full list of cookies available. Contact them at +65 8127 0477 to enquire about their available stock.

4. Wang Lai Bakery – Authentic Taste


  • Authentic taste
  • Different flavours
  • Wide range of options

Are you looking for a service where they provide not just one type, but several types of Chinese New Year goodies? Wang Lai Bakery might just be the perfect choice for you! Wang Lai Bakery has a long history as it was established back in 1968 and still remains as one of the most popular choices for CNY goodies in Singapore. 

Their recipe has been passed down for 4 generations and they strive to maintain the authentic taste of their goodies. Wang Lai Bakery offers traditional goodies such as pineapple tarts, prawn rolls and many more. Additionally, they also have love letters that consist of different flavours, such as chocolate and peanut butter and pandan. Find what they offer here.

5. Mdm Ling Bakery – Wide Variety of Classics


  • Offering innovative and a variety of flavours
  • Wide range of goodies
  • Aesthetic packagings

This Chinese New Year let homegrown Mdm Ling Bakery take your taste buds around the world while waiting for international travel to resume. With more than 25 specially curated festive goodies with ingredients sourced from top producing countries in the world, they are sure to keep your wanderlust at bay, and your belly satisfied at the same time.

With many set bundles available, you won’t run out of choices for gifts and goodies. If you are looking to fill your culinary passport, get ready for ‘take-off’ to these destinations with their sleek and limited edition rose gold suitcase. This set consists of any 6 favourite bottles of signature cookies of your choice over a selection of 17 best-selling flavours. Moreover, celebrate the year of the Golden Ox with their vibrant rose-gold gift box emblazoned with floral motifs encasing 4 fun-sized tubs of festive cookies also of your choice, each symbolising health, wealth, happiness, and success. Wait no longer and check out Mdm Ling Bakery to order now!

6. Bread Garden – No added preservatives


  • Locally handmade with fresh ingredients
  • No preservatives
  • Good for halal consumption
  • New flavours introduced every year

Bread Garden enjoys a loyal fan base that has steadily grown over the years, due to their commitment to producing the best quality Chinese New Year goodies that are rich in taste and full of flavour. Their goodies are handmade as well. Hence, you can ensure you are consuming one of the best quality CNY goodies. 

This year, besides their best selling Pineapple Tart and Macadamia Buttery Cookies, new additions to their selection of CNY snacks include Mala Lotus and Brownie Almond Cookies. On top of their goodies being handmade and of the best quality, Bread Garden also uses premium ingredients. Hence, you may not want to miss out on Bread Garden’s CNY goodies. Check out their full selection here.

7. Ooh 麻辣 – Ooh, spicy

Image Credit: Ooh Mala


  • For mala lovers
  • All mala products
  • Uses real and organic ingredients

Being the first creator of the Mala Chips in Singapore, Ooh Mala uses real ingredients to curate the authentic Mala taste with the robust, punchy notes that we local love.Other than their beloved Mala Fish Skin, they also provide other Chinese New Year goodies such as crabsticks, arrowhead chips, peanuts, green peas and even prawn crackers. These are all in Mala flavour, making them the ideal snacks for a fiery CNY this year.

Besides, you can enjoy 10% off their trial set if you are their first time customers. Just simply check out with the promo code “THEMALAPARTY” and you will be able to receive their trial set. Their set consists of 1 packet of Mala Potato Chip, 1 packet of Mala Cassava Chips, 1 packet of Mala Peanuts and 1 packet of Mala Green Peas.With a wide variety of Mala products by Ooh Mala, you can check out their website here.

8. Bai Jia Xing (百家姓)


● Authentic taste
● Premium Ingredients
● No preservatives
● Complimentary surname magnets with purchase

Bai Jia Xing (百家姓) is inspired by a classic Chinese text of the same name: “The Hundred Family Surnames”, which composed of common Chinese surnames. Bai Jia Xing aims to bring back the authentic taste of the good old days with a modern twist, whilst paying tribute to the significant age-old history of the Chinese surnames.

Their best sellers include their classic Golden Pineapple and Butter Macadamia. Other worthy recommendations are their Nutty Almond Cookies which captures that nostalgic old-school flavour. If you’re looking for variety, the snack box (mild spicy choice, nuts choice, vegetarian choice) gives everyone something to munch on.

Keep a lookout for your namesake with over 300 Chinese surnames magnets (other choice available) to choose from, which comes complimentary with every tin of goodies.

9. Hock Wong – Original Flavour


  • Wide range of Bak Kwa Flavours
  • Handmade biscuits
  • Wide variety of snacks

Other than mainly selling a wide range of Bak Kwas, Hock Wong sells a range of Chinese New Year goodies. They have their signature Tambun Biscuit. Available in Original and Panda flavours, these delicious biscuit are thin layers of flaky pastry with mung bean filling. With the Panda flavour exhibited alongside Original, you can be sure you’ll like at least one of them. 

Moreover, they also sell a collection of Xuan Pin Handmade Cookies which provides you a selection of 7 choices such as Pineapple Tarts, Cornflakes Cookies and many more. With various goodies present in one collection, your family and friends can enjoy the holidays accompanied with the rich and delicious flavour coming from the goodies.

Start ordering from Hock Wong!

10. Little Nonya’s Cookies – Premium Cookies


  • Impressive packaging
  • Good quality goodies

Little Nonya’s Cookies believes in celebrating the greatest festive holiday in Singapore, the Chinese New Year with their premium cookies which are created to bring joy, harmony and prosperity to the family.

They have plenty of favourites such as Happy Kueh Bangkit, Vibrant Green Peas, Lucky Almonds, Money Egg Roll and Golden Pumpkin Seeds Crisp, which are often featured in newspapers and magazines. These not just taste good, but they have an impressive packaging as well!

Not just offering their hand-made cookies, Little Nonya’s Cookies will bring you only the best quality goodies so that you can enjoy them and also get it as gifts for your loved ones this CNY. The gifts are packaged beautifully and are extremely useful when you are planning a small gathering with your loved ones. You can check out their website or facebook page for more information.

11. Gelatissimo – Trays of Togetherness


  • No artificial preservatives
  • Wide variety of flavours
  • Exclusive online deal

With 3 strategic locations at popular attractions namely Sentosa, Singapore Flyer and Orchard Road, the Gelatissimo team hopes to bring on the festive cheer to the local community, naturally (literally)! Freshly made in store, all 32 gelato flavours in Gelatissimo are made with whole milk – instead of cream – and they do not contain any artificial colours and flavouring.

With a creative new take on the presentation style, they showcase a 5 colourful gelato flavours as the OX-picious Tray of Togetherness while their 5-flavour sorbet treats are presented as the FRUITfilling Tray of Togetherness. Coupled with each flavour symbolising an auspicious blessing, the two sets are definitely the ones for your CNY. 

To sweeten the deal, you can enjoy their promotional price of $42 for 2 sets and receive 4 complimentary packs of red packets exquisitely designed with the Golden Ox.Start and end your Chinese New Year on a sweet note with Gelatissimo Singapore’s limited-edition Trays of Togetherness from now till 26 Feb 2021. They provide free islandwide delivery for orders of $40 and above. A nominal $10 delivery fee applies otherwise. Hurry! Grab your online exclusive through your order via Oddle.

12. Old Seng Choong – Surprise Flavour Elements

Image Credit: OldSengChoong


  • Innovative flavours
  • A great CNY guessing game for visitors
  • A mix of sweet and salty-savoury options for everyone

If you think the regular CNY cookies are rather boring, OldSengChoong is perfect for you. They have a mix of sweet AND savoury flavours such as Gula Melaka, Coffee, Imperial Herbal Chicken, Sataym Hae Bee Hiam and many more. OldSeng Choong offers several bundles and deals, which can be useful for customers if a small gathering may happen within the family or if they are planning to send the goodies out to their family and friends. 

Be awed by their collection here.

Entertain your guests by making them guess the flavours!

13. CNYGoodies – Halal-certified

Image Credit: CNYGoodies


  • Suitable as gifts to your Muslim friends/colleagues
  • Decent range of cookies and treats
  • Award-winning goodies

Chinese New Year in Singapore is a holiday for the whole of Singapore. Many of us intend to invite our neighbours when our own holiday arrives so in order to cater to the diet of our Muslim friends, we need to find Halal-certified kuihs to ensure their comfort in consuming the kuehs. CNYGoodies offers one of the nicest ranges of Muslim-friendly CNY treats.

Their pineapple tarts are of top quality, as the filling melts inside your mouth, giving the rich and sweet flavour of pineapples. Several goodies of theirs are award-winning, hence they are of high quality. Hence, be sure to not miss out on CNYGoodies’ treats! Check their full list here or Whatsapp them at +65 8890 9055 for more details.

14. Durian Rolls and Pineapple Cakes – Taiwan Style Goodies


  • Specially for cult durian lovers
  • Decadent pineapple cookie-cakes

While this store might have only three items, these products have a cult-like following in Taiwan. Their pineapple cakes are thicker versions of the cookies and they’re more decadent than you imagine. However, what puts them on the list is their durian rolls. There’s never a bad time for durian and CNY is a good time to have them. While having them fresh might not be appropriate because of the strong smell, serve a subtler version of it with the durian roll (they have a love-letter-like texture) or the durian roulade (swiss roll with a thick durian cream). Whatever the case is, they’re amazing and you should check them out.  

Get their delicious pineapple cookie-cake and their durian rolls here

15. Kele – Blending Tradition with Modern


  • Quality guaranteed tarts
  • Wide range of cookies

For those who want to experiment but still want something familiar, Kele offers the best choice for you. With familiar flavours like rose, matcha and sweet potato, they give us a taste of traditional with a tinge of new. If you have oldies who aren’t willing to try new things, introduce them to these cookies first and I’m sure they’ll be impressed.

Check their full menu here or contact them at +65 6560 1249 for more details.

16. Bengawan Solo – Quality Goodies


  • Reliable and easy to find at your nearest mall
  • Widest range of cookies
  • Quality-guaranteed
  • Pricey

I bet your mother and your grandmother knows this brand cause mine do. Bengawan Solo is such a quintessential kueh store in Singapore that it would be blasphemy to leave them out of this list. If you ever run out of kueh, trust Bengawan Solo to have some bottles in stock.

However, this doesn’t mean you should buy them last minute! The cookies and the snacks here are exemplars of local kueh and I recommend serving them to your foreign friends to let them have a taste of traditional Singapore. 

Bengawan Solo also offers a range of other goodies, such as cakes and savoury goodies. Furthermore, they offer hampers which are extremely useful for gatherings with your friends and family during the holiday, or if you are planning to send them out. Peruse through their full menu of cookies on this link.

17. Bud of Joy – Healthier Choice


  • For the health and environmentally conscious
  • Decent range of cookies

Following the organic movement, there is bound to be organic CNY cookies out there and it’s great for everyone. By using healthier ingredients without chemicals and additives, Bud of joy gives you so much joy in their cookies as they give you the same flavours in a more health-conscious manner. While their CNY cookies are purely seasonal, they offer many other delicious bakes.

Bud of Joy offers goodies and cookies that are gluten free, vegan, gum-free and organic. In addition to this, their goodies do not contain any trans fats or preservatives in their goodies. Hence going for Bud Of Joy during the holidays season may be a good option, since you will choose a healthier alternative to the usual ones. Check them out here and their CNY range here.

18. Lek Lim Nyonya Confectionery – Classic Kuehs

Photo credit: Lek Lim


  • Classic options
  • Halal certified
  • Won the best Nonya Kueh award in Singapore

While some stores on the list here might seem a little too adventurous and you’re searching for something simple and easy, this is the place for you. Lek Lim has a great range of classic kuehs like bahulu or bao lu, kueh bangkits and sujis. Additionally, they offer various different sizes for pineapple tarts, so you can choose whichever is the best for you. 

All their goodies are priced affordably. Lek Lim offers goodies of high quality, handmade with love so you will miss out if you do not buy CNY goodies from them. Majority of their goodies are on the sweet side, so keep that in mind whilst choosing from Lek Lim. For more information on this store and what they offer, click this link.

19. Delcies – Guilt-free & Diabetic Friendly


  • Diabetic friendly
  • Great options for your older family members
  • Allergen-free cookies available

By replacing the conventional white sugar with natural sweeteners like stevia, coconut sugars or just generally making the cookies less sugary, these health-conscious cookies are a great option for the older ones in your family. Honestly, they are great for all ages. Furthermore, they offer an eggless version of this treat for those who are allergic, vegan or prefer to not eat desserts with eggs. 

Check their full menu here. For more information on their stock, you may contact them via Whatsapp at +65 9003 8823 or call them at +65 6282 2951.

20. Mirana Cake House – Nyonya Infusion

Image Credit: Mirana Cake House


  • Unique but classic snacks
  • Overseas shipping

Another local bakery, Mirana Cake House’s is a family-owned business in Singapore. They offer plenty of CNY cookies and goodies, such as Pineapple Tarts, Kueh Baulu, Shrimp Roll, Cashewnut cookies and more. Their goodies are relatively expensive, with them also offering a generous serving of each goodie. 

Their top seller item is Pineapple Tarts, which costs $50.00 SGD, so make sure to buy those! You will miss out on their exclusive, top notch pineapple tarts if you don’t purchase them. Furthermore, you can shop online, so it’s convenient and you do not have to go out to buy your goodies. Instead, you can just get them delivered at the comfort of your own house.

21. HariAnns Nonya Table – Peranakan Flavour


  • Different flavoured cookies
  • Classic delicacies

HariAnns Nonya Table is a Malaysian restaurant in Singapore, located near Bugis Junction. They offer several types of cookies, such as Nasi Lemak flavoured cookies as well as Fried Arrowhead. The delicacies do get sold out quickly, so make sure to order them beforehand! Find more about them here and click here to see what they offer.

They are also located in Bugis, which is near to the central area of Singapore, thus making it easier for you to access it if you want to take a visit.

22. EmicakesPineapple Tarts and Customised Cakes


  • Classic pineapple tarts
  • Customised CNY cakes 
  • Available on food panda, Grabfood and Foodline

Currently, Emicakes provides only pineapple tarts, customised CNY cakes and kueh lapis for the CNY Goodies Collection. They offer both pillow pineapple tarts and open face pineapple tarts. They offer a combo with pineapple tarts and kueh lapis, which are available at affordable prices. Emicakes also offer durian mooncakes if you are interested! Click here to see what they offer.

 In addition to this, the store also makes customisable CNY cakes from the following flavours: D24 durian, chocolate truffle or eggless chocolate mousse. If you are vegan or prefer eating eggless desserts, Emicakes also has that option covered. Additionally, they are available on foodpanda, GrabFood and Foodline which is convenient as you can place an order from those apps. Please ensure to place order 1-2 months before so that the item(s) you want are in stock.

23. Pan Pacific Singapore – Creative Designs

Auspicious Lunar New Year Takeaway Treats
Image Credit: Pan Pacific Singapore


  • Range of different options
  • Several types of platters and hampers available, if you want to gift it to someone

Are you looking for elegant yet traditional Chinese New Year goodies? If so, Pan Pacific Singapore might be the perfect choice for you because they sell elegant yet traditional goodies, such as Prosperity Brown Sugar Peanut Cake, Premium Wealth Treasure Pot alongside platters such as Yu Sheng Platters. 

On top of these traditional CNY goodies, they also offer goodies with a spicy flavour, such as Spicy Dried Shrimp Rolls. These are packed with a sambal, a local chilly paste. If you like the hot and spicy flavours of sambal, you will most likely like their Pan Pacific Singapore’s Spicy Dried Shrimp Rolls. 

Furthermore, you will also be able to buy sets and hampers, such as Premium Treasure Set and Prosperity Hamper. Buying these hampers are useful, especially if you are planning to spend your CNY holiday with your family and friends, or you want to send them some goodies. You will be able to pre-order from 25th January 2021 to 26th February 2021. For more information on what they offer, click here!

24. ShangriLa Hotel Singapore’s – Traditional CNY goods

Image Credit: Shangri La Hotel Singapore


  • Traditional CNY goodies available 
  • Several kinds of hampers 

If you are searching for goodies to gift your friends and families or you want to share a collection of Chinese New Year goodies with your loved ones, try Shangri-La Hotel Singapore’s CNY goodies this upcoming CNY! They offer Yam Cake with Chinese Sausage and Dried Shrimp, Traditional Radish Cake with Dried Scallop and Chinese Sausage, amongst Fortune Yu Sheng with Golden Crispy Fish Skin and several kinds of hampers. These include Prosperity Hamper and Reunion Hamper. 

It will be a lot easier to purchase the hampers, instead of buying each goodie individually as it will not only waste time finding those goodies but also be more expensive. Don’t forget to buy the traditional CNY goodies from Shangri La Hotel, as they also offer Prosperity Pineapple Tarts, Bountiful Cookies, Signature Walnut Cookies, Honey-Cashew Nuts with Sesame, Shangri-La Chuan Bakkwa and more. Find more about what they offer by clicking here.

25. PrimaDeli – Gift Sets Available

Image Credit: PrimaDeli Singapore Instagram


  • Gift sets available
  • Traditional Chinese New Year goodies and cookies

If you live in Singapore, you already know PrimaDeli is a very well known bakery in the country. They offer several types of CNY goodies, such as prosperity cookies and festive treats, festive cakes. Out of these categories, some well-known snacks are Fortune Pineapple Tart, Orange Pineapple Tarts, Peanut Cookies, Nyona Love Roll and Premium Pandan Chiffon. Find more about what they offer here

They also offer Prosperity Gift Sets. Buying these sets will make it a lot easier for you if you are sharing the goodies with your family and friends, instead of individually buying the goodies. For CNY goodies, they have an early bird special from 4th January 2021 till 24th January 2021. Similarly, they also have a special promotion from 25th January 2021 till 11th February 2021.

26. Yang Yang – Only during CNY

Image Credit: Yang Yang


  • Specialises in CNY Goodies 
  • Traditional options 

Yang Yang is a local bakery in Singapore and they only sell during Chinese New Year! They sell traditional goodies, bursting with delicious flavour and only use natural ingredients. Some goodies they offer are: Red Dates Walnut Cookies, Almond Cookies, Green Pea Cookies, Cranberry Cookies,  and Coffee Cookies. 

All their goodies are filled with rich and mouth-watering flavour. Not only will you get cookies but you can also buy Premium Pineapple Tarts, Prawn Rolls, Kueh Lapis Prune, Kueh Lapis Original as well as Egg Rolls (Loveletters). Yang Yang’s CNY goodies are all handmade so you can expect the most top quality goodies. If you buy from here, you are guaranteed to get at least one item you truly want at an affordable price as well. Click here to find out about what they offer.

27. Cedele – Eggless Options

Pineapple tarts from Cedele Chinese new year goodies
Image Credit: Cedele


  • Eggless cookies
  • Spicy options 
  • Gluten-free cookies

Rounding off our list of the top Chinese New Year goodies is Cedele! Better known for their chains of cafes across the island, Cedele’s offers some great selections to the Chinese New Year goodies category too! They offer traditional CNY cookies, however, with a twist. If you are vegan or prefer desserts without eggs, this bakery offers eggless CNY cookies that are just as delicious as the original ones with eggs. You won’t even understand if they don’t have eggs since they taste delicious. All their cookies are handmade from scratch.

They offer eggless cookies such as Chocolate Chip Macadamia and Almond Cookies. However, if you’re looking for some Chinese New Year goodies with a spicy kick, be sure to try out their Hae Bee Ham (which is also new to their bakery). It is inspired by Perankan food with a spicy and local, savoury kick. Additionally, if you prefer your cookies gluten-free, worry not because Cedele also offers those! These include Almonds and Seeds Florentine. Click here to see what more they offer.

In Conclusion

All these places provide you with several options for buying Chinese New Year goodies in Singapore. The majority of these places also offer delivery (some even offer overseas shipping!) so you can also buy them at the comfort of your home.

And of course, Chinese New Year wouldn’t be complete with just goodies alone, Bak Kwa and steamboat buffet or steamboat delivery for reunion dinner are must too! Or if you are looking for a fiery reunion meal, you can try out a mala steamboat to keep the CNY heat bubbling. From the team at Best In Singapore, we wish you a prosperous Chinese New Year!