Ever notice how each holiday has cookies dedicated for it? We have normal cookies, celebration cookies, grandmother’s cookies… There are cookies for everything! In this list, we recommend the top 10 Chinese New Year cookie delivery in Singapore to impress your guests and yourselves! The cookies we suggest here not only are the classics such as pineapple tarts, pea cookies and almond balls, but we also mention unique bites that are sure to amaze. 

1. CNYDelivery

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Photo credit: The Wacky Duo
  • Handmade perfection
  • Free testers
  • Wide range

Also named Poon Confectionary, CNYDelivery offers goodies and hampers crafted for the celebration of Chinese New Year. The Poon Confectionary, a family of Malaysian bakers, started their confectionary legacy in Pahang in 1971 and recently expanded in Singapore in 2018. Poon Confectionary promises to keep it homemade by hand-making each cookie and many large bakeries can’t always make that promise. And the best part, if you’re not sure about what to choose, they offer free testers at their store on Geylang Lorong 8. Rest assured if you just make an order, reviews have shown that their kuehs are delicious. 

Check out their delivery menu here

2. CNYGoodies – Halal-certified

Image Credit: CNYGoodies (here)
  • Suitable as gifts to your Muslim friends/colleagues
  • Decent range of cookies and treats

Chinese New Year in Singapore is a holiday for the whole of Singapore. Many of us intend to invite our neighbours when our own holiday arrives so in order to cater to the diet of our Muslim friends, we need to find Halal-certified kuihs to ensure their comfort in consuming the kuehs. CNYGoodies offers one of the nicest ranges of muslim-friendly CNY treats.

Check their full list here or Whatsapp them at +65 96183746 for more details.

3. PineappleTarts – vegan-friendly

  • Vegan options available
  • Savoury and spicy pineapple tarts
  • Wide range of munchies, cookies and other baked goodies

What you see in the title is what you get with this store. Their varieties of pineapple tarts are sure to blow your taste buds away (literally!) since they offer options like Cheese Tarts, Mala Tarts and they once offered a Spicy Tart Challenge. Furthermore, they don’t only offer their namesake, they have a variety of tantalising munchies such as crab sticks. Most interestingly, they offer a vegan option (suitable for vegetarians too) for our friends with special diets. With the flavours shown, I bet us average tart-lovers won’t know the difference! 

For their vegan cookies, click this link and this link for their full list of cookies available. Contact them at +65 8481 5596 to enquire on their available stock.

4. Delcies – Guilt-free & Diabetic Friendly cookies

  • Diabetic friendly
  • Great options for your older family members
  • Allergen-free cookies available

By replacing the conventional white sugar with natural sweeteners like stevia, coconut sugars or just generally making the cookies less sugary, these health-conscious cookies are a great option for the older ones in your family. Honestly, they are great for all ages. Furthermore, they offer an eggless version of this treat for those who are allergic. 

Check their full menu here. For more information on their stock, you may contact them via Whatsapp at +65 9003 8823 or call them at +65 6282 2951.

5. OldSengChoong has your CNY cookies fix

Cookie delivery singapore
Image Credit: OldSengChoong (here)
  • Innovative flavours
  • A great CNY guessing game for visitors
  • A mix of sweet and salty-savoury options for everyone

If you think the regular CNY cookies are rather boring, OldSengChoong is perfect for you. They have a mix of sweet AND savoury flavours such as Gula Melaka, Coffee, Imperial Herbal Chicken, Sataym Hae Bee Hiam and many more.

Be awed by their collection here.

Entertain your guests by making them guess the flavours!

6. Love Durian? SunnyHills’ Durian Rolls and Pineapple Cakes are amazing

Cookie delivery singapore
Image Credit: TODAYOnline (here)
  • Specially for cult durian lovers
  • Decadent pineapple cookie-cakes

While this store might have only three items, these products have a cult-like following in Taiwan. Their pineapple cakes are thicker versions of the cookies and they’re more decadent than you imagine. However, what puts them on the list is their durian rolls. There’s never a bad time for durian and CNY is a good time to have them. While having them fresh might not be appropriate because of the strong smell, serve a subtler version of it with the durian roll (they have a love-letter-like texture) or the durian roulade (swiss roll with a thick durian cream). Whatever the case is, they’re amazing and you should check them out.  

Get their delicious pineapple cookie-cake and their durian rolls here

7. Try some new flavours of Pineapple tarts at Kele 

Cookie delivery singapore
Image Credit: Kele Pineapple Tarts (here)
  • Quality guaranteed tarts
  • Wide range of cookies

For those who want to experiment but still want something familiar, Kele offers the best choice for you. With familiar flavours like rose, matcha and sweet potato, they give us a taste of traditional with a tinge of new. If you have oldies who aren’t willing to try new things, introduce them to these cookies first and I’m sure they’ll be impressed.

Check their full menu here or contact them at +65 6560 1249 for more details.

8. Classic Kuihs with Bengawan Solo 

  • Reliable and easy to find at your nearest mall
  • Widest range of cookies
  • Quality-guaranteed
  • Pricey

I bet your mother and your grandmother knows this brand cos mine does. Bengawan Solo is such a quintessential kueh store in Singapore that it would be blasphemy to leave them out of this list. If you ever run out of kueh, trust Bengawan Solo to have some bottles in stock. However, this doesn’t mean you should buy them last minute! The cookies and the snacks here are exemplars of local kueh and I recommend serving them to your foreign friends to let them have a taste of traditional Singapore. 

Peruse through their full menu of cookies on this link.

9. Organic Cookies for the better with Bud of Joy

Cookie delivery singapore
Image Credit: Bud of Joy official Facebook page (here)
  • For the health and environmentally conscious
  • Decent range of cookies

Following the organic movement, there is bound to be organic CNY cookies out there and it’s great for everyone. By using healthier ingredients without chemicals and additives, Bud of joy gives you so much joy in their cookies as they give you the same flavours in a more health-conscious manner. While their CNY cookies are purely seasonal, they offer many other delicious bakes.

Check them out here and their CNY range here.

10. Lek Lim Nyonya Confectionery

Cookie delivery singapore
Image Credit: Lek Lim Nyonya Confectionery (here)
  • Classic options

While some stores on the list here might seem a little too adventurous and you’re searching for something simple and easy, this is the place for you. Lek Lim has a great range of classic kuehs like bahulu or bao lu, kueh bangkits and sujis. 

For more information on this store and what they offer, click this link.

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