Whether you are a local or a tourist, you may be well aware of one of Singapore’s most legendary dishes: the Chilli Crab. Although you don’t need special occasions to indulge in this majestic dish, Chilli Crab can turn any normal dinner into a celebration. With Phase-2 of Circuit Breaker in effect, we have curated this list to present the best 15 places to get chilli crab in Singapore. Get ready to loosen your belts and pop off a button or two because your stomach is going to need it!

1. Jumbo Seafood

20 best seafood restaurants in Singapore : Jumbo Seafood
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Jumbo Award-winning Chilli Crab: With a tantalising chilli sauce engineered using various Southeast Asian spices, Jumbo is an excellent choice. The rich, and sweet-sour flavoured sauce complements the fresh crab meat quite well. In terms of spiciness, this dish is more on the light side, thus well suited for diners with Western palates. You also have the option of picking out the crab: Alaskan Crab, Mud Crab or Dungeness Crab. In the event you find it difficult to decide, the friendly staff will help sort your order out.

Magnificent Riverside Ambience: Jumbo Seafood also scores high for the incredible ambience it offers with its location at Boat Quay. Here, you get to enjoy a great view of Singapore River, nearby skyscrapers, and city lights. If you prefer a balanced ambience with a view of nature combined with city night-scape, Jumbo is where it’s at.

Address: 20 Upper Circular Road, #B1-48 The Riverwalk, Singapore 058416

2. No Signboard Seafood

No Signboard Seafood – Famous For White Pepper And Chilli Crabs, FREE  Islandwide Delivery (Min $50 Spending) – DanielFoodDiary.com
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Chilli Crab with Macaroni: No Signboard’s crab sauce gives you an authentic Peranakan-Chinese taste with its special spices and herbs. Compared to top restaurants with signature chilli crabs that use ketchup as their base, the crab sauce here is unique. Another twist No Signboard brings is wok frying the chilli along with the hero ingredient, macaroni.

Special Mantou: We know that a chilli crab dish is incomplete without the mantou or side buns. In the case of No Signboard, their mantou is comparatively larger in size than usual. Additionally, the mantou is quite crispy on the outside and perfectly fluffy inside. You are sure to wipe the crab sauce clean with these special buns!

Address: 414 Geylang, Singapore 389392

3. Long Beach Seafood

Long Beach Seafood Restaurant, Singapore - Dempsey Hill - Restaurant  Reviews, Phone Number & Photos - Tripadvisor
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The Spicy Chilli Crab: If you like your chilli crab spicy, then Long Beach Seafood is the place to be. This restaurant’s chilli crab is a local delight due to its thick and eggy sauce. Trust us when we see that the bibs the staff provides are a much-needed armour to prevent staining. Hands down one of the best spicy chilli crab in Singapore!

Quality Time with Family by the Beach: Compared to the hustle and bustle of other restaurants, the Long Beach experience provides quality time with family. Forget the stress of the week, and relax with your loved ones as you enjoy the tradition honoured chilli crab. Another bonus is that the wait staff is definitely not shy to help you dig into the crab. So don’t worry about being a baby, and just enjoy the moist and sweet crabmeat.  

Address: 1202 East Coast Parkway, #01-04 East Coast Seafood Centre

4. Mellben’s Seafood

Mellben Seafood – One Of The Best Chilli Crabs And Claypot Crab Bee Hoon,  At Ang Mo Kio With Michelin Recommendation – DanielFoodDiary.com
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Classic Chilli Crab Dish: Sometimes we are in the mood for a classic chilli crab taste. This means no to any modern fusion twists, and in such cases, Mellben is the one. Mellben’s sweet-savoury crab sauce has remained a hit since its first introduction. What’s more? The thick and gooey sauce will have you ready to drop all cutlery, and dive in with your hands. Additionally, you’re also in control of the level of spiciness, so thank the crab gods. Truly one of the best chilli crab in Singapore!

Extra Big Crabs : The huge fleshy crabs at Mellben’s will take your mind off the lack of sophisticated exterior views. In other words, who needs a view outside with such an incredible crab sitting in front of you? Get ready to sink your teeth in the succulent flesh of their fresh crab.

Address: 232 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 3, St 22, #01-1222, 5602322

5. Holy Crab

Image credit: Holy Crab

Five special authentic crab cuisines. Holy crab aims to take the true chili crab dishes to another level. The restaurant offers five specialities to choose from; Otak-inspired curry, salted egg yolk, thick Vermisell, green curry, and black pepper versions. The hotel also specializes in charred rice noodles, blended white & pink peppercorns, the sauna, and more; all served in beautiful bed crab sauces.

The restaurant provides a wide range of crab dishes on its menu. One of the signature menu it’s best known for is the seasonal vegetable with onions, lard, and garlic. You will also love the meat dish, especially if you are craving tofu.

Holy Crab continues to grow by working with different suppliers across Singapore to bring the freshest crabs possible. The hotel also takes pride in its chef experience. It values customers’ safety and respect. Rest assured, all crabs offered here are of high quality and toxic-free. Want some special crabby treat? visit Holy crab today and crack those shells like a baby.

Other service highlights include special crab dishes, affordable rates, fuss-free dining, chef experience in the industrial kitchen, reservations and private events

Address: 13 Stamford Rd, #01-85 Singapore 178905

6. Red House Seafood Restaurant

Red House: The Most Underrated Chinese Seafood Restaurant in Singapore? -  Weekender.Com.Sg
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Red House Chilli Crab: For a tangier and more sweet chilli sauce flavour, head right over to Red House. Likewise to the restaurant’s name, the vibrant red colour of its signature chilli crab will have you drooling. The ketchup base really gives the crab sauce its sweet and tangy taste, and we’re all for it!     

Choice of Crabs: At Red House, you have three options for types of crabs. For example, Scottish Brown Crab, Sri Lankan Mud Crab or the Alaskan King Crab. You probably will have to fight the huge pincers of these crabs, but it’s all worth the scrumptious meat.

Address: Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel (Level 2), 392 Havelock Rd, Singapore 169663

7. Momma Kong’s

Entree Kibbles: Momma Kong's - Said to be Singapore's Best Chilli Crab @  Mosque Street [Near Chinatown MRT Station] #mommakongschillicrab
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Dinner Date Chilli Crab: Prepare for a chilli crab dinner-date at Momma Kong’s with their rendition of this iconic dish. Tucked away in the bustling streets of Chinatown, chilli crab at Momma Kong’s offers a more private and romantic experience. Moreover, the mantou are evenly fried to perfection, which is a definite bonus. Overall, hands down one of the best chilli crab in Singapore.

Complementing Seafood Stars: On the other hand, some options available at Momma Kong’s can further complement your feast-for-two. The Butter Crayfish is so buttery and creamy that it melts in your mouth. You can definitely pair these two dishes together, thus balancing out the spiciness and creaminess. In the end, you end up creating a paradise for your palates!

Address: 34 Mosque St, Singapore 059512

8. Hua Yu Wee

Image credit: Hua Yu Wee

Bounteous ambience with an amazing exterior. Hua Yu Wee is a grand mansion hotel situated along Upper East Coast Rd in Singapore. It is one of the earliest chili crab restaurants that continue to lodge in this area after others shifted to swankier locations. Hua Yu Wee is a popular place to treat yourself to spicier dishes.

The bungalow-style hotel features a great kitchen capable of accommodating group events. It also offers a pleasant outdoor setting perfect for couples looking for dining experience ideas. The interior is well laid-off to provide a lively dining experience to customers. Hua Yu Wee is best known for its affordable chili crab offers. Their foods are all fresh and sumptuous.

Worthy of mention, you’ll be able to park effortlessly, snag a table at their air-conditioned dining hall and enjoy the must-try crispy fried squid.

Other service highlights include, ample environment, group events, reservations and quality dishes.

Address: 462 Upper East Coast Road Singapore 466508

9. Tung Lok Seafood

Image credit: Tung Lok

Rich, flavoured crab cuisines. Tung Lok Seafood offers you a quick Chilli savoury crab fix. The hotel is a complete reservation dedicated to serving its customers with the original version of chili crabs. It offers one of the freshest seafood for grabs. Black pepper crab is one of the crowd favourites you won’t miss. You will love how they mix its sauce with orange juice to produce a unique flavour.

The award-winning hotel has also received several compliments from customers for its premium quality food service. It also offers a wide variety of dishes in their menu options, including prawn fish heads, crayfish, and more. Tung Lok is truly a seafood feast for chili crab lovers you should try out.

Other service highlights include event catering, food delivery through Deliveroo, quality dishes served by friendly staff.

Address: Upper Jurong Rd; The Arena Country Club, 511 Upper Jurong Rd, (S) 638366, Orchard Central; Orchard Central, #11-05, 181 Orchard Rd (S) 238896

10. Roland Restaurant

Image credit: Roland Restaurant

Amazing sets of palatable chilli crabs. Do you want to try out one of the finest Chilli Crab in Singapore? Roland Restaurant with its incredible set menus should be your to-go restaurant of choice. The hotel is highly recommended by locals, thanks to its friendly staff and lower pricing compared to other restaurants on this list.

Founded in the year 1956, Roland Restaurant has been providing Singaporeans with quality seafood all the time. The restaurant is well known for its fast service. The staff here are friendly and efficient once you make an order. No lengthy waiting times! It is one of the best places to have an unpretentious dining experience with your friends.

Roland Restaurant offers a wide selection of crab dishes in their menu option. Interestingly, it provides a 15% discount for all ala carte orders. You will also find dim sum weekend promotions except for public holidays.

Other service highlights include affordable pricing, weekend promotions and a laid-back atmosphere.

Address: Block 89, Marine Parade Central, #06-750 Singapore 440088

11. Restaurant Labyrinth

Image credit: Restaurant Labyrinth

Incredible Asian dishes inspired by the Singapore food culture. Restaurant Labyrinth offers contemporary Singapore cuisine without skimping on nostalgia-sweet dishes. The hotel is one of the best places to feast chili crabs with exotic ice cream.

You should try their signature crab of your choice from their extensive array of menu options. You can also order the set meal if you are dining two. Grilled squid is another reason you should check this restaurant. To bring back fresh old-age taste, you ought to try out some Mantou.

Other service highlights include contemporary cuisines, a wide variety of dishes and an award-winning hotel.

Address: Esplanade Mall 8 Raffles Avenue #02-23 Singapore 039802

12. Kian Seng Seafood

Image credit: Kian Seng Seafood

Incredible old Teochew crab cuisines. Kian Seng Seafood got established in the year 1960, so you can be sure of the experience when it comes to crab dishes. It is a perfect place to have old Teochew meals like braised sea cucumber with tangy pork, fried Kailan, steamed vegetables with dried Scallops, and many more.

The hotel also does an excellent steamed shark’s head and Nonya fish head. In case you like meat dishes, get your order roasted on time. Salted egg is one of the customer-favourite at Kian Seng Seafood Restaurant.

If you prefer chili crab with ice cream, visit Kian Seng Seafood and enjoy their happy hours. Kien Seng Seafood offers fast service. It is also the cleanest place to visit for an iconic dinner.

Other service highlights include great staff and a wide variety of uality dishes

Address: Blk 4013, #01-450 Ang Mo Kio Industrial Park 1, Singapore 569629

13. Legacy Seafood

Image credit: Legacy Seafood

Succulent crabs cooked in the sweet, tangy, and spiced sauce. You can never go wrong with Legacy Seafood. The restaurant has a team of professional chefs with vast experience when it comes to classic flavoured crab dishes. The hotel guarantees 100% quality food cooked with fresh ingredients. It is one of the best chili crab restaurants in Singapore, well known for its fast and prompt services. Some of the dishes offered here include fish, prawn, abalone, sea cucumber, and many more.

Apart from serving crab dishes, Legacy Seafood is also popular with multiple cuisines. So, you won’t be missing anything to eat here. Apart from crab dishes, you can also choose other food combos from their wide selection of cuisine on the menu. Guinness pork ribs are actually a must-try when you visit the restaurant.

Other service highlights include online orders available, fresh dishes great staff with fast service

Address: 10 Science Cnter Road, #01-23 Singapore 609079

14. The Garden Kitchen

Image credit: Burpple

Prodigy of multiple cuisine and crab dishes. The Garden Kitchen is a perfect example of how seafood cooking is done right, so expect the best standards. This restaurant offers a great assortment in their menu selection. Whether you are looking for Japanese, Korean, Chinese, or Western-style dishes, the Garden Kitchen has got them all.

One of the best crowd favourites they offer is the chef’s signature chili crab cooked in a sweet chili tomato sauce. The restaurant also offers quality food without breaking your bank. Call them up today, and they will deliver food right to your home.

Other service highlights include professional chefs, a wide variety of dishes at affordable rates, and available home delivery service.

Address: 10 Raeburn Park, #01-28 Singapore

15. Palm Beach Seafood

Image credit: Chope

Best known for its shellfish delights and chilli crab cuisines. Palm Beach which had a humble beginning in the year 1962 has gradually made its way to be among the best chilli crabs restaurants in Singapore. Over the past 50 years, the restaurant has been providing both locals and internationals with a wide selection of seafood dishes, including coco-Lobo, Honey Tangy Fish, black pepper crab, and many more.

No trip is complete without taking double-baked crab at this award-winning restaurant. You can also stop at this hotel and have a taste of live lobster with Vermicelli in superior stock. It is worth to mention that Palm Beach Seafood hotel offers larger mantou than usual. They also do their sauce just excellent.

Located in the Upper East Road, it will be easier to have some lunch after hanging out with friends in the city. You can’t talk of chili crabs without mentioning Palm Beach Seafood. It has one of the iconic large, tangy, and sweet chilli crab cuisines served to customers within Singapore. The Palm Beach always strive to maintain their recipe. Their cooking style is extremely perfect making their crabs taste more substantial compared to other hotels.

Address: One Fullerton #01-09, 1 Fullerton Road, Singapore 049213

So, these are the best 15 Chilli Crab places in Singapore you can choose from to satisfy your next craving. Turn any sort of gathering or party into something of epic proportions with a chilli crab. It’s as simple as feasting your eyes and indulging your tummy with the listed renditions of this majestic dish.

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