Every child is different. They each have their personality and preferences so that is why as parents and guardians, we have a responsibility to choose their gifts wisely. And Children’s Day is a great way to gift them something useful. Gifts can help them develop new hobbies and explore different areas of their creative side. These gifts are not only engaging but help in developing different types of brain function.

In this article, we have listed some amazing gift ideas for Children’s Day to help your child grow and have fun while doing it. 

1. A Road Trip & Trekking on Children’s Day

Nothing can beat a good old family trip and trekking in the wild. It’s a fun outdoor activity where all the members of the family get to enjoy. Trekking is a great way to exercise and keep your child healthy as they go for long walks. It can be a good bonding experience for the family and we get to learn something new as we never truly know nature.

The change in atmosphere can also be beneficial for children. Going on long walks while you have meaningful conversations with family can have a lasting positive impression on the child. The undivided attention that they get can mean the world to the kids as almost all the adults in their lives can otherwise be busy. 

Camping is also part of trekking, setting up the camp area or bonfire can be an interesting and enjoyable experience for the child. The children learn so much in such a short period. Trekking is especially helpful if the parents rarely get time to bond with their children. This might be one of the best ways to spend children’s day with them. 

2. Board Games & Puzzles

Board Games are a great way to spend Children’s Day with your little ones. There are many different variants available on the market with each having its special feature and enhancing the development of your child’s brain. You can choose from different types of games like The Game of Life, Monopoly, Scrabbles, and many more.

Scrabbles is a very unique board game where the players learn new words along with the game. In order to win the children have to learn many different types of words and overall can be an engaging game. The parents and guardians can also take part and help them learn new words and increase their vocabulary in a fun setting.

Other types of Board Games are adventurous real-estate board games like Monopoly and The Game of Life. In these games, you can choose the type of life you want and play accordingly. The players can earn money, buy property, retire rich, even lose their fortune and do so much more in this game. It’s a fun way to engage and have bonding time with your children. You can see how the children tackle hardships in their life and how they overcome obstacles.  

3. A Bicycle

If you want your child to go out more, then bicycles are the best option for you. A bicycle can be a healthy hobby and encourage your child to go out more. It can be something they look forward to after attending online classes for hours on end. With a bicycle, the child gets healthier and might want to stay relatively fit even as they get older. You can even supervise their growth and with each mistake they make, they will learn something new. 

As the child gets older, perhaps they can even take becoming a cyclist as their profession. It can also act as a stepping stone in the world of athletics. The bicycle comes in many different variants and colours so you will surely find something that would fit your child’s personality. You can even buy them extra protective gear to help your child learn the sport safely. It comes in handy, especially on the first few learning curves.

After years of experience as a cyclist, they can go on long rides to visit beautiful places, take part in the competition and make new friends. It is an amazing gift that may shape a big part of their life. 

4. A Musical Instrument

A healthy way to keep your child at home is to buy their favourite musical instrument. Music instruments have many benefits as it uses almost every part of the brain. The children cultivate many interesting habits to indulge in mastering their chosen instrument. It can be a good gift if they have shown interest in music or have a creative outlook on life.

Learning music can also enable children to appreciate it; they can learn their favourite songs, arrange their music, and make friends who have similar interests. The possibilities are endless. Musical instruments also help in time management as they have to fit something new into their existing routine.

 There are many different types of instruments to choose from, we have string instruments, wind instruments, keyboard instruments, and many more. The popular instruments that the children can learn are Piano, Flute, Guitar, Violin, etc. These instruments are popular as they are relatively easy to grasps but at the same time difficult to master. 

5. Books

Books are a great gift as they can help ignite creative thinking and imagination. As the children get used to reading their vocabulary increases and it helps them understand things in a new light. You can gift books to all ages, to strengthen the brain and prevent cognitive decline.  

If your child is on the younger side, you can read them bedtime stories. It will help them hone their listening skills. When you read for your child you even get to spend quality time with them. While reading for them you can ask them additional questions related to the book to gain more insight into what they like and how they think. As the children get older bedtime stories may stick as a habit and they would want to read before sleeping.

There is also an option to buy drawing books for toddlers. It can be a fun sport for the kids where you can teach them how to colour different shapes and sizes. 

6. Homemade Chocolates

Chocolate | Children's Day Ideas

Children love chocolates, it’s a universally known fact so why not gift them with homemade chocolates filled with love from their parents. Homemade chocolates can have many benefits as you can change the recipe according to your liking. There are many different types of chocolate that you can create, be it normal chocolate bars, dark chocolate, white chocolate, cakes, drinks and many more. Dark chocolates also have antioxidant properties and can decrease the chances of heart diseases.

You can even involve your kids in the process and have a bonding experience with them. The process will be beautiful and what tops that is the result as you create something everyone would enjoy. There are many different ways you can decorate and present homemade chocolates; you can design them as popular cartoon characters, themes to create a unique blend of those chocolates.

As we have mentioned before, there are different types of chocolate items that one can make. You can add different types of dried fruits to create something special for your children. It also comes in handy if the children are prone to allergies. The children will surely appreciate the hard work that has gone into making such a beautiful delicacy.  

7. Video Games

Video Games | Children's Day Ideas

Video games have a bad rep for their addictive nature but with parent’s supervision, it can be a good way to distract the kids. Many games are kids friendly; they each have different storylines and help your child be more creative and active.

With the circumstances that the world is currently facing it can be hard for kids to just stay home and do the same thing every day. This is why we suggest that kids should have something that they can look forward to during the day. 

There are many different types of games available on the market. Each has a different feature like adventure, building houses, fighting villains, building a farm, and many more. You can choose a storyline or genre that fits your child’s personality. The children would be more than happy to receive a game on children’s day so if you want to make them happy this is the best option for you. 

8. Sand Castle Set

If your child is on the younger side and loves to play with sand then this Kinetic Sand Castle Set is one of the best options for you. This set has 1 lb of purple kinetic sand; it comes with many different moulds which can help shape the sand. Your child will be able to make different types of castles every day. 

The sandcastle set is amazing if you want your child to express their creativeness. It has endless possibilities; it can occupy your child for a very long time as they will not get tired of creating new things. The parents can also get involved or invite other children to have a fun time building sandcastles. The children can learn how to communicate and assemble different types of structures next to one another.

This like most of the items we have suggested can be a bonding tool for the parents. As the kids get used to a basic structure that holds their shape, they can make more intricate designs and even aspire to build an extravagant building as they get older.

9. Holding A Fancy Dress Competition

Fancy Dress Competition | Children's Day Ideas

 Who wouldn’t love to party with friends? Your kids are no different. That is why it’s a great idea to invite their close friends and host a Fancy Dress Competition for Children’s Day. The children get a chance to dress up as their favourite characters. You can buy those outfits and props as it is readily available in the market. It’s also a good idea to plan this party in secret and surprise them, because who doesn’t love surprises.

Along with the fancy dress, you can also include different types of games to keep everyone engaged. There are different types of games like treasure hunts, pageant shows or talent shows where the children can have fun but learn many types of skills at the same time. All these games would help in their communication skill as well as building their confidence in a very healthy environment. The children can even show off their talents and be motivated to do better.

It’s a time-consuming activity but it’s worthwhile as you can see your child enjoy and develop at the same time. This small involvement and activities can shape your child in the long run, they become more confident and stand for what they believe in which will not only help the world but mould them into better human beings as well.

10. A Piggybank

Piggybank | children's day

Gifting a piggybank for Children’s Day is not the most creative idea out there but it can surely help your child cultivate good habits. With piggybanks, your child can learn to save. They can save a certain amount from their monthly allowance to enable them to buy whatever they would want to buy.

The children can learn from a very young age to choose wisely. Otherwise, as adults, they might end up wasting their saved money on something that won’t bring them joy. This will empower the children to segregate between their preferences from a very young age as even as we get older we sometimes tend to buy things we don’t want.

Piggybanks can also be used to store loose change, the type of money that gets lost without any of us even realizing it. It’s a good way to organise, and with time there will be enough money for the child to buy something they want whether it snacks cold drinks or accessories.

The children in our lives are an important part of our society as they are the embodiment of innocence and purity. We, as adults have the responsibility to nurture them as they are the next generation. So, why not get one of these as their gift for Children’s Day? They’re sure to love it and will get a beautiful memory to cherish as well!

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