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One of the many culinary hypes during these pandemic months involved the Basque Burnt Cheesecake. Supposedly a recipe that couldn’t go wrong, it does require a precarious balance on the precipice of burning the cake beyond edibility.

A quest hence commenced to track down Singapore’s best bakers to pull off the trick, which led us to Cat & the Fiddle. Specializing in gourmet cheesecakes, Cat & the Fiddle is helmed by Celebrity Pastry Chef Daniel Tay. The cheesecake wizard is classically trained in French pastry- and dessert-making. In fact, he is formerly a pastry chef at Michelin three-starred French restaurant, Les Amis.

Halal-Certified, Amazing Flavours


Cat & the Fiddle encompasses a wide variety of Halal-certified cheesecakes with whimsical names. For instance, The Modern Duke’s Pudding is a classic OREO cookie and cream cheesecake. Bearing an extravagant crown of OREO crumbles atop its plump, creamy body, the cake had us declaring it a royalty after our first bite.


There is also, of course, the toasty burnt cheesecake that inspired this cake hunt. Aptly named Charred Eclipse, it contains an intense Martabak cheese filling beneath its dark facade. The smooth, luscious cheese was a perfect blend of the sweet and the savoury, which prevented the richness from cloying our tastebuds.

For those with a more adventurous palate, there are plenty of selections with pleasantly surprising local twists, like the Musang Fury. Essentially a spin-off of the Charred Eclipse, it is a durian-infused burnt cheesecake with a punchy flavour. We dug into the decadent dessert and savoured the bold aroma of Musang King durians.

In the non-baked category, we tried the crowd-pleaser tiramisu cheesecake. Lo and behold, the “Sicilian Wild Cats” is an absolute indulgence. A generous layer of cocoa powder blankets the espresso-spiked mascarpone cheese and savoiardi. Despite being Muslim-friendly and thus alcohol-free, it is true to its name: feisty, fluffy and irresistible.


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