Getting cakes delivered right to your doorstep brings a level of joy and delight like no other. Whether you are looking to buy a cake for a birthday or an anniversary celebration, the ease and convenience of delivery is the icing on the top of your celebration. But, going outside now can be a huge risk to personal safety and security, and hamper everyone else’s health around you too. That is why you can rely on these cake delivery services in Singapore to get cakes and other desserts delivered promptly and safely to your homes.

1. Temptations

Fast cake delivery

If you’re looking for something truly exotic and hand-made, Temptations can deliver the perfect cake for you. They specialize in artisan cakes and have been in the business since 1985. With the wide variety of flavors available on their menu, their is definitely something for everyone! Besides wow-ing your taste buds, Temptations’ cakes are a joy to the eyes as they are beautifully and delicately decorated. Check out Temptations today! Order from Temptations here:

👍 Temptations cakes are affordable and start at $ 34. 

👍 Signature chocolate etoile cake and their premium durian cake are their best sellers that you must try at least once!

👍 Delivery time depends on your order’s customization and size

2. Monice Bakes

Fast cake delivery

As one of the healthier and quality cake delivery bakeries in Singapore, Monice Bakes has a lot to offer when it comes to creating the perfect cake. Their cakes sport an elegant and smooth design and even the customizations give them an equally mouth-watering and elite look. Moreover, Monice bakes also have a large showcase and you can choose from their huge variety, but delivery charges start at $30, and the timing of a delivery can also vary. So, if you’re fine with waiting a little more than a day, Monice bakes can deliver unparalleled cakes to your doorstep. Order from Monice’s bakes here:

👍 Impressive quality and designs giving an eye-pleasing design that tastes just as good as it looks. 

👍 Their cakes can be in the higher budget and from their large collection, you have options to choose from every cake you can think of.

👍 Monice bakes also have a healthier composition free of any preservatives or harmful colorings and other chemicals.

3. The Patissier

Fast cake delivery

As one of the best decorative cake bakers in Singapore, The Patissier has an amazing range of birthday and other celebration cakes. They can decorate your cakes while making them as tasty as delectable they are to look at. Moreover, The Patissier also has a decent menu size for you to choose from and order the perfect cake to celebrate. Order from the Patissier here:

👍 The Patissier specializes in birthday cakes and has a nice variety of cakes to choose from as well. Their range starts at $50. 

👍 Their passion fruit meringue cake is a must-try. 

👍 Online orders take up to 2 days for delivery and depend on your order size and customization.

4. Susucre

Something grand to celebrate and you want to go out of your way to celebrate with a grandiose cake? Susucre Singapore delivers great quality cakes that are as grand as they’re pleasing to the eye and taste. They’re the perfect choice for customizing your cake just as you want to celebrate and complement the theme of your setup as well. You can order from Susucre here:

👍 Susucre specializes in wedding, birthday, and other big celebration event cakes, and prices can be on the higher side depending upon customization and other requirements.

👍 They have exquisite options when it comes to offering the best for your special event.

👍 For the fastest delivery, areas near their location at and near Race Course Road are ideal.

5. WhyZee Cakes

Fast cake delivery

Forgot someone’s birthday or couldn’t order cakes and preparations on time? WhyZee cakes offer fast deliveries for orders and free over orders worth above $30. You can be sure that they’re only going to deliver the best quality cakes, desserts like cupcakes among other options. Order from WhyZee cakes here:

👍 Express 1-hour delivery for cakes throughout Singapore. 

👍 You can choose from their pre baked or freshly made collection as per occasion and delivery options. Rates are in the medium expense section. 

👍 Wide variety of cakes, desserts, rolls, and sweet cravings of all kinds delivered to you as quickly as possible. 

6. Oscar’s Cakes

Specializing in Gourmet cakes, Oscar’s cakes is a great option for people who want their celebration cakes to look as exotic and appetizing as their celebration joy. They also have a decent cake variety size and are affordable and offer fast delivery too. With fresh ingredients and cakes delivered on time, Oscar’s cakes is the go-to option if you want fast delivery at an affordable price. 

👍 Oscar’s cakes have plenty of variation when it comes to decorations, textures sizes among other customizations. Moreover, their range also falls in the $40 – $60 range. 

👍 Oscar’s cakes also have their own industrial setup to preserve your cakes in pristine condition till they’re shipped out to you reliably and quickly. 

👍 You can get free next day delivery throughout Singapore as well.

7. Little House of Dreams

fast cake delivery

If you’re looking for something a bit fancier looking, Little House of Dreams has the perfect cake collection for you. You can get customized cakes in different flavours and shapes and they’re perfect for birthday parties as well as little personal celebrations. They specialize in cute bespoke cakes as per your requirement and are heavy on decorations. You can order from Little House of Dreams here:

👍 Impressive range of cakes as well as bespoke cake collection items to let you enjoy their looks and taste.

👍 Delivery rates start at $15 for online orders. For other customized cakes and bespoke orders, they have a $30 charge. 

👍 Their price range is large enough to give you ample ideas and options for your celebrations or bespoke orders.

8. Zee & Elle

Two words to describe Zee & Elle’s cakes: whimsical dream! Expect beautiful creations inspired by lush botanicals and dreamy colour palettes. Each cake is so delicate and beautiful, and handmade by passionate expert bakers.

From fresh cream cakes, classic cakes, celebration cakes, and even vegan cakes, Zee & Elle truly have it all. Just make sure to order 2 days in advance as their cakes are work-of-arts that is definitely worth the time!

👍 Wide range of cakes including customised cakes available

👍 Flexi-delivery a flat fee of $10 on weekdays and $18 on weekends. For Sentosa, an additional $5 applies. But, for specific delivery time range of 1 hour, delivery charge is $30 islandwide, and an additional $5 for Sentosa.

👍 Seasonal specials

This rounds off our list of the best cake delivery services in Singapore! Cake delivery times depend on the customization and way of preparation. While most pre-baked cakes can be delivered in less than an hour from the above-mentioned outlets, more delicate cakes take a longer time to prepare but are generally worth the wait! If you plan on celebrating and getting your cakes delivered on your doorstep in time, these delivery options definitely won’t let you down. These are truly the best cake delivery options in Singapore, and perfect for any celebrations and occasions.