What is a celebration without a cake? Cakes are those friends we never had and had been there for us on every happy and sad occasion. Of course, you can still indulge in cakes at any time of the day. It is an essential dessert to give us the energy to keep us going.

Looking to buy a cake but do not want to travel out to buy it? Or looking to find online cake stores? Here we present you our lists of the best cake delivery in Singapore where you will find cakes for any occasion.

1. The Durian Bakery

The Durian Bakery | Best Cake Delivery Singapore
Image Credit: The Durian Bakery


  • No preservatives added
  • Baked fresh daily with only MSW Durians
  • Hand-crafted

Now, nothing can beat a cake made using the king of fruits. And when you combine it with one of the best desserts in the world, you’re in for something special. Here at Durian Bakery, they offer plenty of delicacies with each being different from the next. But their Musang King Durian Mille Crepe Cake is really something else!

It is extremely rich in flavours and filled with a creamy bitter-sweet mixture of Black-Gold and Old Tree. But the flavours aren’t overpowering, but delicate which is really surprising. The recipe will leave you feeling as though you’ve ventured into a new world. The flavours are only accelerated as they are freshly baked using only MSW durians and offer you 2-hour delivery service.

The Durian Bakery even provides you with services where you can add candles, a birthday topper or even a gift card with your personalised messages for your loved ones. The Durian Bakery hand-bake their delicious cakes daily. So if you want your hands on their delicious baked products we suggest that you order it soon as possible as they get sold out pretty early. This cake is perfect for any celebration, and to show your appreciation and love for someone you care for.

AddressThe Commerze @ Irving, 1-26 Irving Pl 369546
Contact Information+65 8875 1069
Business HoursMonday to Sunday from 10:00 am to 11:00 pm
Social PagesFacebook | Instagram

2. Bob The Baker Boy

Cake delivery Singapore
Image Credit: Bob the Baker Boy

Let’s face it. Although we love cakes, they’re not exactly the healthiest option. Well, Bob The Baker Boy is here to prove you wrong.

Known for their realistic-looking cakes, they can customize almost everything that you request for. Thus, this is a good choice for those looking for a themed cake design. Their standard baked cakes start from $55, while their custom cakes may vary.

From low-sugar flavoured cakes that you can customize to even dessert tables, you are sure to find something that you’ll fall in love with. Offering flavours like Belgian chocolate, which is diabetes-friendly to the unique Ondeh Ondeh, you can’t miss out on this bakery.

They only do islandwide delivery for orders above $150. You can also opt for self-collection for orders below $150. To find out more, please check out their website here.

Address369 Sembawang Road #01-03, Singapore 758382
Contact+65 94994015
Opening HoursMon – Sun: 10:00 am to 05:00 pm
Official PagesWebsite | Facebook | Instagram

3. Temptations

Cake delivery Singapore
Image Credit: Temptations Cakes

If you’re looking for something truly exotic and hand-made, Temptations can deliver the perfect cake for you. They specialize in artisan cakes and have been in the business since 1985. With the wide variety of flavours available on their menu, there is definitely something for everyone!

Signature chocolate etoile cake and their premium durian cake are their best sellers that you must try at least once. Besides wow-ing your taste buds, Temptations’ cakes are a joy to the eyes as they are beautifully and delicately decorated.

Temptations cakes are affordable at a starting price of $34. Delivery time will depend on your order’s customization and cake size. Check out Temptations today! Order from Temptations here.

Address42 Joo Chiat Place, Singapore 427766
Contact +65 6440 9200 / +65 9821 2666
Opening HoursMon – Fri: 11 am – 7 pm, Sat & Sun: 9 am – 7 pm
Official PagesWebsite | Facebook | Instagram

4. Monice Bakes

Cake delivery Singapore
Image Credit: Monice Bakes

As one of the healthier and quality cake delivery bakeries in Singapore, Monice Bakes has a lot to offer in creating the perfect cake. Their cakes come with impressive quality and designs, n and even the customizations give them an equally mouth-watering and elite look.

Monice bakes also have a healthier composition free of any preservatives, harmful colourings, and other chemicals. Moreover, you can choose from their huge variety, but delivery charges start at $30, and the timing of a delivery can also vary. So, if you’re fine with waiting a little more than a day, Monice bakes can deliver unparalleled cakes to your doorstep. Order from Monice’s Bakes here.

AddressBedok Reservoir View Singapore, Singapore
Official PagesWebsite | Facebook | Instagram

5. The Patissier

As one of the best decorative cake bakers in Singapore, The Patissier has an amazing range of birthday and other celebration cakes. They can decorate your cakes while making them as tasty as delectable they are to look at.

Moreover, The Patissier also has a decent menu size for you to choose from and order the perfect cake to celebrate. Their cakes range starts from $50. A must-try is their signature Fruit Meringue Cake. This is popular among existing customers of The Patissier.

Online orders will take up to 2 days for delivery. Keep in view that this depends on your order size and cake customization. However, their Meringue cakes are usually sold out very fast, so you should start ordering in advance as soon as you have decided on a date for delivery. Order from the Patissier here.

AddressThe Patissier, 4, Mohd Sultan Road #01-01 S(238955)
Contact +65 6737 3369
Opening HoursMon – Fri: 10am – 5pm and Sat, Sun and Public Holiday: 10am – 4.30pm
Official PagesWebsite | Facebook | Instagram

6. Susucre

Susucre | Custom Cakes, Dessert Tables | Delegate | Cake delivery Singapore
Image Credit: Susucre

Looking for something extraordinary to celebrate with? Susucre Singapore delivers great quality cakes with great quality taste. Susucre specializes in wedding, birthday, and other big celebration event cakes, and prices can be on the higher side depending upon customization and other requirements. They’re the perfect choice when it comes to offering the best for your special event. You can order from Susucre here.

AddressSusucre Pte Ltd, #01-01, 405 Race Course Road, Singapore 218654
Contact office@susucre.net
Official PagesWebsite | Facebook | Instagram

7. WhyZee Cakes

Forgot someone’s birthday or couldn’t order cakes and preparations on time? WhyZee cakes offer fast deliveries for orders and free over orders worth above $30. You can choose from their pre-baked or freshly made collection as per occasion and delivery options. Rates are in the medium expense section. 

A wide variety of cakes, desserts, rolls, and sweet cravings of all kinds are delivered to you as quickly as possible. And they offer express 1-hour delivery for cakes throughout Singapore. Order from WhyZee cakes here: Website

Contact  +65 9773 2434
Opening HoursMon – Sun: 10:00 am to 06:00 pm
Official PagesWebsite | Facebook | Instagram

8. Oscar’s Cakes

Oscar's Cakes – The Ranting Panda | Cake delivery Singapore
Image Credit: Oscar’s Cakes

Specializing in Gourmet cakes, Oscar’s cakes are a great option for people who want their celebration cakes to look as exotic and appetizing as their celebration joy. Oscar’s cakes have plenty of variations of cakes with decorations, textures, and sizes for customizations. Moreover, their range also falls in the $40 – $60 range. 

They also offer fast delivery too. Oscar’s cakes also have their own industrial setup to preserve your cakes in pristine condition till they’re shipped out to you reliably and quickly. With fresh ingredients and cakes delivered on time, Oscar’s cakes are the go-to option if you want fast delivery at an affordable price. Check them out: Facebook.

Contact Online Form
Opening HoursMonday – Sunday: 9:00 AM – 7:00 PM
Official PagesWebsite | Facebook

9. Little House of Dreams

Cake delivery Singapore
Image Credit: Little House Of Dreams

If you’re looking for something a bit fancier looking, Little House of Dreams has the perfect cake collection for you. They have an impressive range of cakes as well as bespoke cake collection items.

You can get customized cakes in different flavours, shapes and they’re perfect for birthday parties as well as little personal celebrations. Their price range is large enough to give you ample ideas and options for your celebrations or bespoke orders.

Delivery rates start at $15 for online orders. For other customized cakes and bespoke orders, they have a $30 charge. You can order from Little House of Dreams here: Website

Address58 Seng Poh Road #01-15 Singapore 160058
Contact+65 9819 0019

10. Zee & Elle

A Morning With: Zee & Elle– Zee & Elle Singapore | Birthday Cakes, Sweets,  Dessert Tables | Cake delivery Singapore
Image Credit: Zee & Elle

Two words to describe Zee & Elle’s cakes: a whimsical dream! Expect beautiful creations inspired by lush botanicals and dreamy colour palettes. Each cake is so delicate, beautiful, and handmade by these passionate expert bakers. That’s what makes them one of the best cake delivery services in Singapore.

From fresh cream cakes, classic cakes, celebration cakes to vegan cakes, Zee & Elle truly have it all. They have a wide range of cakes including specials, and customized cakes available.

Flexi-delivery a flat fee of $10 on weekdays and $18 on weekends. Just make sure to order 2 days in advance as their cakes are work-of-arts that are definitely worth the time!

Address2 Jalan Lokam, Kensington Square, #01-18 Singapore, Singapore 537846
Contact+(65) 62005393
Official PagesWebsite | Facebook | Instagram

11. Grin Affair

Grin Affair - Cake in a Jar - Miss Tam Chiak | Cake delivery Singapore
Image Credit: Grin Affair

Cakes should be a part of our daily diet if you ask us, but the preservatives and the scare of cheap ingredients do dampen the mood. The folks over at Grin Affair understand this perfectly. Thus, they only craft cakes with the most real and fresh ingredients. The kind that is so fresh that you’ll find it in your own kitchen.

Their dessert jars are made with healthier ingredients. Using a low amount of sugar and oil, they create some of the most delicious cakes that you’re gonna ever have. Prices start at $7.40 for their Dark chocolate.

Their cakes also come in the most adorable jars ever, so even after you finish your cake, you’re gonna have something to remember it by till you order the next one. They also have really delicious flavours like banana chocolate and hazelnut.

Coupon Code: Use promo code Bis10 to get 10% off. Expires 22 August 2021.

AddressBlock 505d bishan st 11 #01-408 singapore 570505
Official PagesWebsite | Facebook

12. The Cake Shop

Cake delivery Singapore

Run by a team of passionate and dedicated bakers, this establishment can satisfy all your cake cravings. Known for their prompt services and extensive menu, this joint is highly recommended and popular amongst its long list of loyal patrons. The quality of services and products are highly valued in this joint.

With affordable prices with a wide variety of cakes and cupcakes, the establishment offers a wide range of flavours to choose from. They bake every cake on-order to meet your special requests. Only the best ingredients are used to deliver only the best of cakes.

They also make themed cakes and cupcakes along with your regular birthday cakes. There is a $10 delivery fee for standard deliveries, and delivery is free for all orders over $150. Offering many options regarding delivery as well, your comfort is never compromised.

AddressYou can check out their outlets here.
Contact+65 9662 0303 (Whatsapp)
Opening HoursSun – Thur: 09:00 am – 08:00 pm, Fri – Sat: 09:00 am – 09:00 pm

13. The Cake Avenue

This is a place known for its excellent products and great services. With their passionate staff, they dish out some of the best cakes in all of Singapore. Friendly and patient services from this establishment are highly praised by loyal patrons who choose the joint for all their cake-related needs.

Besides, they have an extensive menu and make special orders. They are Halal certified and produce the most magnificent artistic cakes. Their signature cheesecake is a must-try, with their red velvet cake always in high demand.

From 3D animals to a whole unicorn, they will serve your requests. Special orders can cost over $100 or $145, but their prices are still affordable. Known to very flexible with their delivery services, you get to accommodate last-minute changes. They also give out regular offers and special discounts for special occasions, so check them out.

Address33 Lor Kilat, #01-01 Kilat Centre, Singapore 598132
Contact +65 6877 9008 / +65 9666 2022 (Whatsapp)
Opening HoursTuesday – Sunday 10:00 am – 07:00 pm , Closed on Mondays
Official PagesWebsite | Facebook | Instagram

14. Cat & The Fiddle

This joint takes pride in serving the best cheesecakes in town. With a professional like Chef Daniel Tay leading the team, you will rarely find any flaws in their products.

With over 18 varieties of top-quality cheesecakes, you are spoiled for choice. Moreover, they also do special orders and birthday cakes to make your special day a little more special. Cakes start from a reasonable price of $45.90, which quality is guaranteed with many positive reviews.

Their delivery services are prompt and commendable, with regular deliveries costing around $6.90 in delivery charges, orders over $90 get free delivery. They also do same-day deliveries charging $13.90 for regular orders.

You can book your orders here up to 30 days in advance, and adjustments or changes are allowed 36 hours before delivery.

AddressYou can check out their addresses here.
ContactYou can check out their contact details here.
Opening HoursYou can check out their opening hours here.
Official PagesWebsite | Facebook | Instagram

15. Sooperlicious Cakes

This is a joint run by a four-person team known to produce beautiful themed cakes in Singapore. They are an appointment-only establishment with no physical store.

They serve over 30 cake variants and cater to special orders. From beautiful 3D cakes to gourmet and printed cakes, they have it all. Stunning artistic cakes made on-order. Prices depend on the size, scale, and specifications of the orders. Their standard cakes start from $50.

However, their special and more exclusive creations can cost over $200, but it is all worth it. Besides, their delivery charges depend on your order, and they are known for their prompt and efficient delivery services.

Address183 Jln Pelikat, B1-44, Singapore 537643 (By appointment)
Contact +65 9101 5856
Official PagesWebsite | Facebook

16. Fluff Bakery

With such a cute name, this bakery is known for its cupcakes. With an extensive choice of delectable and beautiful cupcakes that come in an array of flavours from Oreo to Bandang, you are spoiled for choice in this joint.

Their carrot cake and other offerings are in high demand. They also make special birthday cakes. A must-try is their doughnuts, which are so popular that they have specific time slots during the day when you can get them.

The delivery services are prompt, efficient and delivery charges depend on your order. However, orders must be placed 2 days in advance.

Address4 Jalan Pisang Singapore, Singapore 199071
Contact enquiry@fluffbakery.sg
Opening HoursMon – Sat: 12:00 pm to 07:00 pm
Official PagesWebsite | Facebook | Instagram

17. Baker’s Brew

They serve an extensive menu full of classic and celebratory cakes, cupcakes, log cakes, and bread. There are several flavours to choose from here where they do custom-made and special on-order cakes.

Their classic collection uses less sugar, so it is definitely a good choice for those who are looking for healthy alternatives. This joint also provides baking classes and workshops, which have been raved with many good reviews.

Their delivery services are highly praised and known to be prompt and efficient. Delivery services start from $15, depending on your location. And, free Delivery is provided for orders over $80.
With their cakes always in high demand, thus early booking is recommended.

AddressYou can check out the addresses of their outlets here.
Contact+65 9004 7233
Opening HoursYou can check out their opening hours here.
Official PagesWebsite | Facebook | Instagram

18. Happy Oven

This is your typical old-school oven that aims to modernize traditions. Friendly and patient are the words best used to describe their services, and they offer extremely cheap and affordable treats.

Specializing in the old school baking classics, they are known for their Swiss rolls and tarts. However, nothing beats their Ondeh Ondeh cakes, which are extremely popular that patrons can’t seem to get enough of it.

The prices they offer here can go as low as $1 and below. Their signature mango birthday cake costs only $22. Lovely little gift boxes are also made exclusively for specific special occasions.

Their delivery services receive much praise for being prompt and punctual. Free delivery applies for all orders over $200.

Address40 Beo Crescent #01-08, Singapore 160040
Contact +(65) 6270 7411
Opening HoursMonday-Sunday (05:00 am – 7.30 pm), Closed on (Chinese New Year Day 1, 2, 3)
Official PagesWebsite | Facebook | Instagram

19. Corine & Cake

If you want a cake that is also a piece of art, then this joint is highly recommended. Known for their over-the-top and highly artistic baked creations, this establishment produces beautiful cakes for all occasions.

With an extensive list of flavours to choose from, you can personalize your cake based on how you like it. The ingredients used are fresh and top-notch, and they only use Swiss meringue and Italian buttercream in their products.

Their products are prepared while keeping the health aspect of things in mind. With hydrogenized fats being strictly avoided, these treats won’t hurt your body but fill your soul.

Their signature chocolate and naked fruit are extremely popular with their custom cakes starting from $65. Depending on the size you want, prices can go as high as $200. They also offer baby-friendly smash cakes and are highly praised for being prompt and efficient.

Address1 Irving Place #02-22 Singapore, Singapore 369546
Official PagesWebsite | Facebook | Instagram

20. Creme Maison Bakery

Image Credit: Instagram

Just like its name, this establishment is a classy one. The products they offer here are top-quality artistic marvels of the cake world. From traditional standard cakes to their awe-inspiring custom cakes, this bakery always puts its best foot forward.

They are perhaps known most for their over-the-top gender reveal cakes, though their floral cupcakes are equally popular. The dessert tables from this establishment receive a lot of love from their patrons, and their birthday cakes are often so beautiful that you won’t even feel like cutting them.

From money bags to cute dinosaurs, you can customize your cake in any shape or size. However, the size and scale of the cake affect the prices. A delivery fee of $25 applies.

Address30 Tai Seng Street (Breadtalk IHQ building) #08-03C Singapore 534013
Contact +65 8181 3689
Opening HoursDaily from 9 am – 5 pm (Closed every Tuesday), Sunday from 10 am – 1 pm
Official PagesWebsite| Instagram

21. Flor Patisserie

This establishment specializes in Japanese baking serving the finest cakes and the tastiest pastries that’ll take you back to the land of the rising sun. The choices here are extensive, from anime-themed cookies to delicate Mont Blancs and Matcha Cream Cakes, and they also do birthday cakes and other celebratory cakes on order.

Their signature strawberry shortcake is popular at an affordable price of $56.71 for a whole cake. They also sell top-quality authentic baking supplies and ingredients from Japan. Several delivery services and options available for customers. Delivery services from this establishment are said to be highly efficient and reliable.

AddressYou can check out a list of their outlets here.
Contact You can check out their contact details here.
Opening HoursYou can check out their opening hours here.
Official PagesWebsite | Facebook | Instagram

22. GieBakes

Giebakes has a truly wonderful concept of providing freshly-crafted fusion cakes and desserts which are tailored to fit the local palette. It’s a concept where Asian meets Western to create a delicious myriad of flavours!

They deliver some of the best customised cakes and dessert tables to perfectly fit the theme you decide so that you can celebrate in the best way possible. Offering a wide range of cakes, with plenty of flavours and customisations, they’re sure to create the perfect cake for your perfect celebration. They deliver custom cakes, dessert tables, cake flavours and even party supplies.

We highly recommend trying out their Mermaid-Tail Beach cake as it’s a best-seller. Be sure to place an order at least 1-2 weeks in advance so that they can design your cake to perfection.

Contact 98568489
Opening HoursOnline bakery so you can place an order through their website anytime.
Official PagesWebsite| Facebook

23. LOCABA low-carb Bakery Singapore

Do you enjoy the pure magic that is cake, but are afraid of the calories piling up? Or perhaps you or your loved one suffers from diabetes but misses a good cake. LOCABA understands that feeling perfectly and has come up with cakes that are low-carb and contain no household sugar! They’re even gluten-free and an excellent choice if you’re currently into the keto-diet. And that’s not all, they even offer vegan cakes so you have a cake for everyone at LOCABA.

All of their cakes are baked by hand over at their bakery so you always get the freshest ones. You can enjoy their cakes without thinking about them as a guilty pleasure. After all, they’re healthy so you won’t mind taking a bite or two, or maybe a few more. You can even customise your cake for birthday orders so what are you waiting for? A deliciously healthy cake awaits your call.

Do place your orders at least a day in advance as they are all baked freshly.

Address2 Kallang Ave, #01-08/13 CT Hub 1, Singapore 339407
Contact +65 9793 6557
Opening HoursMonday to Sunday from 09:00 am to 06:00 pm
Official PagesWebsite| Facebook | Instagram

Wrapping Up

This rounds off our list of the best cake delivery in Singapore! Cake delivery times usually depend on the customization and way of preparation. While most pre-baked cakes can be delivered in less than an hour from the above-mentioned outlets, more delicate cakes take a longer time to prepare but are generally worth the wait!

Thus if you plan on celebrating and getting your cakes delivered to your doorstep in time, do remember to make cake bookings in advance to avoid disappointments.

With so many cakes and cupcakes stores in Singapore, you will be spoilt with many choices. While we focus on cake delivery in this article, you can read more on our article for a list of cupcake establishments in Singapore to pair their cupcakes with your cake!

If you prefer to buy simple and traditional cakes from physical stores, we have also listed other brands of cake stores in Singapore to provide you with more options.

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With that, we hope you have a smashing day with these delicious and pretty cakes!