Previously, we had tried Korean barbeque and Steamboat buffet for our team dinner, thus we decided to try other cuisines. This led us to… Cajun on Wheels! Located in the heart of Plaza Singapura Mall, this diner is tucked in middle of various eateries. Join us as we share with you our Cajun on Wheels review.

Nice and Classy Ambience

Cajun on Wheels, also known as C.O.W, is a Halal-Certified and Family-Friendly Seafood Restaurant That Features Classic Seafood Buckets And Authentic Asian Charcoal Grilled Crab, Squid, Seabass, Grouper, Prawns, Crayfish And More.

Due to the dim and warm lights, it is quite impossible to miss out on this restaurant. We were beyond hungry at this point but it was okay because our drinks and food were served out fast!

Out of 4 speciality drinks from their menu, we had chosen 3; (From Left-Right) Yuzu, Grapefruit Pomelo and Lemongrass. Personally, I like the Yuzu as it tasted fresh and cooling, almost like lemonade but with a hint of Yuzu taste.

Finger-licking Seafood Boil Buckets

With many seafood buckets available for your choice, you will be sure satisfied with the wide variety. Besides, they have portions that are covered for 2-6 pax, which is family-friendly for those who wish to dine in as a big group of family.

We had ordered their signature Poseidon Bucket, which serves 2 to 3 pax. This bucket consists of Sri Lankan Crab (400gm X2), Prawn (300gm), White Clams (300gm), Blue Mussels (300gm), Sweet Corn (4 pieces), Baby Potatoes (8 pieces). Also, it comes with a choice of sauce and we had chosen their Salty Egg Sauce which is their best-selling sauce.

It was just right for the 3 of us as the seafood bucket comes with a small bucket of Pilaf rice, which tastes heavenly good; the pilaf rice and salty egg sauce well-complimented each other.

Specialty Chargrilled Seafood Selection

With over 5 charcoal-grilled seafood platter starting from $20, these platters are only available at their Plaza Singapura Outlet or through online orders.

Don’t be shocked by the colour of the fish, it is actually covered in their signature Kicap Manis dark sweet sauce. This Charcoal Grilled Flower Grouper comes with a spicy or non-spicy sauce option. We had gone with the spicy option in the end. I am quite shocked by the taste of this dish, to be honest!

The grouper does not taste fishy at all and was well combine with the sweet and spicy sauce which makes the overall dish not overwhelming to finish.

Squeeze some lemon on top of the fish and you are good to go!

Value-For-Money Lunch Promotion Sets

Not all, they also have many different affordable lunch sets ranging from $12 to $19. As part of their ocean value meal, we had ordered the Charcoal Grilled Chicken Skewer platter and Charcoal Grilled Squid platter. Both sets came with fries and sambal chilli and a fried egg. The chicken came with rice, while the squid one came with Aglio olio pasta.

Nothing to lie, I love the sweet black sauce on this grilled seafood. While it comes with spicy and non-spicy options, we decided to try the non-spicy instead. Their sauces have a generous portion which you can mix your rice and Aglio olio when eating.

Overall, we were very full and satisfied with the meal. Hope this Cajun on Wheels Review had provided you with insights into our dining experience. A good place with good food and affordable prices to dine in. Our first but not the last, we will certainly visit Cajun on Wheels again!

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Reservation & Delivery

Likewise, if you are planning to secure a dining spot earlier, you can make reservations or even order from Oddle for delivery to dine in at the comfort of your own home. Hurry, book your slot and meal right now!

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