Thinking of going out and enjoying dinner or lunch with your friends or family member? Why not try a buffet dinner or lunch offering you with a variety of dishes your taste bud can’t resist without trying. The buffet is a perfect reward for your tummy whenever you are rewarding yourself after a hard monotonous week or giving a birthday party to your friends. All you have to do is to take out your scratchiest trousers and select any of the best buffet places in Singapore that we have shortlisted for you.  

What Is a Buffet?

The buffet is a system of a meal served in hotels, restaurants, and social gatherings in which several dishes are placed in the public area and the diners serve themselves by eating any dish. The price of the buffet is generally fixed but some restaurants charge the diners based on the number of dishes or the weight of the food. There is a huge variety of food in the buffet system ranging from the hot sour dishes to the cold sweet dishes. Some restaurants also offer the finger buffet where the diners are facilitated with easy to be served dishes are set in an array that can be consumed by hand such as cupcakes, pizza slices, club sandwiches, pastries, etc. 

Advantages of Buffet System 

Buffet system has many advantages over the regular sit out meals. The basic and most-watched out advantage is that of cost. Looking at the buffet system that offers a variety of dishes at a fixed cost that cannot be enjoyed in a sit-out meal. In sit out meals, one can order several dishes, while in the buffet system one can enjoy the freedom to choose from a variety of cuisines. The atmosphere of the buffet is also appealing and soothing. The dishes are arranged in an array that appeals to the consumers and they cannot withstand without trying all the dishes. Furthermore, one can check the appearance and taste of the food before trying it in a larger quantity that is not possible in regular sit out meals where you are bound to eat what you have ordered despite the appearance and taste. 

We have shortlisted 16 best buffet places in Singapore for you.


Salient Features & Services:
πŸ‘ Large-International buffet 
πŸ‘ Low-cost breakfast, lunch & dinner buffet. 
πŸ‘ Dessert Counter 
Breakfast: 6am – 10.30am
Lunch: 12pm – 3pm
Dinner: 6pm – 10pm
Website: The Line – Shangri – LA Hotel

The Line – Shangri – La Hotel provides one of the best breakfast, lunch, and dinner buffets in the country.

The restaurant provides an opportunity for the customers to see the live cooking through the transparent kitchen windows giving them a feel of freshness and ambience of a restaurant. A variety of cuisine including the Japanese, Indian, Italian and French dishes are available in the buffet of the restaurant. There are special rates on Sunday and the rates of the buffet vary for adults and the kids. Thus, if you are looking for a worldwide adventure for your taste buds, do try The Line restaurant. The restaurant is situated in 22 Orange Grove Singapore, Tower Wing, Lower Lobby, Singapore. 


Salient Features & Services:
πŸ‘ Western and Indian Cuisine 
πŸ‘ High-tea in afternoon 
πŸ‘ Great ambiance 
Breakfast: 6.30am – 10.30am
Lunch: 12pm – 2.30pm
Dinner Buffet: 6.30pm – 10.30pm
Website: The Ritz Carlton

Buffet meal at The Ritz Carlton is one of the best in Singapore. This international chain operates throughout the globe and has opened its branch in Singapore as well.

If you are fond of western, Indian, and Indonesian cuisine, no place is offering it better than The Ritz Carlton in Singapore. With 7 open kitchens and a bar, the consumers can enjoy live cooking and buffet meals with their friends and family. The customer cherishes the friendly staff and great taste of The Ritz. It is currently located at Millenia Singapore, 7 Raffles Avenue, Singapore.


Salient Features & Services:
πŸ‘ BBQ and Tandoori Buffets 
πŸ‘ Suitable Rates 
πŸ‘ Great ambiance 
Breakfast Buffet: 6.30am – 10.30am
Lunch Buffet: 12pm – 2.30pm
Dinner Buffet: 6.30pm – 9.30pm
Website: Melt CafΓ© – Mandarin Oriental

Melt CafΓ© is a huge name in Singapore when it comes to economical buffet meals. 

This restaurant is especially meant for BBQ and Tandoori meal lovers. The buffet items mainly consist of BBQ items and Indian cuisine but it doesn’t mean that there is nothing for the western and continental lovers. The restaurant provides good western desserts and smoothies. Known for economical rates and great ambiances, this restaurant can be spotted at 5 Raffles Avenue, Marina Square, Singapore. 


Salient Features & Services:
πŸ‘ Authentic Italian food 
πŸ‘ History of 47 years in serving buffets
πŸ‘ Great atmosphere and friendly staff 
Lunch Buffet: 12pm – 2.30pm
Dinner Buffet: 6.30pm – 10.30pm
Website: Pete’s Place – Grand Hyatt

Grand Hyatt is a key name in the global hotel industry and it is operating in Singapore as well. Pete’s Place is a restaurant in the Grand Hyatt hotel in Singapore. 

If you want authentic Italian cuisine, Pete’s Place is the go-to restaurant. The restaurant has over 47 years’ experience of providing authentic Italian food to the customers. The diners can enjoy lunch and dinner buffet at Pete’s Place with over 45 authentic Italian dishes cooked by the Professional chefs. Pete’s Place is located at Basement Level, Grand Wing, Grand Hyatt, Singapore.


Salient Features & Services:
πŸ‘ Authentic Korean food 
πŸ‘ Fixed reasonable prices (20SGD)
πŸ‘ Dishes with veggies and meat 
Lunch Buffet: 11.30am – 2.30pm
Dinner Buffet: 5.30pm – 10pm

Danji is a Korean based food chain that is also serving in Singapore. 

If your tastebuds want to experience the unique taste of Korean BBQ and other dishes, Danji is the restaurant to be visited. It provides a Korean food buffet at a reasonable rate of 20SGD for both adults and children. There are more than 20 dishes in the buffet made up of vegetables and meat, so this restaurant is also suitable for a vegan. Danji is located at Tanjong Katong Road, Singapore.


Salient Features & Services:
πŸ‘ Asian food and Seafood 
πŸ‘ Global gastronomy 
πŸ‘ Four dessert sections 
Daily buffet: 9.30 am – 7 pm
Website: Carousel

Carousel is one of the best buffet serving restaurants in Singapore. 

With its seafood items and items from global gastronomy, the restaurant satisfies the taste buds of every customer. Along with the dishes, the restaurant has 4 dessert bars to select a dessert from. The daily buffet is served from 9.30 am-7 pm at suitable rates. The restaurant is located at 25 Scotts Road,



Salient Features & Services:
πŸ‘ Western and Asian dishes 
πŸ‘ Largest Cesar Salad bar
πŸ‘ Outdoor noodles bar 
Breakfast Buffet: 6 am – 10.30 am
Lunch Buffet: 12pm – 2.30pm
Dinner Buffet: 6.30pm – 9.30pm

With noodles and seafood in its menu, Oscar’s buffet is one of the most lovable buffet restaurants in Singapore. It is open 24/7 so you can enjoy your favourite dishes from the restaurant. With the outdoor noodles bar and the biggest Cesar Salad bar of the country, the restaurant is definitely in the good books of the customers and reviewers. The restaurant is located at Two Temasek Boulevard, Singapore. 


Salient Features & Services:
πŸ‘ Assorted juices and ice-creams
πŸ‘ Tiger beer 
πŸ‘ Western and Asian cuisine 
Lunch Buffet: 12pm – 3pm
Dinner Buffet: 6pm – 10.30pm
Website: MEZZA9 – Grand Hyatt

Mezza9 is another restaurant located at the Grand Hyatt hotel. This restaurant along with lunch and dinner buffet is famous for its tiger beer and assorted juices. The unique flavors of ice-cream also attract several customers from the country. So, if you have that sweet tooth Mezza9 is the restaurant for you. It is located at Mezzanine Level, Grand Hyatt, Singapore. 


Salient Features & Services:
πŸ‘ Live BBQ and seafood buffet 
πŸ‘ Meat and Veggie dishes 
πŸ‘ Bar facility 
Lunch Buffet: 1pm – 3pm
Dinner Buffet: 7pm – 11.30pm
Website: The Three Peacocks @ Labrador Park 

Fond of those live BBQ sessions and seafood, then try to consider visiting The Three Peacocks @ Labrador Park. The restaurant offers a lunch and dinner buffet with dishes consisting of meat and vegetables. The live BBQ session and seafood are another attraction of the restaurant. The Three Peacocks is located at 8 Port Road, Singapore. 


Best Spaghetti and Meatballs Recipe - How to Make Easy Homemade ...

Salient Features & Services:
πŸ‘ Japanese cuisine 
πŸ‘ Meat and Veggie dishes 
πŸ‘ Spaghetti with meatballs
Lunch Buffet: 12pm – 3pm
Dinner Buffet: 5.30pm – 11pm
Website: Suki Ya  

If you are craving for the Japanese shabu-shabu experience along with that Japanese cuisine for your taste buds, Singapore offers you Suki Ya restaurant. The restaurant is built on the Japanese theme taking you to Japan as soon as you step into the restaurant. The meat and veggie buffet dishes and spaghetti are the most loved dishes by the customers. Suki Ya is located at Bukit Panjang Plaza, Heartland Mall Kovan, Singapore. 


best buffet singapore edge

Salient Features & Services:
πŸ‘ Asian and Pacific Ram Cuisine 
πŸ‘ Thai and Korean meat dishes 
πŸ‘ Complimentary drinks 
Breakfast Buffet: 7 am – 11 am
Lunch Buffet: 12pm – 3.30pm
Dinner Buffet: 5.30pm – 9pm
Website: Edge – Pan Pacific Singapore  

Edge is an exotic restaurant located in Pan Pacific Singapore. The restaurant is known for its Asian and pacific rim cuisine. Customers also love the meat dishes from the Thai and Korean culture. The restaurant offers less to the vegans but the complimentary drinks can give you a freshening experience. Edge restaurant is located at 7 Raffles Blvd, Level 3 Pan Pacific, Singapore.


best buffet singapore triple three

Salient Features & Services:
πŸ‘ Crabs and Seafood 
πŸ‘ International Cuisine  
πŸ‘ Salad bar  
Lunch Buffet: 1pm – 3.30pm
Dinner Buffet: 6.30pm – 10pm
Website: Triple Three – Mandarin Orchard

Triple Three is an international-themed restaurant located in Mandarin Orchard Hotel. If your taste buds are craving for the crabs and seafood, then go out and enjoy the lunch and dinner buffet at Triple Three. It is also known for its international cuisine and salad bars. So, even if you are on a diet, salads can be enjoyed. Triple Three is located at Orchard Road, Level 5 @ Mandarin Orchard, Singapore. 


Chopedeals Buffet The Square Restaurant Online 5

Salient Features & Services:
πŸ‘ International and Singapore Cuisine
πŸ‘ Unique Apple Pie   
πŸ‘ Salad bar  
Breakfast Buffet: 7am – 10.30am
Lunch Buffet: 12pm – 3.30pm
Dinner Buffet: 6.30pm – 10pm
Website: The Square Restaurant -Novotel Clarke Quay

The Square Restaurant located in Novotel Clarke Quay is one of the most loved buffet restaurants in Singapore. The customers are in love with the unique apple pie that satisfies their sweet tooth. The salad bar also provides a variety of salads from around the globe. The restaurant is located at 177A River Valley Rd, Singapore. 


Best buffets singapore - Lime parkroyal

Salient Features & Services:
πŸ‘ Indian and Pakistani Cuisine 
πŸ‘ Seafood    
πŸ‘ Complimentary Drinks   
Breakfast Buffet: 6am – 11.30am
Lunch Buffet: 1pm – 4.30pm
Dinner Buffet: 5.30pm – 10pm

Lime restaurant is another top-ranked buffet restaurant in Singapore. The restaurant has expertise in Indian and Pakistani cuisine and provides seafood in its buffet menu. The complimentary drinks can be selected by the customers on their own. The restaurant is located in Parkroyal Collection Pickering, Singapore.

 15. ALLEY ON 25

LIME (PARKROYAL on Pickering): Singapore Buffet Review

Salient Features & Services:
πŸ‘ International Cuisine 
πŸ‘ Long Weekend Buffets    
πŸ‘ Complimentary Salad   
Breakfast Buffet: 8am – 11.30am
Lunch Buffet: 1pm – 4.30pm
Dinner Buffet: 6.30pm – 11pm
Website: Alley on 25 

Another restaurant in the Grand Hyatt, Singapore. This restaurant provides complimentary salad to the customers and the long weekend buffets are famous amongst them. The timings for the weekend are extended along with special desserts that satisfy the customers. Alley on 25 is located at Fraser St, Level 25, Singapore.

So, the buffet is a great way to satisfy your appetite. Singapore is offering great places for enjoying buffet breakfast, lunch, and dinner with your friends and family members. These restaurants no only offer variety of food from around the globe but the ambience and friendly staff wants the customers to revisit these restaurants another time.

16. I’M KIM Korean BBQ

Salient Features & Services:
πŸ‘ Affordable
πŸ‘ Lively ambience
πŸ‘ Local and Korean Cuisine
Lunch Buffet: 11.30am – 3.30pm (Buffet Counter closes at 3pm) 
Dinner Buffet: 5.30pm – 10.30pm (Buffet Counter closes at 10pm)
Website: I’M KIM Korean BBQ

I’M KIM Korean BBQ is the go-to buffet place if you are looking for no-nonsense delicious tasting food. They are extremely good value for money, offering free-flow tenderly-marinated meat, veggies, seafood, soups as well as korean and local cooked dishes for just $14.90 on weekday lunch. With a generous dining duration of 90 minutes, you’ll definitely get a bang out of your buck at this amazing establishment!

Besides the incredible food, we love the lively ambience at I’M KIM Korean BBQ. K-Pop fans will love this place as you can eat feast on yummy K-BBQ while listening to familiar K-pop songs in the background. I’M KIM is also a great place to go to when you’re with a big group as with their wide selection of menu offerings, everyone is sure to find something they love! We strongly recommend!

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Written by: Tan Yi Bryan