Going out to eateries is one of the things that have been taken for granted by everyone. However, phase 2 is here with us and everyone is excited to go out and have a meal, whether it is breakfast, lunch, or even a brunch. Talking of brunch, it is the only reason we drag ourselves out of bed at 11 am. There is no denying the importance of a good brunch after a long sleep. Therefore, as you take advantage of the newfound freedom to eat out, here are some cafe with great deals you can brunch in Singapore.

1. Brasserie Les Saveurs

Brasserie Les Saveurs is indeed a luxurious option. Sometimes you want to treat yourself to a special brunch, the Sunday Champagne brunch is everything you are looking for. Enjoy the well-crafted interiors and live jazz performance that will completely take you away. Get ready for some savoury appetizers and mouthwatering main courses. Starting at only $180 per person, you get free-flowing wines. Besides, you can add some amount to that and get the Krug Grand Cuvée NV Champagne.

2. Alley on 25 by Andaz Singapore

There is no better place to spend that lazy breakfast other than Alley on 25 by Andaz Singapore. If you have no reason to get out of bed on the weekends, well, we are about to give you one. Starting from $50 get ready to engage in a variety of meals in their generous breakfast buffet. Devour some classic breakfast meals, for instance, the smoked salmon bagel and the breakfast burger. You also have the option of turning this brunch into a free-flowing boozy breakfast with an additional $50.

Buy wines, spirits, and beer at a pocket-friendly price!

3. Bread and Hearth

Ideally, this is one of the best pastry cafes on the Island boasting of professional and carefully handcrafted pastries. Bread and Hearth is the place to satisfy whatever pastry craving you may have. You will be happy to know that the prices are quite friendly. They have regular big breakfast going for $17.90 and the classic hot pancake going for $15.90. You don’t have to pay an arm and a leg to dine on your favourite pastry of choice. Indeed, home is where the heart is. Be sure to indulge in nothing but the best pasty selection that will complete your palette.

4. Fat prince

If you need to nurse your hangover, then make your way to Fat prince and get the hangover brunch. Indulge on one brunch item and one of their signature kebabs. The halloumi cheese paired with cocktails for $108 per person is worth trying. Get your gin and chardonnay cocktail served in porcelain teapots. It is a great idea for daytime drinking without really having a sense of how much you have already. This is however not a good idea if you are already hangover.

5. Sarnies

If you are around the CBD, why not dine right from there. Sarnies is here to make the best out of your weekend brunch. Featuring their extra special egg recipes, you will be spoilt for choice with their extensive menu. Enjoy the savoury burgers, egg wraps, and egg loaded omelette fit to warm the spirit of a discerning gourmand. You will be happy to know that Sarnies’ brunch is served technically all day long. So if you desire to sleep in, there will always be something when you are ready to dine.

6. Jade

Well, dim sum is not your classic Saturday morning brunch meal. However, Jade has a way with this meal that might change your mind. When brunching with family, Jade has a great weekend family set up menu. It features a variety of dim sum. For only $48 a person, enjoy the pan-fried spiced chilli crab meat bun or the deep-fried taro filled with mild mushroom. Finish off the drool-worthy cuisine with either champagne or fine wine for $19 a glass or $98 a bottle.

7. The Fabulous Baker Boy

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Have your brunch at the elegant The Fabulous Baker Boy cafe and indulge in the sweet treats. Founded by the self-taught Juwands, this cafe has continuously impressed customers over the years with their pristine cuisines. Featuring cakes recipes inspired by travels and age-old techniques, this is among the best when it comes to pastry. What makes The Fabulous Baker Boy a favourite brunch cafe is their garden setting. This gives a serene atmosphere, especially in the morning.

8. Keyaki

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There are only a handful of Japanese restaurants that offer amazing brunching options and Keyaki is one. Get both boozy and a regular brunch at this Japanese themed restaurant featuring some savoury meals. Have a taste of the grilled miso chicken or the teriyaki cod or the savoury teppanyaki. The conventional no alcohol version goes for $75 with unlimited green tea serving. On the other hand, the booze version goes for $135 with unlimited champagne, beer, or wine.

9. Toby’s Estate: Award-winning coffee

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Coffee is one beverage that should never miss out on any brunch meal regardless of the time of the day. Jumpstart your lazy weekend morning with a cup of perfectly brewed coffee and watch your day just go right. Toby’s Estate has made it their business to make the best coffee in town. In addition to the great coffee, enjoy the perfectly portioned meals and the pet-friendly outdoor setup. The next time you are thinking of brunching, make your way to Toby’s Estate and get your day going.

10. Habitat coffee

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The Habitat Caffee is another great coffee joint for all coffee lovers. This cafe specializes only in the Arabica type of coffee that is roasted and curated locally. This enables them to further create bespoke flavours and concentrations for their coffee. To balance things Habitat cafe also makes desserts to satisfy the sweet teeth. This makes this cafe an ideal place for that lazy weekend breakfast.

As we continue living in this perilous time, let’s take every measure to protect ourselves. We should also use the little freedom we have to enjoy a good time with friends and family. Brunch with your buddies at any of the above restaurants and equally let them know that you care. 

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