Who doesn’t love eating brownies? Chewy on the outside, moist and fudgy on the inside, this unique trait makes the delicious piece of square baked confection dessert loved by all. But unlike regular cakes, brownies are slightly different. Brownies use twice less the volume of flour and cocoa powder, resulting in a dense liked texture. On the other hand, most cakes are bake till it is light and airy with a smooth top.

Here, the best and most scrumptious-tasting brownies are a dime-of-a-dozen. They are found and sold in top local bakeries located within shopping malls or at selected artsy cafes. Whether you love it chewy, cakey, or fudgy, they got you covered. These decadent delights are best eaten by itself or with a pipping cup of hot coffee. So without further ado, here are the Best 10 Brownie Spots In Singapore that are a notch above others!

1. All Things Delicious

Sea Salt Caramel Brownie
Sea Salt Caramel Brownie SGD 57.90

All Things Delicious is a halal bakery offering simple, comforting, and wholesome foods by mother-of-two and passionate baker, Dewi Imelda Wadhwa (Mel). All Things Delicious doesn’t just serve sweet and savoury bakes but they offer a plethora of delicious halal cuisines.

You definitely have to give their signature brownies a go! Altogether, they offer five different brownies with very distinct flavours. You have their Sea Salt Caramel Brownie, Cheesecake Brownie, Peanut Butter Brownie, Dark Cherry Brownies, and last but not the least, their signature Crackly Top Brownie which is filled with a dense chocolatey slab, peppered with coarse sea salt granules and slathered with caramel for a glossy finish.

Among the lot, we recommend that you go for their classic crackly top brownie, though we got to say that their Sea Salt Caramel Brownie looks almost too pretty to eat.

Swing by All Things Delicious brownies for their freshly made bakes using the best ingredients such as European lactic butter, unrefined sugar, and cage-free eggs – minus the use of artificial additives.

2. P.Osh

One (1) Box of 10 Mini P.Osh Chewy Brownies with Toppings, Hougang,  Singapore | Best deals near you | Fave
Photo credit: FAVE

P.Osh offers a wide variety of chewy and moist brownies decorated with different toppings. They also allow customers to place orders in advance for customized brownies. Treat your sweet tooth with their soft, chewy, and extremely moist brownies. Their bite-sized squares are freshly decorated on the spot with toppings like M&Ms and Marshmallows for birthdays or anniversaries.

Their Tripp Earle brownie is a fanciful triple mix of heavenly dark, milk and, white chocolate. It is so divine that a single bite will send you straight to heaven! We really gotta admit their brownies highly addictive.

3. Bundt By The Backyard Bakers

BUNDT By The Backyard Bakers: Highly-Hyped Brownies At Cosy Bakery In  Chinatown
Photo credit: Seth Lui

Bundt By The Backyard Bakers is infamous for its long queue due to one reason. This is because of their highly raved brownies. That are sinful pieces of potently dead chocolate goodness. Serving you through their takeaway kiosk at Havelock 2, each brownie is lovingly prepared and made from scratch by its team of bakers. For starters, their crunchy peanut butter brownie is da bomb.

It is akin to eating aromatic peanut butter fused with premium chocolate. This brownie has a texture that is chewy on the outside but moist on the inside. Resulting in the perfect balance of both yin and yang. Alternatively, you can also go for their other bestseller. Aka the Nutella Hazelnut brownie. It tastes of your favourite Nutella spread, but with an upgrade, of course! 

4. Tiong Bahru Bakery Diner

Ditch your diet for these new desserts at Tiong Bahru Bakery | Coconuts  Singapore
Photo credit: Coconuts

Tiong Bahru Bakery Diner is a haven for all things toothsomely sweet. To begin, it has a stellar mix of quality French and Japanese pastries. Like croissants, chocolate danish and, Kouign Amann to name a few..etc. But out of the lot, their all-time crowd-puller is their signature chocolate brownie. It is the ultimate classic chocolatey treat. That is lightly sprinkled with sea salt and topped with crunchy walnuts and pecans.

But minus the cloyingly rich creamy frosting. That is found in most over-the-top brownies. However, do not be fooled by its simple appearance. It has a crisp exterior and a moist middle. Hence, a single bite of this brownie can send you into a chocolate euphoria. Alternatively, you can relax amongst the diner’s surrounding cosy and classy ambience.

5. Shubby Sweets

Shubby Sweets Review: Muslim-Owned Dessert Shop With Snickers Cheesecake  And Nutella Blondie - EatBook.sg - New Singapore Restaurant and Street Food  Ideas & Recommendations
Photo credit: Eatbook

To be honest, this small Muslim-owned dessert shop can easily outdo any of the bigger and more famous bakeries found within the city. Why you may ask so? This is because they serve one of the best brownies in town. Sold in a box of five at $7.50, these bite-sized morsels of chocolatey delights are handcrafted to perfection by the owner itself. Thus, making them suitable as gifts or as a personal indulgence treat.

You can take your pick according to the six different amazing flavours – complete with fanciful names like Magic Fudgy Brownie, Red Velvet Brownie and, Sticky Chewy Brownie..etc. However, our top picks are the unique sounding Speculoos Biscoff Blondie and Nutella Blondie. Both have a crumbly decadent texture that is nutty and oh-so-chocolatey rich, but minus the sweet cloyingness!

6. Awfully chocolate

Best brownies in Singapore: Rich, fudgy and chocolatey | Honeycombers
Photo credit: HoneyCombers

Located inside a shopping mall, Awfully Chocolate is as awesome as can be. Given its obvious namesake, you can expect to get all your chocolate fix at this dessert shop. They sell all kinds of chocolate cake. Ranging from the original, signature, celebration, and gourmet treats. But their star seller is none other than their signature Salted Butterscotch Brownie.

If you are a fan of high-quality chocolate, you will love this gourmet treat. It is the brainchild of the owners of Awfully Chocolate. To begin, this brownie is made from their famed artisanal chocolate combined skillfully with salted butterscotch. Hence, you get that explosive burst of chocolate goodness complete with a tinge of saltiness. The brownie also stands out as it is incredibly moist, resulting in a unique cake-like texture.

7. Plain Vanilla

Best brownies in Singapore: Rich, fudgy and chocolatey | Honeycombers
Photo credit: Plain Vanilla on Facebook

Plain Vanilla is all about sticking to traditionality and going back to the original roots. They serve up good old amazing pastries aka the old school way. For example, no fuss, no-frills, and no addition of modern baking technology. Among their list of desserts, you gotta try out their Peanut Butter Chocolate Brownie. It is pure dark chocolate made in its finest form. All through the use of premium bittersweet dark chocolate chunks and lastly, coated with a thick layer of peanut butter frosting.

Hence, you get a brownie that has a chewy heaven-like texture that can lift you from the ground. Meanwhile, the peanut butter frosting amalgamated well with the brownie’s dense rich bittersweet base. The sensation is akin to eating both a brownie and a cake all in one.

8. Edith Patisserie

Best brownies in Singapore: Rich, fudgy and chocolatey | Honeycombers
Photo credit: Edith Patisseries on Facebook

Since 2013, Edith Patisseries has been serving up layered cakes, brownies, tarts for birthdays, weddings, and regardless of celebration types to Singaporeans. Originality and uniqueness are their main key in creating delicious desserts that are tailored to suit health-conscious local palates. But their speciality is their signature bite-sized mini brownies. Miniature in size, they are perfectly made in that order for one purpose. So that you can sink your teeth into them in just a single bite. Each assorted brownies contain a box of four different enchanting flavours – salted speculoos blondie, ear grey brownie, hazelnut brownie, and matcha brownie.

They are perfect to be given as gifts to family and friends or as a self-reward for oneself. Vegan lovers can go for the vegan chocolate fudge brownie – an equally delicious chocolatey treat that is devoid of eggs, dairy, and gluten.

9. Chalk Farm

Photo credit: The Chalk Farm

Since late 2010, the whimsically named Chalk Farm has been churning out beautiful minimalist bakes such as carrot whiskey sultana and gingerbread via online. Through time, it has slowly expanded into physical stores nationwide by incorporating other cakes like lemon yoghurt loaves and the famed chocolate brownie.

For starters, their sinfully rich chocolate brownie is a work of art by itself. Baked by using premium sourced chocolate, it is finally dusted with a layer of edible gold to give it that splash of luxury. Rich and gooey in texture, this aesthetically pleasing brownie is fit enough to be eaten by a queen. If not, you can order it for special events like corporate functions to even a high tea party. Where we bet this brownie will be the highlight of the conversation there.

10. Lucia Cakes

Why Lucia Cakes has the best brownies in town | Honeycombers
Photo credit: The Honey Combers

At Lucia Cakes, you can expect nothing but only the best from them. This is because the owner aka head baker being an alumnus of the famed Le Cordon Bleu culinary school. Bringing her expertise into the kitchen, Lucia Cakes bakes her dessert with love and perfection. Her brownies are her main speciality where she incorporates them into lovely works of art. Rich and fudgy in the right places, just a single bite can satiate your brownie fever to a whole new level.

A box of her signature brownies comes in exciting flavours such as chocolate walnut, salted caramel, peanut butter and, Nutella. Each box range from a minimum of 16 pieces to 64 pieces. For special events like birthdays, you can also choose to add on extras such as candles and flowers.

In short, the best-tasting brownies in Singapore can alternate according to one’s taste and palate. Some may like it just plain Jane while others may prefer it frosted with over-the-top decorations. But one thing’s for sure. Our list of brownie spots above is not your regular run-of-the miller type of brownie found elsewhere. But one that tastes so good that you never look at a piece of brownie the same way “ever” again!

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Written By: Lim Su Yee