Do you dream of increasing the size of your breasts? Have you undergone breast cancer treatment and wish to have breast implants? Well, your dreams and wishes can come true with modern technology at some of the best clinics for breast implants in Singapore. Breast augmentation treatments are safer and heal faster.

While some Singaporean women seek affordable treatment abroad, it is wise to ensure you get safe and quality treatment at a higher cost than opt for cheaper options which are risky. You may develop complications, take longer to heal, and need another surgery with cheaper options.

Here is our list of 10 best clinics for breast implants in Singapore.

1. WC Plastic Surgery

Photo credit: WC Plastic Surgery

Dr. Ong is a leading female surgeon in Singapore. As a specialist in breast reconstruction, she offers quality services with in-depth knowledge of various procedures that suit women. Besides, she offers better support and comprehensive care to female patients.

At WC clinic, you get a variety of breast procedures which include breast reduction, breast lift, and breast augmentation; a surgical procedure that is carried out to increase the size of your breasts. Breast lifts, on the other hand, are carried out to bring back the youthful and fullness of breasts that have sagged. Lastly, breast reduction is a procedure carried out for women with large breasts. Such breasts may cause back pains and interfere with sporting activities. 

With a team of highly trained surgeons and good customer reviews, the clinic offers an ultimate customer experience. 

Other service highlights include:

  • It offers a variety of breast surgery procedures.
  • The clinic assures customers of a downtime period of two weeks with specialized care in between.
  • Non-surgical procedures are available.

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6 Napier Road, #10-06 Gleneagles Medical Centre, Singapore 258499 | 1 Farrer Park Station Road, #15-12 Farrer Park Hospital, Singapore 217562
Contact Details+65-6694 9168
Operating HoursMon – Fri, 8: 30A.M – 5:30PM | Sat, 8:30AM – 12: 30P.M

2. Allure Plastic Surgery

At Allure plastic surgery, be sure to enjoy a wide variety of breast implants under intensive systems. You’ll undergo a five-step system from Iv sedation, surgery, discharge, and a quick recovery to regular duties in two or three days with pretty breasts.

Besides, be sure to experience minimal scarring and very short downtime, which can last for two to three days.

Other service highlights include:

  • The clinic assures customers of a short downtime usually two or three days.
  • Saline and silicone breast implants are available.
  • Male breast reduction is also available at the clinic
  • Breast lift surgery is also done.

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Address435 Orchard Road #22-04 Penthouse Floor Wisma Atria Singapore 238877
Contact Number(+65) 6951 5423
Operating HoursMon – Thurs, 10AM – 6PM | Sat, 10AM – 3PM | Sun & PH, Closed

3. Karen Sng Plastic Surgery

Image Credit: Karen SNG

Dr. Karen Sng is a leading female Surgeon in Singapore. With an accreditation from the ministry of health, you can rest assured that an expert plastic surgeon has your needs at heart. She understands the needs and concerns of women in terms of their breast preference. Her perspective is, therefore, more understanding and delivers excellent results.

Dr. Karen’s breast augmentations enhance the breasts and bring out the natural look. The clinic offers two types of breast implants, which include Motiva Ergonomix implants and Mentor silicone implants. Breast implants are new and loved in the surgery sector.

Other service highlights include:

  • She offers a variety of breast implants.
  • Alternatives to breast augmentations are offered, which include fat grafting.


LocationParagon Medical Suites, 290 Orchard Road, #16-03Singapore 238859
Email+65 6235 7565
Operating HoursMon – Fri, 10.00 A.M – 5:00PM | Closed on Sat & Sun

4. Sweng Plastic Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery

At Sweng Plastic Aesthetic and reconstructive surgery, you enjoy quality services from the professional Dr. Siew Heng. With a strong professional and educational background, he is a leading brand in plastic surgery.

The clinic offers a wide range of breast surgeries. There is breast augmentation, breast reduction, nipple reconstruction, and breast reconstruction. With expertise and experience in the field, you can rest assured that you are in good hands.

Other service highlights include:

  • It offers a variety of breast procedures.
  • The clinic is led by a highly qualified professional.

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AddressConnection, 1 Farrer Park Station Road, #16-08 to 10, Singapore 217562
Contact Details+65 6600 6868
Operating HoursMon – Fri, 9AM – 6PM | Sat 9AM – 1.30PM | Closed on Sun & PH

5. Colin Tham Plastic Surgery

Image Credit: Compare the Treatment

Colin Tham Surgery is among the leading brand in plastic surgery. The clinic offers two kinds of breast implants. One is saline, and the other one is a medical-grade silicone. You will enjoy a variety of silicone implants at the clinic since they’ll give you a natural feel and shape. 

The specialists will recommend the best implants with high specialty and expertise with regards to the shape, projection, width, height, and size you desire. Their doctors offer the best implants depending on the patient’s preferences and chest size.

Other service highlights include:

  • The clinic offers the best consultation before offering implants.

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AddressLucky Plaza, 304 Orchard Road, #05-06, Singapore 238863
Contact Details+65 6235 8411
Operating HoursMon – Sat, 9.30 AM – 6.30 PM | Closed on Sun & PH

6. Dr. Terrance Goh (Azataca Plastic Surgery)

Image Credit: Ocean clinic

At Dr. Terrence Goh, you get a team of skilled professionals who offer quality surgery services in Singapore. His clinics for breast implants offers a variety of surgical procedures that are customized according to a patient’s inclinations.

Surgical procedures at Dr. Terrance Goh include breast surgery, body contouring, and facial aesthetics. The clinic also offers reconstructive surgery procedures.

At Dr. Terrence Goh, all the plastic surgeons are under the training and guidance of Dr. Goh. You are therefore assured of good results since experts will be performing the surgery.

Other service highlights include:

  • The clinic offers quality surgery reconstructions.
  • They provide a variety of body and face treatments.
  • It has a team of expert surgeons.

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Address38 Irrawaddy Road #06-48 Mount Elizabeth Novena Specialist Centre Singapore 329563
Contact Details+65 6778 8648
Operating HoursMon – Sat, 9 am – 6:00 pm | Sun, Closed

7. Mount Elizabeth

Image Credit: Compare the Treatment

 Mount Elizabeth is an established brand in ancillary and diagnostic services. At the clinic, you’ll get a variety of cosmetic surgeries. The surgical procedures include repair of damaged skin as well as enhancing body parts.

At Mount Elizabeth, you can have an online visit via their website. This will help you make your final decision. You get to see the team of surgeons online and decide which experienced and knowledgeable surgeon suits you.

Other service highlights include

  • It offers exhaustive online consultation services.
  • Hospital services and quality rooms are available.
  • General facilities are available at the clinic.

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Address3 Mount Elizabeth, Singapore 228510
Contact Details+65 6737 2666
Operating HoursDaily, 24 hours

8. Farrer Park Hospital

Image Credit: Cyprus Sun

Ferrer park is a leading private clinics for breast implants that offers the best plastic surgery in Singapore. The clinic uses modern technology and techniques in plastic surgery. It has a wide variety of modern equipment which ensures that the process goes well with no hitches.

Since the hospital is exclusive and private, it offers more significant help and more innovative medical care. Another feature of the clinic is its many years’ experience in plastic surgery and implants, you can be assured of high-quality service.

With excellent reviews from customers, you can be certain that breast surgery at the clinic will meet your expectation.

Other service highlights include:

  • It has a variety of advanced treatments.
  • The clinic has a health resource portal.
  • It uses modern technology in breast surgery procedures.

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Address1 Farrer Park Station Road #02-01 Connexion, Singapore 217562
Contact Details(+65) 6363 1818
Operating HoursDaily 24 Hours

9. Mount Alvernia Hospital

Image credit: The Girl

Mount Alvernia specializes in plastic surgery as a variety of its clinical services. With many experts in the field, Mount Alvernia offers expert services in breast reconstruction. You can be guaranteed that your breast operation is by an expert in the surgery industry.

At Mount Alvernia, you’ll enjoy specialized screening which will determine if you are qualified for a breast procedure or not. It ensures that you don’t suffer any complications or botched procedures once you undergo surgery. With excellent google reviews, the clinic has gained popularity for having enough rooms and a homely ambiance. The clinic’s services provide the ultimate customer satisfaction.

Other service highlights include:

  • Offers a variety of clinical services.
  • The clinic executes outstanding plastic and cosmetic surgical procedures.
  • The clinic boasts of enough amenities like rooms and screening areas.

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Address820 Thomson Road Singapore 574623
Contact Details+65 6347 6688
Operating HoursDaily 24 Hours

10. Shens Clinic

Image Credit: Shens Clinic

Shen’s clinic is a leading brand of plastic surgery in Singapore. Having surgeons trained in Korea by experts, you are assured of quality breast surgery services. With Korea as a leader in cosmetic surgery, the team of surgeons at Shen’s clinic are the best in the industry.

The Korean background training, ensures the surgeons are effortlessly able to provide Korean-technique reconstruction, enhancement of body parts, as well as specialized treatment. The breast implants feel and look very natural. At Shen’s clinic, you also enjoy a variety of skincare and beauty products. 

Having positive reviews both locally and internationally, you can rest assured that the clinic offers quality services besides providing reasonable customer satisfaction.

Other service highlights include:

  • The clinic offers the rare eyelid surgery.
  • It provides a variety of breast reconstructions
  • Health concierge services and short incision breast augmentation are also offered.

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AddressWinsland House 1, #09-08, 3 Killiney Road, Singapore, 239519
Contact Details+65 6904 4488
Operating HoursMon – Sat, 9:00AM – 6:00PM | Sunday, Closed

The above best ten clinics for breast implants in Singapore are your best to go clinics for breast implants. At these clinics, you are sure that the implants will be perfectly done as you desired with a natural look and feel. Since they have a team of specialists at the clinics and with improved technology, failure rates are very minimal. Besides, you’ll be assessed for the suitability of implants and advised accordingly. Always opt for reliable clinics with enough rooms and a team of highly specialized surgeons for your procedure.

You also need to follow doctors’ advice and recommendations for the best results. In case you develop any complications or take longer than the recommended period to heal, it is advisable to seek medical treatment immediately.